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Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Derry 1612-1858, Parish of Errigal, Co. Londonderry

(Ed) Gertrude Thrift
Phillimore & Co., Ltd.,
120, Chancery Lane, London (1918)
Formatted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Prior to 1858 the Established Church was responsible for the probating of wills. In 1860 each diocese forwarded all original wills to the Public Record Office in Dublin where they were destroyed in the firing of the PRO and Four Courts in 1922. Fortunately the indexes have survived and are genealogically valuable in placing families in a parish and county at a specified time.


Surname Firstname Townland Year
ANDERSON William Garvagh 1772
BELL John Gortfadd 1779
BLACK Samuel Shanelongford *1795
BRITTON John Medican 1834
BROWN Euphan Garvagh 1748
BUCHANAN William Garvagh 1802
BURNSIDE William Tamnymore 1837
CAIN John Cuoliescrahan (Coolcoscreaghan) 1777
CALDERWOOD Charles Garvagh 1805
CASKEY David Liscall 1809
CASKEY Joseph Liscall 1777
CASSIDY Neal Ballymena 1830
CARRUTHERS William Garvagh 1805
CHURCH John Moletragh 1756
CLINTON George Garvagh (listed as parish of Aghadoey) 1826
CLINTON John Garvagh (listed as parish of Aghadoey) 1765
CLINTON John Garvagh (listed as parish of Aghadoey) 1770
CONWAY Samuel Cah *1776
CONYNGHAM Matthew Errigal 1788
DORRANCE John Garvagh 1839
DOUGHERTY Henry Clare Hill 1826
KEILLY Michael Gortnamoyagh 1854
KNOX William Chraghandoly (Crockindollagh) 1841
LINDSAY Robert Garvagh 1764
McMULLAN John (farmer) Ineshileen (Inshaleen) 1744
McNICKLE Lawrence Lisnascreoge 1800
MAHARG Archibald Lissachrun 1763
MAIN Thomas (Rev.) Ballyagan 1827
MILLEN John Garvagh 1782
MILLER Robert Gortfadd 1664
MOON Thomas Cah 1835
MORRISON William Errigal 1814
MULLAN Grace ………. 1782
O'CAIN Manus Cuolcosrahan 1767
O'KANE John Garvagh 1853
O'KANE Bryan Gleenkeen 1802
O'KANE Patrick (farmer) Brockagh 1771
O'MULLAN Arthur (farmer) Brockagh 1783
O'MULLAN Mary Brockagh 1753
O'MULLAN Patrick Errigall 1770
ROBERTSON Robert (merchant) Garvagh 1834
ROBINSON Jane (widow) Garvagh 1849
RODGERS John (merchant) Garvagh 1731
SLOAN Robert Garvagh 1761
SMITH Alexander Garvagh 1799
STEVENSON Josiah The Hermitage, Garvagh 1854
STEVENSON Mary ……… 1833
WALLACE John Garvagh 1830
WATT John Inshaleen 1843
WELLS Thomas Ballintemple 1847
WOODBURN James ……… 1776
WOODBURN Matthew Garvagh 1807
WOODSIDE George William Garvagh 1770
WOODSIDE   ………. 1761