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Aughnacloy with Balleygawley and Neighbourhood, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Slater's Directory 1846

Transcribed & Compiled by Teena

Post Office Postmaster
Aughnacloy Rowland BETTY
Ballygawley Peter MONTAGUE

-Gentry & Clergy

Name Address
ANKTELL Thomas Esq Dungilleck
ANKTELL William Esq Mount Anktell
BAKER Rev J.L. Crew Cottage Ballygawley
BRIDGE Rev James Aughnacloy
CROSSLEY Henry Esq J.P Annahoe House
DEVLIN Rev John P.P Aughnacloy
FALLS Mrs Aughnacloy
FERGUSON Rev Ballygawley
FERRON Rev James Ballygawley
FORDYCE Rev William Aughnacloy
HOMER Rev Killishill Green
HURST Rev Francis Errigle Glebe
JOHNSTON Wardlow Esq J.P Casgha Moan
M'ELLWAIN Rev William Aughnacloy
MANN William Esq Aunah House
MAYNE Nathaniel Esq Rehaghey
MONTGOMERY James Esq Garvey
MONTREY John Corry Esq Favour Royal House
MONTREY Rev John James Richmond
MOORE Acheson Esq Cauldrum
MOORE Edward Esq J.P. Bawn House
MOORE Hugh Esq J.P. Cottage Hill
POLLOCK Rev Alexander Aughnacloy
QUINN Rev Bernard Aughnacloy
ROGERS Rev Robert Burrowes Aughnacloy
SIMPSON John Esq Crilly House
SIMPSON Miss Mary Ann Aughnacloy
SLANE Rev Felix Woodville Cottage Ballygawley
SPEAR James Esq Aughnacloy
SPEAR Mrs Ursula Aughnacloy
STEWART Capt. Mervyn Martry House
STEWART Sir Hugh Bart. Ballygawley House
STOKES Rev Acrchdeacon Bellmont
TALLY Rev John Aughnacloy


Academies & Schools

School Master/Mistress
Church Education Society School Aughnacloy Sus Janetti BRTON Mistress
Infants School Aughnacloy Margaret HUGHES Mistress
MARSHALL James (classical)Aughnacloy  
National School Ballygawley James HARVEY Master



Attorney Townland
FALLS James Aughnacloy
SIMPSON Hugh Ballgawley


Name Townland
BUSHBY John Aughnacloy
BUSHBY William Ballygawley
CROTHERS George Aughnacloy
LITTLE Frances & CO Aughnacloy
McKENNA Hugh Aughnacloy
MAYNE George Ballygawley
SOUGHAN Patrick Aughnacloy



Bank Agent
Ulster Banking Co. Thomas MONTGOMERY Jr. Agent (residence Garvey)

Brewer & Distiller

Name Townland
ARMSTRONG Adam Ballygawley

Clothes Dealers

Name Townland
HATTON Arthur Aughnacloy
TRAYNOR Ann Aughnacloy

Earthenware Dealers

Name Townland
CHAPMAN Robert Aughnacloy
GIRVIN Sarah Aughnacloy

Flour Dealers

Name Townland
ROBINSON William Aughnacloy



Name Townland
ANDERSON Alexander Ballygawley
BEGGS Margaret Aughnacloy
BUSHBY John Aughnacloy
BUSBY William Ballygawley
CHAPMAN Robert Aughnacloy
FITZPATRICKTerence Ballygawley
GRAHAM Arthur Aughnacloy
HAMILTON John Balygawley
HORNER John Aughnacloy
IRWIN Richard Aughnacloy
LITTLE Alexander Ballygawley
LONGHEAD Timothy Aughnacloy
McKENNA Peter Aughnacloy
MAYNE George Ballygawley
MOAN John (& hardwareman) Aughnacloy
MONTAGUE Peter Aughnacloy
MONTAGUE Peter Ballygawley
MONTGOMERY Thomas Aughnacloy
MORISON Hugh Aughnacloy
MULLEN Alexander Ballygawley
NEILLY Richard Ballygawley
POLLOCK Charles Aughnacloy
SMYTH Felix Aughnacloy
SONAGHAN Patrick Aughnacloy
TURNER Robert Ballygawley
WALKER James Aughnacloy


Name Townland
BEGGS Margaret Aughnacloy
FARRELL John (& cotton Manufacturer) Aughnacloy
KELLETT Eleanor Aughnacloy
M'CULLY Lucinda Aughnacloy


Name Townland
Commercial Patrick James WILLIAMS Aughnacloy
Queen's Arms Catherine CAMPBELL Aughnacloy
Stewart's Arms Benjamin GREER Ballygawley

Iron & Timber Dealers

Name Townland
ANDERSON Alexander Ballygawley
M'KENNA Peter (&coal) Aughnacloy


Name Townland
LITTLE Francis & Co Aughnacloy
M'CLEERY James Aughnacloy


Leather Sellers

Name Townland
LITTLE Francis & Co Aughnacloy
LONGHEAD Timothy Aughnacloy
M'GURK Bernard Ballygawley
SMYTH Felix Aughnacloy
WRIGHT John Aughnacloy

Linen & Woolen Drapers

Name Townland
BRIDGE & MONTGOMERY (& hat warehouse) Aughnacloy
GRAHAM Arthur Aughnacloy
HAMILTON John Ballygawley
LOUGHEAD James Aughnacloy
SIMPSON James & Co (& general warehouse) Aughnacloy



Name Townland
FIDDES James Aughnacloy
MONTGOMERY Thomas Aughnacloy


Physicians & Surgeons

Name Townland
ALEXANDER John M.D Aughnacloy
HAMILTON John Aughnacloy
M'GINN Hugh Aughnacloy
SCOTT William M.D. Aughnacloy
SPROULL Thomas Wetherall Aughnacloy


Name Townland
ALLISON William Aughnacloy
IRWIN Richard Aughnacloy
M'DOWELL John Aughnacloy
MULLEN John Ballygawley


Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries

Name Townland
COOTE Charles Aughnacloy
FITZPATRICK Terence Ballygawley
M'ALLEN Owen Aughnacloy