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Fintona, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Trades Directory 1871

Extracted from Derry Almanac and Directory 1871

Miss S McAree, J Cosgrave, Peter McCarron, P Kelly, John Smith, James McElroy

Northern Bank - Manager: George Woodhouse, Accountant: Audly John McKisack, Clerk: William John Bowker

Barony Collector
Robert Buchanan

John Cassidy, Thomas Donaghy, Edward McCusker, John Smith

Boot and Shoemakers
Hamilton James, Patrick Armstrong, John Forsyth, James Hamilton, Peter Owens

John Dogherty, John McCusker, George McCandry, Michael Merley

James Conolly, Edward McCusker, Robert Niely, James Stevenson, William Gibson, Joseph Whittington, John Ewing

Clock and Watchmakers
J Beatty, John Glasgow

Clothes Dealers
Patrick Rafferty, Patrick McCusker, Daniel Mimna, Bernard McAtee, George Given

Robert Buchanan

Samuel Lawrence, Head Constable

Andrew McCoy, Patrick Muldoon, John Muldoon, Henry Gormin, P Corrigan, Edward McCay

Commissioner of Affidavits
Finlay Buchanan

Dispensary Doctor
Alexander Harper Robinson, JP and MD

John Moore, James Robinson, William Meegan, John Wilson, John Graham, Bullick & Co, Patrick Rafferty

Stewart Law, James Divine

Emigration Agents
John Donnelly, Joseph Campbell

Excise Officer
John B Mallinson

Grocers and Hardware 
Finlay Buchanan, Andrew Wilson, John Beatty, Joseph Campbell, Patrick Armstrong, Moore & Co

Grocers and Provision Dealers
Richard Montgomery, Joseph Stewart, Terence Gorman, William Lynch, Patrick Cassidy, Miss S McAree, James Cosgrave, James McElroy, Robert Crawford, Jospeh Taylor

Insurance Agents
Dr A H Robinson,JP, Mr John Orr

Leather Cutters
Finlay Buchanan, James Armstrong, Patrick Armstrong, Hamilton James

George Buchanan

Miss Margaret Forsyth, Mrs Graham, The MIsses Bullick

News Agents
John Forsyth, William Lynch, Richard Montgomery, J Stars

Pawn Office
Francis Beatty

Petty Sessions Clerk
James Smith

Post Office
John Orr, Postmaster

National - Teachers, John Logue and Miss Burke
Parochial - Robert Fawcett(Teacher of Classics), Miss O.Hara
Church - Miss C O'Hara, Michael Lavelle

Spade Makers
Patrick Gorman, James McMullan, Thomas Campbell

Spirit Makers and Grocers   Those marked g are Grocers
Robert Buchanan, wholesale wine and spirit store, John Orr, Eccles Arms Hotel, James Armstorn, Joseph Campbell g, John McCrorir, Patrick Kane g, James Sweeny g, Mrs B McElroy, Owen McGeough, Owen McWilliams, James Simpson, Thomas McCusker, Bernard McCusker, James McElroy

Stamp Office
Finlay Buchanan

John Goodwin, Robert Curry, Lanty Monaghan, William Curry, John Curry

Timber and Deal Merchants
Finlay Buchanan, Andrew Wilson, Joseph Campbell

Whitesmiths and Ploughmakers
Daniel Mimna, Michael McCanney, John McCanney, Peter McMullan