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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Taughboyne Parish (including St. Johnston), Co. Donegal, Ireland 1826

Extracted from FHL Film #0256688
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


***The tithe applotments for Taughboyne Parish are contained within the Allsaints tithe applotment book and have been extracted to create this file. The complete book (with images) containing townlands for both parishes can be found at***



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altaskin Ardagh Ballyboe Ballycushion
Ballylennan Binnion Bready Brockagh
Burnthaw Carnshannagh Carrickadawson Carrickmore
Castledowey Castlethird Castletown Cavanacaw
Clashygowan Cloghfin Creaghadoos Creatland
Cross Cuttymanhill Dernacally Derrymore
Dromore Big Dromore Little Drumbeg Drumcrow
Drumearn Drumenan Drumfad Drummucklagh
Dundee Feddyglass Gillystown Glentown
Gortnamoney Haw Kilgort Kinnacally
Legnatraw Lettergull Listannagh Listicall Lower
Listicall Upper Magheracloy Maymore Lower or Nethertown Maymore Upper
Momeen Moness Mongavlin Monreagh
Ratteen Rockfield Saint Johnstown Swilly
Tirroddy Tober Tonagh Treansallagh
Treantagh Treantagh Mucklagh Tullyowen Tullyrap
Whitehill Woodlands  



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altaskin Ardagh Ballyboe Ballycushion
Ballylennon Binion Brady Burnthaw
Carnshanagh Carrickadawson Carrickmore Castledooy Park
Castlethird Castletown Cavanacor Clashygowan
Cloughfin Crackadoos Cretland Cross
Cuttiman Hill Derrymore Drimbig Drimchroe
Drimfad Dromore Drummenan Drummerin
Drummucklagh Durnakelly Ferryglass Gillistown
Glentown Gortinmore Haw Kinnykally
Legnatraw Lettergul Listanagh Lusticul
Maghricloy Milltown Momeen Mongavlin
Monreagh Moymore Rateen Rockfield
St Johnston Teroddy Tobber Tonagh
Transallagh Trentagh Trentamuckla Tullyown
Tullyrap Whitehill Woodlands  


ABERCORN Marquis of Woodlands
ALEXANDER Andrew Cavanacaw
ALEXANDER Cairns Cuttiman Hill
ALEXANDER Charles Drummucklagh
ALEXANDER David Cloughfin
ALEXANDER James Kinnacally
ALEXANDER James Mongavlin
ALEXANDER Robert Creatland
ALEXANDER Samuel Clashygowan
ALEXANDER Samuel Rateen
ALEXANDER Thomas Dromore
ALEXANDER Widow Glentown
ALEXANDER William Cavanacaw
ALEXANDER William Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
ALEXANDER William Drummenan
ALEXANDER William Rateen
ALLEN James Treansallagh
ALLISON Andrew Momeen
ALLISON Chambers Momeen
ARMSTRONG Robert Rateen (comment: formerly Robert & David Smith)
BAIRD James Cloughfin
BARNET William Ardagh
BARNET William Castledooey Park
BARR Thomas Ardagh
BLACKBURN Oliver Carnshanagh
BOGGS Joseph Dundee
BUCHANNON Samuel Lettergul
CAMBLE William Ardagh
CAMPBELL Oliver St Johnston
CAMPBELL William St Johnston
CARLIN Bryan Carnshanagh
CHAMBERS Elizabeth Momeen
CHAMBERS Mathew Momeen
CHAMBERS Solomon Momeen
CLARK Edward Clashygowan
CLARK William Clashygowan
CLENDINING Joseph Clashygowan
COLHOUN James Lettergul
COLHOUN Mathew Lettergul
COLHOUN Robert Ballylennon
CORRIDAN John Ballyboe
COWAN John Cloughfin
COWAN John Tonagh
COWAN Samuel Cross
COWAN Widow Tonagh
COYLE Hugh Momeen
COYLE John Ardagh
CRAWFORD Mary Carrickadawson
CULBERTSON James Carrickmore
CUNNINGHAM Rev. William Castletown
DEVANY James Cross
DEVANY John Drumbeg
DEVANY John Swilly
DEVANY Pat. Swilly
DEVANY Patrick Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
DEVANY Robert Cross
DIVEN Charles Drummucklagh
DIVEN Daniel Drummucklagh
DOHERTY David St Johnston
DOHERTY Michael Mongavlin
DOHERTY Patrick Maymore
DOUGHERTY John Mongavlin
DOUGLAS John Ardagh
DOUGLAS William Ardagh
DUNBAR James Kinnacally
ELLIOTT James Burnthaw
ELLIOTT John Mongavlin
ELLIOTT William Cloughfin
FERRY Thomas Lettergul
FINLAY Robert Tullyrap
FORSYTH William Monreagh
FREEL John Carrickadawson
GALBRAITH Harvy Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
GALBRAITH Hugh Cavanacaw
GALBRAITH James Carrickmore
GALBRAITH James Carrickmore [comment: now Josias]
GALBRAITH Josiah Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
GALBRAITH Josiah Swilly
GALBRAITH Josias Drumchro [Drumcrow]
GALBRAITH Prudence Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
GALBRAITH Robert Cavanacaw
GALBRAITH Robert Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
GALLAGHER Andrew Kinnacally
GALLAGHER Hugh Kinnacally
GALLAGHER James Burnthaw
GALLAGHER James Kinnacally
GALLAGHER Michael Killgorts
GALLAGHER Michael Kinnacally
GALLAGHER Michael Rockfield
GALLAGHER Patrick Carrickadawson
GALLAGHER Thomas Ballyboe
GALLAGHER Thomas Burnthaw
GAMBLE David Clashygowan
GAMBLE John Trentamucklagh
GAMBLE Moses Ardagh
GAMBLE Widow Castletown
GIBSON Mary Carnshanagh
GILFILLAN Alexander Lettergul
GILGORE [KILGORE] Andrew Ballyboe
GILGORE [KILGORE] Joseph Ballyboe
GILLASPIE Moses Mongavlin
GILLILAN John Monreagh
GILLILAN John Tirroddy
GILLILAN William Tirroddy
GORDON John Lettergul
GORDON William Ferryglass
GOURLAY Samuel Ballylennon
GOURLEY Adam Listannagh
GOURLEY John Clashygowan
GOURLEY John Listannagh
GOWAN James Clashygowan
GRAHAM Mathew Momeen
GRAHAM William Momeen
GRIER James Castlethird
GRIER James Castlethird (two places)
HAMILTON Andrew Castletown
HAMILTON John (ors.) Samuel Trentagh
HAMILTON Samuel St Johnston
HAMILTON Samuel Tullyowen
HAMILTON Thomas Maymore
HARKIN Owen Carrickadawson
HARKIN William Carrickadawson
HARRIGAN Bryan St Johnston
HARRIGAN Hugh Ballyboe
HARRIGAN John Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
HARRIGAN Joseph St Johnston
HARRIGAN Widow Dundee
HARVY Miss St Johnston
HAW James Drumfad
HAW Neil Drumfad
HEASTY John Lettergul
HERON Rev. Arthur Haw
HUTCHESON William Whitehill
JACKSON William Dundee
JAMES William Rockfield
JORDAN John Ballyboe
KELLY William Carnshanagh
KENNEDY Conel Dundee
KILDEA William Castletown
KINCAIDE Robert Ardagh
LARKEY Mathew Legnatraw
LATA James Castlethird
LATA John Castlethird
LATA William Brady
LATA William Castlethird
LOWRY Andrew Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
LOWRY James Binion
LOWRY James Drumfad
LOWRY John Drimchroe [Drumcrow]
LOWRY Robert Drumfad
LOWRY Thomas Carnshanagh
LYNCH Phil. St Johnston
LYNCHAHAN Hugh, Jun. Ballyboe
LYNCHAHAN Hugh, Sen. Ballyboe
LYNCHAHAN James Maymore
LYNCHAHAN James St Johnston
MAGILL Miss St Johnston
MAHAFFY Robert Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
MALOWNEY Charles Burnthaw
MARSHAL John Derrymore
MARSHAL Samuel Ballycushion
MARSHAL Samuel Castlethird
MARSHAL Samuel Tober
MARSHAL Widow Tober
MARSHAL William Ballycushion
MARSHAL William Tober
MARTIN William Drummucklagh
McADOO James Dernakilly
McADOO John Ardagh
McADOO John Derrymore
McADOO John Durnakilly
McADOO Robert Durnakelly
McBREARTY Mathew Dundee
McCAIN Andrew Dundee
McCALLA Margaret Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
McCANE James Drummenan
McCANE John Burnthaw
McCANE Joseph Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
McCANE Moses Crackadoos[Creaghadoos]
McCANE William Dundee
McCAUSLAND James Mongavlin
McCAUSLAND William Lettergul
McCLAIRN William Milltown
McCLERSON David Monreagh
McCLINTOCK Andrew Ardagh
McCLINTOCK James Treansallagh
McCLINTOCK James Trentamucklagh
McCLINTOCK Joseph Trentamucklagh
McCLINTOCK Robert Gillistown
McCLINTOCK Rosanna Drummenan
McCLINTOCK Thomas Creatland
McCLINTOCK Thomas Gillistown
McCLOUD James Cuttiman Hill
McCONNELL Alexander Carnshanagh
McCONNELL Andrew Ballyboe
McCONNELL John Carnshanagh
McCONNELL Samuel Lettergul
McCRAB Abram Kinnacally
McCRAB Robert Kinnacally
McCREA James Ballylennon
McCREA John Ballylennon
McCREA Moses Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
McGARR [McGIRR] John Rockfield
McGARR [McGIRR] Robert Castletown
McGETTIGAN Hugh Ballyboe
McGETTIGAN Thomas Ballyboe
McGHEE John Cuttiman Hill
McGHEE Patrick Maymore
McGINLEY James Dundee
McGINLEY James St Johnston
McGLINCHY William Maghricloy
McGOANE Bryan Carnshanagh
McGOMERY John St Johnston
McGOWAN Charles Cuttiman Hill
McILHINNY Noher Mongavlin
McKIMM John Tirroddy
McLAUGHLIN John Mongavlin
McMONIGLE Daniel Mongavlin
McMONIGLE Patrick Carrickadawson
McMORRIS John Cloughfin
McMULLEN Alexander Carrickmore
McNAUGHT Thomas Castlethird
McNULTY John Legnatraw
McSWINE William Cuttiman Hill
MILLS John Legnatraw
MONIGLE Pat. Dundee
MONTEITH Alexander Carnshanagh
MONTEITH George Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
MOODY John Crackadoos [Creaghadoos]
MOODY John Momeen
MOODY Samuel Momeen
MOORE John Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
NELIS Pat. Carnshanagh
NELIS Timothy Carnshanagh
NOBLE John Castledooey Park
O’DONNELL Henry Killgorts
ORR George Clashygowan
ORR Isaac Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
ORR John Castletown
ORR Matt. Legnatraw
OSBURN Henry Monreagh
OSBURN James Brady
OSBURN Samuel Castlethird
PARK Alexander Lettergul
PATTEN Thomas Whitehill
PATTERSON Hamilton Brady
PATTERSON Hamilton Haw
PINKERTON Martha St Johnston
PINKERTON Mathew Dundee
PINKERTON Mathew St Johnston
PINKERTON Miss St Johnston
PORTER Dr. Listicall
PORTER Hugh Carnshanagh
PORTER Hugh Carrickadawson
PORTER John Carnshanagh
PORTER John Carrickadawson [Comment: formerly Mary Crawford]
PORTER Robert Carrickadawson
PORTER Samuel Castletown
PORTERFIELD Alexander Lettergul
RANKIN Alexander Dundee
RANKIN Alexander St Johnston
RANKIN David Derrymore
RANKIN David Tonagh
RANKIN James Dromore
RANKIN James Tonagh
RANKIN John Durnakelly
RANKIN Robert Altaskin
RANKIN Robert Ballyboe
RANKIN Samuel Listicall
RODDEN James Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
RODGERS Andrew Woodlands
RODGERS Mathew Woodlands
RODGERS Rev. Nathan Momeen
RODGERS Thomas, Jun. Woodlands
RODGERS Thomas, Sen. Woodlands
RODGERS William Momeen
ROULSTON Andrew, Jun. Trentamucklagh
ROULSTON Andrew, Sen. Trentamucklagh
ROULSTON Archibald St Johnston
ROULSTON John Dundee [Comment: was Smiley]
ROULSTON John Glentown
ROULSTON John Gortinmore
ROULSTON Joseph St Johnston
ROULSTON Joseph Trentamucklagh
ROULSTON Robert St Johnston
SCOTT Samuel Castletown
SEMPLE Joseph Carrickmore
SHANNON Daniel Dundee
SHAW Robert Kinnacally
SMILEY John Tonagh
SMITH Alexander Trentamucklagh
SMITH Andrew Ferryglass [Feddyglass]
SMITH David Legnatraw
SMITH James Clashygowan
SMITH William Carrickmore
SMYTH Robert Whitehill
SPEAR Elenor St Johnston [comment: now Daniel Doherty]
STEEN James Dromore
STEEN John Dromore
STEEN Josiah Dromore
STEEN Mathew Dromore
STEPHENSON Hugh Kinnacally
STEPHENSON Hugh Legnatraw
STEPHENSON James Kinnacally
STEPHENSON Samuel Ardagh
STERRAT Adam Momeen
STERRAT Widow Momeen
STEWART Alexander St Johnston
STIRRET Widow Ballylennon
SWEENY Neil Maymore
TAYLOR James Cloughfin
TAYLOR James St Johnston
TAYLOR John Dundee
THOMPSON Anthony Lettergul
THOMPSON James Clashygowan
THOMPSON Joseph Brady
THOMPSON Samuel Lettergul
THOMPSON William Ballylennon
TORRENS James St Johnston
VANCE Mathew Momeen
VANCE Robert Momeen
WARK Henry Tirroddy
WASON Samuel Trentamucklagh
WATSON Mathew Lettergul
WEST James Carnshanagh
WHITE David Clashygowan
WHITE Oliver Clashygowan
WILCOCK Robert Cloughfin
WILCOCK Robert Dundee
WILEY John Rockfield
WILKINSON William Lettergul
WILLSON Joseph Kinnacally
WILLSON Robert Carrickmore
WILLSON Thomas Carrickmore
WILLSON Thomas Swilly
WILLSON Thomas (or Widow), Drumcrow
WRIGHT John Ardagh
YOUNG Robert Dundee

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