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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Killygarvan Parish, Rathmullan, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1834

National Archives of Ireland Reference 7/13
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)., Belfast.

These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.



Townlands Townlands Townlands Townlands
Aghavannan Far Aghavannan Near Anny Far and Near Bin
Carnafeagh Carradoan Carraleena Clondallan
Craigmaddyroe Far Craigmaddyroe Near Creeveoughter Crevary Lower
Crevary Upper Drumhallagh Lower Drumhallagh Upper Elly
Glencross Gort Lough Gortcross Gortflugh
Inniskil Keranstown Killycolman Killygarvan Lower
Killygarvan Upper Kinletteragh Kinnegar Kintale
Legland Lehardan Lugher Lurganboy
Magheranakilly Meenreagh Millbrook Newtown Carradoan
Oughterlin Rathmullan & Ballyboe Saltpans  




Surname Given Name Townland
AIKENS Widow Rathmullan
AIKINS James Rathmullan
AIKINS William Rathmullan
ALCORN Robert Glencross
ALLISON John Gortlough
ANDERSON Rev. Mr. Cravery
ARMSTRONG Frances Rathmallen
BARRON William Drumhallagh
BEATY John Rathmullan
BEGLEY James Rathmullen
BEGLEY Michael Rathmullen
BEGLEY Michael & partners Crevary Upper
BLACK James Far Anny
BLACK John Far Anny
BLACK Mathew Far Anny
BLACK Robert Rathmullan
BLACK Robert Rathmullan
BLACK Widow Rathmullan
BLACK Widow Rathmullan
BONER Widow Rathmallen
BOYLE Bryan Drumhallagh Upper
BOYLE Bryan Upper Drumhallagh
BOYLE Charles Skeog
BOYLE Daniel Rathmullen
BOYLE Michael, Jun. Boyles Town
BOYLE Michael, Sen. Boyles Town
BOYLE Owen Boyles Town
BOYLE Paddy Boyles Town
BOYLE Patrick Drumhallagh
BOYLE Patrick Lower Drumhallagh
BOYLE Patrick Skeog
BOYLE Widow Susan Drumhallagh Upper
BOYLE Widow Susan Upper Drumhallagh
BOYLE William Boyles Town
BRADLEY Anthony Creeve
BRADLEY Charles Killicolman
BRADLEY Edward Fallags
BURNS John & partners Marnakilly
CALLAGHAN Patrick Rathmullan
CALLIN Hugh Clondallin East
CANNING Bryan Garnahalloway
CANNING Gildy & partners Cannings Town
CANNING Hugh Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
CANNING James Killygarvan Lower
CANNING John Cannings Town
CANNING John Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
CANNING Patrick Drumhallagh
CANNING Widow Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
CARROL ………? & partners Aughavenan Next Rathmullen
CARRON Bryan Drumur
CARRON W. Cravery
CARRON Widow Mary Drumur
CARRON William Drumhallagh Upper
CARRON William Upper Drumhallagh
CARRON William Upper Drumhallagh
COCHRAN Mr. Drumhallagh Upper
COCHRAN Mr. Upper Drumhallagh
COCHRAN Revd. Glebe
COLL Brian Killicolman
COLL Patk. Laghardum
CORBIT John Crevary Upper
CORBIT Samuel Cravery
CORBIT Samuel& partners Rathmallen
CORBIT Widow Crevary Upper
COYLE Charles Coyles Town
COYLE Charles Drumhallagh Upper
COYLE Charles Upper Drumhallagh
COYLE Daniel Creeveoughter
COYLE James Cravery
COYLE James Laghardun
COYLE James& partners Coyles Town
COYLE John Cannings Town
COYLE John Coyles Town
COYLE John Drumhallagh Upper
COYLE John Upper Drumhallagh
COYLE Mary Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
COYLE Miles & partners Meenreagh
COYLE Paddy & partners Coyles Town
COYLE Samuel Clondallin West
CURRIN William Kintale
DEEHAN Daniel Skeog
DEENEY Edward Rathmullan
DEENY Charles Balliboe
DEENY Charles Balliboe
DEENY Charles Far Anny
DEENY Charles Inniskil
DEENY Daniel Drumhallagh Upper
DEENY Daniel Upper Drumhallagh
DEENY Dennis & partners Craig
DEENY Dunkey Clondallin East
DEENY Edward & partners Meenreagh
DEENY Fardy & partners Cravery
DEENY Hugh Drumhallagh Upper
DEENY Hugh Killicolman
DEENY Hugh Upper Drumhallagh
DEENY Hugh Upper Drumhallagh
DEENY James Drumhallagh Upper
DEENY James Inniskil
DEENY James Laghardum
DEENY James Rathmallen
DEENY James Upper Drumhallagh
DEENY Patk. Clondallin East
DEENY Patrick Laghardum
DEENY Widow Drumhallagh
DEENY Widow Lower Drumhallagh
DEENY Widow Ann Far Anny
DEENY Widow Fanny Far Anny
DIVER Grace Coyles Town
DIVER Henry Laghardum
DIVER Hugh Divers Town
DIVER Hugh Drumhallagh
DIVER Hugh Lower Drumhallagh
DIVER John Divers Town
DIVER Laughlin Divers Town
DOHERTY Anthony Drumhallagh Upper
DOHERTY Anthony Upper Drumhallagh
DOHERTY Bryan Far Anny
DOHERTY Bryan Far Anny
DOHERTY Bryan Near Anny
DOHERTY Bryan & partners Kerridone
DOHERTY Daniel Skeog
DOHERTY Hugh Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
DOHERTY Hugh Skeog
DOHERTY James Far Anny
DOHERTY James Far Anny
DOHERTY James Near Anny
DOHERTY James Skeog
DOHERTY Manasses Creeve
DOHERTY Manus & partners Craig
DOHERTY Michael Rathmallen
DOHERTY Michael Rathmullan
DOHERTY Patrick Drumhallagh
DOHERTY Patrick Lower Drumhallagh
DOHERTY Philip Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
DOHERTY Phillip Garnahalloway
DOHERTY Richard Drumhallagh Upper
DOHERTY Richard Upper Drumhallagh
DOHERTY Widow Laghardum
DOHERTY William Far Anny
DOHERTY William Rathmullan
DUFFY Christopher Killicolman
DUFFY John Killicolman
DUFFY Widow Killicolman
DURNEN Daniel Rathmullan
DURNEN Patrick Rathmullan
DURNIN John & partners Crevary
DURNIN Widow Cravery
EDWARDS Peter Gortlough
FERRY Darby Laghardum
FERRY John, Jun. Laghardum
FERRY John, Sen. Laghardum
FERRY Michl. Laghardum
FERRY Neal Laghardum
FERRY Patrick Laghardum
FERRY Stephen Laghardum
FOX Robert Rathmallen
FOX Robert Rathmullan
FOX Robert Rathmullan
FOX Robert Rathmullan
FRIEL Anthony Craig
FRIEL Anthony Rathmullan
FRIEL Anthony (of Rathmullan) Saltpans
FRIEL Bernard Drumhallagh Upper
FRIEL Bernard Upper Drumhallagh
FRIEL Biddy Rathmullan
FRIEL Charles Healeys Town
FRIEL Charles & partners Healeys Town
FRIEL Dennis Rathmallen
FRIEL Edward Drumhallagh Upper
FRIEL Edward Upper Drumhallagh
FRIEL Hugh Cannings Town
FRIEL Hugh Prieststown
FRIEL Manus Skeog
FRIEL Maurice Cannings Town
FRIEL Maurice Glencross
FRIEL Michael Augterlin
FRIEL Owen Prieststown
FRIEL Philip Augterlin
FRIEL Shan Garnahalloway
FRIEL Shan Prieststown
FRIEL Stephen Drumhallagh Upper
FRIEL Stephen Upper Drumhallagh
FRIEL Widow Garnahalloway
GALLAGHER ……..? G. Portbawn
GALLAGHER Anthony Saltpans
GALLAGHER Dennis Laghardum
GALLAGHER Hugh Killicolman
GALLAGHER John Crucknageeha
GALLAGHER John Divers Town
GALLAGHER John & partners Drumhallagh
GALLAGHER John, Jun. Lower Drumhallagh
GALLAGHER Owen Drumhallagh
GALLAGHER Owen Lower Drumhallagh
GALLAGHER Peter Killicolman
GALLAGHER Teague Crucknageeha
GAMBLE John Kintale
GARRET John Rathmullan
GARRETT John Rathmullan
GIBBONS James Inniskil
GIBBONS James Rathmullan
GIBBONS John & partners Coyles Town
GRIFFITH ……..? G. Portbawn
HAGAN Owen & partners Craig
HANIGAN Daniel Rathmullen
HASLET David & partners Gortcross
HASLET Henry Laghardum
HEALY Hugh Crevary
HEALY Hugh Healeys Town
HEALY James Healeys Town
HEALY James, Jun. Healeys Town
HEALY James, Sen. Healeys Town
HEALY Michael Healeys Town
HENDERSON John Rathmullan
HENDERSON William Rathmullan
HILLY Samuel Rathmullan
KEELAN William Prieststown
KELLY Charles Laghardum
KELLY Dennis Far Anny
KELLY Dennis Glencross
KELLY Dennis Near Anny
KELLY Dennis Near Anny
KELLY James Far Anny
KELLY Michael Far Anny
KELLY Michael Far Anny
KELLY Michael Near Anny
KELLY Michael Near Anny
KELLY William Laghardum
KENIN Bryan Creeveoughter
KERR Jane Rathmullen
KERR John Rathmullen
KERR John Skeog
KERR Patrick Drumhallagh Upper
KERR Patrick Upper Drumhallagh
KERR Robert Rathmullen
KNOX Colonel Glencross
KNOX Colonel Kintale
KNOX Colonel Rathmullan
LOCKARD John Killygarvan Lower
LOCKART Robert Balliboe
LOCKART Widow Killicolman
LOCKART William Drumur
LOCKART William Killygarvan Lower
LOGUE Daniel Coyles Town
LOUGHERY Daniel Glencross
LOUGHERY Neal Drumhallagh Upper
LOUGHERY Neil Upper Drumhallagh
LOUGHERY Patrick Drumhallagh Upper
LOUGHERY Patrick Upper Drumhallagh
LOWERY George Rathmullan
LYNCH Thomas & partners Far Anny
MAGHAN James Kinletteragh
MAGHEE Capt. Cravery
MALSEED John Rathmullan
MALSEED Robert & partners Aughavenan
MARLEY Daniel & partners Gortlough
MARLEY James Kinletteragh
MARTIN Charles Cravery
MARTIN Denis Rathmallen
MARTIN James Creeveoughter
MARTIN Patrick Glencross
MCATEER Widow Fallags
MCAWARD Widow Fallags
MCBRYDE Daniel Skeog
MCCAFFERTY John Drumhallagh Upper
MCCAFFERTY John Upper Drumhallagh
MCCAFFERTY John Upper Drumhallagh
MCCAFFERTY Patrick Drumhallagh Upper
MCCAFFERTY Patrick Killicolman
MCCAFFERTY Patrick Upper Drumhallagh
MCCAFFERTY Widow Drumhallagh Upper
MCCAFFERTY Widow Upper Drumhallagh
MCCAFFERTY Widow Upper Drumhallagh
MCCLURE Jane Rathmullan
MCCOLLUM ……..? Drumhallagh Upper
MCCOLLUM Bryan Ballyalligan
MCCOLLUM Bryan Rindroe
MCCOLLUM Daniel Rathmullan
MCCOLLUM Daniel Rathmullan
MCCOLLUM Danl. Clondallin West
MCCOLLUM Dennis Ballyalligan
MCCOLLUM Dennis Rindroe
MCCOLLUM Domnick Drumhallagh Upper
MCCOLLUM Domnick Upper Drumhallagh
MCCOLLUM Edward Rathmullan
MCCOLLUM James Drumhallagh Upper
MCCOLLUM James Rathmullan
MCCOLLUM James Upper Drumhallagh
MCCOLLUM John Drumhallagh Upper
MCCOLLUM John Upper Drumhallagh
MCCOLLUM Patrick Upper Drumhallagh
MCCOLLUM Roger Clondallin West
MCCOLLUM William Ballyalligan
MCCOLLUM William Laghardum
MCCOLLUM William & partners Newtown
MCCOLLUM William, Jun. Clondallin West
MCCOLLUM William, Sen. Clondallin West
MCCONALOGUE Michael Balliboe
MCCONALOGUE Michael Rathmullan
MCCONALOGUE Patrick Rathmullan
MCCOOL ………? Laghardum
MCCORMICK William & partners Mullinlaghan
MCDAID Edward Dohertys Town (Part of Aughterlin)
MCDERMOTT Patrick Rathmullan
MCFADEN ………? Upper Drumhallagh
MCFADEN Arthur Boyles Town
MCFADEN Manus Drumhallagh Upper
MCFADEN Manus Upper Drumhallagh
MCFADEN Neal Clondallin East
MCFADEN Patrick Drumhallagh Upper
MCFADEN Widow Boyles Town
MCFADEN Widow Drumhallagh Upper
MCFADEN William Drumhallagh Upper
MCFADEN William Upper Drumhallagh
MCGARVEY Edward Divers Town
MCGARVEY Owen Drumhallagh
MCGARVEY Owen Lower Drumhallagh
MCGARVEY William Rathmallen
MCGENLEY [MCGINLEY] Denis Cannings Town
MCGENLEY [MCGINLEY] John Cannings Town
MCGHEE Charles Rathmullan
MCGHEE John Meenreagh
MCGHEE John Rathmallen
MCGLASHAN Edward Kinletteragh
MCGLASHAN James Drumur
MCGLIN Patrick Near Anny
MCGLINN Patrick Far Anny
MCGOWAN Charles Skeog
MCGOWEN George Rathmullan
MCGOWEN Patrick Rathmullan
MCGRAGH John Cannings Town
MCGRORTY Robert Cannings Town
MCGRORTY William Drumhallagh Upper
MCGRORTY William Upper Drumhallagh
MCGRORY Daniel Rathmullan
MCGRORY Philip Cravery
MCKEDEN Robert, Jun. Rathmullan
MCKEDEN Robert, Sen. Rathmullan
MCKEDEN Thomas Rathmallen
MCKENNA Alexr. Glencross
MCKENNA Daniel Garnahalloway
MCKENNA John Glencross
MCKENNA Samuel Glencross
MCLASHAN [MCGLASHAN] William Coyles Town
MCLAUGHLIN Charles Laghardum
MCLOUGHERY Widow & partners Boyles Town
MCLOUGHLIN Philip Balliboe
MCMACKIN Mrs. Rathmullen
MCMARTEY Daniel Prieststown
MCMARTY Patk. Prieststown
MCMENAMIN Edward Creeve
MCNAGHT Andrew Gortlough
MCNAUGHT John Rathmullan
MCNAUGHT John Rathmullen
MCNEILL Robert Creeve
MCNUTT James Glencross
MCSWINE Edw. Laghardum
MCSWINE James Clondallin West
MCSWINE James & Sons Cannings Town
MCSWINE Michael Crevary Lower
MCSWINE Patk. Clondallin West
MCVAY [MCVEIGH] Michael Rathmullen
MONTGOMERY George Far Anny
MONTGOMERY John Rathmullan
MONTGOMERY John & partners Rathmullan
MONTGOMERY Joseph Far Anny
MORNING Charles Clondallin West
MORNING Harry Rathmallen
MORNING Henry Creeveoughter
MORNING William Killicolman
MORRISON James Kintale
MORRISON John Glencross
MORRISON John & partners Aughavenan Next Rathmullen
MULHERIN Thomas Drumhallagh Upper
MULHERIN Thomas Upper Drumhallagh
NELSON ……..? Gortlough
O’DONNELL James Rathmallen
PATTERSON Alexander Glencross
PATTERSON Alexander Gortcross
PATTERSON Nathaniel Glencross
PORTER Thomas Rathmullan
REA Charles, Esq. Kintale
REA Charles, Esq. Rathmullan
RORTY Thomas Laghardum
SHARNEEN Charles Ballinamullen
SHEERAN [SHERIDAN] Widow (now Patrick McBride) Creeveoughter
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] James Lower Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] John Drumhallagh Upper
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] John Upper Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Neal Lower Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Patrick Drumhallagh Upper
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Patrick Upper Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Thomas Lower Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Dudley Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] James Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Neal Drumhallagh
SHERDAN [SHERIDAN] Thomas Drumhallagh
SHERDAND [SHERIDAN] Charles Lower Drumhallagh
SHERDAND [SHERIDAN] Charles Drumhallagh
SHERIDAN Dudley Lower Drumhallagh
SHERIDAN John Drumhallagh
SHERIDAN John Lower Drumhallagh
SHERIDAN Owen & partners Newtown
SHERIDAN Patrick Lower Drumhallagh
SHERIDAN Thomas Meenreagh
SHERIDAN William Kinletteragh
SHEVLIN John Drumhallagh Upper
SHEVLIN John Upper Drumhallagh
SHEVLIN Owen Drumhallagh Upper
SHEVLIN Owen Upper Drumhallagh
SMYTH Captain Rathmullan
SMYTH Colen Crevary Lower
SMYTH John Upper Killigarvan
SMYTH John & partners Upper Killigarvan
SMYTH Robert Aughavenan
SMYTH Robert Kinnegar
STARET [STARRETT] James Rathmallen
STEWART John Aughavenan
STEWART John Aughavenan
STEWART Samuel Glencross
STEWART Widow Aughavenan
STEWART Widow Alexander Aughavenan
STITT Martha Rathmullan
STITT Widow Rathmullen
STRAIN John Skeog
SWEENEY Alexander Rathmullen
SWEENY William Garnahalloway
TAWSEY John Rathmallen
TAY John Coyles Town
THOMAS Michael Craig
THOMSON William Killygarvan
TODD Charles Rathmullan
TODD Solomon Rathmullan
WARD Daniel Rathmallen
WARD Richard Carnafeagh
WARNOCK Widow Rathmullan
WILLIAMSON Lewis Glencross
WILSON William Killygarvan

Commissioner: WILLIAM THOMSON of Altaughaderry, Co. Donegal


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