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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Derrybrusk Parish, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1825

PRONI Ref: FIN 5A/92 - FHL Film #258452
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Derrybrusk Parish Church, Co. Fermanagh. Photo: acknowledgements to Google Maps

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghnacarra Aghnaloo Arda Aughey
Ballyreagh Belle Isle Bilberry Island Carrickmacrourk Island
Carry Cassan Clontycoora Cloonacarn
Corrard Creaghmacwallen Island Crockaleen Deal Island
Derycallaghan Derryharney Derryhowlagh East Derryhowlagh East
Droles Drumcramph Drumcrooil Drumhirk
Drummee Finnis Island North Finnis Island South Glasdrumman
Gola Gubrusdinna Inishcreagh Jubilee Island
Killygowan Island Kippeen Island Largy Lusty Beg
Lusty More Mullaghkippin Sessiagh East Shave Island
Slee Staff Island Tonregee Island Tonymalloe
Tully Whilliter Whinnigan Glebe



(As recorded in the Tithe Applotment Book)

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballyreagh Boney Brook Cappy Derrybrusk
Drumcrow Drumcullion Drumreaney Faughey & Aughey
Foxwood Glassdrummond Glassmullagh Gola & Ardnacarrow
Killygraney Killyreagh Killsallagh Largy
Ring Thomas-Town Tonnyreagh Tullyharney
Winnigan Glebe




Surname Firstname Townland
ADAMS Robert Gola & Ardnacarrow
AMMORSON [EMMERSON] Thomas Ballyreagh
AMMORSON [EMMERSON] William Ballyreagh
AMMORSON [EMMERSON] William Glassdrummond
BELMORE Earl of Boney Brook
BELMORE Earl of Thomas-Town
BETTY David Boney Brook
BETTY James Boney Brook
BETTY John Cappy
BETTY Henry Faughey & Aughey
BETTY William Foxwood
BETTY John Tonnyreagh
BROWN Thomas Glassmullagh
BUSBY Hall Glassmullagh
CADER Thomas Largy
CADER Widow Largy
CARLIN Hardy Ballyreagh
CARLIN Patrick Ballyreagh
CHAPMAN Thomas Killygraney
CLUFF Noble Ballyreagh
COLLUM Archibald Tullyharney
COLLUM Widow Tullyharney
COSGROVE John Ballyreagh
COSGROVE Andrew Foxwood
COX John Drumcullion
COX Andrew Largy
COX Andrew, Junr. Largy
COX Andrew, Senr. Largy
COX Hugh Largy
COX John Largy
COX Mathew Largy
COX Michael Largy
COX Patrick Largy
COX Patrick Largy
COX Robert Largy
CRAWFORD Francis Glassmullagh
CREEGAN William Drumcrow
DANE Richard, Esqr. Boney Brook
DARRAGH Andrew Ballyreagh
DARRAGH John Ballyreagh
DEERING John, Esq. Derrybrusk & …..?
DOORISH John Glassmullagh
EDWARDS John Ballyreagh
FARMER Dennis Cappy
FARREL William Cappy
FARREL James Gola & Ardnacarrow
FORSYTH Thomas Largy
GALLAHER Edward Drumcrow
GARDINER Robert Cappy
GARDINER Thomas Cappy
GOOD Thomas Gola & Ardnacarrow
GRAHAM Henry Gola & Ardnacarrow
GRAHAM William Gola & Ardnacarrow
GRAHAM William Tullyharney
HARAN Peter Killsallagh
HARE James Glassdrummond
HARRIS Rev. George Winnigan Glebe
HAYNES Francis Drumcrow
HEMPHILL William Gola & Ardnacarrow
HETHERINGTON James Ballyreagh
HUNTER James Ballyreagh
HUNTER James Ballyreagh
HUNTER Robert Ballyreagh
HURST George Ballyreagh
HURST John Ballyreagh
HURST George Boney Brook
JOHNSTON Robert Ballyreagh
JOHNSTON James Killygraney
KEENAN Constantine Drumcullion
KEENAN Constantine Foxwood
KEENAN Edward Foxwood
KELLY Michael Ballyreagh
KILFILLEN William Killygraney
KING Widow Glassmullagh
LINDSEY James Killsallagh
LOGAN James Largy
LOGAN James Largy
LOVE Terrence Ballyreagh
LOVE James Glassmullagh
LOWRY Joseph Gola & Ardnacarrow
LOYD William Drumreaney
MAGAVEREN Hugh Faughey & Aughey
MAGUIRE Bryan Gola & Ardnacarrow
MAINS James Foxwood
MARTIN Charles Largy
MARTIN Charles Largy
MCADAM Michael Drumcrow
MCCAFFREY Edward Ballyreagh
MCCAWEL Bryan Largy
MCDONAGH Nail Gola & Ardnacarrow
MCDONALD Francis Ballyreagh
MCDONALD James Ballyreagh
MCDONALD Phillip Ballyreagh
MCELROY Dennis Largy
MCELROY Edward Largy
MCELROY Edwd Largy
MCELROY Mathew Largy
MCELROY Patt Largy
MCELROY Thos. Largy
MCHUGH Thomas Foxwood
MCKERNAN Patrick Foxwood
MCKINSEY Kenneth Ballyreagh
MCMULLEN William Glassmullagh
MILLER Robert Glassmullagh
MILLER Widow Tullyharney
MONTGOMERY Ralph Foxwood
MOORE Montgomery Cappy
MOORE Montgomery Tonnyreagh
MULLIGAN Patrick Drumcrow
MURPHY Edward, Junr. Drumcrow
MURPHY Edward, Senr. Drumcrow
MURPHY John Glassmullagh
NIXON James Glassdrummond
NOBLE George Ballyreagh
NOBLE Serjent Killyreagh
PARKER William Killyreagh
PERRY John Gola & Ardnacarrow
POTTS Robert Killygraney
POTTS Robert Killyreagh
RENNICK James Ballyreagh
ROBINSON Thomas Ballyreagh
ROBINSON Widow Tullyharney
RODGERS Bryan Largy
ROWE William Killyreagh
RUTLEDGE James Glassdrummond
SCARLET George Killygraney
SHANNON Barney Foxwood
SHERKY Charles Foxwood
SMITH John Ballyreagh
STOREY Andrew Cappy
SWIFT Thomas Lardy
SWIFT Mathew Largy
SWIFT Mathew Largy
THOMPSON John Ballyreagh
THOMPSON Jason Drumcrow
TRAINER James Killyreagh
TRIMBLE William Gola & Ardnacarrow
TUMMON Patrick Ballyreagh
VAUGHAN Archibald Killyreagh
WATKIN Widow Faughey & Aughey
WATKIN Francis Ring
WATSON Francis Ballyreagh
WATSON Francis Ballyreagh
WATSON James Ballyreagh
WATSON John Ballyreagh
WATSON William Ballyreagh
WHERRY James Ballyreagh
WILSON James Glassdrummond
WILSON William Gola & Ardnacarrow
WILSON James Thomas-Town
WOODS John, Junr. Ballyreagh
WOODS John, Senr. Ballyreagh
WOODS John Drumcullion
WOODS Thomas Drumcullion


Vestry held at Derrybrusk Church on Monday 27 September 1824 to approve the valuation of the parish. The following are the signatures of those in attendance:

Francis Harris, Rector of the parish

Thomas Woods

John Betty (Church warden)

William Farrel

William Lloyd

James Wilson

David Betty

George Scarlet

Thos. Chapman

Robert Potts

Peter Haran

Archibald Collum (Church warden)

Alexr. Miller

Henry Betty

Kenneth McKinsey

John……? (illeg.)

Mick Kelley

John Poole (Chairman)


Commissioners appointed:

James Denham, of Fairwood Park, Co. Fermanagh & Robert Graham of Drumgoon, Co. Fermanagh