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Johnson & Johnston Genealogy Notes, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1830-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




May 22 1830 JOHNSTONE & O’BEIRNE. [Married] At Rossary Church, on the 12th inst., John Douglas Johnstone, Esq., third son of John Douglas Johnstone, Esq., county Fermanagh, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the Rev. Andrew O'Beirne, LL.D., M.R.I.A., of Portora, in the same county
Jul 9 1831 [Died] On Thursday, the 30th June, at his house in Enniskillen, aged 72 years, the Rev. Thomas Johnston, Rector of the Parish of Boho, Protestant Chaplain and local Inspector of the Gaol, and Chaplain to the Garrison
Nov 1 1834 [Birth] At Kesh, county Fermanagh, on the 17th ult., the lady of William Johnston, Esq., M.D., of a daughter
Mar 25 1837 [Died] In Italy on the 25th Feb. last, William John Johnston, Esq., aged 25, the eldest son of the late Robert Johnston, Esq., K. C., of Maghremana, county Fermanagh. Burial was in the family vault at Castlecaldwell Church
Dec 30 1837 [Died] Dec. the 9th, at Torquay, Devonshire, Robert Johnston, of Magheramana, county of Fermanagh, aged 25 years
Sep 1 1838 [Birth] August 20, at Derryrusk, county Fermanagh, the lady of James Johnston, Esq., of a son
Sep 22 1838 JOHNSON & JOHNSTON. [Married] On Friday, the 7th inst., in Kilskeery Church, by the Rev. A. H. Irvine, Arthur Johnston, of Irvinestown, Esq., to Mary, only daughter of Charles Johnston, Esq., of Knockrow, county Fermanagh
Mar 30 1839 [Birth] March 12, at Nice, the lady of James Johnson, of Magheramena, in the county of Fermanagh, Esq., of a daughter
Aug 29 1840 [Died] August 5, at Ballyrankin House, county Wexford, (the seat of his father in law, Major Devereux) of inflammation of the bowels, James Douglas Johnstone, Esq., eldest son of John Douglas Johnstone, Esq., of Snow Hill, county Fermanagh
Jan 2 1841 WILKINS & JOHNSTON. [Married] Dec. 23rd, in Aughavea Church, by the Rev. John Whittaker, Thomas, son of Thomas Wilkins, Esq., of Becho, county of Fermanagh, to Miss Johnston, Brookeborough, daughter of the late Surgeon Johnston, R.N.
Dec 18 1841 PHILLIPS & JOHNSTON. [Married] On the 14th inst., by the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, Samuel M. Phillips, surgeon, Castlederg [Co. Tyrone], to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. James Johnston, Lack, county Fermanagh
Jul 1 1843 [Died] On the 16th ult., at Portnassau, county Donegal, the residence of her daughter Mrs. Sheil, in the 85th year of her age, Jane, relict of the late John Johnston, Esq., of Brookhill House, and sister to the late Robert Johnston, Esq., K. C., of Magheramena
Apr 24 1847 [Died] At Leck, county Fermanagh, on the 16th inst., of fever, Mr. John Johnston, aged 55
Sep 18 1847 [Died] On the 10th inst., at Lack, County Fermanagh, of typhus fever, in the 55th year of her age, Catherine, relict of the late John Johnston, Esq
Nov 6 1847 MOFFIT & JOHNSTON. [Married] On the 30th ult., in Dromore Church [Co. Tyrone], by the Rev. Henry Lucas St. George, Mr. James Moffit, Dromore, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. John Johnston, Lack, county Fermanagh
Nov 6 1847 JOHNSTON & RUTLEDGE. [Married] On the 27th ult., in Tempo Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. A.T. Holmes, Mr. William Johnston, merchant, Trillick [Co. Tyrone], to Miss Prewdey Rutledge, Badoney
Apr 8 1848 LINDSAY & JOHNSTON. [Married] March 15, at the Parish Church {Magheracross, Ballinamallard] by the Rev. Henry A. Burke, M.A., David Lindsay, Esq., Lisnacrieve House, Tyrone, to Ellen Jane, fourth daughter of James Johnston, Curran Hill, Enniskillen
Oct 18 1850 JOHNSTON & ALLINGHAM. [Married] On the 15th inst., at Kilbarron Parish Church, Ballyshannon, by the Rev. Edward George Dougherty, James Johnston, Esq., of Sligo, and Lowry, county Fermanagh, to Jane, daughter of William Allingham, Esq., Manager Provincial Bank, Ballyshannon.
Jun 20 1851 MALCOLMSON & JOHNSTON. [Married] June 11, at Tempo, county Fermanagh, the Rev. J. Malcolmson, of Aughentain, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of James Johnston, Esq., of Corrylongford, near Fivemiletown
Feb 24 1854 [Died] At Lowtherstown, on the 17th inst., aged 32 years, Mr. John Johnston, eldest son of Mr. William Johnston, merchant, Lowtherstown
Sep 15 1854 JOHNSTON & COPELAND. [Married] On the 5th inst., in Lisbellaw Church, by the Rev. Walter Young, Thomas J. Johnston, Esq., Brookboro', to Letitia, youngest daughter of James Copeland, Esq., of Lisbellaw
Nov 2 1855 [Died] On the 19th ult., at Emaroo, county Fermanagh, aged 17 years, Hugh Archibald, eldest son of Robert Johnston, Esq
Nov 23 1855 [Died] At the camp before Sebastopol, of fever, Captain and Adjutant William Johnston, of the 41st Regiment, and of Mullaghree, near Enniskillen. He had been wounded at Inkermann and had served throughout the Crimean campaign
Dec 21 1855 DARLING & JOHNSTON. [Married] On the 18th inst., at Lisnaskea Church, by the Rev. Henry Ffolliott, John S. Darling, Esq., of the National Bank, Kells, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Mr. James Johnston, Maguiresbridge, merchant
Jul 4 1856 JOHNSTON & MACKEY. [Married] June 30th, in Castle Archdall Church, by the Rev. Mr. Burke, Mr. Samuel Johnston, of Glenrose, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr. Edward Mackey, of Rosguire
Nov 13 1857 [Died] At Knockrow, on the 6th inst., at the advanced age of 102 years, Mr. William Johnston, father of Mr. William Johnston, of Lowtherstown
Dec 4 1857 JOHNSTON & SANDELS. [Married] On the 25th ult., in Fivemiletown Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. William Graham, Scotstown, assisted by the Rev. G.H. Johnston, Hillsborough, brother to the bridegroom, John, son of Mr. James Johnston, Corrylongford Mills, county Fermanagh, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late James Sandels, Esq., Kilmore, Maguiresbridge
Feb 26 1858 JOHNSTON & ANDERSON. [Married] On the 16th inst., at Derryvullan Church, by the Rev. John Y. Rutledge, Gerard Johnston, son to Mr. J. Johnston, Drumshine House, to Miss Anderson, daughter of John Anderson, Esq., of Cantytrindle
May 7 1858 GRAHAM & JOHNSTON. [Married] At Lowtherstown, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. T.Y. Rutledge, Rector of Derryvullen, Mr. John Graham, of Ballina, to Mary Jane, youngest daughter of the late Mr. James Johnston, of Lowtherstown
Jul 16 1858 HOEY & JOHNSTON. [Married] On the 13th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Lowtherstown, by the Rev. William James Guy, Mr. Joseph N. Hoey, Tattenderry Cottage, Maguiresbridge, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Johnston, merchant, Lowtherstown
Nov 12 1858 ALGEO & JOHNSTON. [Married] On the 3rd inst., in Rossory Church, by the Rev. William Steele, Portora House, assisted by the Rev. Edward Mayne, Incumbent, of Crossduff, Lewis Algeo, Esq., J.P., Glenboy House, county Leitrim, to Mary Elizabeth Catherine, eldest daughter of the Rev. Robert Johnston, the Rectory, Rossory, county Fermanagh
Mar 25 1859 [Birth] On Thursday, the 24th inst., the wife of Mr. William Johnson, Drumskellan, of a son
Jul 13 1860 JOHNSTON & WILSON. [Married] July 5, in the Wesleyan Church, Lowtherstown, by the Rev. Charles Wood, brother in law of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Joseph Johnston, Mr. Thomas Johnston, merchant, Trillick, to Kate, second daughter of the late William Wilson, Esq., Crossan, county Tyrone
Oct 25 1861 JOHNSTON & SMITH. [Married] October 16, in Raphoe Cathedral [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. James A. Weir, M.A., assisted by the Rev. David Seymour, Thomas Johnston, Esq., merchant, Enniskillen, to Margaret Jane, daughter of William Smith, Esq., William Street, Raphoe
Dec 13 1861 JOHNSTON & BRACKER. [Married] December 5, in Florencecourt Church, by the Rev. Josiah Crampton, A.M., Mr. William Johnston, of Ralegh, Irvinestown, county Fermanagh, to Miss Mary Anne Bracker, of Sanmore, Florencecourt, county Fermanagh
Sep 20 1861 [Died] August 1, at Havana, of yellow fever, caught after his arrival, Captain Jones Johnston, youngest son of the late Mr. James Johnston, of Irvinestown, county Fermanagh
Aug 1 1862 [Died] July 22, at Lower Bullingate, the residence of his brother in law, William Braddel, Esq., in the twenty third year of his age, after a short illness, John Douglas Johnstone, Esq., only son and heir of the late James Douglas Johnstone, Esq., of Snow Hill, county Fermanagh, and grandson of the late Major Devereux, of Ballyrankin House, county of Wexford
Aug 15 1862 [Died] July 30, at his residence, Springfield, near Enniskillen, Mr. John Johnston, aged 45 years, and brother to Mr. Robert Johnston, merchant, of this City
Aug 22 1862 [Birth] August 16, at Raphoe, the wife of Thomas Johnston, Esq., Enniskillen, of a daughter
Oct 13 1863 NEVIN & JOHNSTON. [Married] October 7, at Tubrid Church, by the Rev. E. Semple, Rector of Drumkeeran, Hugh Nevin, second son of the late Rev. George Harris, Armagh, late of Kilcronaghan Glebe, county Derry, to Elizabeth, only daughter of William Johnston, Esq., M.D., Kesh, county Fermanagh
Jan 1 1864 [Birth] December 29, at 5 High Street, Enniskillen, the wife of Thomas Johnston, Esq., merchant, a son
Feb 23 1864 [Died] February 18, at the residence of his brother in law, the Rev. William Johnston, Antrim Road [Belfast], Francis Grayden Johnston, Esq., M. R. C. S. E., formerly of St. Angelo, county Fermanagh and late of Charton, London
Dec 6 1864 [Died] November 22, at Swanlinbar, county Cavan, Captain John Johnston, formerly of the 70th Regiment, J.P. for the counties of Fermanagh and Cavan
Jun 23 1865 [Died] June 17, at 5 High Street, Enniskillen, aged 17 months, Francis Andrew Spencer, son of Thomas Johnston, Esq
Oct 27 1865 [Birth] October 24, at 5 High Street, Enniskillen, the wife of Thomas Johnston, Esq., of a son
Jan 2 1866 [Died] December 28, at Kesh, county Fermanagh, William Johnston, Esq., M. D., in his 70th year
Jan 2 1866 JOHNSTON & JOHNSTON. [Married] December 27, in Tempo Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. David Clements, Maria, eldest daughter of Robert Johnston, Esq., Emmarne House, county Fermanagh, to H.E. Johnston, Esq., Crannyvale, Fintona, county Tyrone
Mar 9 1866 [Died] February 24, at 142 Lower Gloucester Street, Dublin, of bronchitis, Thomas Johnston, Esq., son of the late John Hamilton Johnston, Esq., of Farncassidy, county Fermanagh
Jan 4 1867 STEWART & JOHNSTON. [Married] December 26, in Colaghty Church, by the Rev. Charles M. Stack, A.M., William Stewart, Esq., Tulnalube, county Fermanagh, to Maggie, youngest daughter of Mr. Arthur Johnston, Glassmullagh, in the same County
Jun 4 1867 [Birth] May 30, at 5 High Street, Enniskillen, the wife of Thomas Johnston, Esq., merchant, of a daughter
Feb 21 1868 WEBBER & JOHNSTON. [Married] February 18th, at Monkstown Church, Dublin, by the Rev. E. Wingfield, uncle of the bride, assisted by the Hon. and Rev. J. Wingfield, Charles P. Webber, Esq., J.P., Carrow Cullen, county Sligo, to Letitia Marian, eldest daughter of James Johnston, D.L., J.P., of Magheramena, county Fermanagh
Nov 9 1869 CLARK & JOHNSTONE. [Married] Nov. 2, at Cavanaleck Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Reid Dill, A.M., Adam Clark, Esq., M.D., Tempo, to Lizzie A. Johnstone, youngest daughter of Robert Johnstone, Esq., Imacue House, Fermanagh