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Jack Family Notes, Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1824-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Date Notice
March 2, 1824 At Lisnarrow, on 23rd ult. MR. WILLIAM JACK aged 86 years
January 20, 1829 By the Rev. Mathew Clarke, on Tuesday last, MR. JOHN JACK, of Meahey, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR. PATRICK McFARLAND, of Dergbrough, Upper Badony
July 12, 1836 At Ballycolman, near this town, on Monday last, MRS. JACK, wife of MR. SAMUEL JACK



Date Notice
February 14 1838 At his residence in Magheracolton, Parish of Ardstraw, MR. ANDREW JACK, deservedly regretted by all who knew him as he was a truly honest man. His remains were attended on Sunday the 28th ult. by a large concourse of his friends and relations to Ardstraw burial ground and there interred
June 16 1841 COOKE-JACK. At Ballycolman, near Strabane, by the Rev. Mr. Britton, of Bready, MR JAMES COOKE, of Lisdiven, to FRANCES, daughter of MR SAMUEL JACK, of Ballycolman
October 30, 1844 Died very suddenly, on Thursday the 17th ult., at his residence, in Newtownstewart, MR. ANDREW JACK
June 18 1845 JACK-NELSON. Married on the 11th inst, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Matthew Clark, MR. JOHN JACK of Magheracolton, to MARY, daughter of the late MR. ROBERT NELSON, Carnkenny
August 13, 1845 Married at Donemana Meeting House, by the Rev. Mr. Monteith, on Monday, the 4th inst., MR. SAMUEL JACK, of Ballycolman, near Strabane, to MARGARET, daughter of MR. ROSBORROW, of Raspberry Hill, near Donemana
June 18, 1847 Married in Newtownstewart Church, county Tyrone, on Wednesday week, by the Rev. E. Atkinson, curate of Strabane, WALTER LOWTHER, ESQ., to ELIZA, the eldest daughter of the late MR. JACK, of Magheracolton
July 2 1847 Married in the Presbyterian Church of Dunnemana on Thursday se’night, MR. ANDREW McASHEE of Cavanalee, parish of Camus, to MARY ANN daughter of MR. JOHN JACK, Tirkernaghan



June 13, 1840 Married on Monday, at the residence of MR. ANDREW JACK, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. John Kelly, of Strahalter, MR. JOHN Craig, of Birnaghs, corn merchant, to MISS MARGARET TAGGART, daughter of the late JOHN TAGGART, ESQ., of Lislafferty, near Baronscourt
June 25, 1842 Died at Newtownstewart, on Wednesday, the 15th inst., ELIZABETH JACK, aged seven years, eldest daughter of MR. ANDREW JACK, merchant
April 22, 1843 Died on Tuesday evening last, at Ballycolman, near Strabane, MR. SAMUEL JACK
May 10, 1845 Married on the 25th ult., in the Presbyterian Church, Donemana, WILLIAM McCREA, ESQ., of Leck, to FANNY, eldest daughter of SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., Lisnarrow, county Tyrone
December 12, 1846 Died at Lisnarrow, on the 26th ult., SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., in the 72nd year of his age
April 7, 1849 Married on the 2nd inst., in the Presbyterian Church of Ardstraw, by the Rev. Matthew Clark, ANDREW JACK, ESQ., of Magheracolton, to Ellen, only daughter of JOSEPH BAIRD, Killen
March 14, 1851 Married on Thursday the 13th inst., at the Presbyterian Church, Donnemana, by the Rev. John Monteith, GEORGE WALKER, ESQ., merchant, Londonderry, to ELLEN, second daughter of the late SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., of Lisnarra, Donnemana
March 24, 1854 Married at Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., on the 16th February, WILLIAM JACK, ESQ., eldest son of the late SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., Lisnarra House, county Tyrone, to MISS EUGINE BUTLER
April 14, 1854 Married on the 6th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Donemana, by the Rev. John Monteith, JAMES MILLER, ESQ., Calhame Cottage, Strabane, to SARAH, sixth daughter of the late SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., Lisnarra House
February 15, 1856 Married in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Andrew Clark, MR. ROBERT ENTRICAN, Stoneyfalls, to JANE, youngest daughter of the late MR. ANDREW JACK, Magheracolton
June 27, 1856 Married on the 19th June, in St. George's Church [Dublin], by the Rev. Walter Gyles, Rector of Cahir, ALEXANDER JACK, ESQ., Professor, Queen's College, Cork, eldest son of GEORGE A. JACK, ESQ., Bloom Hill, county Tyrone, to GEORGINA MARIA, younger daughter of the late CAPTAIN JAMES GOLDFRAPP, of the 60th Rifles
September 12, 1856 Died on Saturday, the 9th ult., at Memphis, Tennessee, aged 20 months, WILLIAM, son of WILLIAM JACK, ESQ., formerly of Lisnarrow, county Tyrone
June 7, 1861 Married May 23, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, near Omagh, by the Rev. John Hamilton, A.M., MR. JAMES FYFFE, Dunwish, Drumragh, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late MR. JACK, Mountjoy East, near Omagh
July 5, 1861 Died June 28, at Rooskey, near Donemana, MR. JAMES JACK, aged 66 years
November 17, 1863 Married November 11, in the Presbyterian Church, Donemana, by the Rev. John Monteith, JAMES MOORE, ESQ., Coleraine [Co. Londonderry], to Kate, daughter of the late SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., Lisnara
April 22, 1864 Died April 17, at his residence, Aughnamoyle, near Omagh, in his 81st year, MR. GREER JACK
May 19, 1865 Died May 12, at his residence, Aughnamoile, near Omagh, MR. ROBERT JACK, aged 80 years
May 23, 1865 Married May 16, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Omagh, by the Rev. Josias Mitchell, MR. JAMES JACK, of Mountjoy East, Omagh, to ELIZA JANE, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CLEMENTS, Killybrack, Omagh
July 11, 1865 Married June 27, in the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Gilmour, MR. WILLIAM JACK, Mountjoy, Omagh, to MISS ELIZA MARGARET FYFFE, Dunwish, Omagh
November 27, 1866 Died November 13, at 78 Graham Road, Dalston, London, SARAH, the beloved wife of JAMES MILLAR, ESQ., and daughter of the late SAMUEL JACK, ESQ., Lisnarra, county Tyrone
January 12, 1869 Married Jan. 5, in the First Presbyterian Church, Corrick, by the Rev. Samuel Black, GEORGE, son of MR. GEORGE JACK, Mindamph, to REBECCA, daughter of MR. CHARLES McFARLAND, Letterbratt
February 19, 1869 Died Feb 18, at Magheracolton, MR. WILLIAM JACK, aged 37 years