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Gallagher Genealogy Notes, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1827-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Mar 6 1827 [Married] GALLAGHER & MOSS On Monday the 27th ult, at Omagh [Co. Tyrone], by the Right Rev. the Roman Catholic Bishop of Raphoe (Dr McGettigan), Mr Joseph Gallagher, of Letterkenny, Merchant, to the amiable Miss Moss, daughter of the late Hugh Moss of Omagh, Esq (Strabane Morning Post)
Sep 9 1828 A Coroner’s Inquest was held on Saturday the 30th August at Baltony, in the Barony of Kilmacrenan, and County of Donegal, before John Hunter, Esq. one of the Coroners, on view of the body of Neal Gallagher. It appeared on the evidence of Daniel O’Donnell, that deceased had fallen off a ladder into a shaft in the Lead Mines, at Kildrum, a depth of 17 fathoms, which occasioned his death ~~ Verdict, accidental death (Strabane Morning Post)
Mar 13 1832 On Tuesday evening last, a young man named Thomas Gallagher of Cloghfin, on his return from the market here, and the night being dark and stormy, he fell off the new built arch at Claudy bridge and was drowned. His body was found next day a short distance from the bridge. An inquest was held on the body, and a verdict returned of “accidental death.” (Strabane Morning Post)
Mar 23 1833 [Died] On Tuesday , the 12th inst., after a lingering illness, Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. William Gallagher, of Burt, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 3 1834 [Died] At Lurgyback, near Letterkenny, on Friday, the 25th ult., James Gallagher, Esq., aged 80 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 6 1834 [Married] BEATTY & GALLAGHER On the 28th ult., in Raphoe Church, Mr. William Beatty, Lurganbuoy, near Cookstown [Co. Tyrone], to Fanny Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. John Gallagher, Ramelton (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 30 1836 [Married] GLEEN & GALLAGHER On Tuesday, the 26th inst., at Muff Church, county of Donegal, by the Rev. G. W. Stuart, Mr. James Gleen, of this City, merchant, to Martha, daughter of William Gallagher, Esq., of Ballyarnet (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 12 1836 [Died] At her son's residence, in Sallaghagrain, near Letterkenny, on the 3rd inst., Mrs. Eleanor Gallagher, relict of the late Mr. Charles Gallagher, at the extraordinary age of 109 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 26 1839 [Died] Of yellow fever, at Mobile, state of Alabama, on the 4th of October last, Mr. John Gallagher, at the age of 44 years, eldest son of the late James Gallagher, Esq., of Swilly View, near Letterkenny. He was called to the American Bar in 1820, and since that period succeeded to many of the important local offices of Alabama, with honour to himself and his country (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 22 1840 [Died] On the 4th inst., at Letterkenny, in the 82nd year of her age, Catherine, relict of the late James Gallagher, of Swilly View, Esq., and for many years a respectable merchant of that Town (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 5 1841 [Died] On Thursday last, the 27th May, after a protracted illness, Ellen, wife of John Gallagher, Esq., merchant, Letterkenny, and sister of the Right Rev. Dr. McGettigan, Roman Catholic Bishop of Derry and Raphoe (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 3 1841 [Married] CORSCADEN & GALLAGHER On the 1st inst., at Muff Church, by the Rev. A. Stuart, James Corscaden, Esq., of this City, merchant, to Frances, youngest daughter of William Gallagher, Esq., Ballyarnet (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 22 1843 [Married] BARCLAY & GALLAGHER On Thursday, the 13th inst., in the Cathedral, by the Rev. James Graham, Mr. Robert Barclay, of Raphoe, to Margaret J., only daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Gallagher, Pump Street, Londonderry (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 2 1845 [Married] CANNING & GALLAGHER On the 30th ult., in the First Presbyterian Church, in this City, by the Rev. William McClure, the Rev. John Canning, of Malin, to Margaret, daughter of the late William Gallagher, of Ballyarnet, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 29 1845 [Birth] On the 13th inst., at Rutland Island, county Donegal, the wife of Mr. Joseph Gallagher, of a daughter (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 3 1847 [Died] On Tuesday last, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Gallagher, wife of Mr. James Gallagher, hotel keeper, Bundoran (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 4 1850 [Died] On the 29th ult., after a protracted illness, Anne, sixth daughter of Mr. William Gallagher, Ruskey, Newtowncunningham, aged eleven years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 25 1851 [Married] GALLAGHER & REID On Wednesday, the 16th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Ramelton, by the Rev. James Bell, brother to the bride, the Rev. Joseph Gallagher, of Dunfanaghy, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Mr. Reid, Cairn, Ramelton (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 7 1852 [Died] On the 29th ult., aged 20 years, Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. William Gallagher, Ruskey, Newtowncunningham (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 21 1852 [Birth] On the 12th inst., at Woodhill, Dunfanaghy, the wife of the Rev. Joseph Gallagher, of a daughter (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 3 1852 [Died] On the 6th of August, at Boston, U. S., in the 40th year of his age, Mr. Patrick Gallagher, formerly of Letterkenny, and son to the late James Gallagher, of Swilly View, Esq., near Letterkenny, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 15 1852 [Died] Suddenly, Mr. James Gallagher, innkeeper, Bundoran (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 2 1853 [Birth] At Dunfanaghy, on 22nd ult., the wife of the Rev. Joseph Gallagher, of a son (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 12 1855 [Died] On the 19th September last, at Stralongford, near Letterkenny, John Gallagher, who had in August last attained the age of 100 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 2 1855 [Birth] On the 20th ult., at Dunfanaghy, the wife of the Rev. Joseph Gallagher, of a daughter (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 9 1855 [Married] GALLAGHER & PATTERSON At Letterkenny, on the 6th Inst., by the Right Rev. Dr. McGettigan, Roman Catholic Bishop, Mary, second daughter of Joseph Gallagher, Esq., Letterkenny, to James Patterson, Esq., Manchester (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 19 1856 [Married] GILLIE & GALLAGHER On the 16th inst., at Letterkenny, by the Right Rev. Patrick McGettigan, D. D., Roman Catholic Bishop of Raphoe, assisted by the Rev. John McMenamin, James Gillie, Esq., Inspector of National Schools, to Teresa Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. Joseph Gallagher (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 2 1858 [Married] GALLAGHER & GLENN On the 30th ult., in the Third Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny, by the Rev. Oliver Leitch, Mr. Hugh Gallagher, of Corraghleas, to Jane, second daughter of Mr. Samuel Glenn, of Carnamugagh (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 11 1859 [Married] GALLAGHER & STEWART February 3, in the Kilmacrenan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Kinnear, Mr. John Gallagher, Corraghlees, to Miss Jane Stewart, of Scanlan, near Kilmacrenan (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 15 1859 [Married] BOVAIRD & GALLAGHER April 7, in the First Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny, by the Rev. John Kinnear, Mr. James Bovaird, of Loughnaggin, to Miss Martha Gallagher, of Corrghlees (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 20 1860 [Married] FISHER & GALLAGHER April 12, in the Presbyterian Church, Crossroads, by the Rev. S. McClure, Mr. William Fisher, Ballyougry, to Miss Margaret Gallagher, Ruskey (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 29 1860 [Married] GALLAGHER & GIBSON June 21, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. S. McClure, Mr. James Gallagher, Rusky, to Miss Sarah Jane Gibson, Cloon (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 6 1860 [Died] At Lamhaquque, Peru, much regretted by the British residents and natives in that country, Hugh Moss Gallagher, Esq., M. D., L. R. C. S .I., eldest son of Joseph Gallagher, Esq., of Letterkenny, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 18 1861 [Died] January 16, at Ballybofey, after a protracted illness, Annie, fifth daughter of Mr. Patrick Gallagher, merchant (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 31 1861 [Birth] May 17, at Ruskey, Newtowncunningham, the wife of J. Gallagher, Esq., of a daughter (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 12 1861 [Married] GALLAGHER & MCNUTT On the 2nd July, in the Fahan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. B. McBride, Mr. Charles Gallagher, of the Constabulary, Clough, county Down, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. William McNutt, Burnfoot (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 10 1862 [Died] January 1, at Letterkenny, Lizzie, daughter of Mr. John Gallagher, merchant, aged 18 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 28 1862 [Died] February 26, at Letterkenny, county Donegal, Mr. Joseph V. Gallagher, jun.
Mar 28 1862 [Died] March 25, at Drimoghal, Manorcunningham, Mr. William Gallagher, aged 87 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 23 1862 [Died] May 10, at Letterkenny, Miss Ellen C. Gallagher, second daughter of J. Gallagher, Esq., and niece of the late Right Rev. Dr. McGettigan, Roman Catholic Bishop of Raphoe (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 20 1863 [Died] At Ballybofey, after a protracted illness, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick Gallagher, aged 59 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 6 1863 [Died] February 24, at his late residence, High Cairne, Ramelton, Mr. Joseph Gallagher, at an advanced age (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 13 1863 [Married] WADE & GALLAGHER On the 3rd March, in the Third Presbyterian Church, Ramelton, by the Rev. J. Greenlees, Mr. James Wade, jun., Lisdillon, to Anne, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert Gallagher, Arnaree, near Ramelton (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 22 1863 [Died] May 1, at Brooklyn, New York, Ellen, wife of Mr. John Gallagher, native of Letterkenny, county Donegal, aged 34 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 17 1863 [Died] November 6, at Rathmullan, Richard Edwin Gallaugher, second son of Mr. Charles Gallaugher, of inflammation of the lungs (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 1 1863 [Married] GALLAGHER & CURREN November 24, in the Cathedral Church, Raphoe, by the Rev. E. T. Stubbs, Mr. Joseph Gallagher, to Ann, daughter of Mr. Patrick Curren, Raphoe (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 19 1864 [Married] GALLAGHER & MCGINLEY January 4, at the Roman Catholic Chapel, Gortahork, by the Rev. James McFadden, C. C., Mr. Edward Gallagher, of Meenagappagh, late of the Laghlan Gold Fields, to Miss Margaret McGinley, daughter to Mr. Cornelius McGinley, merchant, Crossroads (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 31 1864 [Married] GALLAGHER & BURKE May 28, at the Registrar's Office, Stranorlar, by Henry A. Wallen, Esq., F. R. C. S. I., Mr. James Gallagher, to Miss Frances Burke, both of McMensis, Parish of Convoy (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 3 1864 [Died] May 28, at his residence at Castlefin, Mr. Hugh Gallagher, aged 80 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 1 1864 [Died] June 25, at Deer Park, Mr. John Gallaugher, aged 95 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 14 1864 [Died] October 9, at Ballybofey, Harriett Helena, youngest daughter of Mr. P. Gallagher (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 8 1864 [Died] November 1, in Ballyshannon, after a protracted illness, Mr. James Gallagher, boot and shoemaker, aged 62 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 11 1864 [Died] November 6, at Letterkenny, in the 16th year of his age, Patrick, youngest son of Joseph Gallagher, Esq. (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 12 1865 [Married] GALLAGHER & CORR May 10, in the Wesleyan Church, Donegal, by the Rev. Edward Johnston, Mr. James Gallagher, to Miss Lucy Corr, both of Mountcharles (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 18 1865 [Married] O’HARA & GALLAGHER August 16, by licence, at the Registrar's Office, Stranorlar, Mr. James Edward O'Hara, Londonderry, to Jane, daughter of Mr. P. Gallagher, merchant, Ballybofey (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 3 1866 [Died] April 2, after a short illness, Mr. John Gallagher, Diamond, Londonderry. His remains will be removed for interment in Raymoghey Burying Ground, county Donegal, on Thursday morning, the 5th April, at the hour of ten o'clock (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 24 1866 [Married] GALLAGHER & MACLOSKIE On the 19th July, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ramelton, by the Rev. R. S. Campbell, James Gallagher, Esq., of Ramelton, to Maria, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William Macloskie, of Belfast (Londonderry Sentinel)
Aug 24 1866 [Married] GALLAGHER & CILLEN August 16, at Newtowncunningham, by the Rev. Michael O'Friel, P. P., Mr. Patrick Gallagher, St. Johnston, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Charles Cillen, Castleforward (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 22 1867 [Married] TIMONY & GALLAGHER On the 10th February, at Fintown Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. Charles McGlynn, C. C., Mr. James Timony, Meenatavoy, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Charles Gallagher, Shallagan, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 15 1867 [Died] March 9, at the Loretto Convent, Manchester, in religion Sister Benedicta, Kate, eldest daughter of Joseph Gallagher, of Letterkenny, Esq., T. C. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 8 1867 [Died] Suddenly, on board the steamer "Shamrock" on passage from Glasgow to Derry, Patrick Gallagher, a native of Gweedore, county Donegal, returning home after working on the harvest near Glasgow, collapsed and died. The case was reported at Greenock, and a doctor was at once in attendance and certified that Gallagher had died of heart disease (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 3 1868 [Died] March 26, at High Cairne, Ramelton, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Joseph Gallagher, aged 89 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 16 1868 [Died] June 10, at Glenties, Rose Gallagher, aged 61 years, relict of the late Neill Gallagher (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jun 26 1868 [Died] On the 22nd June, at Ballybofey, Sarah, second daughter of Mr. P .Gallagher
Feb 16 1869 [Married] Feb 8, at Killycreen Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Rev. John Flanagan, P. P., Ramelton, Mr. Hugh Gallagher, of Killycreen, late of Moore Abbey, Monasterevin, county Kildare, to Susan, only daughter of Mr. John McConomy, Kerrygalt, Ramelton (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jul 6 1869 [Died] May 17, at the age of 23 years, at West 22nd Street, New York, after a long illness of 13 months, Annie, daughter of the late Charles Gallagher, of Drumhigh, Killybegs (Londonderry Sentinel)