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Galbraith Genealogy Notes, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1832-68

Items from the Press
Transcribed from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Mar 17 1832 [Died] On the 23rd ult., in the 68th year of her age, Martha, wife of Mr. Hugh Galbraith, of Coolaughrymore (sic), near Raphoe. In the several relations as wife, mother and friend, her conduct was marked with peculiar tenderness. Her patience and meek resignation, during a painful and protracted illness, her charity, and exemplary piety, were worthy imitation. She was beloved, and her memory will long be cherished by all with whom she was acquainted (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 25 1846 [Died] On Tuesday evening, the 14th inst., at his residence in Coolaghey More, aged 82 years, Hugh Galbraith, Esq (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 13 1847 [Died] On the 7th inst., aged 61 years, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. Samuel Galbraith, Ballyboe, near Manorcunningham (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 8 1847 [Died] On the 25th ult., Mr. Harvey Galbraith, of Craighadoes, St. Johnston, in the 87th year of his age. Previous to his demise he was a member of the family consisting of four generations (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 12 1850 [Died] At Ballyboe, Manorcunningham, on Wednesday, March 27th, John, youngest son of Mr. Samuel Galbraith (Londonderry Sentinel)
Apr 20 1833 WATT & GALBRAITH. [Married] On the 2nd inst., at Craghadoes, by the Rev. Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Thomas Watt, of this City, to Sidney, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Josias Galbraith (Londonderry Sentinel)
May 18 1839 HANSON & GALBRAITH. [Married] On Thursday, the 9th inst., by the Rev. W.D. Killen, of Raphoe, the Rev. George Hanson, of Ballylennon, to Mary, only daughter of Hugh Galbraith, Coolagheymore, county of Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 30 1844 GALBRAITH & GOURLEY. [Married] On the 18th inst., by the Rev. J. Leckey, of Ballylennon, Mr. Josias Galbraith, of Craghadoes, to Matilda, third daughter of Mr. John Gourley, of Manorcunningham (Londonderry Sentinel)
Dec 13 1845 GALBRAITH & MOORE. [Married] On the 9th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Ballylennon, by the Rev. George Hanson, Robert Galbraith, Esq., of Craghadoes, to Peggy Jane, daughter of James Moore, of Glencush, in the county of Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Feb 20 1847 GALBRAITH & DUNLAP. [Married] On the 18th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Cross Roads, by the Rev. Mr. Craig, Mr. E. Galbraith, Classical Master, Great James Street school, Londonderry, to Jane, second daughter of the late Mr. Dunlap, Corncampbell (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 14 1853 BAKER & GALBRAITH. [Married] June 22nd, in the city of Hamilton, Canada West, by the Rev. Mr. Geddes, Rector of that Place, Mr. Thomas S. Baker, of Stirling, Canada West, merchant, to Miss Anne Jane Galbraith, eldest daughter of Mr. James Galbraith, of Saintfield, county Down, formerly of Caledon, and grand daughter of Mr. Robert Galbraith, Raphoe (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 14 1859 [Died] January 8, at Ballyboe, Sarah Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. William Galbreath, aged 36 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Mar 14 1862 [Died] February 3, at Bellville, Canada West, Jane, eldest daughter of Mrs. Robert Galbraith, Raphoe, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)
Oct 13 1863 HAMILTON & STEWART (GALBRAITH). [Married] October 6, at Lifford, by the Rev. Charles Stewart, Prebendary of Clondahorkey, uncle of the bride, assisted by Rev. William Edwards, Major Hamilton, of Brown Hall, county Donegal, to Dorothea, eldest daughter of the late William Stewart, Esq., M.D., Killendaragh, Lifford, and granddaughter of the late Sir James Galbraith, Bart. (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 23 1864 LITTLE & GALBRAITH. [Married] September 15, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Ballylennon, by the Rev. George Hanson, Mr. William Little, teacher, Knockroe, to Miss Margaret Galbraith, daughter to Mr. Robert Galbraith, Glencosh (Londonderry Sentinel)
Jan 22 1867 GALBRAITH & GREGORY. [Married] January 17, in Laghey Church, by the Rev. Samuel Reed, Rector of Donegal, Mr. William Galbreath, Tullywee, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. John Gregory, Golard (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 3 1867 [Died] On the 25th August, at Craughadoose (sic), Mr. Josiah Galbraith, sen., aged 93 years (Londonderry Sentinel)
Nov 12 1867 BOAK & GALBRAITH. [Married] November 7, in Second Ballylennon Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. George Hanson, James Boak, Esq., Kildrum, to Prudence, eldest daughter of the late Robert Galbraith, Esq., Craghadoes (Londonderry Sentinel)
Sep 4 1868 [Died] August 31, at the residence of her son in law, Mr. J. Clarke, Demesne Cottage, Saintfield, Rosanna Thompson, relict of the late Mr. James Galbraith, and youngest daughter of the late Captain Thompson, J.P., The Close, Raphoe, county Donegal (Londonderry Sentinel)