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Craig Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1833-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


August 7 1850 Married on the 30th ult., in the Presbyterian Church, Donemana , by the Rev. John Monteith, MR. JAMES CRAIG, of Liscleen, to LAVINIA, youngest daughter of MR. JOHN WALKER, of Tyrconnelly, county Tyrone



November 21 1845 Married on Wednesday, the 12th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. John Crockett, MR. ANDREW JOHNSTON, Castlederg, to REBECCA MARGARET, daughter of MR. ROBERT CRAIG, of Ballyfolliard
April 24 1846 Died on the 17th inst., at Erganaugh, near Castlederg, MR. JAMES CRAIG, in the 78th year of his age



October 5 1833 Died at the residence of her son, MR. DAVID CRAIG, of Foyle Street [Londonderry], on Friday, the 4th inst., aged 74, RACHEL, relict of the late MR. WILLIAM CRAIG, of Strabane
June 13 1840 Married on Monday, at the residence of MR. ANDREW JACK, Newtownstewart, by the Rev. John Kelly, of Strahalter, MR. JOHN CRAIG, of Birnaghs, corn merchant, to MISS MARGARET TAGGART, daughter of the late JOHN TAGGART, ESQ., of Lislafferty, near Baronscourt
December 10 1842 Married on the 25th ult., by the Rev. Matthew Clark, Ardstraw, MR. MATTHEW PARK, of Glenlush, to ELIZA, daughter of the late DAVID CRAIG, ESQ., Ballyfoliart
July 1 1843 Married on the 26th inst., by the Rev. Matthew Clark, Ardstraw, MR. THOMAS DICK, of Mossfield, to MARTHA, youngest daughter of the late DAVID CRAIG, ESQ., Ballyfoliart
July 26 1845 Died at Ruskey, in the Parish of Lower Badoney, on Friday, the 18th inst., MR. GERARD CRAIG, in the 64th year of his age
August 30 1845 Died at Benelly, near Donemana, on Wednesday, the 27th inst., MR. JOHN CRAIG, eldest son of MR. ROBERT CRAIG, aged 15 years
December 19 1856 Married on the 15th inst., in First Donagheady [Presbyterian], by the Rev. S.T. Wray, MR. WILLIAM BROWN, Gortmelan, to MARY ANN, only daughter of MR. JAMES CRAIG, Cullion
February 13 1857 Died at Ballyfolliott, near Castlederg, on the 3rd inst., MR. ROBERT CRAIG, aged 88 years
October23 1857 Married on the 8th inst., in Urney Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John McConaghy, MR. WILLIAM JOHN TYNAN, of Claudy-Johnston, to MATILDA, daughter of MR. JAMES CRAIG, of Ballyfolliott
July 16 1858 Married on the 7th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, MR. THOMAS CRAIG, Kilstroll, to MISS ELIZA CRAIG, Castlederg
November 26 1858 Died on the 18th inst., at the residence of JAMES TAYLOR, ESQ., Carrickfergus [Co. Antrim], THOMAS, son of THOMAS CRAIG, ESQ., of Strabane, aged 16 years
June 6 1862 Married June 4, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. W. Fleming Stevenson, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. W.A. Russell, JAMES STEVENSON, ESQ., to MARTHA, daughter of THOMAS CRAIG, ESQ.
October 16 1863 Died October 13, at Strabane, JOHN CRAIG, A.B., Inspector of National Schools, Ireland
January 9 1863 Married on the 6th January, in Duncairn Church [Belfast], by the Rev. William Johnston, SAMUEL CRAIG, ESQ., Spamount, county Tyrone, to FRANCES AMELIA, second daughter of the late THOMAS EDMONDSON, ESQ., Belfast
July 1 1864 Married June 29, by the Rev. Mr. Russell, Strabane, CHARLES LYNN, ESQ., Lynn Place, Sligo, to SARAH, eldest daughter of THOMAS CRAIG, ESQ., Bowling Green, Strabane
9 June 1865 Died June 1, at Benelly, Donemana, MR. DAVID CRAIG, aged 64 years
January 26 1866 Died January 13, at Ballyfolliard, near Castlederg, SARAH, the beloved wife of MR. JAMES CRAIG, aged 46 years. On the same day, at the same place, their son THOMAS, aged 6 years. And on the 19th inst., at the same place, their son ROBERT, aged 10 years
September 14 1866 Married September 12, in the Parish Church of Ardstraw, by the Rev. Robert Mussen, Incumbent of Drumclamph, MR. ROBERT McCARTHUR, of Listymore, to MATILDA, daughter of CHRISTOPHER CRAIG, ESQ., of Fern
October 5 1866 Married September 28, in the Presbyterian Church, of Albany, by the Rev. Mr. Mackay, MR. JOHN ABERNETHY, of Aughtarg, Stewartstown, to JANE, daughter of MR. WILLIAM CRAIG, of Aughrimderg, Stewartstown
December 28 1866 Died December 26, at Castlederg, MR. CHRISTOPHER CRAIG, merchant, aged 62 years
May 14 1867 Married May 9, in the Presbyterian Church, Ballindrate [Co. Donegal], by the Rev. W. McCrea, MR. DAVID CRAIG, of Ardstraw, to MISS MARY GARDINER, of Keelogs, Parish of Clonleigh
July 2 1867 Married June 27, in the Presbyterian Church, Leckpatrick, by the Rev. Joseph Leitch, MR. ALEXANDER WANN, to ANNE JANE, daughter of MR. ROBERT CRAIG, Ballyskeagh
December 27 1867 Died December 19, at Cookstown, JOSEPH, son of the REV. WILLIAM CRAIG, of Boyle, aged 28 years
February 18 1868 Birth: February 17, at Main Street, Strabane, the wife of MR. DAVID CRAIG, grocer and provision merchant, of a daughter
March 6 1868 Married February 27, in Urney Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John McConaghy, A.M., MR. JOHN JAMES PORTER, Dartan, to MARY, daughter of MR. JAMES CRAIG, Ballyfoliard
August 18 1868 Married August 13, at Gortin Church, by the Rev. M. Stephens, JAMES, only son of MR. JAMES McNICKLE, of Rousky, to JANE, only daughter of MR. JAMES CRAIG, Greenan
December 3 1869 Died Nov. 29, at Ballyfoliard, near Castlederg, MR. JAMES CRAIG, farmer, aged 64 years