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Emigrants on the Ship 'Mohawk' Sailing from Londonderry, Northern Ireland to Philadelphia, USA 1803

Emigrants from Counties Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry, Fermanagh, Armagh & Monaghan Public Record Office of Northern Ireland Ref: T. 3262 ( Irish Emigration Lists 1803-1806)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


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List of Passengers who intend going to Philadelphia in the Ship Mohawk, of and for Philadelphia, Burthen 500 tons, John Barry, Master, sworn at Londonderry, Ireland 23 April, 1803.


ALEXANDER Wm. 32 labourer Donagheady [Co. Tyrone]
ALEXANDER Jane 30   Donagheady
ALEXANDER James 11   Donagheady
ALEXANDER Martha 10   Donagheady
ANDERSON Archd. 19 labourer Armagh
BACON William 28 labourer Taughbone [Taughboyne, Co. Donegal]
BACON Elizabeth 27   Taughbone
BACON William 12   Taughbone
BATES John 21 labourer Donamanagh [Donemana, Co. Tyrone]
BRODLEY[BRADLEY] Patk. 19 servant Londonderry
BRODLEY [BRADLEY] Alexr. 28 labourer Newtonstewart [Co. Tyrone]
CAMPBELL James 28 labourer Dungannon [Co. Tyrone]
CAMPBELL Mary 20   Dungannon
CALLAGHAN Neal 19 labourer Ardmalin [Co. Donegal]
CARTON John 35 labourer Claggen?
DIVEN Pat 28 house servant Strabane [Co. Tyrone]
DONAN Thos. 23 labourer Taughbone [Taughboyne, Co. Donegal]
DOUGHERTY Neal 20 labourer Buncrana [Co. Donegal]
DOUGHERTY Darby 25 labourer Ardmalin [Co. Donegal]
DRUM Thomas 36 labourer Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh]
DRUM Nathl. 34 labourer Enniskillen
DRUM William 20 labourer Enniskillen
DRUM Mary 16   Enniskillen
FORRESTER Henry 24 labourer Clones [Co. Monaghan]
GLIN William 25 labourer Letterkenny [Co. Donegal]
GRAHAM Robert 20 labourer Bolea [Co. Londonderry]
HASTINGS John 21 labourer Stewartstown [Co. Tyrone]
HETHRINGTON Charles 40 labourer Dungannon [Co. Tyrone]
HETHRINGTON Christy 36 labourer Dungannon
HETHRINGTON Eliza 16   Dungannon
HETHRINGTON George 10   Dungannon
HETHRINGTON Jos’h. 14   Dungannon
HETHRINGTON Susan 40   Dungannon
HOPKINS Robert 21 labourer Bolea [Co. Londonderry]
JONES Richd. 24 house servant Strabane [Co. Tyrone]
KELLY William 23 labourer Buncrana [Co. Donegal]
LUNNY Pat. 20   Enniskillen [Co. Tyrone]
LYNCHAHIN Denis 20 labourer Buncrana [Co. Donegal]
MARTIN Anne 20   Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh]
MCANA Barry 24 labourer Strabane [Co. Tyrone]
MCAWARD Ferrol 21 labourer Buncrana [Co. Donegal]
MCCONAGHY David 10 labourer Ballyarton [Co. Londonderry]
MCCOY John 20 labourer Clogher [Co. Tyrone]
MCCREA Robert 30 house servant Strabane [Co. Tyrone]
MCDADE Owen 28 labourer Carn [Co. Donegal]
MCDONNELL Patk. 20 labourer Buncrana [Co. Donegal]
MCGAFFERTY Pat. 19 labourer Taughbone [Taughboyne, Co. Donegal]
MCGONEGAL James 25 labourer Buncrana [Co. Donegal]
MCGRENAN John 18 servant Taughbone [Taughboyne, Co. Donegal]
MCQUISTIN Robert 26 labourer Dungiven [Co. Londonderry]
MURRAY James 20 labourer Donamanagh [Donemana, Co. Tyrone]
NEELY Elizth. 21   Newtonstewart [Co. Tyrone]
PHILIPS Abraham 35 labourer Urney [Cos Tyrone & Donegal]
SIMPSON John 25 labourer Stewartstown [Co. Tyrone]
SMYTH Francis 29 labourer Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh]
TAGGART Margt. 28   Clones [Co. Monaghan]
TAGGART Saml. 30 labourer Clones
TAIT James 36 labourer Armagh
THOMPSON Samuel 28 labourer Dungannon [Co. Tyrone]
THOMPSON Anna 30   Dungannon
THOMPSON Andw. 25 labourer Dungannon
THOMPSON James 6   Dungannon
THOMPSON Sarah 22   Dungannon
THOMPSON John 35 labourer Ardmalin [Co. Donegal]
WALKER James 32 servant Enniskillen [o. Fermanagh]
WALKER Ann 30   Enniskillen
WALKER Ralph 36 labourer Enniskillen
WALKER Anne 32   Enniskillen
WALKER George 20 labourer Stewartstown [Co. Tyrone]
WOOD Alexr. 26 labourer Lisnaskea [Co. Fermanagh]
WOOD Mary 20   Lisnaskea

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