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Passengers aboard the Brig Madawaska - Londonderry, Northern Ireland to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada Apr 1833

Transcribed by Teena

List of passengers in the Brig 'Madawaska' of Campbell Town, Daniel McMurchy Master. 15 men, 270 Tons from Londonderry. Certified at Londonderry, Apr 1833. 148 adults less 8 persons that did not come on board 140 Adults; 12 under 14 years; 27 under 7.

Transcribed from film of original documents held in the collection of the Archives of New Brunswick: film 1482580.

All show their residence as County Tyrone
Beaty Hector Laborer
Clarke Susan Spinster
Cullen Nancy Spinster
Dougherty Biddy Spinster
Garland Ann Spinster
Hart Daniel Labourer
Hart Margaret Spinster
Hart Jane Spinster
Higginbottom James Laborer
Higginbottom Robert Laborer
Kirk Ellen Spinster
Lenton James Farmer
Lenton William Farmer
Lenton Peggy Wife
Lenton Roseann Child
Lenton Thomas Child
Lenton James Child
Lenton Mary Child
Lenton Eliza Jane Child
Loughry William Laborer
McCullow Daniel Laborer
McCullow Christopher. Laborer
McCullow Biddy Spinster
McCullow Mary Spinster
McGurk William Farmer
McGurk Martha Wife
McGurk Thomas Laborer
McGurk John Child
McGurk James Child
McGurk Mary Child
McGurk Sarah Child
McHugh Mary Spinster
McRorkin Jane Child
McRorkin William Child
McRorkin Thomas Child
McRorkin Joseph Child
McRorkin Mary Spinster
McRorkin Alice Spinster
McTagart Michael Laborer
McTagart Margaret Wife
Maguire Edward Child
Nelson James Laborer
Toy Patrick Labourer
Toy Ann Wife

Hennigan? John Farmer. John, Mary and Eliza seem to be grouped together as farmer, wife and child. However, John's surname is written Hennigar, Mary's Henningham and Eliza's Hennigan.

Gormley John Laborer
Higginbottom Catherine Wife
Hogan Peter Laborer
Kelly Mary Spinster
Kain James Farmer
McCullow Catherine Spinster
McGirr Owen Laborer
Roddy James Laborer
Roddy Ann Spinster
Park Joseph Farmer
Park Mary Wife
Park Mary Spinster
Park Joseph Child
Park John Child
Park Robert Child
Roddy Archibald Farmer
Roddy Elenor Wife
Roddy Biddy Spinster
Roddy Mary Ann Child
Roddy Elenor Spinster