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Canadian Convicts on the HMS Buffalo to Australia 1839-1840

Extracted from "HMS Buffalo" by Robert Sexton, published 1984.
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


From 1839 to 1840 a number of convicts were transported from the British colony of Canada, known then as Upper & Lower Canada, for taking part in the rebellions against the British crown. 82 were American patriots, who had crossed the border, and 58 were French prisoners from Lower Canada while 5 civil prisoners.

The Buffalo departed from Quebec on 28th September 1839, sailed via Rio de Janeiro, and arrived off Hobart, Tasmania, on 11th February 1840. The Americans were disembarked, but the French convicts from Lower Canada were sent on to Sydney, New South Wales. On 26th February the Buffalo arrived in Sydney with the 58 French-Canadian political prisoners, who were interned near present-day Concord, resulting in the naming of Canada Bay, French Bay and Exile Bay. They were apparently treated much better than the Americans; they were liberated sooner, and assisted in getting home.

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Code Column
L - French Canadians, convicted at Montreal
U - American patriots, convicted at Fort Henry, Toronto

Surname First Name CODE Age Birth/Occ.
AITCHESON James Milne U 28 Scotland
ALLEN David U 37 Massachusetts
ALLERY Michael L 38 joiner
BAKER Thomas U 47 Minden, New York
BARNUM Henry Verrelon U 25 Charlotteville
BECHARD Theodore L 49 Farmer & Vet
BERGEVIN Charles L 53 Farmer
BERRY John U 40 Columbia Co., NY
BIGONNESSE Francois U 49 Farmer
BLODGET Orlin U 23 Jefferson Co., NY
BOUC Guillaume Charles L 48 Clerk/Yeoman
BOURBONNAIS Desire L 20 Blacksmith
BOURDON Louis L 23 Farmer
BOUSQUET Jean Baptiste L 44 Farmer & Milller
BRADLEY John U 30 Co. Antrim IRL
BROWN George T U 22 Jefferson Co., NY
BUGBEE Chauncey U 22 Jefferson Co., NY
BUISSON Constant L 30 Blacksmith
CALHOUN Hugh U 25 Ireland
CHEVREFILS Gabriel I L 43 Farmer
COLLINS Robert G U 21 New York State
COOLEY Horace U    
COUPAL Antoine L 50 Farmer
CRONKHITE John U 30 Oswego Co., NY
CURTIS Lysander U 33 Vermont
DARBY Luther U 48 Massachusetts
DEAN John U    
DEFAILLETTE Louis L 48 Farmer
DELINO Leonard U 25 Jefferson Co., NY
DRESSER Aaron Jnr. U 22 Jefferson Co., NY
DUCHARMER Leon L 23 Merchants Clerk
DUMOUCHELLE Joseph L 47 Farmer
DUMOUCHELLE Louis L 42 Farmer/Innkeeper
DUTCHER Moses A U 23 Montgomery Co., NY
FELLOWES Elon U 23 New York State
FERO James DeWitt U 25 Upper Canada
FRAER Michael U 23 New York State
GAGNON David L 29 Joiner Carpenter
GARRISON Emanuel J U 26 Vermont
GATES William U 23 New York State
GILLMAN John U 38 Oneida Co., NY
GOODRICH Gideon U 43 Massachusetts
GOYETTE Jacques L 29 Carpenter
GRIGGS Jerry E. (brother) U 22 Connecticut
GRIGGS Nelson S. (brother) U 28 Onondaga Co., NY
GUERIN Louis L 37 Merchant/Baker
GUERTIN Francois L 44 Carpenter
GUIMOND Joseph L 48 Carpenter
GUTRIDGE John Seymour U 30 Cayuga Co., NY
HEBERT Jacques David L 49 Farmer
HEBERT Joseph Jacuqes L 42 Farmer/labourer
HEUSTIS Daniel D. U 27 Chesire Co., NH
HICKS Garret U 27 Jefferson Co., NY
HIGHLAND William U    
HITING Nathan U 48 Connecticut
HOWTH David U 24 Montgomery Co., NY
HUOT Charles L 53 Notary Public
INGLIS James U 30 Paisley, SCT
LABERGE Jean L 35 Farmer
LANCTOT Hypolite L 23 Notary Public
LANGLOIS Etienne L 26 Farmer Joiner
LANGUEDOC Etienne L 22 Farmer
LAVOIE Pierre L 49 Farmer
LeBLANC David Drossin L 36 Farmer
LeBLANC Herbert Drossi L 32 Farmer
LEEPER Andrew U 42 Harrison Co., NY
LEFORTE Joseph U 29 Lower Canada
LEPAILLEURE Francios M. L 33 House painter
LISCUM Daniel U 22 New York
LONCTIN Jacques L 59 Farmer
LONCTIN Moyse L 21 Farmer
LOOP Hiram U 26 Oswego Co., NY
MARCEAU Joseph L 34 Farmer/weaver
MARSH Robert U 26 New York State
MARTIN Foster U 32 Onondaga Co., NY
MARTIN Jehiel H. U 31 Grafton Co., NH
MATHERS Calvin (twin) U 24 Onondaga Co., NY
MATHERS Chauncey (twin) U 24 Onondaga Co., NY
MERRIT Edwin U    
MOORE Andrew U 26 Saratoga Co., NY
MORIN Achille L 25 Clerk/Gentleman
MORIN Hector Pierre L 54 Mariner/Gent
MORIN Michael (Murray) U 31 Lower Canada
MORRISETTE John U 22 Lower Canada
MOTT Benjamin L 43 Farmer
NEWCOMBE Samuel L 65 Surgeon
NOTTAGE William U 38 Halifax, Nova Scotia
OWEN Alson U 24 Oswego Co., NY
PADDOCK Jacob U 18 Jefferson Co., NY
PAPINEAU Andre L 40 Blacksmith
PARE Joseph L 48 Farmer
PIERCE James U 22 Oneida Co., NY
PINSONNAULT Louis L 40 Farmer
PINSONNAULT Rene L 48 Farmer
PINSONNEAU Pascal L 27 Farmer
POLLY Ira U 23 New York State
PREVOST Francois Xavier L 30 Merchant
PRIEST Asa U 40 Massachusetts
PRIEUR Francois Xavier L 24 Merchant
REYNOLDS Solomon U 33 Washington, NY
REYNOLDS William U 33 New York State
RICHARDSON Asa H. U 23 Oswego Co., NY
ROBERT Theopile L 25 Farmer
ROCHON Edouard Pascal L 39 Carriage Maker
ROCHON Jeremie L 36 Wheelwright
ROCHON Toussaint L 30 Carriage Maker
ROY Basile L 42 Farmer
ROY Charles L 52 Farmer
ROY Joseph L 24 Labourer
SHARP Hiram U 24 Onondaga Co., NY
SHELDON Chauncey U 52 Vermont
SHEW Henry U 23 Jefferson Co., NY
SIMMONS John Henry U 23 New York State
SMITH Orin W. U 26 Vermont
SNOW Samuel U 38 Massachusetts
SPRAGUE John U 28 New York State
STEVENS Elizar U 27 United States
STEWART Joseph U 25 Miffin Co., PA
STEWART Riley Monson U 31 Massachusetts
STOCKTON Thomas U 26 Jefferson Co., NY
SWANBERG John G. U 27 Philadelphia, PA
SWEET Alvin Burroughs U 22 New York State
THIBERT Jean Louis L 52 Farm Labourer
THIBERT Jean Marie L 38 Farm Labourer
THOMAS John L 26 Madrid
THOMPSON Joseph U 22 Jefferson Co., NY
TOUCHETTE Francois X. L 32 Blacksmith
TRUDELLE Jean Baptiste L 34 Farmer/Joiner
TURCOT Louis L 36 Farmer
TYRELL John Burwell U 24 Malahide, Canada
WASHBURN Samuel U   Warren Co., NY
WHITE Patrick U 22 Limerick, IRL
WHITNEY Reilly U 27 Vermont
WILLIAMS James Peter U 24 New York State
WILLIAMS John Chester U 38 Vermont
WILSON Edward A. U 23 Pompey Onondago
WOODBURY Beemis U 24 Massachusetts
WOODMAN Elijah Crocker U 42 U.S. Citizen
WRIGHT Stephem Smith U 25 Lewis Co., NY