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Schools in County Monaghan, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862

Accounts & Papers of the House of Commons
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


This file of the Schools in County Monaghan, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to County Donegal, Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The columns in the original document are: Parish & School; Religious Demonination of Patron; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Number of Pupils with sub-columns - Established Church, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Others; Total Number of Pupils for the Year1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Total Number of Pupils for the Quarter ended 31 Dec 1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Days & Hours set apart for all Religious Instruction etc. with sub-columns - Days on which given; Hours set apart; Nature of the Religious Instruction given; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

The columns transcribed are: Parish & School; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

N.B. - Original spellings have been maintained with the exception that surnames such as M'Aleer were amended to McAleer. Names listed with no Position shown are from the 'Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction' column. It should also be noted that not all schools are listed in the correct parish.


The original document may be downloaded for viewing HERE.

Parish School Names Postion Page No.
Aghnamullen Raw (Male) Jonathan Stenson Head 218-9
    Jonathan Steenson    
  Raw (Female) Mary Davis Head  
  Lissiniskey John McCabe Head  
  Aghmakerr James McArdle Head  
  Creeve Closed 30 September 1862    
  Lisdrumcleve John Keare Head  
    Bernard Coyle Assistant  
    John Winter Senior Monitor  
    John Kear    
  Laragh Patrick Clinton Head  
    Terence McMahon    
    Patrick McMahon    
    Bryan Mohan    
    Patrick Halfpenny    
    Arthur Burns    
  Corracharra (Male) John McCabe Head  
  Corracharra (Female) Catherine Carolan Head  
  Aghnamullen Joseph Thompson Head  
  Ullinagh James Thompson Head  
  Laggans John Bond Head  
  Mullinagore Joseph Campbell Head  
    John Campbell    
  Corlea Adam Patterson Head  
  Derrygooney John Keelan Head  
    James Finlay Senior Monitor  
Aghabog Aghabog, or Latnamard Thomas Fitzpatrick Head  
  Drumgarley William McDonnell Head  
  Dawson Edward McMahon Head  
  Tattincheve Patrick Cunningham Head  
    Margaret Keirans    
  Aghadrumkeen James Garvin Head  
  Crappagh Edward Ginley Head  
    Joseph Allaby    
Ballybay Balladian James Sanderson Head  
  Derryvally John Ritchie Head  
    Hugh Irwin Assistant  
  Clogher William Gray Head  
  Ballybay James Kelly Head  
  Ballybay (Female) Eliza Doherty Head  
    Jane Dillon    
  Shane Terence Lennon Head  
    Mich. Fitzpatrick    
    Terence McDonnell    
Clones Aughnashelvey William Corrigan Head  
    Joseph McCabe    
    Samuel McCoy    
    A. M. Hutchinson    
    Thomas Graham    
  Killina Patrick McPhillips Head  
    Sarah McPhillips Workmistress  
  Glear James McAdam Head  
  Clones (Parish) Thomas Wallace Head  
    Rev. J. W. Docheray    
  Gortnawanny Jos. M. Burns Head  
  Smithborough James Newsome Head  
  Clones Workhouse Sophia Elliott Head  
Clones, East Granshaw James Whitside Head  
    James Connolly    
    Sarah Baxter    
  Magherarny John Keenan Head  
    David Andrew    
  Largy (Male) John McMahon Head  
    George Brown Assistant  
    James McCormick    
  Largy (Female) Catherine Maher Head  
  Stonebridge John McElnea Head  
Currin Killyfargy Edward Murphy Head  
    Edward Murphy Senior Monitor  
  Laurel-hill (Male) Phil. Brady Head  
  Laurel-hill (Female) Ellen Dunne Head  
  Clinrigh Pat. McDonnell Head  
    Patrick McDonnell    
  Kerrenchego Jos. Tibby Head  
  Drumgarley Thomas Anderson Head  
Clontibret Mullaghanee Robert McLeod Head 222-3
    Sarah Jane McLeod Assistant  
  Annayallagh (Male) John McGough Head  
    Francis Mooney Senior Monitor  
    Patrick Conlan    
    Francis Carragher    
    Patrick McGinn    
  Annayallagh (Female) Ellen Carroll Head  
    Agnes Rooney    
    Margaret Caragher    
    Alice Connolly    
  Monagor James Callan Head  
    Mary Ann Callan Assistant  
  Creeve Robert Powell Head  
    Rev. W. G. Russell    
    William McClean    
  Lisnagreeve Eugene McKenna Head  
    Ben. McGough Senior Monitor  
    James Toner Junior Monitor  
    James Murphy    
  Doohamlet (Male) Michael McNally Head  
    Patrick McNally    
  Doohamlet (Female) Eleanor Boyland Head  
  Moys John Murray Head  
    Francis Conlan    
    Mary A. Duffy    
    Mary A. Mollan    
    Francis Smyth    
    Patrick Sherry    
    Catherine Conlan    
    Michael Kerr    
  Lackagh Patrick Daly Head  
    James McCarney    
    Terence Caragher    
    Patrick McEleany    
  Lemgare James McAdam Head  
    Patrick Gorman Assistant  
    James O’Neill    
    Henry Gorman    
    Anne McKenna    
    Mary Brennan    
  Drumuck Francis Lennon Head  
    Bernd. McGinnitty    
    Bernard Smyth    
Donagh Ballanaman? Francis Agnew Head  
    James McDonald    
  Corracrin Patrick Keenan Head  
    Catherine McKenna Assistant  
    Pat. Girmely Senior Monitor  
    Patrick Girmley    
  Glencan or Glennan Edward Meighan Head  
    John McCaughey    
    Francis McCaughey    
    Edward Corley    
    Thomas Trainor    
    Patrick Hughes    
    Patrick Corley    
    Henry McManns    
    Cornelius Hughes    
    James Hughes    
    Rose A. McCaghey    
    Mary Hughes    
    Ellen Moynagh    
    Catherine McManus    
  Knocknagrave John McKenna Head  
    Susan McKenna Assistant  
  Tirnaneill Joseph Blackburne Head 224-5
  Killyrean Henry Sherlock Head  
  Edenmore Dan. Clarkin Head  
    Rose Clarkin Workmistress & Assistant  
    Mary A. Clarkin Monitor  
  Glannan, No. 2 Sam. Armstrong Head  
Donaghmoyne Donaghmoyne John Connolly Head  
  Lisdoonan Ambrose Coyle Head  
    Anne Coyle Workmistress  
  Bath Model Agricultural Thomas McCabe Agriculturist  
  Drumlusty Pat Murtagh Head  
    Luke Martin Assistant  
    Eliza Murtagh Workmistress  
    Arthur Flanagan Senior Monitor  
  Bloomfield Industrial William Clarke Head  
  Ashburton Daniel McGinn Head  
    Grace Neill Workmistress  
    Edward Hamill    
  Aghanagfarcon William McNally Head  
    Anne McNally Workmistress  
    Michael McArdle Monitor  
    Edw. Flanigan    
    Patr. Mucklan    
    M. Cunningham    
    James Ward    
    Anne Murphy    
    Cath. Coleman    
Drumsnat Drumsherry Peter Curran Head  
  Gortmore John Campbell Head  
    Rt. Kerr Pupil  
    P. Connolly Pupil  
  Derryveagh Owen McCarron Head  
    Eliza McCarron Workmistress  
    Catherine McKenna Senior Monitor  
  Killehone (Male) Peter McMeel Head  
  Killehone (Female) Catherine Fay Head  
  Knockconan (Male) Patrick Kelly Head  
  Knockconan (Female) Ellen Flood Head  
Ematris Dartryhouse Edward Gardiner Head  
    Eliza Gardiner Workmistress  
  Cooravacan John McKenna Head  
  Tattygare John Murray Head  
  Ushingagh David Little Head  
    Mary A. Little Workmistress  
  Rockcoory John Steen Head  
  Shantonagh James Anderson Head 226-7
  Drumgole Robert A. Kennedy Head  
Inniskeen Inniskeen Thomas McCaffrey Head  
  Kidnaminsha (Ordinary Agrucultural) Owen McEntegart Head  
    Owen McEntigart    
    Michael Meegan    
    Peter Fitzsimons    
    John M Nello    
    Owen Martin    
    Laurence Carroll    
    Neal McCann    
    Thomas Duffy    
    Ellen McKenna    
    Anne McKenna    
    Sarah Willoughby    
    Margaret Dooley    
    Alice Willoughby    
    Cath McKenna    
  Blackstaff Michael Markey Head  
    Margaret Hughes Workmistress  
Kilmore Three Mile House Owen McCabe Head  
    John McBride Monitor  
    Margt. McEntee    
    Margaret Hunter    
  Tetoppa Hugh Duffy Head  
  Corcaghan (Male) Hugh Boyland Head  
  Corcaghan (Female) Eliza McCarron Head  
  Cormassoo Alexander Cooney Head  
  Urcher William Douglas Head  
Killaney [Killany] Ballymackney Francis Byrne Head  
    Eliza Canning Workmistress  
    Patrick Finnegan Senior Monitor  
    Maria Gonnonac    
    Catherine Byrne    
    Thomas Byrne    
    Peter Finnegan    
    Anne Gonnonac    
Killevan [Killeevan] Killafuddy Edward Graham Head  
  Ture James Murphy Head  
  Drumhills William Johnston Head  
  Killygorman William Strain Head  
  Newlise James Beatty Head  
Lisleitrim [townland within Monaghan Parish] Lisleitrim John Curry Head  
    James Ward    
    Francis Goodwin    
Monaghan Lathirkan (Male) Thomas Meighan Head 228-9
  Lathirkan (Convent) Nuns Head  
    Sarah Monaghan Monitor  
    Mary McCrudden Monitor  
    Sarah Monahan    
  Legnacreeve John Scott Head  
  Monaghan (Workhouse) Wm. Crawford Head  
    Eliza Riddell    
    Denis McNally    
    Felix McCaffrey    
    John Monaghan    
    Anne McGuirke    
    Maria Clarke    
    Theresa Prunty    
  Castleshane Robert Carson Head  
    Robert Wallace Monitor  
  Cormeen Thomas H. Dale Head  
  Agnaglogh James Mackin Head  
    Joseph Browne    
    James Waters    
  Rakeeragh Patrick Corrigan Head  
    Catharine Corrigan Junior Monitor  
    James Marron    
  Monaghan (Minor Model, Male) Michael McEntee Head  
    Alexander Kenny Assistant  
    William McManus Pupil Teacher  
    John McMahon Pupil Teacher  
    John Kernaghan Pupil Teacher  
    John Trimble Monitor  
    John McGough Monitor  
    William Irvin Monitor  
    J. W. Kernaghan    
    James G. Jebb    
    Alex. Kenny    
  Monaghan (Minor Model, Female) Anne J. Stewart Head  
    Elizabeth Collins Assistant  
    Rose A. McKenna Pupil Teacher  
    Helen Stewart Monitor  
    M. E. Blackburne Monitor  
    Sarah Fleming Monitor  
    Lizzie Fleming    
    Martha Browne    
    Eliza H. Collins    
    Bridget Collins    
  Monaghan (Minor Model, Infant) Elizabeth Campbell Head  
    Jane Forde Pupil Teacher  
    Bridget M. Collins Monitor  
    Martha Browne Monitor  
    M. E. Blackburne    
    Helen Stewart    
    Rose A. McKenna    
Muckno Tallinahattina William Smyth Head  
  Carrickaslane Thomas Adair Head  
  Tullyrahan Bernard Caraher Head  
    John Quinn    
    Mary McShane    
    Mary Quinn    
    Sarah Hanratty    
    James Quinn    
    James Hanratty    
  Castleblaney (Male) F. P. McKenna Head 230-1
    E. McArdle Senior Monitor  
    Joseph Nolan    
    Edward McArdle    
    Chris. O’Reilly    
    Jno. Hughes    
    Bernard McArdle    
    Henry Gorman    
    Alex McElemy    
    James Kelly    
    Pat. O. Callaghan    
    Jno. Rooney    
    Pat. Macdonnell    
    Thomas Bogle    
    R. J. Rooney    
    John Conroy    
    Patrick Ward    
  Castleblaney (Female) B. E. McKenna Head  
    Frances J. Nolan Senior Monitor  
  Drumacon Bernard Lamb Head  
    Sarah Lamb    
  Drumakill Thomas Grimson Head  
  Moraghy Catherine Hand Head  
  Erryroe Thomas Preston Head  
  Castleblaney (Workhouse) Mary Reid Head  
    Ellen Barrin    
    Cath. Corkran    
    John Hammond    
  Oram Michael McMahon Head  
    James Fox Monitor  
    Thomas Waters Monitor  
Magheross Carrickmacross (Male) Edward McNally Head  
    Philip Ward Senior Monitor  
    Francis Campbell    
    L. Joseph Ward    
    T. Finnegan    
    Mathw. Brennan    
  Carrickmacross (Female) Anne McNally Head  
    A. M. McHally    
    Rose Martin    
    Mary Eccleston    
    Anne Finnegan    
    M. J. Brennan    
    Margt. McNally    
  Corduff (Male) Peter Kelaghan Head  
    James Marrow Senior Monitor  
  Corduff (Female) Mary McCabe Head  
  Carrickmacross (Workhouse) Mary McShane Head  
  Carrickmacross (Central Industrial) Mary Martin Head  
    Rhoda McCue Junior Monitor  
    Mary A. Martin    
  Sreenty James Duffy Head  
    Eleanor Duffy Junior Monitor  
    James McBride    
Magheracloone Coolderry Patrick Traynor Head  
    Catherine Conelan Workmistress  
    Jane Brady    
    Alice Callan    
    Henry Cassidy    
  Moykieran (Male) Bernard Agnew Head 232-3
  Moykieran (Female) Mary Agnew Head  
  Ballynagearn John Murphy Head  
    John McKittrick Junior Monitor  
    Myles Ward    
    Bridget Finnegan    
    Mary Ward    
Tedavnet Cornagilta (Model Agricultural) William Begley Agriculturist  
    Charlotte A. Begley Head  
    Ellen Connolly Senior Monitor  
    James Brady Senior Monitor  
    Mary Reid    
    Eliza Longmoor    
    Pat. Toll    
    M. Cath. Clerkin    
    Bridget Brennan    
  Ditto?? John Murtagh Head  
    Cath. Murtagh Workmistress  
    Michl. McGuire Senior Monitor  
  Tullycroman Charles McKenna Head  
  Knockatallen (Male) James Whiteside Head  
    Susan Whiteside    
  Knockatallen (Female) Susan Whiteside Head  
    James Whiteside    
  Killycarnan Michl. Connolly Head  
    James Connolly Senior Monitor  
    Jas. Bradley    
    John McGinity    
    John Shenan    
    John Connolly    
    John Murphy    
    Thos. Murray    
    Dan. Reilly    
    Jas. Goodwin    
    John Farrell    
    Fras. McCaffrey    
    Pat. McEntee    
    James McNally    
    Bridget Connolly    
    Mary Shenan    
    Isabella Murphy    
    Susan Connolly    
  Ballyalbany Wm. Kerr Head  
  Urbelshanny John Kelly Head  
    Anne Fanning Assistant  
  Barratitoppy William Maguire Head  
Tehallan Fedoo Edward Roche Head  
  Lappan Temporary Thomas McCluskey Head  
  Lappan (Female) Ellen McNaughten Head  
    Catherine Quinn    
Tullycorbet Corvoy John Farrell Head  
  Braddocks James Crawford Head  
  Cornanure Robert Harvey Head  

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