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School Extracts in Strabane

Extracts from By the Banks of the Mourne- A History of Strabane
by Michael G Kennedy.

Some names, dates and schools in the area of Strabane.

William DRYSDALE 11 July 1772 opened a school near Market House (extract from Londonderry Journal)
Mr James JORDAN 1 Jan 1773.
Mansfield reports 7 schools operating in the area of Strabane in 1821.


Pigot's directory - 1824

Mr Francis O'BRIEN ran the Mercantile and mathematical school at Bowling Green
Mr Robert CREIGHTON an "english" school in New Street
Misses LEE's opened a ladies Day school in Patrick Street.
already existing a Charity school Mrs S HAMILTON.
Mr GREER's school on Mainstreet and he advertised on the 17 July 1827 that it was an 'English, mathematical and Mercantile School"

In 1829 a bluecoat school is recorded as having a total of 13 boys attending.

In 1845 a school was opened by Ms Susan BOYD for the education for the deaf and dumb and in 1856 Mr George DOWLING was headmaster.


Slater's directory 1856

Mistress Charlotte WOODS- opened Infant school at Derry Road.
Martha BROWN ran an academy on Market st. later moved to Abercorn Sq. and was run by Miss WORTHING.
Rev. Charles ALLEN , school on Irish Street.
Rebecca ANDERSON school on Mainstreet who is also recorded as School mistress of the Poor Law Union workhouse on Derry Road.
Rev T PATTERSON was principal of a school on Irish St.
Miss WHITE had an infant school then it became known as Mrs. BAXTER's in 1872
Master Charles MATHEWS was principal of Church of Ireland Parochial School at Patrick St



Mr W.A. McGONAGLE head teacher church of Ireland Parochial school at Patrick St.
Mr John McCAFFERTY ran a national school for Catholics at Townsend st. and Mr P McGOWAN ran one at Bridge end, his wife ANNE taught.
Mr J HENDERSON national school for Presbyterians at Orchard which Margaret Ann QUEATE was a teacher
Brother Thomas NEATON was the first director of a school at Lower Main St.



Catholic orphanage was opened at the Convent of Mercy, with the aid of 3 business men, Francis O'NEILL, James KENNEDY and John CARLIN

1884 non-demnominational school opened on Derry Road Mr Aeneas KERR was headmaster, David MORTON was assistant. Other staff were Mr ENGLAND, Mr Alexander BAINES, and Mr John HUMPHRIES and Mr Philander BAINES


1885 Omagh Almanac & Co Tyrone directory lists-

Mrs. BAXTER's day school
Miss BROWN'S day and boarding school
Miss RISK's ladies school
The parochial school is now under Mr DUNNE.
1st presbyterian master and mistress were Mr McCLEMENTS and Miss HANNAH



A new National School at Barrack st which replaced the one at Townsend Street.