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Donaghmore National School, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Information kindly provided by Armin Gumerman

Rev. Neal McGuckian requested Grant Aid to erect and furnish a National School in the village of Donaghmore, mainly for Roman Catholic children of the area, as there were already two schools in the village under Protestant patronage. Both of these scholls were perches off the intended National School. The population of the area was 500-600 families. The aid requested was £118-17-11 for building and £24-18-0 for furnishing. The following people were signatories in supporting the application. A further grant for privies and furnishings for £82-10-0 was given, this included £3 for boarding the floor.



John Hogg Pres. Minister
Alex McKenzie
Henry Brown
James Dickson
Thomas Anderson
James Halliday
Andrew Sloan
James Hamilton

Roman Catholic

Rev. Neal McGuckin P.P.
Rev. Daniel Hughes C.C.
Bernard Donnelly
John McCausland
Hugh O'Neill
Matthew Devlin
William O'Neill
John Carr

The land for the school was provided by John McCausland.



Important Events in the Schools History

11th December 1841 - School opens

1st April 1861 - Female School Established.

30th January 1882 - Application made for erecting a new schoolhouse.

1st April 1883 - Male and Female schools recognised as mixed due to rebuilding of the old Schoolhouse.

1884 - The Roll numbers 2062 and 8643 were superseded by the Roll numbers 12638 and 12639 and the name St. Patrick's was given to the New School which consisted of one large room 25 ft x 18 ft x 14 ft 4".

1st Ocober 1917 - St Patrick's Boys and Girls' schools werre amalgamated from this date - Roll Number 12638

31st July 1958 - Last day when pupils attended the school.

1988 - In this year Donaghmore Historical Society took over the building which is now in use as a Heritage Centre.


St Patrick's National School, Donaghmore, 1899

Back row: Mr. F. Hurson (Master), Paddy O'Neill (Moss), Pat Gilespise (Castlecaulfied). Andy Conlon, Pat Donnelly (Killygavanagh), Jimmy Mullen (Annaghbeg), Hughie McKenna, - McGurk (Carland), - McKenna, Tommy Tierney (Annaginney), - Williamson (D'more), Jack McCloskey (Annaghbeg), Joe Carberry (D'more), John Nugent, Bill McMahon.
Third row: John McDonald (Drummond), Hugh Arthurs, Paddy Hurson, John McCampbell, Joe McElhatton, John Hurson, Hughie McGuckian, John O'Neill, Patrick Hurson (Master's son), Mrs Hurson (Mistress), John McQuaid, Ed. Donnelly (Tullyarran), Pat Donnelly (Killygavanagh), James McCann, Pat Quinn, Francie (Barona), Joe Tainey.
Front row: Frank McCloskey (Annaghbeg), Frank O'Neill, Paddy Loughran, John McKeown, Johnny Arthurs, Terence McAnally, Mick Loughran, James Hamil
(Transcription note: The rows do not seem to tally with the photograph, for example I would say that Mrs Hurson was sitting at the beginning of the 3rd rown not in the middle of it.)