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Donagheady Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Education 1836

Extracted from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, May 1836
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Table of Schools


The table contains the following headings: name, situation and description, when established, books read, visited by, number of pupils subdivided by age, sex and religion, name and religious persuasion of master and mistress

Loughash national school, 3 miles south-east of Dunnamanagh, built in 1820, under the National Board in 1834; books published by the Commissioners of Education for the Irish National Schools, visited once by the Episcopalian clergyman and twice by the Roman Catholic clergy since its commencement; number of pupils: males, 33 under10 years of age, four from 10 to 15, 37 total males; females; 35 under 10 years of age, 10 from 10 and 15; 45 total females, total number of pupils 62, 6 Protestants. 18 Presbyterians, 58 Roman Catholics; masters: James Kilgour, Protestant, James Moon, Roman Catholic

Roosky school, under the patronage of the London Hibernian Society, 1 mile south of Dunnamanagh, established October 1819; books are obtained gratis from the London Hibernian Society, visited by the Reverend James Hazlett, curate; number of pupils: males; 18 under 10 years of age, 21 from 10 to 15, 3 above 15, 42 total males; females 24 under 10 years, 19 from 10 to 15, 11 above 15, 54 total females; total number of pupils 96; 17 Protestants,56 Presbyterians, 23 Roman Catholics; master: William Young, Presbyterian

Answers to the queries proposed by the North West Agricultural Society by the rector of the parish of Donaghedy. Donaghedy is situated in the county of Tyrone, lower part of the barony of Strabane, in the diocese of Londonderry, patron the Marquis of Abercorn, present incumbent Andrew Thomas Hamilton.


Schools and Education

(47) A general wish for education prevails through all classes

(48) Schools are numerous. There are four Hibernian Society schools and six others besides the parish school. Expense of education between 2 shillings and 5 shillings per quarter.

(49)The society’s schools have not been [able?] to answer here, as the masters are unable to teach so great a number of pupils, which in some amount to 150, and the more kind they are to inspectors, the greater number of pupils pass his examination.