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Public Examination at Castlefin School, Donaghmore Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1822

Extracted from the STRABANE MORNING POST, July 21, 1822
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia





At a public Examination held on the 12th inst., the following Pupils distinguished themselves in their respective classes:


1st Class; C. McDowel, (Claudy) R. Conigland, L. A. Bar (Mullanbuoy) J. Henderson, N. Trevor (Claudy) R. Sims, M. Robinson, F. Kennedy, M. Bar, J. Nelson, M. McLaughlin, G. McLaughlin, J. McLaughlin, H. Nelson, J. McAvoy, M. Trevor


2nd Class; M. McLaughlin, F. Hart (Maghreshanvally) M. Irvine, G. Irvine, W. Donnell, J. Simpson, M. Hart, C. McLaughlin, J. Coniglan, J. H. Dornon, W. J. Sims, J. Connor, R. Nelson, J. Hart, Mary Boyle, R. Conigland, M. A. McLaughlin, B. Bar


1st Class; M. Bar (Mullanbuoy) M. Robinson, L. A. Bar, C. McDowell, R. Sims, H. Nelson, N. Trevor, R. Conigland, J. Henderson, J. Nelson, A. Perry, R. Conigland, M. McLaughlin

2nd Class; J. McLaughlin, J. McAvoy, J. Hart, K. Irvine, G. Irvine, M. Hart


3rd Class; G. McLaughlin, F. Kennedy, J. Connor, M. Trevor, M. Boyle, J. Sims , J. Conigland, C. McLaughlin, J. Simpson, J. Hart, J. H. Dornon, W.J. Sims


1st Class; N. Trevor, R. Sims, M. McLaughlin, A. Perry, J. Nelson; R. Conigland

2nd Class; T. Hart, W. Donnell, J. McLaughlin, M. Barr, H. Nelson, M. Robinson, J. McAvoy, M. A. McLaughlin, G. Irvine, M. McLaughlin

3rd Class; J. Sims, G. McLaughlin, C. McDowell, J. Henderson, L. A. Bar, M. Boyle, R. Conigland


1st Class; N. Trevor, R. Conigland, M. McLaughlin, J. Nelson, A. Perry

2nd Class; J. McLaughlin, F. Hart, J. Connor, R. Sims, H. Nelson, W. Donnell, M. Bar, M. Robinson, G. Irvine, J. McAvoy

3rd Class; G. McLaughlin, J. Sims, M. Boyle, J. Henderson, J. Conigland, L. A. Bar, F. Kennedy, M. Hart


1st Class; N. Trevor, R. Conigland, J. Nelson, M. McLaughlin, A. Perry

2nd Class; M. Bar, C. McDowel, R. Sims, J. Henderson, M. Robinson, J. McAvoy, L. A. Bar, R. Conigland, J. McLaughlin, G. McLaughlin, F. Kennedy, F. Hart, J. Hart, M. Hart


1st Class; N. Trevor, R. Conigland, M. McLaughlin, A. Perry

2nd Class; J. Henderson, R. Sims, M. Boyle, J. McLaughlin, G. Irvine, G. McLaughlin


1st Class; N. Trevor, R. Conigland, A. Perry

2nd Class; M. Robinson, J. Henderson, M. Bar, R. Sims, L. A. Bar, H. Nelson

3rd Class; G. McLaughlin, E. McDowell, J. Sims, J. Connor, N. Kennedy


N. Trevor


N. Trevor, M. McLaughlin, J. Nelson, H. Perry, R. Conigland

Castlefin, July 12, 1822

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