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Ballylaw School, Leckpatrick Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland


Photographs kindly donated by Faye Logue

Ballylaw School, Leckpatrick Parish - Approx. 1895.

Back Row Johnny Miller, ------, ------, Johnny Boak, Willy Boak, ------, Sammy Fulton, ------, ------, ------.  
4th Row ------, Boak, Boak, ------, Lizzie Mary Pollock, ------, ------, ------, Jenny McMichael, Teacher - Mrs Canning.  
3rd Row Boak, Boak, ------, ------, ------, ------, ------, ------, ------, ------, David Canning.  
2nd Row Annie Allen, Ellie Huey, ------, Becky Ellen Wallace, ------, ------, ------, ------, Maggie Pollock, ------, ------, ------, Lily Knox.  
Front Row Harry Miller, ------, ------, ------, ------, ------, David Allen, ------, Henry Sharkey, ------.  

If anyone finds an ancestor in this photo, let me know - I have a larger resolution version.


Ballylaw Primary School, c.1925

Back Row Tommy Taylor, Jim Taylor, Bertie Stevenson, Jim McGerrigle, Bobby Boak, Jimmy Stevenson, Jim Forbes, Jim Kelly.  
5th Row Mary Ann Sharkey, Violet Forbes, Lizzie Smith, Annie Loughlin, Molly Stevenson, Betty Forbes, Isa Stevenson, Martha Sharkey, Maisie Stevenson, Wm. J. Smith, Jim Pollock, Willy McClay.  
4th Row Annie Sharkey, Katie Patterson, Lena Black, Dolly Colhoun, Eileen Pollock, Evelyn Pollock, Molly Watt, Dossie McCorkell, Robert Fulton, Matthew Patterson, Willy Sharkey, Jack Stevenson, Henry Sharkey, Miss Causey.  
3rd Row Willy Sharkey, James Watt, Jim Donaghy, Eddie Boak, Willy Black, James Smith, Nixon Huey, Jack Fulton, Willy Loughlin, McCrea Taylor, John Fulton.  
2nd Row Norman Forbes, Sammy Black, George Watt, Mabel Stevenson, May Fulton, Katie McAleer, Isa Fulton, Gemma McCorkell, Daisy Forbes, Edna Forbes, Ethel Miller, Mary Colhoun, Lexie Fulton.  
Front Row Bertie McCorkell, George Kelly, John Colhoun, Patrick McAleer, Albert Miller, Hall Stevenson, Wray Fulton, Joe Smith, John Buchannan.  



This photo was taken in June 2000 and I believe the school has been closed for several years.



Londonderry Sentinel


January 7 1888 Page 4