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Placename Prefix/Suffix Meanings

Beg Small (in comparison to a nearby feature)  
More Big (in comparison to a nearby feature)  
Bally, Balli Homestead, or a cluster of Homesteads  
Bri Hill Brigh
Carn pile of stones  
Dun fortified place Dungannon
Glen valley  
Ard Either high place or place of importance Ardstraw
Carick rock  
Derry wood of oak trees  
Drum ridge Dromore
Kil church or occasionally means wood depending on the which original word it is derived from.  
Knock hill  

The place-name tends just to mean "round hill" (based in the Irish word for a skull, cloigeann) but Seamas O Ceallaigh (Gleanings from Ulster History) pointed out that in Cos Derry/Tyrone it often seems to refer to church land, near the parish church. I'm not yet sure what I make of this.