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Volunteer Corps, Cos. Londonderry, Tyrone & Donegal - 1780

Extracted from the Dublin Evening Post June 3 1780
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The aims of this organisation were Irish Volunteers (18th Century) 

At a meeting of the Representatives of the following Volunteer Corps, held in the Town-Hall of the City of Londonderry, on Monday, the 22nd day of May, 1780, pursuant to public notice, for the purpose of fixing a general Review,

THOMAS BATESON, Esq., in the Chair



LONDONDERRY Light Dragoons


One Troop

Will. McClintock, Esq.

NEWTOWNLIMAVADDY Battalion [Co. Londonderry]


Myroe Volunteers

Lieut. Patton

N. Limavaddy Volunteers

Capt. Will. Ross

Aughanlow Volunteers

Lieut. McCausland

Upper Drumacross Volunteers

Agt. Forsyth

STRABANE Battalion [Co. Tyrone]


Strabane Volunteers

Lieut. Col. Charleton

Urney Volunteers

Capt. Brown

No. 1, Donaghady Rangers

Capt. Armstrong

Strabane Rangers

Capt. Nieson?

No. 2, Donaghady Rangers

Capt. Wood

Leck Volunteers

Major Hamilton

Urney Forresters

Capt. Rea

Bessy Bell Volunteers

Lieut. Col. Nesbitt

RAPHOE Battalion [Co. Donegal]


Raphoe Volunteers

John Lamy Esq.

Castlefinn Volunteers

Lieut. Gillespie

Ballybofea Volunteers

Lieut. Cochran



Londonderry Volunteers

Capt. Ferguson

Londonderry Fuzileers

Capt. Bateson

Londonderry Apprentice Boys

Capt. Bennit

Londonderry Royal Blue Volunteers

Lieut. Moore



Derg Volunteers

Capt. Johnston

Ardstraw Volunteers

Lieut. Edie



Lifford Royals

Capt. Lieut. Keys

St. Johnston Volunteers

Capt. J. McClintock



Cumber [Co. Londonderry] Volunteers

Lieut. Col. David Ross

Royal Leck [Co. Donegal] Volunteers

Capt. Chambers

Burt [Co. Donegal] Forresters

Capt. And. Ferguson

Maulin [Co. Donegal] Forresters

Capt. Harvey

Rathmelton[Co. Donegal] Forresters

Lieut. Watt

Dromore [Co. Donegal] Forresters

Capt. R. McClintock

Lagan [Co. Donegal] Forresters

Capt. Walker

Conwell [Co. Donegal] Forresters

Capt. Lt. Gamble


The above-name gentlemen came to the following resolutions, viz.

That the said general review be held at, or near the city of Londonderry, on Thursday, the 10th day of August nest.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Charlemont be requested to be Reviewing-General.

That Colonel Stewart be appointed to command the line, and to make out a place for the intended review, on or before the 10th of June.

That Lieutenant-Colonel Charleton, Captain Ferguson, and John Lamy, Esq; be appointed a committee to determine finally all differences that may arise among the officers or privates, during the review at Derry; and any persons whatever refusing to abide by their determination and judgement, is hereby declared disqualified from appearing in the field in a military character.

That a committee of seven be appointed to look out for ground, and forward all other business relative to the review.

That the captains or commanding officers of the thirty-two companies assembled here this day, do make correct returns to Col. Stewart, on or before the 10th of June, of the strength of their respective companies, the name and rank of each officer, the names of their non-commissioned officers, drummers, fifers, and effective private men.

That there may be several corps, which have not attended this day, and may choose hereafter to join the Volunteer army, it is agreed that such corps are allowed to the first of July, to make their returns to the commanding officer, conformable to the foregoing resolution; but after that day, no return can be received.

That these resolutions be published in the Dublin Evening Post, Londonderry and Strabane Journals, and Belfast News-Letter