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The Scotch Settlers in Raphoe, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1630-1700
The Muster Rolls for the Barony of Raphoe c1630
Raphoe Hearth Money Roll 1665
Ruling Elders of Raphoe Congregation 1672-1700

Extracted from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XXXVI, No. 3 (1912)
By William Mervine
Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Transcribed & Formatted by
Jim McKane, Ontario Canada
with generous assistance of Mary Jarvis & Gordon Wilkinson


***CAUTION: Many spellings are very phonetic***

The names of persons and places to be found in the records of the county of Donegal are most significant to those interested in Pennsylvania history and genealogy, as many of the Scotch-Irish settlers in this state were from that portion of the province of Ulster.

Until the beginning of the seventeenth century, the vast region now embraced by county Donegal was known as Tyrconnell, and in very early Irish history, as Cinel-Conail, or, the country of the descendants of Conall Gulban. At the beginning of the reign of King James I (1603-1625), English authority was scarcely recognized in the north of Ireland. There were no towns of consequence and the people obeyed their native chiefs. After confiscating the Ulster Lands, in the counties of Londonderry, Donegal, Tyrone, Cavan, Armagh and Fermanagh, King James set aside the finest portions for British colonists, and assigned the naitve Irish to the poorer and more remote districts. View Original Page 257

Large grants of these lands were then made to Scotch and English adventueres. "James seems to have seen that parts of Scotland nearest Ireland, and which had most intercoure with it, were most liekly to yield proper colonists," and grants were made to the Duke of Lennox, who had great power in Dumbartonshire; the Earl of Abercorn, who represented the power of the Hamiltons in Renfrewshire; Sir Thomas Boyd of north Ayrshire; the Cunninghams and Crawfords of south Ayr. The greatest number of grants were made to men of Galloway.

Every person receiving two thousand acres of land, agreed to bring forty-eight men, of English or Scotch birth; who should receive leases for portions of the land and be supplied with muskets and hand weapons. The settlers began to arrive in Ireland in 1610; some were from England; but the majority were Scotch. Among the Scots who received grants for lands in county Donegal in 1610, were: Ludovic Stuart, Duke of Lennox; Sir Walter Stewart, Laird of Minto, Roxburyshire; Alexander McAula of Durlin, Dumbartonshire; John Cunningham of Crafueld in Ayr; William Stewart, Laird of Dunduff, of Maybole in Ayr; James Cunningham, Laird of Glangarnocke in Ayr; Sir Robert Maclellan, Laird of Bomby, Kirkcudbrightshire; George Murray of Wigtonshire; Sir Patrick Mackee of Wigtonshire; James McCullough of Wigton; Alexander Dunbar of Wigton; Patrick Vaus.

The parish of Raphoe in county Donegal is said to have drived its early importance from the foundation of an extensive monastery there, by St. Columb, which after its restoration, prior to 703, continued to flourish, and was made the seat of a bishoprick. George Montgomery, the first Protestand bishop of Raphoe, concecrated to the see in 1605, was very active and successful in increasing  View Original Page 258

 the number of Scotch planters there. He was a Scot, from the parish of Beith in Ayrshire, of the distinguished house of Eglinton, younger brother to the first Viscount Montgomery, and had served as Chaplain to King James, and as Dean of Norwich. So eager was he for settlers that he "settled intelligences to be given from all the seaports in Donegal and Fermanagh... and he ordered so that the masters of vessels should, after dislodging their cargo, come to his Lordship with a list of their seamen and passngers."

The succeeding bishops of Raphoe were zealous also in securing Scotch tenants for their lands. In a letter to the Lords Justices, April 27, 1631, Bishop Knox wrote; "I was translated to it [Raphoe] in 1610. The rents were then so small (£30 per annum) that as you remember I was given an annuity of £E.100. I then went to Scotland and, with great difficulty persuaded a number of Scotch people to come and colonise my see,.... the result is that this see is now planted with over 300 families of British Protestant subjmects."

A Muster Roll of all the Undertakers, Servitors, and Natives, in county Donegal, made by George Alleyne in 1618, shows these names in the Barony of Raphoe; Sir Rafe Bingley, Mr. William Wilson, Mr. Robert Davis, Sir John Kinsmell, Sir Thomas Cooch, Captain Mansfield, Mr. Peter Bewson, Sir John Steward, The Lady of Luce, Mr. Alexander Steward, Mr. James Kiningham, and the Lord of Dondoffe.

From A Muster Rolle of ye Province of Ulster, made in 1530, the following were copied. The complete roll is virutally a census of the Scotch and English settlers then residing in the counties of Ulster: View Original Page 259


The Muster of the Roll of County Donnagall

Barony de Rapho

The Lord Duke of Lynox undertaker of 4000 Acres his men & Armes.

Surname Firstname Arms
Aickeene Robert Sword and Pike
Allen John Sword
Allyson George

No Arms

Boyde Robert Sword
Brittein John

No Arms

Buchanan Alexander Sword
Buchanan John No Arms
Buchanan John Sword
Buchanan Robert Sword
Caley Donell Sword
Cambell Archbald Sword
Campbell Robert No Arms
Campell Archbell Sword
Clapp Robert Sword
Cocheran John Sword and Pike
Cocheran Robert Sword
Cokeran William Sword
Crafford Dunkan No Arms
Denniston James Sword
Douglas John No Arms
Douglas William Sword
Dromond James Sword
Galbreath Alexander Sword
Galbreath Andrew No Arms
Gallbreath John Sword
Gibb David No Arms
Gillrew Mathew No Arms
Greire Hugh Sword and halbert
Hamond Alexand No Arms
Henry Walter No Arms
Hewes William No Arms
Horner Robert Sword
Huldin George Sword
Hustone James Sword
Hynman Hector Sword
Kilsoe James Sword and Pike
Lackye Andrew Sword
Lackye Robert Sword
Laughlan William Sword
Lawder Alexander Sword
Leackye Robert Sword
Leman Robert No Arms
Logan James No Arms
Lowrye John Sword
Lowrye Thomas Sword
Lowrye Walter No Arms
Lyndsay Robert Sword
Lyndsey Mathew Sword
McCahan Donnell No Arms
McCawley John Sword
McConnell Gawen No Arms
McConnell Morris Sword and Pike
McConocky John Sword
McFfarlan John No Arms
McFfarlan John Sword and callener
McGilcrouse Neece No Arms
McKaine John Sword
McKindley Ffyndley Sword
McKyndely Robert Sword
McLentock Alexander Sword and Pike
McNair Owen Sword and Pike
McNevin William No Arms
McNichol Donnell Sword and Pike
McPeter Robert Sword
McTyre Andrew Sword
Morrison Robert Sword and Pike
Noble William No Arms
Parmenter John No Arms
Peacock Morris No Arms
Pearce John No Arms
Pecock John No Arms
Porter Patrick No Arms
Quohone Adam No Arms
Ralston John Sword
Ramsey Thomas Sword
Ranckein Costyne Sword
Richye James Sword and Pike
Roger John No Arms
Roger Walter No Arms
Skot John Sword
Skot William Sword
Snodgrass John Sword and Pike
Spence Dunkin Sword
Steward Anthony No Arms
Stewars John Sword
Swayne John Sword and Pike
Thromble John Sword
Watson John No Arms
Wood Andrew Sword
Wood James Sword
Wood John No Arms
Wood William No Arms
Young John No Arms

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Sir John Conigham knight undertaker of 4000 Acres his Men & Armes

Surname Firstname Arms
Adam Patt No Arms
Allason John Sword and pike
Balmand Andrew No Arms
Balmanner Alexander Sword and snaphance
Balmanner Andrew Sword and snaphance
Barskenny Hugh Sword and pike
Bayty John No Arms
Baytye John No Arms
Blare John Sword
Boyll Robert Sword
Bright Patrick No Arms
Browne James No Arms
Caine Henry Sword and pike
Calwell William Sword and pike
Cambell John Sword and pike
Coningham Andrew No Arms
Coningham David Sword
Coningham Patrick Sword
Crafford Patricke Sword and pike
Crafford William Sword and pike
Crag William No Arms
Cragg Steaphen No Arms
Crawfoure John No Arms
Cresball James No Arms
Cuningham Barnard No Arms
Cunningham Mathew No Arms
Cutberson William Sword and callener
de Jestame Walter Sword and snaphance
Delap Patrick Sword and pike
Doone William No Arms
Dunlap William Sword
Dunlap William Sword and pike
Ffleming Adam Sword and pike
Ffleming John No Arms
Ffleming Patk No Arms
Fflemming Archbald Sword and musket
Fflemming Gibert No Arms
Fforret John Sword
Ffray Steaphen Sword and pike
Ffritzell John No Arms
Ffrizell William No Arms
Ffrizzell John Sword and pike
Forsyth Jame No Arms
Fould Patrick Sword
Gylles John Sword and pike
Hate James Sword and musket
Hettels John Sword and pike
Hislat Thomas Sword and snaphance
Hunter Archbald No Arms
Hunter John No Arms
Hutchison James Sword and pike
Jesack William No Arms
Knox James No Arms
Larges Robert Sword and musket
Lawson Alexander Sword
Lennox James Sword
Longvill John Sword
Longvill Robert Sword and callener
Lyone Dunkan Sword and pike
Lyone John No Arms
Lyone John Sword and pike
Makee John Sword and pike
Malfeild John Sword
Marshall William Sword and pike
Mathew John Sword and pike
McBurne William No Arms
McCary Art Sword and pike
McCleland Patrick Sword and snaphance
McConnell Donnell No Arms
McCoshine Dunkan Sword and pike
McCreay James Sword and snaphance
McCury Killetellon Sword and pike
McIlman Donnell No Arms
McInteer Robert Sword and snaphance
McKase William Sword and snaphance
McKee Donnell Sword and pike
McKeen Donnell No Arms
McKeynie Killcollum Sword and pike
McKinley Dunkan Sword and pike
McNevin John No Arms
Michell Gawen Sword
Miller Robert No Arms
Morison Herbert Sword and snaphance
Morrison James No Arms
Morrison James Sword and pike
Morrison John No Arms
Odoylson Marcus Sword and pike
Patterson James Sword and pike
Poole John No Arms
Ramsay David Sword and snaphance
Richee John Sword and pike
Robinson James Sword and pike
Roger Rober No Arms
Saner William Sword and snaphance
Sawer Hugh No Arms
Skot George Sword and pike
Snyp William No Arms
Steaphenson John No Arms
Steavenson John No Arms
Steavenson William Sword and pike
Steill James Sword and pike
Steward James No Arms
Thompson Alexander No Arms
Thompson Hugh Sword and pike
Thomson Hugh Sword and pike
Tullagh David No Arms
Vernogh Robert Sword
Walker Christopher No Arms
Wallas John No Arms
Wallas Robert Sword
Watt John No Arms
Wighton William No Arms
Wilson James No Arms
Wilson William Sword and pike
Wood John Sword
Wright Patrick No Arms
Young David No Arms
Young James Sword and snaphance
Young Robert Sword
Young William No Arms

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The Lady Conningham Widdow of Sr James Conningham knt. undertaker of 2000 Acres her Men & Armes

Surname Firstname Arms
Barber John Sword & Callener
Boyes William No Arms
Calquahan James Sword & Pike
Carpante Adam Sword & Pike
Conningham William Sword & Pike
Davy Mungo No Arms
Davye James Sword & Pike
Ewing ffyndlay Sword & Snaphance
ffoulton Ninian Sword & Snaphance
Galbreath Martin Sword & Snaphance
Giffin Salloman Sword Only
Hood Tobias Sword & Pike
Hufty Robert No Arms
Johnston Robert No Arms
Killy William No Arms
Knox James Sword & Pike
Makee James Sword & Halbert
mcAdowe James Sword & Snaphance
McCorkill Andrew Sword & Pike
McCorkill John Sword & Pike
mcffarlan Dunkan Sword & Snaphance
mcIltherne William Sword & Callener
Muntgomery Rober Sword Only
Porter Patrick Sword & Snaphance
Pots Robert No Arms
Ramsay Daniel Sword & Snaphance
Rankin William Sword & Snaphance
Reed David Sword Only
Skot James Sword & Snaphance
Staret Robert Sword Only
Starret Peter Sword & Pike
Walker David Sword & Callener

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Sir John Kingswell, knight, 2270 acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Adam Robert Sword Only
Bell John Sword Only
Carmighell William Sword Only
Clarke Thomas Sword Only
Coogson Thomas Sword Only
Coogson William Sword Only
Dunlelly Thomas Sword Only
ffayrefax Thomas Sword Only
ffayrefax younger Thomas Sword Only
Glen William Sword Only
Gray Thomas Sword Only
Mansfeil Captain Ralph Sword Only
McTanlease Robert Sword Only
Moryson Gilbert Sword Only
Nealson James Sword Only
Patterson John Sword Only
Speare John Sword Only
Symes James Sword Only
White Robert Sword Only
Wilson Robert Sword Only

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Sir John Willson, Barronet, 2550 Acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Albones Venables Sword Only
Bromside Robert Sword & Pike
Cale Christopher No Arms
Carr Walter Sword & Calloner
Cranston Thomas Sword Only
Davis John Sword & Pike
Davis Thomas No Arms
Dixon William Sword & Calloner
Dunkin James No Arms
Edgar John No Arms
ffargison James Sword & Snaphance
Halbert John Sword & Snaphance
Henday John Sword & Pike
Irving George Sword & Pike
Kilpatrick John Sword Only
Lassels Thomas Snaphance Only
mcClere John Sword Only
mcClintock John No Arms
Moneyle William Sword Only
Nesbit James No Arms
Pitts John Sword & Pike
Ray Robert Sword Only
Ray Robert No Arms
Robertson Robert No Arms
Waynes John Sword Only
Wisse Leonard No Arms

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Peter Benson, undertaker of 1500 acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Babbington Edward No Arms
Bree John Sword & Pike
Cherry Patrick Sword & Snaphance
ffarrell Thomas Sword & Pike
Gikon Richard Sword & Callener
Hesee Gilbert Pike Only
Key David No Arms
Kirkpatrick elder jo: Sword Only
Leapper Andrew Sword Only
Maxfeild Alexander No Arms
mcCheney Andrew No Arms
mcCheney John No Arms
mcCreary James Sword Only
mcCreary John Sword Only
Moraphee Thomas Sword & Pike
Mowberry Arth: Sword Only
Preston Thomas Sword & Musket

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William Steward, Esquire, Lord of Dunduff, 1000 acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Allyson John None Shown
Bredene Archbald Sword & Snaphance
Browne John None Shown
Cooke Humphrey Sword & Snaphance
Kenedye David None Shown
Marshall Stephen Sword & Snaphance
McCulagh John None Shown
More John None Shown
Smeally John None Shown
Wan William Sword & Snaphance

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William Steward, Esquire

Surname Firstname Arms
Kenelly James No Arms
mcCarstaine Donnell No Arms
mcKergone James No Arms
mcNevin Donnell No Arms
McNit David No Arms
McWilliam Alexander No Arms

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Mr. Cahoune Lard of Luce, 1000 Acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Allasone Thomas Sword & Pike
Allison John No Arms
Arrell John Sword & Snaphance
Barlowe Walter Sword & Snaphance
Boochanan Patrick Sword & Snaphance
Creagh James Sword & Snaphance
ffoster John Sword Only
Hume David Sword & Snaphance
Leach James Sword & Snaphance
Leach Patrick Sword Only
McCurrin Arthur Sword Only
Morton Patrick No Arms
Mure Hugh Sword & Halbert
Oakenhead John No Arms
Patterson John Sword & Pike
Watson John Sword & Pike

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Captain Robert Davis, undertaker of 2000 Acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Barr William Sword & Halbert
Barret older George No Arms
Barret younger George No Arms
Evane Edward Sword & Snaphance
Groome Robert Sword & Pike
Johnes William Sword & Pike
Lester Richard No Arms
Monely William Snaphance Only
Newton John Sword & Snaphance
Parry John Sword & Callener
Payne David Sword & Pike
Payne Peter Sword & Snaphance
Thompson James Sword & Pike

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Robert Herrington, Esquire, undertaker of 4000 acres

Arckly John Sword Only
Bomer William Sword Only
Carskadyne James Sword Only
Cursore John Pike Only
Delap John Curasse & Gorget
Gillmore David Sword & Musket
Howard Thomas Sword & Pike
Lang John Sword & Pike
Machan William Sword Only
McArthur Arthur Curasse & Gorget
Miller John Sword & Pike
Miller William Sword & Pike
Pepells John Sword & Pike
Ridgate William Pike Only
Rochester Robert Sword & Pike
Russel George Sword & Pike
Smelly Robert Sword & Musket
Twig Alexander Sword Only
Uprichard William Sword & Musket
Wyne Robert Sword & Pike

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Robert Herrington, Esquire

Surname Firstname Arms
Corill Ralph Sword & Snaphance
Darson James Sword & Snaphance
ffisher John Sword & Snaphance
mcLintgo Patrick Sword & Snaphance

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James Conningham, Esquire, undertaker of 1000 acres

Surname Firstname Arms
Alexander John Sword & Pike
Arndt Andrew Sword & Pike
Call William Sword & Pike
Callhown Andrew Sword & Pike
Dyne John Sword & Pike
ffynlagh Arth Sword Only
Gills John Sword Only
Graham Robert Sword & Pike
Harper John Sword & Pike
Leay Hugh Sword & Pike
Lockehart Hugh Sword Only
mcCredy ffynlay Sword Only
Richmoule Thomas Sword & Pike
Speare George Sword & Pike
Stole Thomas Sword & Pike
White George Sword & Pike
Willy Mungo Sword & Pike

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The Earle of Annandale, undertaker of 10,000 acres.

Surname Firstname Arms
Bagster John No Arms
Blane Thomas None Shown
Carnes Thomas No Arms
Carnes younger Thomas No Arms
Chancellor John None Shown
Creighton John None Shown
Douglas Hector No Arms
Douglass William No Arms
Dunbar Patrick No Arms
Dunne Andrew No Arms
Ellet William None Shown
Ellot George No Arms
Harvye John No Arms
Horner Arth No Arms
Houet Edward No Arms
Hutton Thomas No Arms
Kernes David No Arms
mcCartney John None Shown
McKilvaine John No Arms
McMachan Alexander No Arms
Menzes John None Shown
Millegan, younger John No Arms
Murray Richard None Shown
Reed Hugh No Arms
Shan James No Arms
Vaux John No Arms

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Barnoy de Rapho

The Lo: Bpp of Rapho [Lord Bishop of Raphoe] his Churchlands being 2700 Acres his Men and Armes

Surname Firstname Arms
Allan John Sword Only
Allen Alexander Sword Only
Armor Thomas Sword Only
Atkin William Sword Only
Atterew James Sword and Pike
Brookhanan Robert Sword Only
Calwell John Sword Only
Carmighell George Sword and Pike
Carmouth John Sword Only
Carsan Richard Sword Only
Cloughan Thomas Sword Only
Cocheran John Sword Only
Conne Hector Sword Only
Conningham Archbald Sword Only
Davye James Sword Only
Dick James Sword and Pike
Donniell Claud Sword Only
Edward John Sword Only
Elphinter Thomas Sword Only
ffleming Robert Sword Only
ffulton John Sword Only
ffynlay Huston Sword Only
Gibson Alexander Sword Only
Graham John Sword Only
Graham Symond Sword Only
Harper John Sword Only
Henderson Archbald Sword Only
Henry William Sword Only
Hervy James Sword Only
Heslet John Sword Only
Johnston Alexander Sword Only
Johnston James Sword and Pike
Keare James Sword and Pike
Kelson Thomas Sword Only
Kenedy John Sword Only
Key John Sword Only
Kingham William Sword Only
Laird John Sword Only
Lang James Sword Only
Lard James Sword Only
Latay John Sword Only
Lyndsay John Sword and Pike
Lyndsay Michael Sword Only
Lyne William Sword Only
Makee William Sword Only
Makeene James Sword Only
Maxwell Gabraell Sword Only
McArthur Thomas Sword Only
McCalla Archbald Sword Only
McCalla John Sword Only
McIlvaine Andrew Sword Only
McKindley, elder John Sword and Pike
McMan ? Patrick Sword Only
McPeter John Sword and Pike
Mickilvy Wm. Sword Only
Morrison John Sword Only
Mountgomery Dunkan Sword Only
Patterson Mathew Sword Only
Pock William Sword Only
Richie William Sword Only
Smyth John Sword Only
Spreull James Sword and Pike
Steaphen John Sword and Pike
Stephenson Andrew Sword Only
Stephenson George Sword Only
Sterrep Alexander Sword Only
Stevison Archbald Sword Only
Thompson Ninian Sword and Pike
Walker John Sword Only
Walker John Sword Only
Wasson George Sword Only
Wause John Sword Only
White John Sword and Musket
Willson John Sword and Pike
Wylly John Sword and Pike
Wylly Robert Sword Only

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Bishop of Rapho

Surname Firstname Arms
Allan Hugh No Arms
Allason John No Arms
Allen younger James Sword & Snaphance
Barley Robert Sword & Snaphance
Boyd William No Arms
Browne Thomas No Arms
Carmighell James Sword & Snaphance
Carmighell Wm. Sword & Snaphance
Corssanes ? William Sword & Snaphance
Crafford David No Arms
Davy John No Arms
Deneson John Sword & Snaphance
Deneston Robert No Arms
Denton Robert No Arms
Elphinter Andrew No Arms
Elphinter Symon No Arms
Enox Patrick No Arms
foulton Robert No Arms
Geat ? Christopher No Arms
Gill Edward No Arms
Grier David No Arms
Hamilton John No Arms
Henderson John No Arms
Henderson Michaell No Arms
Henderson Thomas No Arms
Horris Richard Sword & Snaphance
Huchone John No Arms
Kirkpatrick John No Arms
Knox Andrew No Arms
Knox George No Arms
Lacillia ffrances No Arms
Lang Walter No Arms
Lasillis William No Arms
Lassilles Thomas No Arms
Leaviston Archbald Sword & Snaphance
Leige John No Arms
Leitch John No Arms
Lyndsay William Sword & Snaphance
Lyone Robert Sword & Snaphance
Lyone Wm. Sword & Snaphance
Mathey James Sword & Snaphance
Mathey James No Arms
Mathey James No Arms
Maxwell John Sword & Snaphance
mcCleary Michael No Arms
mcCulver Alexander No Arms
mcCulver Richard No Arms
mcGilnihill Dunkan No Arms
mcKee John No Arms
mcPeter Donnell No Arms
Moore John No Arms
Morison James No Arms
Parmenter Thomas No Arms
Pirry John Sword & Snaphance
Pitty John No Arms
Porter John No Arms
Porter William No Arms
Rankin William No Arms
Robinson Robert No Arms
Roger John No Arms
Salamond Hugh No Arms
Snodgrass John No Arms
Steaphen Andrew No Arms
Sterret William No Arms
Stevison John Sword & Snaphance
Steward John No Arms
Torrenc John No Arms
Wallace John Snaphance Only
White Robert No Arms
Willy John Snaphance Only
Wylly John Sword & Snaphance

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Baroney de Rapho

The Deane of Rapho his Churchlands being 300 Acres his Men and Armes

Surname Firstname Arms
Braggat John Sword Only
Cambell Dunkan Sword Only
ffargison William Sword & Snaphance
mcClentock ffynklay Sword Only
mcKeag Thomas Sword Only
Taylor John No Arms
Wallace William No Arms

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The Hearth Money Roll 1665

The Hearth of Chimney Tax was imposed by Charles II in 1662, when it produced about £200,00 a year. The following is a complete list of the inhabitants of Raphoe Parish in 1665, having one or more hearths in their houses, as recorded on the Hearth Money Roll, Co. Donegal, 1665, Names of Persons in the Parish of Raphoe who paid the hearth Tax in County Donegal, 1665. (Except where noted, these persons were each taxed for one hearth.)

Surname Firstname Address # of Hearths
Adam Matthew    
Alexander John    
Alexander William    
Allason Andrew    
Allen John Kiltoell  
Arcles John Cloghroy  
Arcles John    
Bell Pattrick    
Blaine Pattrick Aghenkrrage  
Blaire John Maghrisollus  
Bready James    
Browne Robert    
buchanan George Cullaghy  
Burnesyde Robert    
Caldwell James    
Caldwell Robert    
Caldwell William    
Campble John Glen McQuein  
Carpenter Thomas    
Carsan John    
Carsan Richard    
Caruth John    
Cocken Matthew    
Coghran Robert    
Coleman Marmaduk    
Coninghame Walter    
Connighame Allexander    
Davison John    
Deasly Wm. Gobneskealey  
Dick Henry    
Dick James    
Dreddan David    
Dryeland Hugh    
Dunckan John    
Dunckan senio’ John    
Ewing William    
Ffinlay James    
Ffleming George    
Fforgison Andrew    
fforrest Mecum Gartness  
Fforsyth Robert    
Ffram Archibald    
ffram Thomas Drumgumerlan  
Galbraith Thomas Lisnowall  
Gemble Robert    
Gordon Andrew Raphoe  
Gray George    
Gray John    
Gray Robert    
Gray Widow Cloghcorr  
Greer Gilbert    
Hall James    
Hamilton Ffrancis Killinenr  
Harris John    
Harrys Edward    
Henderson Daniell    
Henderson Hugh Lisemontegly  
Henderson James    
Henderson John Rusby  
Henderson Michaell Carrickbreak  
Henderson Robert    
Henderson Thomas    
Henderson William    
Homes Gabriell Ardernock  
Homes James    
Homes John    
Hugh William    
Hughes David    
Hunter J Beltany  
Hyneman John    
Johnson John    
Johnston James    
Kaughlan Robert    
Kerr Daniell    
Kerr James    
Kirkewood James    
Knox Thomas    
Kyle Archibald    
Laird Allexander    
Laird James    
Laird Robert Assmoyne  
Lawry Andrew    
Lawry Pattrick    
Leard John Tulliveny  
Lesly James    
Lindsey David    
Lindsey John Naghrythan  
Longe ??lay    
Lord Bishop Robert Raphoe Tenn
m’Carter A    
m’clintock John Maghoihee  
m’Clintock James    
m’Cluer John Agagalty  
m’Clure Robert    
m’Clure Junio’ John    
m’Connaghy Donnell    
m’Cormick John    
m’filqre John    
m’Guire Dunckan    
m/Cleery James    
Machan John    
Maize James Convoy  
Maize John    
Matthy Robert    
McClintock Robert    
McConnell Edmund    
McConnell Neale    
McFlfaill Owen    
McFlturnor Pattrick    
McFlturnor Robert    
McFlurgen Donell    
McKehoy Owen    
McKelvy Neall    
McKerran Bryan    
McKerran Neale    
McKerran Pattrick Lettermore  
McKerran Shan    
McManumy Phelony Castletoris  
mcMongill Donell    
McNeevin William    
Mitchell Andrew    
Mitchell Robert    
Mitchell William Ardechilly  
Montgomery Hugh    
Moody John    
Moore James    
Morison Robert Bellykoly  
Murray Allexander    
Murray Thomas    
Nevin James    
Nisbit Alex Cornigilligh  
Nisbit George    
Nisbit Hugh    
Nisbit John Tullidonell Three
Nisbit Robert    
o;Ailfaile Donell    
O'Barran Torlagh Callen  
O'Barran Torlagh    
O'Brillaghan James    
O'Cassedy Torlagh    
O'Collour Donell    
O'Creran Torlogh    
O'Diver Cormick Drumkeen  
O'Diver Shan    
O'Donnell Neale    
O'Doward Gilbreed    
O'Gallogher Hugh    
O'Gallogher Phelony Trintebog  
O'Gallogher Torlagh    
O'Lunshaghan Roory    
O'Mallroy Edmund    
O'Mughan Owen    
O'Pattan Bryan    
O'Patten Cahell    
O'Quigly Art    
O'Roerty Hugh    
O'Stanlan Rooey    
O'Tinny Neale    
o’Colloune Owen    
O’Dougey William    
o’Kerigan Roory    
o’Longan Owenballagh    
o’Lungan Torlagh    
o’Mulloghy Hugh    
o’Patten Bryan    
o’Rogan Conno    
o’Twolan Shan    
Orr Alexander    
Paton James    
Paton John Maghricoren  
Patterson John    
Perry Alexander    
Perry Widdow    
Poak Robert    
Pouck John    
Quantein Robert    
Ramsey Thomas ffindram  
Rankein George    
Rankein John    
Richmond Andrew    
Robinson Archibald Paveclogh  
Robinson Hugh    
Robinson Robert    
Rodger Andrew    
Rodger John    
Rodger Thomas    
Sheills James Ffigert  
Smith John Knockegerran  
Smith Robert Gorrequigly  
Smith Robert    
Snodgrass Robert Beltany  
Spreule Archibald    
Spreull John Stranorlaghan  
Starrat James    
Steuart John    
Stevenson Thomas Culladery  
Stevinson Robert    
Thompson Thomas    
Twyford John    
Walker Allexander    
Walker John Ffindurk  
Wallace Michaell    
Walter John    
Walter William    
Walwood Doctor John Dean Raphoe fower hearths
Wigton John    
Wilson Alexander    
Wilson Humphrey    
Wilson Richard    
Wright William    
Wylly Thomas Cessnecully  

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"This Extract contains the number of Three thousand sixe hundred & forty seaven Hearths returned out of the County of Donegall for the year comenceing at Michaelmas last & ending at Michaelmas next One thousand sixe hundred 65


Ruling Elders of the Presbyterian Congregation of Raphoe 1672-1700

Among the ruling elders and commissioners of the Presbyterian congregation of Raphoe between 1672 and 1700 were: Joseph Henderson, Edward Herries, William Mills, Michael Henderson, Robert Anderson, Michael Pyper, Patrick Bell, Robert Dick, Alexander Stuart, William Ramsay, James Laird, James Cowden, Robert Gray, Robert Walker, John McClure, Arthur McClure, James Flemmine, Robert Gray, Richard McClure, John Sproul, Alexander McConnell and William Bene.

These lists are interesting when compared with the tax lists of the Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Chester, Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Cumberland, and with the names and genealogies appearing in the History of Donegal Presbyterian Church, in East Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, by the late Dr. Jacoob Lindenmuth Ziegler of Mt. Joy.

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