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Abercorn Estate: Parish of Leckpatrick, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Muster Roll & Account of Firearms, October 4, 1745

PRONI Ref: D623/A/27/63
Extracted from FHL Film #1736518
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

HAY Wm. one gun not very good
PEARSON Jas. one not good
FERGUSON Wm. One good
HUNTER John one not good
HUNTER Jas. one not good
YOUNG Wm. one good
PATERSON Jas. one good
WEIR David one not good
COWAN Robt. one not good
SMITH Andw. 2 good
WILSON John one very good
MOOR Wm. one good
HASTY Archd. one good
WHITE David 2 very good
POAK [POLLOCK] John 1 good
POAK [POLLOCK] Jared 1 good
POAK Wm. 1 good
POAK Frad. 1 good
BOGS Jas. 1 good
DENISTON Wm. 1 not good
HALL Mr. John 4 guns & 2 pistles
PATCHELL Edwd 1 good
CUMMEN Robt 1 good
LAYON [LYON] Jas. 1 bad
BAAR Robt. 2 old pistles
LAYON [LYON] Geo. 1 gun good
GOURLEY Robt. 1 good
GORDON Wm. 1 good
McMONAGLE Wm. 1 good
QUIGLEY Anth. 1 good
GIBSON Robt. one gun good
DONNELL Wm. 1 good
ROSS Joseph 1 good
DREU John 1 good
DONNELL Jas. 1 good
SMITH Wm. 1 good
GORDON Wm. 1 good
SINCLAIR John, Esq. 6 good
BOCHANAN Jas. 3 good


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