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Muster Roll of the Ironmongers Estate, Agivey Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland 1630

PRONI Ref: T934/1
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



MR CANNING, chief tenant to the Ironmongers [Estate], being 3,000 acres:

Surname Given Name Arms
ANDERSON John sword & pike
ASBY [ASHBY] George sword & pike
BAR [BARR] Cuthbert sword & pike
BENNETT John sword & pike
BLACKER David musket only
BRAMSON [BRANSON] Sammuell sword & pike
CANNING George no arms
CANNING Paul sword & pike
CANNING Richard sword & pike
CANNING William sword & pike
CARRINGTON Nathaniel sword & musket
CHAMBERLAIN William sword, caliver & bandoliers
CHAMBERLYN [CHAMBERLAIN] Alexander sword, caliver & bandoliers
CHAMBERLYN [CHAMBERLAIN] Guy sword, caliver & bandoliers
CHAMBERS William pike only
CHURCH Elias sword & musket
COLLOM Moyle sword only
COLLOME [COLLOM] William sword only
COPELAND William sword & pike
CROSS George musket only
CROSS William no arms
CROSS William, elder sword & musket
DEGARNOCK Henry no arms
DIXON Richard sword & pike
EATON Robert pike only
EPFALL [APFULL] John no arms
EPFALL [APFULL] Robert musket only
GAMBELL [GAMBLE] William no arms
GARVEN [GARVIN] James pike only
GATES [GAULT/ GATES?] Thomas sword & pike
GAUT [GAULT] Paul sword & pike
GIBSON James sword & pike
GIBSON Thomas sword & pike
GOULD Alexander sword & pike
GOUT [GAULT] Allen sword & pike
GRAY Andrew musket & bandoliers
GYLES [GILES] John no arms
HAMBDIG [HAMBRIDGE] Thomas sword & pike
HANMOR Thomas pike only
HARRISON Charles sword & pike
HARRISON William sword & pike
HEMPHILL Robert sword & pike
HENDERSON John pike only
HENRY John pike only
HUGHSTON [HOUSTON] John sword & pike
HUNTER Andrew sword & musket
HYMPHILL [HEMPHILL] James sword & pike
ITSON Edward pike only
KEEMYNG [CUMMING?] John sword & pike
KERNE Barnaby no arm
KININGTON Henry pike only
LIGAT [LIGGETT] Michael pike only
LONGMORE Robert musket only
LULL Thomas musket only
MAGILL [MCGILL] John sword & pike
MAGILL [MCGILL] William sword & pike
MAKASPY Turlo musket only
MASON ffrancis halberd only
MCALESTER [MCALLISTER] Alexander musket only
MCCLENAN Bryan sword & pike
MCFETRISS [MCFETRIDGE] Donnell, recusant* sword only
MCGILANDRYES Owen sword only
MCGILBREDY Owen sword & musket
MCGILBREDY Patrick, recusant* sword & pike
MCKEE John sword & pike
MCKINLY Lancelot sword & pike
MCMULLAN John sword, musket & bandoliers
MCMURROUGHY [MCMURROUGH] Donnell, recusant* pike only
MCMURROUGHY [MCMURROUGH] Morto, recusant* sword only
MCREADY Patrick sword & musket
MOORE Thomas sword & musket
MOORE Thomas, elder sword & pike
MOORE Thomas, younger sword & pike
MORGAN Thomas musket only
MORRISE [MORRIS] Evance sword & musket
MURRYNE Thomas sword & pike
NEILLER [MILLER?] Thomas sword & musket
O'KAT Turlo pike only
PATTERSON David sword & pike
PORT Donnell sword & pike
PORTER William sword & pike
REED George sword & pike
REED [REID] Adam sword only
REED [REID] John sword & pike
REED [REID] Robert sword, caliver & bandoliers
ROBB David pike only
ROCK Thomas sword & halberd
ROD James sword only
ROSS John pike only
SMALE [SMILEY OR SMALL] John sword & pike
SMITH Allen sword & pike
SMITH Mungo sword & musket
SMYTH John sword & pike
SMYTH [SMITH] Robert sword & pike
SPIRE [SPEERS] Adam, elder sword & pike
SPIRE [SPEERS] James, younger no arms
SPIRE [SPEERS] Robert no arms
SPIRE [SPEERS] William sword & pike
SPYRE [SPEERS] Adam, younger sword only
SPYRE [SPEERS] Hugh sword & musket
SPYRE [SPEERS] James, elder sword & pike
SPYRE [SPEERS] John sword & pike
SPYRE [SPEERS] Lawrence, elder sword & musket
STABIN Thomas sword & pike
THOMPSON Martin sword only
THOMSON [THOMPSON] John sword & musket
TIPLADY Benjamin pike only
TOME [TOMB] John, elder sword & pike
TOME [TOMB] John, younger sword only
TYMING Richard sword & musket
VINCENT John sword & pike
VINCENT William sword & musket
WARD Robert sword & pike
WEB [WEBB] Edward sword & pike
WELLS Lawrence halberd only
WILK William sword & musket
WILLSON [WILSON] Hugh sword & pike
WILSON Robert sword & musket
WINGS Henry sword only
WYTTY [WHITTY] William no arms

*Recusant – refused to conform to the Established Church