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Abercorn Estate: Manor of Derrygoon, Muster Roll & Account of Firearms, October 9, 1745

PRONI Ref: D623/A/27/63
Extracted from FHL Film #1736518
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

SHEILES Robt 1 gun not good
GALBRAITH John 1 gun not good
HAMILTON Mr Jas 1 case of pistols very good
SEATON Wm 1 gun very good
LOVE Robt 1 gun very good
KERR Wm 2 guns bad
KERR Joseph 1 gun not good
FYFFE John 1 gun not good
FYFFE Wm 2 guns very good
WILSON Andw 1 gun good
McCASKY Wm 1 gun bad
GALBRAITH Hugh 1 gun bad
MOODY Matt 1 gun & denyed it
WILLEY Robt 1 gun not good
LEACH John 1 gun good
McFILLOMY Wm 2 guns good
QUIN Jas 1 gun bad
MOODY Saml 2 guns good
HUNTER John 1 gun good
WATSON Thos 1 gun bad
KERR Jas 1 gun, 2 pistols bad
KERR Jas 1 gun bad
WOOD Robt 1 gun bad
JACK Robt 1 gun bad
KINKEAD Ch 2 guns good
KINKEAD Jo. 1 gun good
EDIE Mr 1 gun & a case of pistols
ADAMS David 1 gun bad
SAWERS Hen 1 gun good