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Trees Planted in Raphoe Parish, County Donegal, Ireland 1702

Originally transcribed by Muriel Sherlock
Submitted by Malcolm McClure


This file of the Trees Planted in Raphoe Parish, County Donegal, Ireland 1702 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy. A complete list of records pertaining to Raphoe Parish, County Donegal, Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The document has been transcribed exactly as it was. The townland spellings in 1702 were not as they are now, and in that case the modern spelling is in square brackets. The old way of spelling for example 'pofsefsors' —possessors —is retained. [Where there were two 'S's the first one was transcribed as an f, as in the word "purfuant" which is pursuant.



Purfuant to the Certificate of the High Constable of the Barony of Raphoe in the County of Donegal certifying that 450 trees was the number of trees subdivided by the Grand Jury of the Said County as the full proportion for the Parish of Raphoe of the said town to be planted in the said county by Order of Parliament.

We the minister, church wardens & parishioners of said parish purfuant to the said act at a vestry, held the 5th day January anno.dom.1702 have subdivided the said 450 trees and the respective town lands in the said parish to be planted and raised by the pofsefsors and occupiers of the said lands yearly and adding to the list hereafter mentioned. Viz.

On the lands in the said parish belong to the Lord Bishop of Raphoe the number of 196 as follows:-

Culladerry quarter land acres excepted Thomas ThompsonWilliam Galbraith & partners 14 trees

Stranorlochan Quarter, Tops Quarter the two balliboes, half of Grange and Lismatigley, [Lismontigley] the balliboes of Shanagh & the Balliboes of  Gortnfs [Gortnesk]; John Henderson, William Carvil, Andrew Hiare [Hare], Hugh Moore, William CogsonThomas Bryson and partners 24 trees

Baltony [Beltany] Quarter William McMonnegill, Andrew Galbraith & Ptnrs, 10 trees

Tirguith [Figart] Quarter William Bartley & Partners 8 trees

Kiltool [Kiltole]Quarter James Allen & Partners 10 trees

Drumkeen [—?] Quarter John Glen & Partners 10 trees

Glenmaqueen Quarter,Beyond the bog Robert Allion [Ellison] & ptnrs 10 trees

Glenmaqueen Quarter, this side of the bog Archibald Laird 5 trees

Glenmaqueen [Glenmaquin] Quarter James Nisbitt Esq 5 trees

Ashmoyne [—?] Quarter Mr William Knox & Partners 11 trees

Tulliveny, [Tullyvinny] Balliboes William Laird & Partners 6 trees

Aughnchorogh[Aghnakeeragh]; one Balliboe Joseph Walker & partners 3 trees

Sessnacully Balliboe William Wailly & Partners 3 trees

Lisnoble [—?] Balliboe James Laird & Partners 3 trees

Muntertinny Balliboe William Allon [Allen] & Partners 4 trees

Mungorry [Mongorry] Balliboe. Jo ? [Joseph] Knox & Partners 3 trees

Drumlallig[—?] Balliboe M…….. Wigton 3 trees

Balliboly [Ballyboley] ?Quarter James Ramsay & Partners 11 trees

Macharsollis [Magherasollus] Quarter Land James Young & Partners 10 trees

Cullaghey [Coolaghey] Big Quarter Rev John Finch 4 trees

? Names of Places & Persons worn out by Time………………. In 8 trees

Machrehan ½ [Magherahaan] Peter Clark & Partners 6 trees

Raphoe……………. John Knox, James Laird, William PittcairnJames Smith, Robert Smith, Mr Wigton, John Teat ? [Tait]John Culewill ? [Caldwell]John Hutton... William Nimmond & Partners 24 trees

On the lands in the said Parish belonging to Charles Humphrey of Cavan Esq. 84 trees

Machrehee [Magherahee] Quarter John McClintock 11 trees

Rusky Quarter John Henderson & Partners 17 trees

Carrickbraik [Carrickbrack] 1 quarter John Parmetter & Partners 12 trees

Findrum 1 quarter Charles McClure & Partners 12 trees

Killenure and [?Cavan…..?? ] [32?]

Belonging to Charles Hamilton 10 trees [22?] esq Captain John Hamilton & ………… and ………… Lappadow [Labadoo] Robert Sayers & Partners; 2 trees

Carriffduff [Blackrepentance?]; Carcashy [Corcashy] & Pitts William Lattove [Latta], James Teat [Tait], & partners 7 trees

Mullinard; Broadpath; Calfpice; [Cowpark]; Carn Andrew Hamilton & Partners 6 trees

Knocknagarran James Hayes & Partners 5 trees

Convoy Mill [Milltown] James Roeden & Partners 1 tree

Gobnascale Alexander Murry [Murray] & Partners 1 tree

On the lands belong to Mr Basil in the said parish 72 trees

Cloughroe Quarter Land Finlay McClure & Partners 10 trees

Lettermore Quarter Owen McKelloy ? 16 trees

Callan Quarter James Gryer [Greer] 11 trees

Kerk [Kirk/Teangue?] William Fulton 4 trees

Artikilly Joseph Mills 10 trees

Cloghgore Alexander Gray 1 tree

Cornagillagh Quarter Hugh Nisbitt 10 trees

Castletorsifs [Castletorrison] Robert Gray 10 trees

On the lands belonging to Captain James Nisbitt in said parish 63 trees

Drumgummerland 6 Balliboes James Gray & Partners 7 trees

Trentaboy Quarter Thomas William Fram ? [Frame] 11 trees

Convoy quarter William Fullton & partners 18 trees

Tullydonnell quarter James Nisbitt & Partners 7 trees

Acherygaltey [ Aughygalt] Robert Walker & Partners 20 trees

A piece here worn out in the Old Book [0 trees]

On the lands belonging to the Revd. the Dean of Raphoe in the said Parish 23 trees

Machrecorran 12 gorts Daniel McKnonoghy & Partners 9 trees

Trendurk [Finnydurk] George Johnston & Partners 5 trees

Coolagheybegg Glebe ½ quarter John Thompson & Partners 5 trees

Ardvernagh [Ardvarnock] ½ Quarter Revd John Trench, Dean of Raphoe 4 trees

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