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Ecclesville Estate Ploughing Match, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland February 1858

Extracted from the Londonderry Standard February 6 1858
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

The ploughing match of the tenantry on the Estate of CHARLES ECCLES, ESQ., was held yesterday, on the farm of MR. THOMAS JOBB, Kilberry. The day was favourable, and many visitors from Fintona and the surrounding districts were induced to witness the ploughing. Thirteen ploughs started, and performed the allotted work in the most creditable manner, the operations being considerably facilitated by the excellent arrangements which had been made by JAMES McLANNAHAN, ESQ., the agent of the Ecclesville estate. After a spirited contest, the following were declared the successful competitors:–


First Class:

1st prize, MR MATTHEW WILSON, Drummond £1, plough held by his son

2nd MR. JOHN WILSON, Tonaghbeg, 15s., plough held by servant

3rd MR. JOHN WILSON, Ardatinny, 10s., plough held by self

4th MR. JAMES WARNOCK, Mullinasilloga 7s. 6d., plough held by servant

5th JAMES BUCHANAN, ESQ., Fintona 5s., plough held by servant

MR. JOHN HOUSTON, Ardatinny, and MR. FRANK CASSIDY, Tonaghbeg, recommended


Second Class: –

1st prize, MR. ANDREW WILSON, Rathwarren 15s., plough held by servant

2nd MR. JOHN CRAWFORD, Killyliss, 10s., plough held by self

3rd MR. THOMAS JOBB, Killyberry, 7s 6d, plough held by son

4th MRS. QUIN, Tonaghbeg, 5s., plough held by servant

MR. HUGH WARNOCK, Corbally, recommended

The Judges were MESSRS. JAMES MOORE, Drumragh, JAMES SCOTT, Waringbank, and WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Dromore


There were present at the dinner in the Eccles Arms Hotel, Fintona, which was an excellent one, reflecting much credit on MRS. CRAWFORD, CHARLES ECCLES, ESQ., the lord of the soil, in the chair, JAMES McLANNAHAN, the active and intelligent agent of the estate – D. LINDSAY, ESQ., DR. ROBINSON, J. BUCHANAN, ESQ., Messrs M. MOORE, JOHN JOHNSTON, J. HOUSTON, JAS. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM McFARLAND, ANDREW WILSON, HUGH WARNOCK, JAMES WARNOCK, JOSEPH WILSON, JOHN WILSON, JOSEPH SMYTH, ALEXANDER LAMMIE, MATTHEW WILSON, JOHN CRAWFORD, NEWBERRY WILSON, THOMAS JOBB; together with Messrs. JAMES MOORE, Drumragh, JAMES SCOTT, Waringbank, and WM. JOHNSTONE, Dromore, the Judges, &c. &c. .............