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County Tyrone History From Family Letters

- Letters to Canada from Tyrone
- Sarah Baxter Letter from Minister at Sandholes Presbyterian
- Letter re Cholera from Robert Boak (1789 Co. Tyrone - 1867 Pennsylvania, USA) to Charles Boak (1776 Co Tyrone - 1866 Pennsylvania, USA) 1833
- Letter to Alexander CONN of Gortanewry Co. Tyrone brother of Jane SMYTH-1859
- Matilda Cook from Glencush Donemana writing to her cousin in 1889
- Letter from Matilda Cook of Glencush, Donnemana, 1889
- Letter from Bessie Edmonds, Tullygarvin, Sandholes to her aunt Jane Spencer (nee McLaughlin), Australia 1897
- Signatories to "Illuminated Farewell to Rev. Joseph Burris FULTON" from Aughentaine Presbyterian Church
- My Travels Through America, April 1893: A Lecture by Robert Fulton, Ballylaw, Leckpatrick Parish, County Tyrone
- Gourley Arthur - 1895 Letter
- Harper, Edward writes brother in U.S.A. 1872
- Johnson Letters from Cookstown to Canada, 1877
- Penny Logan, Carrickmore writing to her daughters, Margaret Mary and Francis Lagan in Philadelphia, USA - 1847
- Letter from Donemana? to Lowry family of Aroostook, County Maine, USA
- Letters from Kildress 1879-80 to John Loughran, Larksville, PA
- Letter to Lowry family in USA from Co Tyrone-1885
- Letter from Charles McLaughlin, Donneydade to Seaton McLaughlin, New Zealand 1881
- Letters from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone to David William Seaton McLaughlin [1879 - 1962] of Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand, 1958
- Letter from Jane Moore of Drumlegah, to family-1835
- Letters to Patrick Mullen
- Letter of Commendation Issued to Edward Rice by the Rev. George Cope, Rector, and Church Wardens of Killyman Parish, Co. Tyrone, upon his leaving for the American Colonies 1736
- Letter from Ann Jane Thomson (nee Robinson) to Beria Robinson 1871, New Zealand
- Letter to James Sproul from Elizy Smith(nee LOVE)