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Census & Emigration Records, Co. Londonderry


Census Records

- Census of Protestant Householders Clondermot (Glendermott) Parish, Co. Londonderry 1740
- Derryloran (Cookstown) Parish, Counties Tyrone & Londonderry Religious Census 1766

Emigration Records

- Emigration from Errigal (Garvagh) Parish, Co. Londonderry 1833-34
- Emigration from Lissan Parish, Co. Londonderry 1834-5
- Seasonal Emigration from Lissan Parish, Co. Londonderry to Glasgow & England 1830s
- Sketch of Londonderry c1790
- Passenger List of the 'Londonderry' Sailing from Londonderry to Quebec 1850
- Emigration from Macosquin Parish, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry 1833-4
- Emigration from Magilligan Parish, Co. Londonderry 1833-4