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Artrea Parish Records, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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Births, Marriages & Deaths (Extracted from Newspapers)

Artrea Parish, Counties Tyrone & Londonderry (inc. Moneymore), Birth Announcements 1816-69

Artrea Parish, Counties Tyrone & Londonderry (inc. Moneymore), Marriage Announcements 1774-1870


Artrea Parish, Counties Tyrone & Londonderry (inc. Moneymore), Death Announcements 1789-1870

Census Records

Artrea Parish, County Tyrone Religious Census 1766

Church Records

Artrea Parish Church (St. Andrew's Church of Ireland) Artrea Parish, County Tyrone Marriages 1845-50

Ardtrea and Desertlin, Armagh - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI

Directories & Gazetteers

Ardtrea Parish, County Tyrone in 1837 Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

Estate Records: Rentals & Valuations

Archbishopric of Armagh Estate: Tenants of the Lease: William Stewart, Esq, 1703 458 Acres, Parishes of Ardboe & Ardtrea, County Tyrone

Archbishopric of Armagh Estate: Tenants of the Lease: Tristram Beresford, Esq., 1703 Parishes of Ballinderry, Tamlaght & Ardtrea, Counties Tyrone & Londonderry


Lenox Conyngham Family Notes, Springhill House, Moneymore, County Londonderry 1827-69

Flax Growers Bounty List (Spinning Wheel Premiums)

Index to the Flaxgrowers Bounty List (Spinning Wheel Premiums), Artrea Parish, County Londonderry 1796

Freeholders' Records

Applications to Register Freeholds: Barony of Dungannon, County Tyrone 1829-31

Griffiths Valuation

Index to Griffiths Valuation, Artrea Parish, County Tyrone

Maps: Parishes & Townlands

Map of Artrea Parish

Organisations & Groups

Artrea Masonic Lodge, Counties Londonderry & Tyrone, No. 423: List of Members 1765-95


Petition of Protestant Dissenters, Dungannon Barony, County Tyrone 1775


Artrea Church of Ireland


Schools in Artrea Parish, Counties Tyrone & Londonderry 1835

Taxation: Hearth Money Rolls, Subsidy Rolls, Tithe Applotment Books & Griffiths Valuation

Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Artrea Parish, County Tyrone 1825

Hearth Money Roll Ballyclog & Artrea Parishes, County Tyrone c1670