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Inch Parish Church (Church of Ireland), Inch Island, County Donegal, Ireland Marriages 1846-89

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Extracted from numerous LDS FHL films of Civil Registration of Marriages in Ireland and where original copies of the certificates may be downloaded at no cost

The condition of the original records and the quality of filming make transcription challenging and at times difficult. Where possible, the Inch tithe applotment book (1837) and Griffiths Valuation (c1858) have been consulted for confirmation of families and townland addresses.

Originally one of five chapels within Templemore parish, it was changed to a Perpetual Curacy in 1809. The church was built in 1766. Always a small congregation, the church was closed in 1962


Surviving records of Inch Parish Church:

Baptisms, 1868-1951

marriages, 1846­1946

burials, 1868-1965

have been microfilmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast, where they may be consulted



No. Date Marriage
#1 June 4 1846

HAGAN – EWING. James Hagan 23 years bachelor labourer Inch. Father: James Hagan labourer


Sarah Ewing 23 years spinster Inch. Father: Robert Ewing farmer

Witnesses: James Forbes & Patrick Dermott

#2   Wanting
#3 June 27 1849

ANDERSON – LEONARD. Henry Anderson 21 years bachelor private in the artillery Island of Inch – three months. Father: Henry Anderson weaver


Mary Ann Leonard 19 years spinster Island of Inch – two years. Father: John Leonard sergeant in the police

Witnesses: Catherine Murray & William Menagh

#4 February 20 1850

BELL – FERRY. William Bell 24 years bachelor labourer Inch. Father: Jeremiah Bell labourer


Hannah Ferry 20 years spinster Inch. Father: Bryan Ferry labourer

Witnesses: Robert Stuart & Patrick Gallagher

5/10   Wanting
#11 June 22 1857

BOXALL – ARMOUR. George Boxall 36 years bachelor gentleman Inch, 6 months. Father: James Boxall gent.


Elizabeth Lavinia Armour 35 years widow Inch, 18 years. Father: William Smart merchant

Witnesses: Samuel Armour & William J. Armour

#12 November 19 1857

PEOPLE – ROBINSON. George Peoples 21 years bachelor servant Island of Inch, 6 months. Father: George Peoples labourer


Mary Robinson 22 years spinster Island of Inch, 6 years. Father: Joseph Robinson cottier

Witnesses: Fitzgerald Fleming & Joseph Anderson

#13 November 10 1858

JACKSON – COLQUHOUN. John Grant Jackson full age widower esquire Dublin. Father: Bolton Jackson esquire


Jane Colquhoun full age spinster Inch House. Father: Isaac Colquhoun solicitor

Witnesses: Thomas Colquhoun & Isaac Colquhoun, Junr.

#14 April 5 1859

MCDOWELL – FLEMING. John McDowell full age bachelor farmer Inch. Father: John McDowell farmer


Mary Fleming full age spinster Inch. Father: John Fleming farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Fleming & William Fleming

#15   Wanting
#16 September 6 1860

CRAIG – FLEMING. Alexander Craig full age bachelor farmer Inch. Father: John Craig farmer


Catherine Fleming full age spinster Inch. Father: William Fleming farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Fleming & William Fleming

#17 November 6 1860

BROWN – ROBINSON. William Brown full age bachelor labourer Inch. Father: James Brown farmer


Sarah Robinson full age spinster Inch. Father: Joseph Robinson labourer

Witnesses: William Fleming & Samuel Fleming

#18 January 3 1861

GRIER – FLEMING. Robert Grier full age bachelor farmer Tullyaughnish. Father: Andrew Grier farmer


Elizabeth Fleming full age spinster Inch. Father: John Fleming farmer

Witnesses: James Grier & William Fleming

#19 March 24 1862

MCMICHAEL –STARRETT. William McMichael 21 years bachelor farm servant Inch. Father: James McMichael farmer


Margaret Starrett full age widow Inch. Father: William Aikin sailor

Witnesses: William J. Aikin & James Fleming

#20 April 20 1871

YOUNG – FLEMING. John Young 26 years bachelor writing clerk 82 Bishop St., Londonderry. Father: Thomas Young farmer


Elizabeth Marshall Fleming 23 years spinster Carrowreagh, Parish of Inch. Father: William Fleming farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Clarke Huston & Louisa Matilda Fleming

#21 January 13 1879

SCRIMGEOUR – PORTER. James Scrimgeour 29 years bachelor steward Rosewell nr. Edinburgh. Father: James Scrimgeour shipbuilder


Martha Porter 26 years spinster Inch, Co. Donegal. Father: Robert Porter farmer

Witnesses: Robert Porter & Mary E. Gibson

#22 February 14 1882

PEOPLES – HENDERSON. George Peoples 21 years bachelor founder Inch. Father: George Peoples labourer


Dorcas Henderson 22 years spinster 135 Bishop Street, Londonderry. Father: William Henderson labourer

Witnesses: Eliza Peoples & Robert Doherty

#23 September 24 1885

ROULSTONE – MCDOWELL. Robert Roulstone full age bachelor merchant Waterloo Street, Derry. Father: Samuel Roulstone farmer


Maggie McDowell full age Baylett, Inch. Father: John McDowell farmer

Witnesses: Thomas McDowell & John Fleming

#24 December 3 1885

DOHERTY – PEOPLES. Robert Doherty full age bachelor farmer Grange Inch. Father: James Doherty farmer


Eliza Peoples full age spinster Moress Inch. Father: George Peoples labourer

Witnesses: Eliza Jane Doherty & John R. McClelland

#25 July 29 1886

GIBSON – GIBSON. Charles Gibson 23 years bachelor copying clerk Elmwood Terrace, Londonderry. Father: James Gibson farmer


Ellen R. Gibson 23 years spinster Bonemaine, Inch. Father: William Gibson farmer

Witnesses: Annie Gibson & Robert Wright

#27 November 24 1889

MOORE – CRAIG. James Moore 34 years bachelor labourer Coshquin. Father: James Moore labourer


Mary Jane Craig 23 years domestic servant Burt Rectory? Father: Samuel Craig labourer

Witnesses: David Craig & Maggie Craig


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