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Donemana Presbyterian Church, Donagheady Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845 - 1926

PRONI Film MIC.1P/425
Transcribed & Compiled by Faye Logue
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Donemana Presbyterian Church, Donagheady Parish, Co. Tyrone (from an old postcard)


No Date Surname Given Name Age & Condition Profession Residence Father's Name Occupation Witnesses
1 25 April 1845 CAMPBELL William Full, bachelor Shoemaker Ballyarton John Campbell Farmer John McFarland? & And. Nutt
    ROBISON Mary Full, spinster   Moneykennon David Robison    
2 25 April 1845 McCREA William Full, bachelor Farmer Leck Robt. McCrea Farmer Saml. Jack & John McCrea
    JACK Fanny Full, bachelor   Lisnarrow, Donagheady Saml. Jack Farmer  
3 29 May 1845 BLACK John Full, bachelor Farmer Deerpark, Raphoe John Black Farmer John Black & John Moorehead
    BROLLEY Dorcas Full, spinster   Garvah William Brolley Farmer  
4 12 June 1845 BATES Robert Full, bachelor Merchant Glasgow John Bates Farmer William Bates & William Bates
    McCLEA Eliza Jane Full, spinster   Ballyhalair John McClea Farmer  
5 24 June 1845 KILLEN Andrew Full, widower Farmer Ballyneanor Saml. Killen Farmer Robert Holmes & William Smyth
    THOMPSON Sarah Full, spinster   Slivekirk Robt. Thompson Farmer  
6 14 Jul 1845 THOMPSON James Full, bachelor Farmer Woodend Daniel Thompson Farmer Andrew Holmes & James Miller
    MILLER Margaret Jane Full, spinster   Drumcho Robert Miller Farmer  
7 4 Aug 1845 JACK Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Ballycolerman Saml. Jack Farmer James D. Smyth & Andy ????
    ROSBOROUGH Margret Full, spinster   Raspberry Hill James Rosborough Farmer  
8 19 Dec 1845 BOYLE Jacob Full, bachelor Farmer Strabane Dorington Boyle Farmer William Eakin jnr & George Eakin
    EAKIN Matilda Full, spinster   Strabane Wm. Eakin Farmer  
9 23 Dec 1845 SAYERS John Full, bachelor Farmer Barron Joseph Sayers Farmer Robert Kee & William Sayers
    ARBUCKLE Jane Full, spinster   Gortilec John Arbuckle Farmer  
10 13 Mar 1846 KING Alexander Full, bachelor Labourer Tirkernahan Andrew King Weaver John McIntosh & John James McIntosh
    ROBISON Fanny Full, spinster   Tirkernahan William Robison Labourer  
11 31 Dec 1846 FLEMING John Full, bachelor Farmer Gorticastle Wm. Fleming Farmer Joseph Thompson & John Laughlin?
    THOMPSON Margret Full, spinster   Monykinnon John Thompson Farmer  
12 4 Feb 1847 DONNEL Arthur Full, bachelor Farmer Drumlagah Arthur Donnel Farmer William ???? & William Smith
    CAMBELL Elizabeth Full, spinster   Ballynamallare Andrew Cambell Farmer  
13 31 May 1847 CARIGAN John Full, bachelor Farmer Tullyard James Carigan Farmer James Johnstone & John Laughlin
    JOHNSTONE Letticia Full, spinster   Ballyhalair James Johnstone Farmer  
14 17 Jun 1847 McSHEA Andrew Full, bachelor Farmer Cavanlea John McShea Farmer Walter Connison? & James Jack
    JACK Mary Ann 20 yrs, spinster   Tirkernahan John Jack Farmer  
15 7 Sep 1847 BROWN Saml. Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad Saml. Brown Farmer James Sayers & James Smyth
    SAYERS Margret Full, spinster   Barron Joseph Sayers Farmer  
16 11 Jan 1848 KEE Oliver Full, bachelor Servant Tirkernahan Mathew Kee Farmer James Robison & James Cambell
    KING Martha Full, spinster   Tirkernahan Andrew King Farmer  
17 14 Mar 1848 YOUNG Joseph Full, bachelor Carpenter Ruskey Saml. Young Schoolmaster Saml. Young & Tho. Lindsay
    TOWERS Jane Full, spinster   Aughtermoy John Towers Farmer  
18 7 Jul 1848 KEYS John Full, bachelor Farmer Craighen Joseph Keys Farmer Andrew Tait & Samuel Young
    ARBUCKLE Sarah Full, spinster   Ruskey Joseph Arbuckle Farmer  
19 20 Jul 1848 McCREA William Full, bachelor Inn Keeper Castlemellon Joseph McCrea Farmer William Logan & James Fulton
    LAUGHLIN Jane Full, spinster   Gortilec William Laughlin Farmer  
20 17 Aug 1848 LINDSAY Thomas Full, bachelor Farmer Ruskey Jas. Lindsay Farmer Wm. Foster & James Linsday
    McDONNEL or Jane Full, spinster   Ruskey Alex McDonnel Farmer  
    McDONALD *              
  * The surname is registered as McDonnel, however the signature is McDonald                
21 19 Oct 1848 HOPKINS John Full, bachelor Farmer Alla John Hopkins Farmer John Gambel & Richard Hopkins
    RANKIN Jane Full, spinster   Duniboe (Dunnyboe) James Rankin Farmer  
22 30 Nov 1848 DONAGHY John 20. bachelor Shoemaker Dunnamana Wm. Donaghy Labourer Andrew Cochran & Charles ????
    FLETCHER Rebecca 17, spinster   Dunnamana Thos. Fletcher ????  
23 28 Dec 1848 McLAUGHLIN Benjamin Full,bachelor Farmer Ballykillaghan Robt. Mclaughlin Farmer William Livingston & James McFarland
    LIVINGSTONE Ann Jane Full, spinster   Aughafad James Livingstone Farmer  
24 6 Mar 1849 DONNEL or James Full, bachelor Farmer Killeny Robt. Donnel Farmer James ??? & Robert Graham
    DONALD *              
    GRAHAM Isabela Full, spinster   Lisnarrow George Graham Farmer  
  * Name on register is Donnel, however signature is Donald                
25 15 Jun 1849 McMICHAEL John Full, bachelor Farmer Gortilec John McMichael Farmer David McMichel & John Sawyers
    ARBUCKLE Eliza Full, spinster   Gortilec John Arbuckle Farmer  
26 This space was passed over by mistake - should not contain                
  the entry of a marriage. John Monteith officiating Minister                
27 28 Mar 1850 ROBISON Andrew Full, bachelor Blacksmith Gortneskey (Cumber Upper) David Robison Farmer Rebecca Nutt & Joseph Chambers
    CHAMBERS Rebecca Full, spinster   Liscleen Archibald Chambers Farmer  
28 12 Apr 1850 GORMLEY James Full, bachelor Farmer Drien Alexander Gormley Farmer ???? ???? & George Ellis
    THOMPSON Martha Full, spinster   Moneykenon Jas. Thompson Farmer  
29 30 Jul 1850 CRAIG James Full, widower Farmer Liscleen Richard Craig Farmer Wm. Walker & David Craig
    WALKER Lavinia Full, spinster   Tyrconnelly John Walker Farmer  
30 16 Jan 1851 BOND James Full, bachelor Farmer Faney (Fawney) Thos. Bond Farmer Francis Brownlow Cochran & Joseph Bond
    COCHRAN Elizabeth Full, spinster   Benoan Jas. Cochran Farmer  
31 6 Feb 1851 ALEXANDER William Full, bachelor Farmer Fawney James Alexander Farmer William Bond & James Rody
    RODY Matilda Full, spinster   Benoan James Rody Miller  
32 20 Feb 1851 CAMBEL Hugh Full, bachelor Farmer Ballynamallard Andrew Cambel Farmer Robert McFarland & Robert Graham
    McFARLAND Catherine Full, spinster   Ballynamallagh Robt. McFarland Farmer  
33 13 Mar 1851 WALKER George Edward Simpson Full, bachelor Merchant Bishop Street, Londonderry Saml. Walker Merchant John McCrea & William McCrea
    JACK Ellen Full, spinster   Lisnarrow Saml. Jack Farmer  
34 13 May 1851 THOMPSON Saml. Full, bachelor Farmer Moneykenon Andrew Thompson Farmer Joseph Thompson & Andrew Robison
    ROBISON Isabella Full, spinster   Moneykenon Andrew Robison Farmer  
35 12 Jun 1851 DONNEL Hugh Full, widower Farmer Gobnascale Saml. Donnel Farmer John Eaton & John Orr
    EATON Mary Ann Full, spinster   Ballyneanor Alexander Eaton Farmer  
36 14 Oct 1851 SMYTH William Full, bachelor Farmer Ballynamallard Robert Smyth Farmer James Graham & Andrew Smyth
    McINTYRE Mary Full, spinster   Cloughboy Patrick McIntyre Farmer  
37 23 Dec 1851 WOODS John Full, bachelor Farmer Tavanasolis John Woods Farmer Thomas Colhoun & Charles Morrison
    BOND Elizabeth Full, spinster   Faney Thos. Bond Farmer  
38 28 Oct 1852 DEANS Nelson Full, bachelor Farmer Drien Alexander Deans Farmer John Keys & James Davis
    QUIN Margaret Full   Barron John Quin Plasterer  
39 16 Dec 1852 CRAWFORD Charles Full, widower Farmer Crosh Charles Crawford Farmer John McElrea & William Keys
    KEYS Margaret Full, widow   Tyrkernahan James Hall Farmer  
40 24 Jan 1853 CARR James Full, bachelor Farmer Edymore Wm. Carr Farmer David McMichael & Robert Kee
    ARBUCKLE Nancy Full, spinster   Gortilec John Arbuckle Farmer  
41 3 Feb 1853 CUNNINGHAM Hugh Full, bachelor Farmer Wilmount Joseph Cunningham Farmer John Millar & Robert Hanna
    WATSON Matilda Full, spinster   Dunemana Wm. Watson Farmer  
42 11 May 1853 EAKIN Hamilton Full, bachelor Farmer Edymore Wm. Eakin Farmer William Eakin & William Calaghan
    CALAGHAN Margaret Full, spinster   Gobnascale Wm. Calaghan Farmer  
43 9 Mar 1854 ROBISON James Full, widower Labourer Tirkernahan William Robison Labourer James Jack & James Sterrot
    WYSE Jane Full, spinster   Tirkernahan John Wyse Policeman  
44 9 Mar 1854 HENRY Henry Full, bachelor Farmer Ruskey Joseph Henry Farmer Ferguson Bailey & Robert McMorris
    JACK Matilda Full, spinster   Tirkernahan John Jack Blacksmith  
45 23 Mar 1854 CRAIG James Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad Henry Craig Farmer William McFarland & Robert McMorris
    STEWART Margaret Full, spinster   Aughafad John Stewart Farmer  
46 6 Apr 1854 MILLAR James Full, bachelor Student Calhame William Millar Farmer William McCrea & John G. Clarke
    JACK Sarah Full, spinster   Lisnarrow Samuel Jack Farmer  
47 19 Apr 1854 ANDREWS Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Barrin (Barron) Samuel Andrews Farmer James Hall & William McFarland
    McFARLAND Jane Full, spinster   Aughafad John McFarland Farmer  
48 25 Apr 1854 GREER John Full, bachelor Farmer Lisbunnie Matthew Greer Farmer Joseph Smyth & John Rosborough
    PORTER Sarah Jane Full, spinster   Lisnarrow David Porter Farmer  
49 17 Nov 1854 DUN Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer Drien Hamilton Dun Farmer John Deyermot & Robert McMorris
    TAGGART Ellen 18, spinster   Gortilec Wm. Taggart Farmer  
50 25 Nov 1854 McEGAN Wm. Full, bachelor Labourer Kildogue Thos. McEgan Labourer Joseph Smyth & A. T. Robinson
    TAGGART Sarah Full, spinster   Liscleen Francis Taggart Labourer  
51 7 Dec 1854 JACK James Full, bachelor Farmer Tirkernahan John Jack Blacksmith David Jack & Ferguson Bailey
    GAMBLE Catherine Ann Full, spinster   Tirkernahan George Gamble Farmer  
52 26 Feb 1855 McGOVERN Wm. Full, bachelor Shoemaker Drien Jas. McGovern Labourer Wilson Deans & David Craig
    DEANS Catherine Full, spinster   Drien Robert Deans Shoemaker  
53 13 Apr 1855 ADAMS James Full, widower Blacksmith Leckpatrick, Glebe Wm. Adams Blacksmith David Jack & William Adams
    STEWART Jane Full, spinster   Tirkernahan Robert Stewart Farmer  
54 5 Jun 1855 DINSMORE Saml. Full, bachelor Labourer Castlemellon Ephraim Dinsmore Dealer William Campbell & ? Wallace
    WALLACE Hannah 18, spinster   Tullyard Alex. Wallace Labourer  
55 21 Jun 1855 BAILEY Ferguson Full, bachelor Farmer Duniboe John Bailey Farmer John Miller & John Bailey
    MILLER Matilda Full, spinster   Duniboe Robt. Miller Farmer  
56 18 Oct 1855 McMICHAL Saml. Full, widower Farmer Killynaught James McMichal Farmer James Troan & William McNamme
    STEPHENSON Sarah Full, spinster   Benoan Wm. Stephenson Farmer  
57 25 Mar 1856 KENEDY Joseph 20, bachelor Farmer Ballyneanor Thos. Kenedy Farmer James Rosborough & John Killen
    KILLEN Jane Full, spinster   Ballyneanor Andrew Killen Farmer  
58 7 Aug 1856 RODGERS Wm. Full, widower Farmer Carnagribbon Moses Rodgers Farmer David Walker & John Williams
    ROBISON Matilda Full, spinster   Moneykennon Andrew Robison Farmer  
59 13 Nov 1856 KING Ross Full, bachelor Labourer Altrest Wm. King Sexton Wm. Jas. Gilmour & Andrew Smith
    KENEDY Eliza Full, spinster   Ballyneanor Thos. Kenedy Farmer  
60 5 Feb 1857 FALCONDER John Full, bachelor Farmer Tullyard James Falconder Farmer John James McCrea & Thomas Rouland
    CAIRNS Eliza Jane Full, spinster   Dunibo Wm. Cairns Farmer  
61 26 Mar 1857 MAXWELL Wm. Full, bachelor Farmer Tirkernahan John Maxwell Farmer William Keys & Robert Campbell
    KEYS Nancy Full, spinster   Tirkernahan Wm. Keys Farmer  
62 30 Mar 1857 LOVE John Full, bachelor Farmer Greystone Joseph Love Farmer David Walker & Thomas Colhoun
    ROBISON Eliza Full, spinster   Moneykennon James Robison Farmer  
63 20 Aug 1857 CLARKE John Full, bachelor Farmer Gobnascale James Clarke Farmer Andrew Clarke & Thomas Stewart
    FULTON Mary Jane Full, spinster   Windyhill John Fulton Farmer  
64 22 Dec 1857 McMICHAEL David Full, bachelor Farmer Gortilec James McMichael Farmer James Trone & Thomas Ellis
    STEPHENSON Mary Jane Full, spinster   Benoan William Stephenson Farmer  
65 12 Jan 1858 JAMIESON Edward Full, bachelor Blacksmith Gortnaskey (Cumber Upper) William Jamieson Farmer David Nutt & Andrew Robinson
    THOMSON Margaret Full,spinster   Moneykennon James Thomson Farmer  
66 21 May 1858 McCONNEL Alexander Full, widower Labourer Tirkernahan John McConnel Hadesman (?) William Keys & Alexander McDonald
    GILLES Elizabeth Full, spinster   Ballylaw William Gilles Farmer  
67 10 Nov 1858 McFARLAND Armour Full, bachelor Farmer Learden Armour McFarland Farmer Wm. McFarland & Robert Andrews
    McFARLAND Eliza Mary Full, spinster   Aughafad John McFarland Farmer  
68 11 May 1859 COLHOUN Francis Full, bachelor Baker Cloughcor John Colhoun Farmer Robert Aiken & Alexander Pollock
    AIKEN Matilda Under, spinster   Loughneas, Leckpatrick George Aiken Farmer  
69 9 Jun 1859 CRAIG James Full, bachelor Labourer Ruskey James Craig Farmer Andrew Smyth & William Young
    McDONALD Mary Ann Under, spinster   Ruskey William McDonald Farmer  
70 7 Jul 1859 EVANS David Full, bachelor Farmer Legahurry Samuel Evans Farmer Joseph Bates & John Hamilton
    CAIRNS Mary Jane Full, spinster   Duneboe William Cairns Farmer  
71 10 Nov 1859 McCONNELL John Full, bachelor Carman Waterside John McConnell Labourer Joseph Millar & John Osten
    OSTEN Margaret Full, spinster   Lisdillen Robert Osten Farmer  
72 29 Mar 1860 HALL John Full, bachelor Smyth Gobnascale James Hall Farmer Alexander Pollock & James McClea
    GLEN Ellen Full, spinster   Gortilec William Glen Farmer  
73 3 May 1860 MARSHALL John Full, bachelor Farm Servant Castlemellon Allan Marshall Labourer John McGonigle & Rebecca Logan
    WALLACE Catherine Under, spinster   Tullyard Alexander Wallace Labourer  
74 10 May 1860 LAUGHLIN John William Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyhalair John Laughlin Farmer William Baird & James McCrea
    RODDY Margaret Full, spinster   Benoan James Roddy Farmer  
75 22 May 1860 McGONIGLE John Full, bachelor Labourer Tullyard Samuel McGonigle Labourer William Bond & John Brittin
    LOGAN Rebecca Full, spinster   Castlemellon John Logan Tailor  
76 21 Jun 1860 SCOTT Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Barron Robert Scott Farmer Robert Henry & John Gamble
    JACK Jane Full, spinster   Tirkernahan John Jack Blacksmith  
77 24 Oct 1860 HUEY William George Under, bachelor Farmer Aughafad George Huey Farmer James Graham & William John Miller
    HUEY Mary Jane Under, spinster   Aughafad Robert Huey Farmer  
78 5 Feb 1861 STEPHENSON William Full, bachelor Farmer Benoan William Stephenson Farmer Thomas Hamilton & Thomas Stephenson
    BUCHANAN Ann Full, spinster   Churchill Alexander Buchanan Farmer  
79 28 Nov 1861 GUY John Full, bachelor Farmer Creevedonald Robert Guy Farmer James Cairns & William Cairns
    CAIRNS Margaret Full, spinster   Lisnarrow Wm Cairns Farmer  
80 30 Jan 1862 McCULLAGH Andrew Full, bachelor Farmer Colvahullion John McCullagh Farmer William Galbraith & John Arbuckle
            [Bodoney Lower Parish]      
    GAMBLE Mary Full, spinster   Tirkernaghan George Gamble Farmer  
81 5 Jun 1862 FALCONDER John Full, bachelor Labourer Tullyard Thomas Falconder Labourer Andrew Austin & William Falconder
    McCROSSAN Jane Full, spinster   Tullyard Robert McCrossan Labourer  
82 24 Jul 1862 ROSBOROUGH James Full, bachelor Farmer Ballynenor Hugh Rosborough Farmer John Rosborough & Hugh Cunningham
    ARBUCKLE Jane Full, spinster   Ruskey James Arbuckle Farmer  
83 20 Nov 1862 KILLEN John Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyneanor Andrew Killen Farmer William Kenedy & Thomas Killen
    SCOTT Agnes Full, spinster   Keary (Tamnakerry) Samuel Scott Farmer  
84 15 Jan 1863 FORBES William Full, bachelor Labourer Gobnascale Samuel Forbes Soldier Thomas Falkner & William Livingston
    McCROSSAN Catherine Full, spinster   Duneboe Robert McCrossan Farmer  
85 29 Jan 1863 HUGHEY Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad Robert Hughey Farmer Moses Miller & John Miller
    MILLER Mary Full, spinster   Duneboe Robert Miller Farmer  
86 11 Feb 1863 DEANS Robert Full, bachelor Shoemaker Drien Henry Deans Labourer James Mervin & Robert Aiken
    THOMPSON Mary Full, spinster   Drien James Thompson Farmer  
87 16 Jun 1863 McGOWAN Daniel Full, bachelor Merchant Londonderry Samuel McGowan Merchant George McCarter & George D. Christie
    WALKER Eliza Full, spinster   Clermont David J. Walker Clergyman  
88 16 Jun 1863 KENNEDY John Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyarton John Kennedy Farmer George McCarter & George D. Christie
    WALKER Margaret Under, spinster   Clermont David J. Walker Clergyman  
89 28 Jul 1863 McFARLAND Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Gortnarane Samuel McFarland Farmer Andrew McFarland & James Huston
            [Balteagh Parish, Co Londonderry]      
    RODDY Mary Under, spinster   Benoan James Roddy Miller  
90 11 Nov 1863 MOORE James Full, bachelor Merchant Strabane Robert Moore Land Agent John M. Jack & Matilda Jack
    JACK Catherine Full, spinster   Lisnarrow Samuel Jack Landed Proprietor  
91 3 Dec 1863 NIXON James Full, bachelor Farmer Longfield Robert Nixon Farmer Andrew Dunn & Andrew Colhoun
    COLHOUN Anne Full, spinster   Fawny John Colhoun Farmer  
92 11 Mar 1864 FALCONDER Wm Full, bachelor Labourer Tullyard Wm Falconder Labourer Robert O'Neil & John James McCrea
    McCROSSAN Anne Full, spinster   Tullyard Robert McCrossan Labourer  
93 24 Mar 1864 BATES Joseph Full, bachelor Farmer Glencush Joseph Bates Farmer James S McClea & Edward Fulton
    McCLEA Isabella Full, spinster   Ballyhalare John McClea Farmer  
94 13 Apr 1864 POLLOCK Alexander Full, bachelor Baker Stanylane Thos. Pollock Farmer Thomas Pollock & Edward Fulton
    FULTON Margaret Full, spinster   Windy Hill John Fulton Farmer  
95 28 Oct 1864 CUNNINGHAM Robert Full, widow Shoemaker Gobnascale John Cunningham Farmer James Brittan & William Lowery
    BRITTAN Mary Full, spinster   Tirkernahan James Brittan Farmer  
96 1 Dec 1864 CAMPBELL David Full, bachelor Farmer Tirkernahan James Campbell Farmer John Arbuckle & James Campbell
    McMICHAEL Matilda Full, spinster   Gortilec John McMichael Farmer  
97 23 Feb 1865 BARR Wm. Park Full, bachelor Mechanic Dunamana John Barr Farmer John Donaghey & James Fletcher
    FLETCHER Letitia Full, spinster   Dunamana Thos Fletcher Mechanic  
98 30 Mar 1865 ROBISON William Full, bachelor Labourer Killena John Robison Labourer James Lowery & William Kelley
    KEYS Rebecca Full, spinster   Killena Robert Keys Farmer  
99 30 Oct 1865 GILL John Full, bachelor Writing Clerk Larnbeg ? Wm John Gill Farmer Jeremiah Gill & Rebacca Stewart
    STEWART Mary Full, spinster   Liscleen Thos Stewart Land Steward  
100 23 Dec 1865 MILLER Wm. Full, bachelor Farmer Aught Wm. Miller Farmer Andrew Colhoun & Willaim Connell
    COLHOUN Jane Full, spinster   Fauey John Colhoun Farmer  
1 26 Jul 1866 WITHEROW Hugh Full, bachelor Farmer Alla Alexander Witherow Farmer David McCrea & William Kennedy
    JOHNSTON Mary Jane Under, spinster   Gobnascale Saml. Johnston Farmer  
2 22 Nov 1866 KEE Samuel Full, bachelor Soldier Drummond Andrew Kee Farmer Robert Kee & Wm. Hudson
    NELSON Margaret Under, spinster   Barron Wm Nelson Farmer  
3 20 Dec 1866 THOMPSON James Full.bachelor Farmer Drien James Thompson Farmer Samuel Arbuckle & James Ellis
    ARBUCKLE Margaret Full, spinster   Ruskey Joseph Arbuckle Farmer  
4 20 Dec 1866 DUNN Charles Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnasceeig Saml. Dunn Farmer Jane Hamilton & Robert Donnell
            (Lisnacreaght, Bodney Upper)      
    GRAHAM Eliza Full, spinster   Lisnarrow George Graham Farmer  
5 15 Jan 1867 ELLIS George Full, bachelor Farmer Castlewarren Robert Ellis Farmer Andrew Long & ?? Ellis
    POLLOCK Matilda Full, spinster   Castlewarren Joseph Pollock Farmer  
6 21 Feb 1867 McGLINCHY Wm. Full, bachelor Farmer Barron George McGlinchy Farmer Andrew Smyth? & William Baird
    LAUGHLIN Nancy Full, spinster   Gortilec Wm. Laughlin Farmer  
7 28 Mar 1867 COWDEN Robert Full, bachelor Labourer Moyagh Jas. Cowden Farmer John Cowden & William Fawcett
    CAIRNS Matilda Full, spinster   Dunebo Jas. Cairns Farmer  
8 4 Apr 1867 HENRY Saml. Full, bachelor Policeman Ruskey Joseph Henry Farmer William Baird & William Henry
    MARSHALL Elizabeth Full, spinster   Craigtown David Marshall Farmer  
9 9 May 1867 DUNBAR David Full, bachelor Farmer Letterbrat John Dunbar Farmer James Robert Tynan & William Smith
    SMYTH Matilda Jane Full, spinster   Ballynamallaght James Smyth Farmer  
10 30 May 1867 QUIN Thos. Full, bachelor Labourer Drumenny John Quin Labourer James Allan & William Baird
    POTTS Jane Full, spinster   Six Acre (Killyclooney) Charles Potts Clerk  
11 21 Nov 1867 WALKER David Full, bachelor Labourer Lisnarrow Saml. Walker Dr. William Baird & James Haslett
    McDONALD Fanny Full, spinster   Lisnarrow Wm McDonald Farmer  
12 26 Dec 1867 HENDERSON David Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow John Henderson Farmer Robert Graham & Andrew Eakin
    JACK Fanny Full, spinster   Ruskey James Jack Farmer  
13 9 Apr 1868 THOMPSON Jacob Full, bachelor Farmer Dullerton Wm Thompson Farmer William Baird & John Thompson
    BAIRD Mary Ann * Full, spinster   Drien Mark Baird Farmer  
      * signed Mary Jane Baird            
14 22 Oct 1868 WALLACE James Full, bachelor Marine Tullyard Alex. Wallace Labourer Walter Connison & Charles Potts
    WALKER Ellen Full, spinster   Dunamana James Walker Mason  
15 16 Feb 1869 RANKIN Andrew Full, widow Farmer Lougheske John Rankin Farmer David Robison & David Walker
    ROBISON Jane Full, spinster   Tullintrain [Cumber Upper Abraham Robison Farmer  
            Co Londonderry]      
16 25 Mar 1869 COPPIN W. J. Full, bachelor Engineer Derry W Coppin Merchant John Kee & John Williams
    MONTAGUE Mary A Full, spinster   Derry W Montague Coachbuilder  
17 15 Jul 1859 FORBES Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow Andrew Forbes Farmer Andrew Forbes & John Henderson
    ARBUCKLE Sarah Full, spinster   Ruskey Jas. Arbuckle Farmer  
18 5 Aug 1869 LINDSAY Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer Ruskey James Lindsay Farmer Joseph Arbuckle & Samuel Arbuckle
    ARBUCKLE Eliza Full, spinster   Ruskey John Arbuckle Farmer  
19 25 Nov 1869 KEE John Full, bachelor Farmer Tullyard David Kee Farmer John Williams & William Kee
    BAIRD Harriet Under, spinster   Aughtermoy Wm. Baird Doctor  
20 25 Nov 1869 IRWINE William Full, bachelor Farmer Drumboy (All Saints, Co Donegal) Wm Irwine Farmer John Williams & James Moore
    LOVE Isabella Full, spinster   Aughefad Maxwell Love Farmer  
21 25 Jan 1870 CAMBELL James Full, bachelor Farmer Tirkernahan Robert Cambell Farmer John Gamble & Heyland Lowrey
    COLHOUN Sarah Full, spinster   Fawney John Colhoun Farmer  
22 10 Mar 1870 ARBUCKLE John Full, bachelor Farmer Gortilec John Arbuckle Farmer James McMichael & Thos. Watts
    SAYERS Sarah Jane Full, spinster   Drummond James Sayers Farmer  
23 13 Oct 1870 McMICHAEL James Full, bachelor Farmer Gortilec James McMichael Farmer William Laughlin & William McMichael
    McMICHAEL Anne Jane Full, spinster   Gortilec John McMichael Farmer  
24 22 Dec 1870 LAUGHLIN Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Gortilec James Laughlin Farmer Robert Aiken & William Kee
    KEE Anne Full, spinster   Gortilec Robert Kee Farmer  
25 30 Mar 1871 DEVENY Wm. Under, bachelor Miller Douglas Wm. Deveny Farmer James Cunningham & William Dick
    CUNNINGHAM Sarah Jane Under, spinster   Tirkernahan Robt. Cunningham Shoemaker  
26 16 May 1871 BAIRD William Full, bachelor Merchant Dunamana Wm. Baird Surgeon William Arbuckle & Sarah Arbuckle
    ARBUCKLE Rebecca Full, spinster   Dunamana John Arbuckle Farmer  
27 15 Jun 1871 KENNEDY Wm. Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyneanor Wm. Kennedy Farmer Joseph Thompson & William Kennedy
    LYONS Jane Full, spinster   Tyboe David Lyons Farmer  
28 16 Nov 1871 CHRISTY John Full. bachelor Farmer Ruskey Thos. Christy Farmer Thomas Forbes & Robert Donnell
    ARBUCKLE Anne Full, spinster   Ruskey James Arbuckle Farmer  
29 14 Dec 1871 FORBES John Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow Charles Forbes Farmer Robert Donnell & William Forbes
    ARBUCKLE Mary Anne Full, spinster   Ruskey James Arbuckle Farmer  
30 29 Feb 1872 McCARTNEY Wm. Full, bachelor Farmer Gortilec Wm. Jas. McCartney Labourer Robert Kee & Samuel Laughlin
    FULTON Catherine Full, spinster   Drummond James Fulton Labourer  
31 29 Feb 1872 COOKE Wm. Full, bachelor Labourer Gortilec Wm. Cooke Labourer Robert Kee & Joseph Sayers
    FULTON Rebecca Full, spinster   Drummond James Fulton Labourer  
32 29 Aug 1872 GAMBLE John Full, bachelor Farmer Tirkernahan George Gamble Farmer John Jack & James Campbell
    CAMPBELL Mary Ann Full, spinster   Tirkernahan Robt. Campbell Farmer  
33 5 Sep 1872 MARTIN James Full, bachelor Shoemaker Glencush John Martin Labourer William Kee & Joseph Arbuckle
    LAUGHLIN Eliza Full, spinster   Ballyhalair Wm. Laughlin Farmer  
34 9 Jan 1873 McGERIGLE James Full, bachelor Farmer Barron George McGerigle Labourer Mathew Hamilton & Robert Henderson
    THOMPSON Mary Ann Full, spinster   Barron James Thompson Labourer  
35 16 Jan 1873 IRWINE Robert Full, bachelor Shoemaker Derry Alexander Irwine Shoemaker Mary Ann Dougherty & Patrick Dougherty
    DEANS Sarah Full, spinster   Drien Robert Deans Shoemaker  
36 13 Feb 1873 BABINGTON Humphrey Full, bachelor Merchant Derry Marcus Babington Merchant Andrew Rosborough & Francis Cunningham
    ROSBOROUGH Eliza Jane Full, spinster   Rasberryhill James Rosborough Farmer  
37 24 Apr 1873 RODGERS Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Carnagribben Moses Rodgers Farmer William Donnell & James Bates
    BAIRD Matilda Full, spinster   Drien James Baird Farmer  
38 10 Oct 1873 POLLOCK Thomas Full, bachelor Farmer Killynaught Robert Pollock Farmer David H. Ellis & Rebecca Pollock
    FULTON Ann Full, spinster   Mosspleasant John Fulton Farmer  
39 29 Jan 1874 McCREA David Full, bachelor Farmer Gobnascale John McCrea Farmer Armour McFarland & Mayre Colhoun
    SMYTH Elizabeth Mary Full, spinster   Ballynamallagh James Smyth Farmer  
40 4 Feb 1874 SAYERS Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Barran John Sayer Farmer Joseph Sayers & Maggie Sayers
    KEE Eliza Full, spinster   Killyclooney William Kee Farmer  
41 12 Feb 1874 HOLMES James Full, bachelor Farmer Tirconnelly Robert Holmes Farmer John R. Walker & Ann Jane Boyle
    McCOMB Eliza Full, spinster   Leitrim John McComb Farmer  
42 1 Sep 1874 WHITESIDE John Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow Thomas Whiteside Farmer John Henry & Hugh Smyth
    JACK Nancy Full, spinster   Tirkernaghan John Jack Farmer  
43 08 Oct 1874 HAZLETT James Full, bachelor Farmer Rouskey Edward Hazlett Farmer William John Keys & Sarah Ann Keys
    KEYS Eliza Mary Full, spinster   Corbylin Cottage, Donemana Josiah Kays Farmer  
44 31 Dec 1874 ALLEN James Full, bachelor Farmer Killyclooney William Allen Farmer Joseph Sayers & Maggie Sayers
    SAYERS Eliza Jane ---- spinster   Barran John Sayers    
45 1 Jun 1875 WALSH James Full, bachelor Farmer Glebes of Glendermott James Walsh Farmer Robert Strawbridge & Mary Ann Strawbridge
    BUCHANNAN Sarah Full, spinster   Church Hill Alex. Buchannan Farmer  
46 28 Jan 1876 LAUGHLIN Wm. Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyhalair Wm. Laughlin Farmer William McClea & Rebecca Haslett
    McINTOSH Nancy Full, spinster   Tirkernahan Thomas McIntosh Farmer  
47 10 ??? 1876 RYAN Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer Edymore Wm. Ryan Farmer Joseph Sayers & Alexander Ryan
    SAYERS Annie Full, spinster   Drummond Samuel Sayers Farmer  
48 11 Aug 1876 AIKEN William J Full, bachelor Farmer & Leitrim George Aiken Farmer Alexander Jno. Eaton & M. S. Eaton
          Rent Agent        
    EATON Ann Jane Full, spinster   Ballynenor John Eaton Farmer &  
                N. S. Teacher  
49 19 Apr 1877 BAILEY William Full, bachelor Farmer Drummond William Bailey Farmer John Sayers & Lizzie Sayers
    SAYERS Maggie Full, spinster   Drummond Samuel Sayers Farmer  
50 15 Nov 1877 KENNEDY Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Bonds Glen Wm Kennedy Farmer William C Donnell & Margaret Kennedy
    SMYTH Margaret Full, spinster   Ballinamallaght James Smyth Farmer  
51 29 Nov 1877 GORDON Mitcheal Full, bachelor Farmer Ballinaboy Joseph Gordon Farmer Annie Walls & Robert Nixon
    SAYERS Eliza Mary Full, spinster   Drummond Samuel Sayers Farmer  
52 21 Feb 1878 ALLEN James Full, Widower Farmer Ballylaw Wm Allen Farmer James Boak & Mery Allen
    CRAIG Eliza Jane Full, spinster   Drain Thomas Craig Farmer  
53 22 Feb 1878 POLLOCK Isaac Full, bachelor Baker Stanylane Robert Pollock Farmer Samuel Dunn ? & Annie Mary Ellis
    FULTON Sarah Full, spinster   Mosspleasant John Fulton Farmer  
54 14 Mar 1878 LYNCH John Full, bachelor Labourer Leck Samuel Lynch Labourer David Allen & Cathrin Allen
    JEFFREY Annie Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Wm Jeffrey Labourer  
55 21 Mar 1878 ELLIS James Full, bachelor Farmer Altahoney Andrew Ellis Farmer David Weir & Henry Ellis
    GALBRAITH Mary Ann Full, spinster   Stoney Falls James Galbraith Farmer  
56 1 Aug 1878 GALBRAITH William Full, bachelor Farmer Cullermoney William Galbraith Farmer Robert Galbraith & John James Hughey
    HUEY * Matilda Jane Full, spinster   Aughafad William Huey    
    Signed Matilda Jane Hughey              
57 31 Oct 1878 FAULKNER Thomas Full, bachelor Labourer Donemana John Faulkner Labourer John Donnell & Lizzie Young
    WALLACE Eliza Full, spinster   Donemana James Wallace Labourer  
58 11 Jan 1879 HAMILTON Robert Full. bachelor Boot & Shoe Buckeler Laghey ? John Hamilton Boot & Shoe James ???? & Bella Latta
          Maker     Maker  
    LATTA Sarah Full, spinster   Killiney Wm Latta Farmer  
59 24 Sep 1879 DONNELLY Charles Full, widower Stone Mason Tullyard Strabane John Donnelly Stone Mason Margery Laughlin & William Laughlin
    LAUGHLIN Isabella Full, spinster   Ballyhalair William Laughlin Farmer  
60 19 Feb 1880 BROWN John Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad Samuel Brown Farmer John James Hughey & Eliza Campbell
    MAYBERRY Mary Full, spinster   Aughafad John Mayberry Farmer  
61 30 Mar 1880 McGARRIGLE George Full, bachelor Farmer Barron George McGarrigle Farmer William Nelson & Mary Scott
    McGLINCHEY Catherine Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan James McGlinchey Labourer  
62 13 Apr 1880 GRAHAM Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow George Hraham Farmer John Donnell & ??? McMath
    DONNELL Lizzie Full, spinster   Ballinamalaught John Donnell Farmer  
63 22 Apr 1880 KENNEDY William Full, bachelor Farmer Knockbrack William Kennedy Farmer Andrew Ferguson ? & Eliza Gilfillan
    POLLOCK Margaret Full, spinster   Castlewarren Joseph Pollock Farmer  
64 8 Dec 1880 McCLEA James Stewart Full, widower Farmer Ballyhalair John McClea Farmer Edward Laughlin & Ann Mary McClea
    LAUGHLIN Mary Jane Full, spinster   Ballyhalair William Laughlin Farmer  
65 20 Jan 1881 DEARY John Full, bachelor Labourer Liscleen     Jane Deary & James Donaghy
    JEFFREY Matilda Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan William Jeffrey Labourer  
66 24 Feb 1881 KANE Thomas Full, bachelor Labourer Bonds Glen Samuel Kane Farmer Robert Otway Rosborough & John Craig
    CRAIG Sarah Full, spinster   Bonds Glen Thomas Craig Farmer  
67 4 Mar 1881 FAULKNER Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Alla James Faulkner Farmer David Smyth & Sarah Ann Smyth
    HOPKINS Jane Full, spinster   Ballinamalaught John Hopkins Farmer  
68 13 Mar 1881 CALAGHAN James Full, bachelor Farmer Carnagribbon George Callahan Farmer John Henderson & Ann Jane Callahan
    HENDERSON Fanny Full, spinster   Lisnarrow John Henderson Farmer  
    Signed James Callahan              
69 12 Apr 1882 ARBUCKLE Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Rouskey John Arbuckle Farmer John Donnell & Joseph Arbuckle
    LINDSAY May Ann Full, spinster   Rouskey Thomas Lindsay Farmer  
70 20 Jul 1882 McCREA William Full, bachelor Shopkeeper Tullyard William McCrea Shopkeeper John R. Fulton & Margaret Ellis
    McCLEA Matilda Full, spinster   Ballaghalair Samuel McClea Farmer  
71 31 Oct 1882 DUNN Samuel Full, bachelor Merchant Plumbridge Robert Dunn Merchant W H Donnell & Annie E. Dunn
    DONNELL Sarah Full, spinster   Killenny James Donnell Farmer  
72 15 May 1883 McCLAY Matthew Full, widower Artisan Kerry, Donagheady Wm McClay Farmer S McClay & William Gardiner Jnr
    McCLAY Sarah Full, spinster   Benowen John McClay Farmer  
73 21 Jun 1883 HALL William Full, bachelor Farmer Gobnascale John Hall Farmer James Glen & Eliza Jane Glenn
    SAYERS Isabella Full, spinster   Drummond Samuel Sayers Farmer  
74 31 Jul 1884 HUGHEY John James Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad William Hughey Farmer John Jack & Eliza Mary Hughey
    JACK Sarah Jane full, spinster   Liscleen David Jack Farmer  
75 20 Aug 1885 BROWN William Full, widower Labourer Benowen John Brown Labourer James Cooke & Thomas Faulkner
    FULTON Eliza Full, spinster   Drummond James Fulton Labourer  
76 27 Nov 1885 McKINLEY William Full, widower ?????? Donemana Alex. McKinley Farmer James Colhoun & Thomas Faulkner
          Work Shop Keeper        
    WIRLING Ellen Full, widow   Donemana Joseph Calwell Farmer  
77 24 Dec 1885 RANKIN John Full, bachelor Farmer Engh Laugh, Co Derry Andrew Rankin Farmer Samuel Barr & Lizzie Barr
    BARR Jane Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Samuel Barr Farmer  
78 4 Nov 1886 SAYERS John Full, bachelor Farmer Castletown Strabane Samuel Sayers Farmer John Walls & Mary J. Thompson
    CUNNINGHAM Fanny Full, spinster   Liscleen Donemana Alexander Cunningham Farmer  
79 18 Nov 1886 SCOTT Robert John Full, bachelor Farmer Barron Robert Scott Farmer Thomas Gibson & Annie Gibson
    CAMPBELL Eliza 17, spinster   Tyrkernaghan David Campbell Farmer  
80 23 Dec 1886 SAYERS John Full, bachelor Farmer Barran John Sayers Farmer William Sayers & Samuel Sayers
    KEYS Sarah Jane Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Thomas Keys Farmer  
81 20 Apr 1887 WALLACE John Full, bachelor ? Drummond James Wallace ? Robert Aikin & Maggie Hall
    GLENN Eliza Jane Full, spinster   Gortileck John Glenn Farmer  
82 14 June 1887 McKIMMON Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer ? Alexander McKimmon Farmer John Thompson & Lizzie Thompson
    THOMPSON Mary Jane Full, spinster   Moneycannon Joseph Thompson Farmer  
83 17 Nov 1887 KEE Hamilton Full, bachelor Farmer Holly Hill William Kee Farmer John Kee & Jane Clarke
    FULTON Rebecca Ann Full, spinster   Windyhill Edward Fulton Farmer  
84 10 Jan 1889 NELSON Samuel Full, bachelor Carpenter Barren Samuel Nelson Artisan William Kee & Rebecca Kee
    KEE Maggie 19, spinster   Barren Samuel Kee Soldier  
85 20 Aug 1889 MULLIN William Full, bachelor Labourer Aughafad Michael Mullin Labourer Joseph Hughey & William G Hughey
    BROWN Sarah Full, spinster   Aughafad Samuel Brown Farmer  
86 3 Sep 1889 HUGHEY William George Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad William Hughey Farmer Alexander Hughey & William Jack
    JACK Margaret Full, spinster   Liscleen David Jack Farmer  
87 29 Nov 1889 HAMILTON Samuel Full, bachelor Labourer Cumber Claudy Robert Hamilton Labourer Joseph Hughey & Mary Jane M????
    HUGHEY Matilda Full, spinster   Aughafad Joseph Hughey Farmer  
88 11 Dec 1889 HUGHEY Thomas Full, bachelor Labourer Ballyhalair John Hughey Labourer William ???? & Mary Bella McClea
    KEYS Bella Full, spinster   Ballyhalair James Keys Labourer  
89 26 Dec 1889 HAZLETT Hugh Full, widower Farmer Dullerton John Hazlett Farmer Samuel Sayers & John McClay
    SAYERS Mary Jane Full, spinster   Barron William Sayers Farmer  
90 20 Feb 1890 GALLAGHER George Full, bachelor Shirt Cutter in Londonderry James Gallagher Farmer Henry Murray & Martha McElwee
    McGONIGLE Annie Full, spinster   Liscleen John McGonigle Farmer  
91 24 Jun 1890 HAMILTON James Full, bachelor Farmer Kildoag John Hamilton Farmer John Hamilton & Maggie Mchaffey
    KEYS Eliza Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Thomas Keys Farmer  
92 14 Aug 1890 CAMPBELL Robert Full, bachelor Shirt Cutter Londonderry John Campbell Park Carer William James Falconer & Mary Anne Fletcher
    FALKNER Mary Jane Full, spinster   Tullyard William Falkner    
93 2 Jun 1891 LYONS John James Full, bachelor Farmer Riverdale Newtownstewart Robert Lyons Farmer John McFarland & Annie McFarland
    McFARLAND Bessie Full, spinster   Ballinamallaght Thomas McFarland Farmer  
94 11 Jun 1891 McCLEMENTS Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Gortinaskeagh Samuel McClements Carpenter Thomas King & Anne Jane Boyle
    McCULLOUGH Ellen Full, spinster   Leitrim William McCullough Farmer  
95 27 Oct 1891 SAYERS William Full, bachelor Farmer Barron William Sayers Farmer Samuel Sayers & Maggie Sayers
    McCULLAGH Ann Jane Full, spinster   Leitrim William McCullagh Farmer  
96 1 Dec 1892 ROBINSON Andrew Full, bachelor Farmer Magherreagh Andrew Robinson Farmer Samuel Eaton & Elizabeth J Robinson
    THOMPSON Lizzie Maggie Full, spinster   Money Cannon Joseph Thompson Farmer  
97 02 Feb 1893 BROWN Joseph Full, bachelor Farmer Aughafad James Samuel Brown Farmer Johny Robert McConnell & Maggie Mchaffey
    KEYS Martha Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Thomas Keys Farmer  
98 7 Jul 1893 CUMMINGS Alexander Full, bachelor Artisan Artigarvan Thomas Cummings Farmer John James Fulton & Maggie A Chambers
    CHAMBERS Rebecca Full, spinster   Liscleen Thomas Chambers Farmer  
99 24 Aug 1893 CAMPBELL Andrew Patchal Full, bachelor Commission Agent Donemana Andrew Campbell Farmer Andrew T. Dunn & Rebecca Jane Moore
    MOORE Ellen Margaret Minor, spinster   Glenlough William James Moore Farmer  
100 14 Nov 1893 SAYERS Samuel Full, widower Farmer Killyclooney John Sayers Farmer William Fawcett & Eiza M Hughey
    BAILEY Matilda spinster   Doneboe (Dunnyboe) Ferguson Bailey Farmer  
1 22 Nov 1893 WATT Robert Full, bachelor Artisan Ballyskeagh Thomas Watt Labourer James Ellis Clarke & Mary Jane Pollock
    POLLOCK Rebecca Minor, spinster   Stoneylane Thomas Pollock Farmer  
2 13 Mar 1894 ROSBOROUGH Robert Otway Full, bachelor Farmer Ballycallaghan (Cumber Upper) Thomas Bond Rosborough Civil Engineer Robert Keys & Jane Monteith
    MONTEITH Annie Full, spinster   Ballycallaghan Thomas Monteith Farmer  
3 27 Dec 1894 NELSON William Full, bachelor Farmer Barron Samuel Nelson Farmer William berrigan & Bella Laughlin
    McINTOSH Rebecca Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Thomas McIntosh Farmer  
4 May-23-85 McCONNELL John Robert Full, bachelor Labourer Loughash John McConnell Labourer William Jams Buchannan & Anne Mary Hughey
    BROWN Mary Jane Full, spinster   Aughafad Samuel Brown Farmer  
5 4 Jul 1895 CALLAGHAN George Full, bachelor Farmer Carnagribbon James Callaghan Farmer Samuel Rodgers & Rebecca Callaghan
    ADAMS Mary A Full, spinster   Donemana Andrew Adams Farmer  
6 10 Oct 1895 ALEXANDER Andrew Full, bachelor Farmer Fawney William Alexander Farmer James Roddy & Mery Jane Baily
    HUGHEY Eliza Mary Full, spinster   Aghafad Robert Hughey Farmer  
7 19 Mar 1896 BALLANTINE Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Glenlark James Ballantine Farmer John Warnock & Matilda Jane Hughey
    HUGHEY Matilda Full, spinster   Aughafad William George Hughey Farmer  
8 18 Aug 1896 JEFFREY Thomas Full, bachelor Labourer Donemana William Jeffrey Labourer Allie McMath & Catherine McCourt
    HUGHEY Annie Mary Full, spinster   Donemana Joseph Hughey Labourer  
9 5 Nov 1896 WHITESIDE John Full, bachelor Farmer Tyboe John Whiteside Farmer David McKane & Lizzie Allen
    CRAWFORD Mary Ann Full, spinster   Glennagorrland John Crawford Farmer  
10 14 Apr 1897 CLARKE James Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyskeagh John Clarke Farmer William McCrea & Sarah Jane Fulton
    FULTON Sarah Margaret Full, spinster   Windyhill Edward Fulton Farmer  
11 26 May 1897 KERRIGAN William Full, bachelor Farmer Barron Alexander Kerrigan Farmer John Britton & Minnie Kerrigan
    McBRINE Martha Full, spinster   Ballyhalair Wm. McBrine Farmer  
12 19 Aug 1897 McBRINE Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyhalair William McBrine Farmer John Britton & Elizzia Mc Geragle
    KERRIGAN Mary Full, spinster   Barron Alexander Kerrigan Farmer  
13 19 Aug 1897 MULLAN Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer Rouskey John Mullan Farmer William Smyth & Lizzie Lindsay
    MULLAN Margaret Full, spinster   Rouskey James Mullan Farmer  
14 9 Sep 1897 ELLIS John Full, bachelor Farmer Castlewarren Robert Ellis Farmer John Pollock & Annie Pollock
    CAMPBELL Catherine Full, widow   Castlewarren Joseph Pollock    
15 14 Oct 1897 McINTOSH Jacob Full, bachelor Farmer Tyrkernaghan Thomas McIntosh Farmer John Britton & Martha Jack
    KEYS Maggie Minor, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Thomas Keys Farmer  
16 1 Dec 1898 COCHRANE Samuel Full, bachelor Merchant Bally Kelly Thomas Cochrane Farmer Robert W Cochrane & Maggie Chambers
    CHAMBERS Mary Jane Full, spinster   Liscleen Thomas Chambers Farmer  
17 16 Dec 1898 BRITTON John Full, bachelor Farmer Barron James Britton Farmer Samuel Nelson & Sarah E Miller
    KEYES Annie Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Thomas Keyes Farmer  
18 25 May 1899 CAMPBELL John Full, bachelor Labourer Carrickatain George Campbell Labourer William O'Neill & Bella McElwee
    WALKER Fanny Full, spinster do Carrickatain David Walker Labourer  
19 3 Aug 1899 McBRINE Wm. Full, bachelor Labourer Ballaghalair Wm. McBrine Farmer William Anderson & Martha Bates
    THOMPSON Maggie Full, spinster   Ramelton Wm. Thos Thompson Blacksmith  
20 10 Sep 1899 DONNELLY John Full, bachelor Stonemason Strabane Arthur Donnelly Land steward James Colhoun & Maggie Forbes
    LAUGHLIN Ann Full, spinster   Donemana William Laughlin Farmer  
21 July-10-00 CALDWELL John Full, bachelor Labourer Gortin Joseph Caldwell Labourer Samuel Lindsay & Sarah Caldwell
    CRAIG Emily Full, spinster   Mountcastle Thomas Craig Farmer  
22 August-23-00 NELSON William Full, widower Farmer Barron Samuel Nelson Farmer James Dawson & Matilda Jane Hughey
    BAILEY Mary Jane Full, spinster   Duniboe (Dunnyboe) Ferguson Bailey Farmer  
23 September-24-00 HOLMES David Bond Full, bachelor Merchant Donemana James Holmes Farmer James Holmes & Sarah Maggie Thompson
    ARBUCKLE Margaret Full, spinster   Donemana William Arbuckle Farmer  
24 February-21-01 NEELY Robert Full, bachelor Labourer Glencush George Neely Labourer James Jeffrey & Catherine McCourt
    HUGHEY Martha Full, spinster   Donemana Joseph Hughey Labourer  
25 May-02-01 WALKER William John Full, bachelor Labourer Benowen Daniel Walker Labourer Robert McGerigle & Eliza J Brown
    BONNER Bridget Full, spinster   Desertown James Bonner Labourer  
26 October-07-01 MILLER Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Doniboe (Dunnyboe) John Miller Farmer John Jack & Sarah J Adams
    JACK Margaret Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan James Jack Farmer  
27 October-08-01 BOGLE Joseph Alexander Full, bachelor Railway official Glenties Parish of Inver John Bogle Farmer Henry Henderson & Minnie Henderson
            (Co Donegal)      
    HENDERSON Margaret Jane Full, spinster   Lisnarrow David Henderson Farmer  
28 October-15-01 DOHERTY David Full, bachelor Labourer Money Cannon John Doherty Labourer Joseph Thompson & Martha Jane Thompson
    McCARTER Martha Jane Full, spinster   Drain Samuel McCarter Labourer  
29 November-05-01 KELSO John Full, bachelor Farmer Drumlane, Tamlaght Parish Robert Kelso Farmer Jas Bolton Kelso & Bessie Robinson
    ROBINSON Margaret Ann Full, spinster   Moneycannon Andrew Robinson Farmer  
30 November-15-01 FULTON Robert John Full, bachelor Farmer Mosspleasant David George Fulton Farmer Samuel McClea & Mary J McMichael
    HALL Margaret Full, spinster   Donemana Richard Hall    
31 November-19-01 SWEENEY John Full, bachelor Merchant Donegal William Sweeney Farmer A W Galbraith & Rebecca Patton
    PATTON Margaret Full, spinster   Gortileck Joseph Patton Farmer  
32 March-06-02 KILPATRICK George Full, bachelor Farmer Tullagherin (Bodoney Upper) John Kilpatrick Farmer James Kilpatrick & Matilda Hayes
    CAIRNS Lizzie Full, spinster   Balix John Cairns Farmer  
33 May-22-02 McCREA Alexander Full, bachelor Printer Derry John McCrea Engineer James Graham & Mary Anne Forbes
    IRWIN Annie Full, spinster   Lisnarrow Robert Irwin Shoemaker  
34 January-22-03 DEANS James Full, bachelor Labourer Gloudstown Henry Deans Labourer Ralph Currie & Bella McGaughey
    McGAUGHEY Maggie Full, spinster   Lisnarrow James McGaughey Labourer  
35 May-11-03 GLENN Joseph Full, bachelor Labourer Gortileck John Glenn Farmer John Wallace & Minnie McBrine
    THOMPSON Martha Jane Full, spinster   Drain James Thompson Farmer  
36 May-14-03 CAMPBELL James Full, bachelor Labourer Carrickatain John James Campbell Labourer William Neely & Cassie Sayers
    SAYERS Eliza Jane Under, spinster   Drummond Joseph Sayers Labourer  
37 May-21-03 FAULKNER William James Full, bachelor Labourer Tullyard William Faulkner Labourer Samuel Falconer & Annie Faulkner
    OLPHERT Julia Full, spinster   Ardcame Henry Olphert Labourer  
38 June-18-03 BRITTON Joseph Full, bachelor Farmer Drummond James Britton Farmer John James Kee & Anne Laughlin
    SAYERS Margaret Full, spinster   Drummond Joseph Sayers Farmer  
39 July-09-03 BRITTON George Full, bachelor Farmer Drummond James Britton Farmer Samus Sayers & Anna Laughlin
    SAYERS Annie Minor, spinster   Drummond Joseph Sayers Farmer  
40 November-19-03 HERON John Robert Full, bachelor Clerk Waterside John Heron Farmer Maggie Lowry Heron & Christopher Boggs
    BOGGS Mary Jane Full, spinster   Ballyskeagh Robert Boggs Farmer  
41 January-20-04 EATON JPCC Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyneanor Alexander Eaton Farmer Samuel Joseph Lyons & Jeanette Craig
    CRAIG Jessie Elizabeth Full, spinster   Binelly Robert J Craig JP Farmer  
              (Mother - Lavinia Poston)    
42 June-07-04 BARCLAY William Full, bachelor Farmer Figart (Co Donegal) John Barclay Farmer Sadie Laird & Robert J Laird
    LAIRD Annie Full, spinster   Tullyard Andrew Laird Farmer  
43 July-20-04 POLLOCK William McCrea Full, bachelor Mechanic Stoneylane Thomas Pollock Farmer John J Campbell & Rebecca Ann Pollock
    SCOTT Fanny Full, spinster   Tyrkernaghan Robert Scott    
44 October-08-04 BRYSON John Full, bachelor Farmer Glencush James Bryson Farmer James Forbes & Annie Laughlin
    LAUGHLIN Sarah Maggie Full, spinster   Gortileck Samuel Laughlin Farmer  
45 May-18-05 McGONIGLE James Hamilton Minor, bachelor Labourer Ardground John McGonigle Labourer Thomas McGonigle & Elizie J Parkhill
    PARKHILL Mary Ann Full, spinster   Earlsgift Robert Parkhill Labourer  
46 June-26-05 MILLER William Full, bachelor Farmer Doneboe John Miller Farmer Robert Bailey & Matilda Sayers
    BAILEY Eliza Full, spinster   Doneboe Ferguson Bailey Farmer  
47 August-16-05 BURNS James McGregor Full, bachelor Minister Londonderry William Burns Baker Samuel Cochrane & Florence Chambers
    CHAMBERS Lizzie Full, spinster Teacher Liscleen Thomas Chambers Farmer  
48 August-16-06 LYONS Samuel Joseph Full, widower Presbyterian Mellisle (Co Down) William Lyons Farmer John Hamilton Coulter & Ann Margaret Craig
    CRAIG Jeanette Full, spinster   Binnelly Robert Craig    
              (Mother - Lavinia Poston)    
49 September-06-06 HOLMES John Robert Full, bachelor Labourer Tyrconnelly James Holmes Labourer William Holmes & Isabella McGonigle
    McGONIGLE Catherine Full, spinster   Liscleen John McGonigle Farmer  
50 June-11-07 ARBUCKLE James Full, bachelor Farmer Ruskey Alex. Arbuckle Farmer John McConnell & Mary Ann Laughlin
    PORTERFIELD Annie Full, spinster   Ruskey Porterfield Farmer  
51 October-22-07 SMYTH William Full, bachelor Merchant Ruskey Andrew Smyth Merchant Robert Lowry & Jennie McGill
    McGILL Mary Scott Full, spinster   Donemana Robert Magill Contractor  
52 November-26-07 KENNEDY Thomas J Full, bachelor Farmer Ballyneanor William Kennedy Farmer Hyland Donaghey & Mary Donaghey
    SHAW Sarah Jane Under, spinster   Fawney John Shaw Farmer  
53 January-16-08 SNODGRASS Samuel John Full, bachelor Farmer Kernafern James Snodgrass Farmer Andrew T Wilson & Martha Allen
    ALLEN Mary Ann full, spinster   Glenagourland Henry Allen Farmer  
54 March-19-08 VERNER James Full, bachelor Farmer Ardbarron Jas. Verner   Matthew Verner & Matilda J Hughey
    HUGHEY Minnie Maggie Full, spinster   Aughafad George Hughey Farmer  
55 July-23-08 BRITTON James Full, bachelor Farmer Drummond James Britton Farmer Robert Poston Kee & Wil McIntos (?)
    SAYERS Sara Jane Full, widow   Barron Thomas Keys Farmer  
56 19 Nov 1908 GAMBLE Robert Full, bachelor Labourer Kileney John Gamble Farmer Thomas Porter & Cassie Doherty
    McCLOSKEY Sara     Aughtermoy James McCloskey    
57 February-02-10 DANTON Henry T Full, bachelor Farmer Rasberry Hill Henry Danton Farmer Robert J Porter & Nessie Graham
    GRAHAM Mary J Full, spinster   Lisnara Robert Graham Farmer  
58 April-06-10 BOND Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer Lisbunny Henry Bond Farmer Thomas Pollock & May Bond
    McKINLAY Ellen J Full, spinster   Donemana Jas. McKinlay Farmer  
59 May-05-10 ASHE Samuel H. Full, bachelor Clerk Londonderry James Ashe Shirt Cutter William Cochrane & Martha Allen
    ALLEN Cassie Full, spinster   Glennagorrland Henry Allen Farmer  
60 June-06-10 SMYTH Jacob Full, bachelor Farmer Ballamallaght James Smyth Farmer Robert Hughey & Matilda Smyth
    HUGHEY Matilda Full, spinster   Aughafad Robert Hughey Farmer  
61 June-28-10 HOLMES James Full, bachelor Porter Glasgow James Holmes Farmer Willie Holmes & Rebecca J McMonigle
    McMONIGLE Alice M Full, spinster   Liscleen John McGonigle Farmer  
62 December-13-10 CHADWICK Wm. Henry Full, bachelor Clerk Londonderry Wm. Chadwick   Samuel Chadwick & Lena Robinson
    ROBINSON Sara Mary Full, spinster   Liscleen John Robinson Farmer  
63 February-16-11 POLLOCK John Full, bachelor Farmer Castlewarren Robert Pollock Farmer Maggie McCauley & David Henderson
    MACAULEY Martha Full, spinster   Creaghan Robert Macauley Farmer  
64 July-30-11 SNODGRASS David Full, bachelor Merchant Raphoe John Snodgrass Farmer Geo. Snodgrass & Jessie Chambers
    CHAMBERS Edith Full, spinster Farmer's Liscloon Thomas Chambers Farmer  
          daughter Co Tyrone      
65 December-12-11 TURNER William Full, bachelor Farmer Glenark Wm Turner Farmer M D Stevenson & Robert Ballentine
    HUGHEY Annie Full, spinster   Aughafad Wm George Hughey Farmer  
66 April-18-12 JAMESON Thomas Full, bachelor Farmer Castlewarren Wm Jameson Farmer Martha Pollock & John Pollock
    McCAULEY Annie Full, spinster   Creighan Robert McCauley Farmer  
67 December-12-12 GRAHAM Elizabeth Full, spinster Farmer daughter Lisnarrow Robert Graham Farmer Mary Danton & James Armstrong
    ARMSTRONG Wm. J Full, bachelor Farmer Maugheramason James Armstrong Farmer  
68 December-30-14 HENDERSON David Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow David Henderson Farmer Wm Henderson & Fannie Henderson
    McCAULEY Maggie Full, spinster   Creighan Robert McCauley Farmer  
69 May-12-15 GLENN Henry Full, bachelor Labourer Gortileck John Glenn Farmer John Fulton & Lizzie Wallace
    McBETH Helen Full, spinster   Artigarvan Hugh McBeth    
70 February-03-16 MCMICHAEL Samuel Full, bachelor Farmer Gortileck Samuel McMichael Farmer Annie Eliza Keys & Robert Hamilton
    SAYERS Matilda J. Full, spinster   Drummond John Sayers Farmer  
71 March-02-16 ARBUCKLE Josiah Full, bachelor Scutcher Ruskey Alexander Arbuckle Farmer James Arbuckle & Annie Arbuckle
    PORTERFIELD Sarah Full, spinster Farmer's Ruskey John Porterfield Farmer  
72 June-06-16 ARMSTRONG John Full, bachelor Draper 57 Buckburn Ave Derry Robert J Armstrong Farmer Hugh W Armstrong & Edith M Colhoun
    COLHOUN Maud A L Full, spinster   Donemana James Colhoun Saddler  
73 June-29-16 ROBINSON Joseph Full, bachelor Labourer Cullermoney Joseph Robinson Farmer Robert Allen & Tillie Fulton
    FULTON Lizzie M Full, spinster   Killyclooney John Fulton Farmer  
74 February-08-17 BOGLE Joseph Alexander Full, widower Station Master Ballyshannon John Bogle Farmer Benjamin Bogle & T J Henderson
    HENDERSON Fanny Full, spinster   Lisnarrow David Henderson Farmer  
75 June-29-17 McCONNELL Alexander Full, bachelor Labourer Creighan John McConnell Labourer Jeanie Forbes & John Fulton
    FORBES Catherine Full, spinster   Donemana Robert Forbes Road Maker  
76 October-11-17 MAHAFFEY Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Lisnarrow Archie Mahaffy Farmer Minnie Arbuckle & R J Allen
    ARBUCKLE Elizabeth Full, spinster   Ruskey Samuel Arbuckle Farmer  
77 November-12-17 CUNNINGHAM Andrew Wm. Full, bachelor Quarter Master Newbuildings Andrew Cunningham Labourer Samuel Parkhill & Annie Neily
    PARKHILL Maggie 19, spinster   Cullion Robert Parkhill Labourer  
78 December-03-17 FULTON John W Under, bachelor Farmer Windyhill J. J. Fulton Farmer  
    FORBES Jeanie Full, spinster   Donemana Robert Forbes Boot maker  
79 February-14-18 JACK William Full, bachelor Farmer Moneycannon David Jack Farmer Annie B Hughey & Robert John Keys
    KEYS Annie Elizabeth Full, spinster do Tyrkernaghan Wm. Keys Farmer  
80 April-23-18 ALLEN Robert James Full, bachelor Farmer Donemana Thomas Allen Carpenter Louisa M Allen & Ann Arbuckle
    ARBUCKLE Mary Ann Full, spinster   Ruskey Samuel Arbuckle Farmer  
81 June-11-18 McMICHAEL David Full, bachelor Farmer Benone David McMichael Farmer David Jack & Annie Stevenson
    HUGHEY Annie Isabella Full, spinster   Liscleen John J Hughey Farmer  
82 October-15-19 TYNAN David Full, bachelor Minister Garryduff James R Tynan Manager Samuel Kennedy & Nannie C. Eaton
    CRAIG Anna Margaret Full, spinster Farmers daughter Binnelly Robert Craig Farmer  
              (Mother - Lavinia Poston)    
83 November-12-19 ALLEN Robert Full, bachelor Labourer Killyclooney David Allen Farmer Oliver Allen & Annie Fulton
    FULTON Matilda Jane Full, spinster   Killyclooney John Fulton Labourer  
84 February-11-20 McCRABBE Joseph Full, widower Farmer Lifford Robert McCrabbe Farmer Alexander Neely & E Robinson
    HAMILTON Sarah Full, spinster   Millbank Artigarvan William Hamilton Farmer  
85 June-17-20 McCREA John James Full, bachelor Railway Man Kenaghan Robert McCrea Farmer William John Galbraith & Maude Wasson
    KERRIGAN Mary Full, spainster Housekeeper Barron Wm. Kerrigan Farmer  
86 August-25-20 STEVENSON Mammie Duncan Full, spinster Homewrok Lisnarrow Donemana William Stevenson Farmer Annie Stevenson & Charles McFarland
    McFARLAND James Alexander Full, bachelor Farmer Fecarry Omagh Oliver McFarland Farmer  
87 October-07-20 SINCLAIR Thomas Full, widower Farm Hand Strabane Wm. Sinclair Farmer Joseph Rosborough & Martha Monteith
    MONTEITH Jane Full, spinster Housework Bonds Glen donemana Thomas Monteith Farmer  
88 October-26-20 ROSBOROUGH James Full, bachelor Farmer Lisbunny James Rosborough Farmer John Smyth & Annie C. Smyth
    SMYTH Eliza Jane Full, spinster Home Work Earlsgift Donemana Joseph Smyth Farmer  
89 August-18-21 KEYS Matilda 19, spinster Home Duty Tyrkernaghan William Keys Farmer Violet M Chambers & Robert Davis
    DAVIS John Full, bachelor Farmer Edymore, Strabane Joseph Davis Farmer  
90 October-27-21 ALEXANDER Matilda Roddy 19, spinster Home Duty Fawney Andrew Alexander Farmer Mary Alexander & Robert Alexander Scott
    BARKER Ernest Edward Full, bachelor Policeman Donemana Robert Barker Engineer  
91 May-01-23 FORBES John Perry Full, bachelor Boot Maker Donemana Robert Forbes Boot Maker Robert Forbes & Gertrude McFarland
    FAULKNER Anna Margaret Louise 18, spinster House Maid Castlemelon W. J.Faulkner Labourer  
92 September-17-23 WIGHTMAN Alexander Full, bachelor Jeweller Londonderry Alexander Wightman Jeweller Frederick Victor Lyons & Maude Isobel Gordon
    GORDON May Evelyn Full, spinster Home Duties Strabane Thomas Gordon Bread Merchant  
93 January-03-24 ROBINSON Dvid Full, bachelor Farmer Liscloon John Robinson Farmer Joseph Baird Robinson & Margaret Cummings
    CHAMBERS Jessie Full, spinster Dressmaker Donemana Thomas Chambers Farmer  
94 February-25-24 MORRISON Thomas Austin Full, bachelor Book-keeper Londonderry Thomas Morrison Grocer Herbert Mackerell & Lizzie Colhoun
    COLHOUN Edith Mary Full, spinster Clerk Donemana James Colhoun Saddler  
95 April-22-24 CUMMINGS Margaret Ann Full, spinster School Teacher Donemana Alexander Cummings Carpenter Agnes Mary Phillips & Robert A. C. Henderson
    PHILLIPS Alexander Full, bachelor Station Master Manorcunningham Thomas Phillips Station Master  
96 May-22-24 DAVIS Robert Full, bachelor Farmer Cavanlee, Strabane Joseph Davis Farmer William J Galbraith & Lizzie McConnell
    KERRIGAN Bella 19, spinster Home duties Barron Wm Kerrigan Farmer  
97 October-28-24 HENDERSON Henry Full, bachelor Farmer Kilcurry David Henderson Farmer W T M Henderson & Emily A Robinson
    ROBINSON Helena Martha Jemima Full, spinster Home Duties Liscloon John Robinson Farmer  
98 August-18-25 KILLEN David Full, bachelor Carter Ballynenor John Killen Farmer Wm McCombe & Cassie Isabella Killen
    SAYERS Rebecca Jane 20., spinster Servant do James sayers Labourer  
99 September-08-25 MACKERELL Herbert Full, bachelor Clerk Londonderry Thos. Mackerell Railway Foreman William George Mackerell & Irene Beatrice Colhoun
    COLHOUN Elizabeth full, spinster Costume maker Donemana James Colhoun Saddler  
100 January-26-26 McCOMBE William Full, widower Mechanic Ballyarton William McCombe Farmer Samuel Killen & Sarah Isabel McClements
    KILLEN Cassie Isabella Full, spinster Home Duties Ballynenor John Killen Farmer