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First Donagheady Presbyterian Church, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-1928

From LDS films of the Civil Registration of Marriages in Ireland, Marriage Registrations on GRO Northern Ireland & Marriage Certificates
Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Faye Logue & Len Swindley

Please note that in some cases only the date of marriage & couple's names have so far been found.

Date Surname Forename Condition Address Profession Father F.Profession Witness1 Witness2
14 Jul 1845 ROBISON Samuel Full age, Bachelor Drean Labourer Samuel Robison Labourer George Alexander William Jamieson
  JAMIESON Margaret Full age, Spinster Castlewarren   Wm. Jamieson Farmer    
27 Aug 1845 EVANS Archibald Full age, Bachelor Milltown, Burndennet Labourer John Evans Hachlert (?) John Hutchison Samuel Kee
  WATTS Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Lisdiven   Thomas Watts Farmer    
5 Nov 1845 HOUSTON William Full age, Widower Drumgauty Shoemaker Thos. Houston Farmer Thomas Donnelly Margaret McNamee
  McFARLAND Ann Full age, Widow Rosnagallagh (?)   Jas. McFarland Mason    
21 Nov 1845 McGONIGLE Thomas Full age, Bachelor Fawney Servant John McGonigle Labourer John Thompson Turbitt McGonigle
  McKINNEY Ann Full age, Spinster Ardcame   John McKinney Labourer    
5 Dec 1845 MOORE Turbitt Full age, Bachelor Loughnease Labourer Wm. Moore Labourer Francis McCreery Thomas White
  POLLOCK Dorcus Full age, Spinster Killynaught   Jas. Pollock Farmer    
8 Dec 1845 PORTERFIELD William 18, Bachelor Windyhill Farmer John Porterfield Farmer Edward Fair Edward McLaughlin
  FULTON Eliza 21, Spinster Windyhill   Wm. Fulton Farmer    
21 Jan 1846 THOMPSON James Full, Bachelor Altrest Labourer Andrew Thompson Labourer Andrew Thompson John Thompson
  HASLETT Eliza J. Full, Spinster Dullerton   Jacob Haslett Farmer    
29 Jan 1846 GAMBLE Robert Full, Bachelor Keery Farmer Matthew Gamble Keary (sic) William Boak John R. McCrea
  HOUSTON Mary Full, Spinster Killyclooney   Thomas Houston Killyclooney (sic)    
5 Feb 1846 EVANS William Full, Bachelor Binelly Servant David Evans Labourer George Arroll John Gibson
  McDOWELL or Elizabeth Full, Spinster Greystone   Francis McDowell Labourer    
9 Mar 1846 SNODGRASS James 21, Bachelor Carrickatain Farmer Robert Snodgrass Farmer William Rankin Thomas Patrick
  McCLOSKEY Mary 18, Spinster Tiboe   Anthony McCloskey Farmer    
1 May 1846 HUNTER William Full, Bachelor Killycurry Shoemaker Robert Hunter Farmer Charles Carnwath Joesph Gordon
  CARNWATH Elizabeth Full, Spinster Stonypath   James Carnwath Farmer    
26 May 1846 PENDERGRASS Patrick Full, Bachelor Mountcastle Labourer William Pendergrass Labourer Samuel McGonagle William Laughlin
  McMASTER Mary Full, Spinster Mountcastle   James McMaster (dead) Labourer    
10 Jun 1846 HEMPHILL William Full, Bachelor Drumgaughty Blacksmith Benjamin Hemphill Labourer James Crawford James McMonagle
  McMONAGLE Mary Anne Full, Spinster Cloghogle   John McMonagle Labourer    
18 Jul 1846 HATRICK Wm. Full age, Widower Tamnaclare Farmer James Hatrick Farmer Thomas McMorris James McMorris
  McMORRIS Sarah Full age, Spinster Colmaghery   Daniel McMorris Farmer    
10 Sep 1846 PORTER David Full age, Bachelor Carrowen Farmer Wm. Porter Farmer Robert McCrea Robert Gray
  McCREA Isabella Full age, Spinster Glencush   Jas. McCrea Farmer    
5 Nov 1846 THOM James Full, Bachelor Ballinabuoy Flaxdresser William Thom Labourer William Callaghan James Watt
  WATT Jane Full, Spinster Gobnascale   Thomas Watt Labourer    
30 Nov 1846 SEYMOUR Thomas Full, Bachelor Moyagh Labourer Thomas Seymour Farmer Samuel Henry Andrew Woods
  HENRY Martha Full, Spinster Killymallock (?)   Hugh Branigan Farmer    
1 Dec 1846 ORR John Full, Bachelor Glennagoorland Flaxdresser James Orr Farmer William Rankin Thomas Kennedy
  McMORRIS Jane Full, Spinster Taboe   John McMorris Farmer    
20 May 1847 McCLOSKEY William 19, Bachelor Carrickatain Labourer Isaac McCloskey Labourer James Snodgrass Adam Henderson
  HENDERSON Ann Full, Spinster Tirkereny   John Henderson Farmer    
21 May 1847 MAGINNISS Alexander Full, Bachelor Artnagumick Labourer Joseph Maginniss Labourer John Getty Robert Pendergrass
  PENDERGRASS Mary Full, Spinster Tullyard   William Pendergrass Merchant    
13 Jul 1847 DEVENNY Alexander Full, Bachelor McCrackenstown Miller David Devenny Miller Samuel Devenny James White
  GORMLEY Sarah Full, Spinster Killymallock   James Gormley Farmer    
22 Sep 1847 PORTERFIELD John Full, Bachelor Windy Hill Farmer William Porterfield Farmer John Fulton William Arbuckle
  WARK Jane Full, Spinster Windy Hill   James Wark Farmer    
10 Nov 1847 REID William Full, Bachelor Binelly Labourer John Reid Labourer John Godfrey Isabella Haslet
  THOMPSON Mary Full, Spinster Altrest   Andrew Thompson Labourer    
19 Apr 1848 KING Robert Full, Bachelor Tiveny Labourer Robert King Labourer Joseph Gordon sen. Joseph Gordon jun.
  LONG Isabella Full, Spinster Killycurry   John Long Tailor    
20 Jul 1848 WOOD John Full, Bachelor Tiveny Farmer Andrew Wood Farmer Alexander Thompson James Lyon
  THOMPSON Isabella Full, Spinster Cloghogle   Alexander Thompson Farmer    
14 Dec 1848 McCREA Edward Full, Bachelor Ballyheather Merchant Walter McCrea Farmer Joseph Bogle Thomas Douglas
  DOUGLAS Martha Full, Spinster Loughnease   James Douglas Farmer    
8 May 1849 THOMPSON John Full age, Bachelor Lisdillen Schoolmaster Andrew Thompson Labourer James Thompson Francis G..............
  DONALDSON Jane 20 years, Spinster Lisdillen, Co. Derry   William Donaldson Farmer    
12 Oct 1849 ROGERS Rev. Nathanial P. Full age, Bachelor Mo........ Gortaf........ Presb. minister Nathan Rogers Farmer William McCrea F. J. Porter
  McCREA Catherine Full age, Spinster Glencush   James McCrea Farmer    
8 Nov 1849 DALY John Full age, Bachelor Cloghogle   John Daly Labourer John McNeill William Stewart
  SHARKEY Mary Full age, Spinster Loughnease   William Sharkey Farmer    
13 Nov 1849 CAMPBELL James Full age, Widower Ardmore Labourer James Campbell Labourer William Cooke Robert Campbell
  SCOTT Isabella Full age, Spinster Mr Caills ?   James Scott Labourer    
21 Nov 1849 FULTON James Full age, Bachelor Windy Hill Farmer William Fulton   William Logan William Arbuckle
  BOAK Eliza Full age, Spinster Ballylaw   George Boak      
18 Dec 1849 DINSMORE William Full age, Bachelor Binnelly Labourer Ephraim Dinsmore Egg Merchant James Heaslette George Boak
  CAMPBELL Jane Full age, Spinster Binnelly   Thomas Campbell Labourer    
25 Jan 1850 HENDERSON John Full, Bachelor Tirkeveny Labourer John Henderson Farmer John McDougall James McDermott
  CRAIG Martha Full, Spinster Killymallock   John Craig Labourer    
11 Mar 1850 McINTOSH Thomas Full, Bachelor Terkenaghan Farmer Thomas McIntosh Farmer Samuel Nelson James Riddle
  HASLETT Isabella Full, Spinster Dullerton   Jacob Haslett Farmer    
12 Apr 1850 POLLOCK Thomas 20, Bachelor Tagherina Farmer John Pollock Farmer James McClure John McClure
  McCLURE Jane 19, Spinster Tagherina   Richard McClure Farmer    
28 May 1850 KILGOUR William Full, Bachelor Mountcastle Labourer John Kilgour Labourer James Colhoun Robert Love
  KEE Elizabeth 20, Spinster Cullion   William Kee Labourer    
27 Jan 1851 GILMOUR Robert Full, Bachelor Castlemellon Farmer James Gilmour Farmer Thomas Gilmour Andrew Scott
  SCOTT Mary Full, Spinster Cloughogle   Alexander Scott Farmer    
8 May 1851 McELDOWNEY James Full age, Bachelor Tamnaclare Farmer Thos. McEldowney Farmer Charels McIntyre Andrew Scott
  SCOTT Sarah Full age, Spinster Cloghogle   Alex. Scott Farmer    
27 Dec 1851 MONTEITH Wm. Full age, Bachelor Tullyard Servant Henry Monteith Weaver William McCloskey John McCourt
  McCLOSKEY Jane Full age, Spinster Kildoraugh   Isaac McCloskey Farmer    
30 Dec 1851 CHAMBERS Joseph Full age, Widower Corncarmen, Parish of Merchant Wm. Chambers Weaver John Church Colhoun Thomas McGowan
        All Saints, Co Donegal          
  THOMPSON Margaret Full age, Spinster Cloghogle   Alex. Thompson Farmer    
29 Jan 1852 GAMBLE Samuel Full age, Bachelor Colmaghery Farmer Neil Gamble Farmer William McCarter Saml. Knox
  JEFFREY Mary Jane Full age, Spinster Drumeny   Alex. Jeffrey Farmer    
12 Feb 1852 LATTA Wm. Full age, Bachelor Killeney Farmer Wm. Latta Farmer William Bates William Foster
  LOWRY Jane Full age, Spinster Castlemellan   Wm. Dunn Lowry Farmer    
4 Mar 1852 JACKSON Robert Full age, Bachelor Glenconway Farmer Jas. Jackson Farmer Joseph McConachey W. Alexander
  McMORRIS Isabella Full age, Spinster Ardcame   John McMorris Farmer    
9 Jul 1852 WOODS Wm. Full age, Widower Ballaghalair Labourer John Woods Labourer William Arbuckle John Davis
  MOODY Maria Full age, Spinster Windy Hill   John Moody Labourer    
30 Sep 1852 McGONAGLE Wm. Full age, Bachelor Mt. Castle Labourer Samuel McGonagle Labourer Andrew Scott William Brown
  JAMISON Fanny Minor, Spinster Brooknillar (?)   Thos. Jamison Labourer    
10 Jan 1853 MAXWELL Charles Full, Bachelor Strabane Innkeeper John Maxwell Farmer Samuel Fair Thomas Brown
  FAIR Margaret Full, Spinster Killyclooney   William Fair Farmer    
20 Jan 1853 McNEILE William Full, Bachelor Ballyheather Scutcher David McNeile Labourer Walter McCrea Thomas McCourt
  McNEILE Mary Anne Full, Spinster Loughnease   Joseph McNeile Labourer    
31 May 1853 McCARTER James Full, Bachelor Gortnessy Labourer Hugh McCarter Weaver Alexander Maginnis Thomas Wallace
  PENDERGRASS Catherine Minor, Spinster Gortnessy   William Pendergrass Labourer    
4 Aug 1853 COOKE James Full, Bachelor Bunoan Labourer Joseph Cooke Labourer William McCrea Andrew Calhon
  PENDERGRASS Nancy Minor, Spinster Donemana   William Pendergrass Egg Merchant    
8 Aug 1853 CUTLER Judson Bradley Full, Bachelor Carrickatain Farmer Bradley Cutler Farmer Robert Patrick James Todd
  TODD Mary Jane Minor, Spinster Carrickatain   James Todd Farmer    
26 Oct 1853 DOAK William Full, Bachelor Ardstraw Farmer John Doak Farmer John Smyth William Wilkie
  SMYTH Margaret Fill, Spinster Eden   James Smyth Farmer    
7 Mar 1854 POLLOCK James Full, Bachelor Killynaught Baker Thos. Pollock Farmer John Colhoun William Arbuckle
  McCREA Ann Full age, Spinster Tullyard   Wm. McCrea Farmer    
20 Apr 1854 MONTGOMERY Robert Full, Bachelor Drean Farmer Samuel Montgomery Smith William Thompson Josiah Moore
  THOMPSON Amary Ann Full, Spinster Cloghogle   Alexander Thompson Farmer    
24 Jul 1854 GALBRAITH Samuel Full age, Bachelor Cloghogle Labourer Joseph Galbraith Farmer    
  KING Jane Full age, Spinster Altrest   William King Sexton    
5 Nov 1854 LEITCH Alex. 20 years, Bachelor Mountcastle Labourer Thomas Leitch Labourer Thomas Brown Ross Key
  WAUGH Ann 18 years, Spinster Mountcastle   Robert Waugh Labourer    
5 Dec 1854 McFARLAND Armour Full age, Bachelor Letterbrat Farmer Joseph McFarland Farmer Wm. McCrea Joseph McFarland
  McCREA Ann 18 years, Spinster Tullyard   John McCrea Farmer    
15 Jan 1855 SMYTH Henry Full age, Widower Woodend Farmer Henry Smyth Farmer Samuel Fair William J. Wray
  AUSTIN Sarah Full age, Widow Windy Hill   William Fair Farmer    
20 Apr 1855 KEE Samuel Full age, Bachelor Gobnascale Farmer John Kee Farmer William Arbuckle Robert Fair
  KERGAN [KERRIGAN] Sarah Full age, Spinster Windy Hill   James Kergan [Kerrigan] Farmer    
17 May 1855 McNEILL Joseph Full age, Bachelor Moyagh Labourer William McNeill Labourer Thomas Colhoun John Colhoun
  COLHOUN Margaret Full age, Spinster Moyagh   John Colhoun Farmer    
21 Jun 1855 McLAUGHLIN George Full age, Bachelor Maghereagh Farmer John McLaughlin Farmer Francis James Porter Robert McCrea
  STEWART Margaret Full age, Spinster Altrest   James Stewart Farmer    
7 Aug 1855 STEWART Mary Anne Full age, Spinster Binelly   Robert Stewart Farmer William Baird Robert McCrea
  McLAUGHLIN Henry Full age, Bachelor Magheaeagh   John McLaughlin Farmer    
6 Sep 1855 MARSHALL George Full age, Bachelor America Licentiate William Marshall Farmer R. McMorris William Campbell
  CAMPBELL Isabella Full age, Spinster Tullyard   William Campbell Farmer    
13 Sep 1855 MAHAFFY William Full age, Widower Carricklee Farmer John Mehaffy Farmer John Woods James Donachy
  WOODS Nancy Full age, Spinster Cullermoney   Robert Woods Farmer    
15 Nov 1855 McCOURD James Full age, Bachelor Kildoragh Labourer James McCourd Labourer William Smyth James Lowry
  KING Ann Full age, Spinster Altrest   William King Labourer    
22 Nov 1855 PATTERSON Robert Full age, Bachelor Ballyheather Farmer William Patterson Labourer John Davis Andrew McFarland
  HAMILTON Martha Full age, Spinster Ballyheather   Robert Hamilton Labourer    
6 Dec 1855 HOUSTON Robert Full age, Bachelor Ballymoney Traveller Clarke Houston Minister James B. Marshall James Alexander
  ALEXANDER Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Sandville   Robert Alexander Farmer    
3 Jan 1856 McMONIGLE Andrew Full age, Bachelor Drumeny Labourer Edward McMonagle Labourer Charles Porter Andrew Austin
  CLARKE Rebecca Full age, spinster     George Clarke Labourer    
22 Feb 1856 FULTON William Full age, Bachelor Windy Hill Farmer William Fulton Farmer William Ash William Arbuckle
  ASH Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Killyclooney   Thomas Ash Farmer    
6 Mar 1856 ROLSTON James Full age, Bachelor Gortavey Farmer James Rolston Farmer James Lindsay Samuel McClements
  MORRISON Margaret Ann Under age, Spinster Gortmesson   Charles Morrison Farmer    
16 Apr 1856 McGAVAN Thomas Full age, Bachelor Ardmore Labourer James McGavan Labourer Robert McMorris James Stevenson
  McMICHAEL Rosanna Full age, spinster Altrest   James McMichael Labourer    
24 Apr 1856 SHARKEY William Full age, Bachelor Lochnease Labourer William Sharkey Labourer John Woods William Granger
  McNEILL Mary Full age, spinster Collermoney   David McNeill Labourer    
21 May 1856 SAYERS George Full age, Bachelor Castletown Farmer Samuel Sayers Farmer John Bailley James Christie
  BAILLEY Mary Jane Full age, Spinster Lochnease   John Bailley Farmer    
22 May 1856 GRAY Matthew Full age, Bachelor Mena Hill Labourer Matthew Gray Labourer Samuel Scott James O'Neil
  O'NEIL Martha Full age, Spinster Mena Hill   George O'Neil Labourer    
19 Jun 1856 CLARKE Robert Full age, Bachelor PortHall Surgeon James Clarke Farmer Robert McCrea snr Robert McCrea jnr
  McCREA Flora Full age, Spinster Maghereagh   Robert McCrea Farmer    
21 Aug 1856 McNEILL William Full age, Bachelor Granshaw Labourer William McNeill Labourer Thomas Brown James Calhoun
        [Comber Parish, Co Down]          
  McGILL Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Gortin   Bernard McGill Labourer    
28 Oct 1856 LYNCH James Full age, Bachelor Menahill Labourer Robert Lynch Labourer Samuel Scott James O'Neill
  KELLY Matilda Full age, Spinster Magheramason   James Kelly Labourer    
29 Oct 1856 HALL Richd. Full age, Bachelor Gobnascale Labourer Jas. Hall Smith Edward Fulton Thomas Pollock
  POLLOCK Catherine Full age, Spinster Killynaught   Thos. Pollock Farmer    
30 Oct 1856 GORMLY Wm. Full age, Bachelor Tamnabrine Farmer Saml. Gormly Farmer William Smith Robert Alex. Long
  RANKIN Eliza Full age, Spinster Carrickatain   Wm. Rankin Farmer    
18 Nov 1856 DOHERTY John Full age, Bachelor Ardmore Labourer Jas. Doherty Labourer Robert Love Alexander McBride
  DOHERTY Isabella Full age, Spinster Cullion   Stephen Doherty Labourer    
20 Nov 1856 TAYLOR James Under Age, Bachelor Tiveny Labourer John Taylor Labourer Robert McBrine Robert Gordon
  EDGAR Sarah Full age, Spinster Carrickatain   Mathew Edgar Labourer    
20 Nov 1856 HUEY Joseph Full age, Bachelor Castlemelan Labourer Samuel Huey Labourer James McCrea John McMonigle
  DINSMORE Mary Full age, Spinster Castlemelan   Ephraim Dinsmore Egg Merchant    
2 Dec 1856 CANNA {CANNON} Patrick Full age, Bachelor Solis Labourer Michael Canna Labourer William Bond John Woods
  HENDERSON Margaret Under age, Spinster Killymalloch   Robert Henderson Labourer    
8 Dec 1856 BRICE James Full age, Bachelor Glencush Farmer Alexander Brice Farmer Joseph Bates Ephrain McMorris
  HUEY Eleanor Under age, Spinster Glencush   Robert Huey Farmer    
11 Dec 1856 ANDREWS William Full age, Bachelor Derry Merchant Robert Andrews Farmer John Crawford John Smyth
  SMITH Nancy Full age, Spinster Eden   James Smyth Farmer    
13 Dec 1856 BROWN William Full age, Bachelor Gortmellan Farmer James Brown Farmer Andrew Scott James Calhoun
  CRAIG Mary Ann Under age, Spinster Cullion   James Craig Farmer    
15 Jan 1857 OSBORNE Robert Full age, Bachelor Magheramason Labourer Robert Osborne Farmer Robinson Osborne James Watson
  HASLETT Fanny Full age, Spinster Magheramason   Alexander Haslett Farmer    
10 Mar 1857 McCLAY William Full age, bachelor Bogagh Shoemaker John McClay Shoemaker William Colhoun Robert Wilson
  COLHOUN Jane Full age, Spinster Bogagh   Finlay Colhoun Labourer    
16 Mar 1857 THOMPSON William Full age, Bachelor Dullerton Farmer William Thompson Farmer Robert Curry William Clements
  MAGUIRE Ellen Full age, Spinster Skinbuoy   Moses Maguire Farmer    
22 May 1857 HARSHAW John Full age, Bachelor Carnafern [Clondermot parish] Farmer Edward Harshaw Farmer William McClure Robert Doherty
  McCLURE Letitia Full age, spinster Carnafern   Richard McClure Farmer    
18 Jun 1857 SMITH William Full age, Bachelor Altrest Farmer William Smith Farmer George McLaughlin Jane Stewart
  STEWART Mary Full age, Spinster Altrest   James Stewart Farmer    
24 Sep 1857 McINTYRE James Full age, Bachelor Cabry [Moville parish. Farmer James McIntyre Farmer Samuel Scott William Javis
        Co Donegal]          
  SCOTT Sarah Jane Full age, Spinster Keary [Tamnakeery]   Samuel Scott Farmer    
14 Dec 1857 WATERS Hugh Full age, Bachelor Lisdillon Farmer John Waters Farmer James Snodgrass John Brown
  McDONALD Anne Full age, Spinster Teboe [Tyboe]   John McDonald Farmer    
18 Jan 1858 SMYTH William Full age, Bachelor Drumgauty Farmer James Smyth Farmer Robert McIntyre Andrew McIntyre
  McINTYRE Margaret Anne Full age, Spinster Maghereagh   James McIntyre Farmer    
4 Feb 1858 McILWAINE Thomas Full age, Bachelor Culmore Farmer Robert McIlwaine Farmer Walter McCrea James Smyth
  McCREA Sarah 20 yrs, Spinster Loughnease   Thomas McCrea Farmer    
16 Apr 1858 LONG James Full age, Bachelor Castlemellon Labourer Arch. Long Labourer Robert Gilmour Robert Monteith
  HASLETT Eliza Jane Under age, Spinster Mountcastle   Ed. Haslett      
16 Sep 1858 GLENN John Full age, Bachelor Gortilec Farmer Wm. Glenn Farmer Thomas Pollock Francis Colhoun
  POLLOCK Rebecca Full age, Spinster Killynaught   Thos. Pollock Farmer Baker    
8 Oct 1858 LAUGHLIN Thomas Under age, Bachelor Ballaghalair Farmer John Laughlin Farmer James McClea William Boiak
  LOGAN Rose Anna Full age, Spinster Ballaghalair   William Logan Green & Gamekeeper    
19 Nov 1858 WATT James Full age, Widower Tullyrad Labourer Thomas Watt Labourer Joseph Bates Mathew Davis
  McCROSSAN Martha Full age, Spinster Tullyard   Thomas McCrossan Labourer    
9 Dec 1858 DUNN James Full age, Bachelor Ballyskeagh Farmer James Dunn Farmer James Dunn Johhy Dunn
  LOWRY Isabella Full age, spinster Castlemelan   William Dunn Lowry Farmer    
20 May 1859 ABERNATHY Rev James McC. Full age, Bachelor Ahoghill [Co Antrim] Minister William Abernathy Farmer Hugh C. Graham Mary Holmes
  McMORRIS Sarah Louisa Full age, Spinster Ardcame   John McMorris Farmer    
        [Myrtle Cottage, Donemana]          
2 Feb 1860 LOWRY Anne Full age, Spinster Castlemellon   William D. Lowry Farmer John J. Stevenson James ???
  McDERMOTT James Full age, Bachelor Londonderry Clerk James McDermott      
15 Mar 1860 MAXWELL Mary Full age, Spinster Ballydonaghy   Joseph Maxwell Farmer William Baily Samuel Ewing
  MALCOLM William Full age, Bachelor Strabane Tradesman Gardner Malcolm Farmer    
9 Aug 1860 ANDERSON Anne Full age, Spinster Killyclooney   Robert Anderson Labourer Robert McCleery John James Anderson
  SMYTH William Full age, Bachelor Ballee Labourer Robert Smyth Labourer    
30 Aug 1860 LOVE Joseph Full age, Bachelor Londonderry Whitesmith Joseph Love Farmer Alexander Love Ross King
  McMORRIS Emma Minor, Spinster Ardmore   John McMorris Farmer    
2 Nov 1860 FULTON Rebecca Full age, Spinster Windy Hill   William Fulton Farmer Robert Fair Samuel Fair
  KERRIGAN Wm. Full age, Bachelor Windy Hill Farmer James Kerrigan Farmer    
7 Feb 1861 STEWART John Full age, Bachelor Magheramason Farmer James Stewart Farmer John Hyndman Robert Ramsay
  HYNDMAN Matilda Jane Full age, Spinster Altrest   David Hyndman Farmer    
7 Nov 1861 MARTIN Catherine Full age, Spinster Killyclooney   Aaron Martin Farmer Andrew McCormick James Roulston
  McBRIEN Robert Full age, Bachelor Killycluny Labourer Charles McBrien Labourer    
15 Nov 1861 IRVINE William Full age, Bachelor Dreen Labourer Andrew irvine Labourer Andrew McCormick James Roulston
  McARTHUR Mary Full age, spinster Tullyard   William McArthur Labourer    
31 Dec 1861 GRANGER William Full age, Bachelor Greenock [Scotland?] Labourer William Granger Labourer Joseph Sayers Lindsay McIvor
  McMENAMIN Catherine Full age, Spinster Grange   William McMenamin Labourer    
9 Jan 1862 ARBUCKLE James Full age, Bachelor Windyhill Farmer James Arbuckle Farmer Samuel Kee Robert Fair
  McCREA Margaret Full age, Spinster Gobnascale   John McCrea Farmer    
13 May 1862 DINSMORE Ephraim Full age, Bachelor Castlemellan Labourer Ephraim Dinsmore Labourer John Colhoun Alexander McCrea
  FAWKINDER [FAULKNER] Catherine Full age, Spinster Castlemellan   John Fawkinder [Faulkner] Labourer    
12 Aug 1862 KILLEN Thomas Full age, Bachelor Ballyneanor Farmer Andrew Killen   William Kennedy Robert McElveny
  SCOTT Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Keery   Samuel Scott Farmer    
12 Sep 1862 NELSON James Full age, Bachelor Glencush Tailor Archibald Nelson Farmer William Hughey Charles Nelson
  BROWN Mary Ann Full age, spinster Magheramason   Robert Brown Farmer    
2 Oct 1862 McBRINE William full age, Bachelor Killycurry Shoemaker Charles McBrine Labourer James Kerr Robert McBrine
  HUNTER Agnes Full age, Spinster Sixacre   James Hunter Farmer    
18 Dec 1862 ARBUCKLE William Full age, Bachelor Donemana Merchant Joseph Arbuckle Farmer John Cunningham James Cairns
  CUNNINGHAM Rebekah Full age, Spinster Collermoney   William Cunningham Farmer    
15 Jan 1863 ROULSTONE Robert Full age, Bachelor Callhame Farmer Oliver Roulstone Farmer Joseph Boyle David Mitchell
  GILMOUR Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Broadfield   Thomas Gilmour Farmer    
22 Jan 1863 McGONAGLE ? Robert Full age, Bachelor Tullyard Labourer Samuel McMonagle? Labourer John McMonagle ? John Anderson
  ANDERSON Mary Full age, Spinster Killyclooney   Robert Anderson Labourer    
4 Mar 1863 ROULSTONE Robert Full age, Bachelor Strabane Merchant Robert Roulstone Merchant William Bates John Caldwell
  LOWRY Joanna Full age, Spinster Castlemellan   William Lowry Farmer    
9 Sep 1863 COLHOUN John Full age, Bachelor Gortmellon Farmer William Colhoun Farmer Hugh Colhoun Johny Robert Rankin
  RANKIN Rosanna Full age, Spinster Carrickatain   John Rankin Farmer    
5 Apr 1864 HAMILTON Henry Full age, Bachelor Castlemellon Labourer John Hamilton Labourer James Todd John Alexander
  SCOTT Ellen Full age, Spinster Mountcastle   Thomas Scott Labourer    
27 Apr 1864 LOVE Joseph Full age, Widower Lislaine (Lislaird) Clergyman James Love Farmer John McCrea William Smyth Jamison ?
  STEWART Jane Full age, Spinster Binnelly   Robert Stewart Farmer    
21 Jul 1864 McELHINNEY Joseph Full age, Bachelor Ardmore Farmer Joseph McElhinney Farmer Joseph Bogle William Bailey
  McCREA Catherine Full age, Spinster Barleyhill   Thomas McCrea Farmer    
8 Sep 1864 HUNTER Ellen Full age, Spinster Sixacre   James Hunter Farmer William McBrine Robert Kerr
  KAYES James Full age, Bachelor Ballyhalare Labourer George Kayes Farmer    
23 Dec 1864 HUEY William Full age, Bachelor Glencush Farmer Robert Huey Farmer Richard Donaghey Charles Nelson
  NELSON Martha Full age, Spinster Glencush   Archibald Nelson Farmer    
27 Jul 1865 HARREN John Minor, Bachelor Stonyfalls Farmer James Harran Farmer James Galbraith Samuel McDermott
  LOWERY Mary Full age, Spinster Cullion   Stephen Lowery Farmer    
21 Sep 1865 GALOGHER Edward   Kerry          
  McCLAY Isobella   Cullion   Alexander McClay      
21 Nov 1864 KILGORE Joseph Full age, Bachelor Cullion Labourer John Kilgore Labourer Robert Stevenson William Gamble
  KELLY Mary Full age, Spinster Magheramason   James Kelly Labourer    
8 Mar 1866 WATT Robert              
  FAIR Jane              
9 May 1867 DOHERTY John Full age, Bachelor Eden Labourer William Doherty Labourer Joseph Logan Thomas Brown
  HAZLETT Rebecca Full age, Spinster Altrest Labourer Andrew Hazlett Labourer    
4 July 1867 Woods Robert              
  Wray Eliza              
24 Nov 1868 McDERMOTT Samuel   Londonderry          
  LOWRY Maggie   Castlemellon   William Dunn Lowry (late)      
14 Jan 1869 LOWRY Hamilton Full age, Bachelor Cullion Farmer James Lowry Farmer Ross King Robert Mitchell
  MITCHELL Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Cullion   William Mitchell Farmer    
25 May 1869 MARSHALL Allen              
  COLHOUN Jane              
23 Dec 1870 NELSON Charles              
  TODD Matilda              
5 Oct 1871 BROWN Alexander H.              
  WRAY Margaret E.              
25 Apr 1872 ANDERSON George              
  CUMMINGS Margaret Jane       Thomas Cummings      
24 Apr 1873 Roulston James              
  Bond Sarah              
7 May 1874 MITCHELL John              
  YOUNG Mary              
4 Aug 1874 THOMPSON William Full age, Widower Dullerton Farmer William Thompson Farmer James Thompson Fanny A Thompson
  DAY Rebecca Full age, Spinster Gortmellan   James Day Farmer    
7 Oct 1875 McCLAY Alexander Full age, Bachelor Ardmore Tailor Alexander McClay Farmer Joseph McCrea Henry McKeever
  McKEEVER Mary Ann Full age, Spinster Bready   Robert McKeever Farmer    
16 Mar 1876 WATSON William              
  JEFFREY Matilda              
27 Jul 1876 MITCHELL Robert              
  GILMOUR Isabella              
29 Aug 1876 SMYTH Thomas              
  JEFFREY Ann              
12 Oct 1876 THOMPSON James              
  JEFFREY Charlotte              
23 Nov 1876 McMICHAEL Samuel              
  DOHERTY Margaret A.              
25 Jan 1877 HOUSTON Thomas Full age, Bachelor Edymore Farmer John Houston Farmer John Martin Alexander McCrea
  McCREA Anne Full age, Spinster Loughneas   Thomas McCrea Farmer    
20 Feb 1877 NUTT John   Gortnaskey   David Nutt Farmer    
  HAZLETT Rebecca   Dullerton   John Hazlett Farmer    
31 May 1877 McNALL George              
  FAIR Matilda              
18 Oct 1877 CURRY Thomas   Craigtown   Robert Curry Farmer    
  HAZLETT Nancy   Dullerton   John Hazlett Farmer    
13 Nov 1877 HAZLETT Hugh   Dullerton Farmer John Hazlett Farmer    
  CURRY Margaret Jane   Craigtown   Robert Curry Farmer    
23 Nov 1877 WHITESIDE John Full Windyhill Labourer John Whiteside Labourer    
  WATT Elizabeth Minor Spinster Glencush   James Watt Labourer    
28 Jul 1878 ALEXANDER Robert James              
  AIKIN Margaret              
10 Apr 1879 FLETCHER Thomas Full age, Bachelor Donemana Shoemaker Thomas Fletcher Labourer    
  KILGORE Eliza Minor Spinster Altrest   William Kilgore Labourer    
22 Apr 1880 McCREA John Full age, Bachelor Edymore Farmer Thomas McCrea Farmer William Briggs Robert McCrea
  McCREA Elizabeth Full age, Spinster Eden   James McCrea Farmer    
29 May 1879 WATT Thomas              
  WATT Ann              
15 Jan 1880 GALBRAITH Robert Full age, Bachelor Glencush Farmer Robert Galbraith Farmer    
  McFARLAND Mary Full age, Spinster Tyrkernaghan   Robert McFarland Farmer    
29 Mar 1881 BROWN John Full age, Bachelor Desertone Labourer John Brown Labourer James Snodgrass William Strawbridge
  KEYS Margaret Full age, Spinster Coolmaghery   Alexander Keys Dd    
12 Jan 1882 LOVE James Full age, Bachelor Gortmonley Carpenter Robert Love Farmer Robert Love Samuel Donnell
  LOVE Elizabeth Jane Full age, Spinster Gortmonley   Ninian Love Farmer    
24 Jan 1884 LOWRY William (James) Full age, Bachelor Cloughcor Farmer William Lowry Farmer Jane Ellen McDermott Heyland Lowry
  BAILEY Sarah Full age, Spinster Loughnease   William Bailey Farmer    
15 Jul 1884 HUSTON Robert              
  CURRY Lizzie              
21 May 1885 Alford Thomas              
  Edgar Martha              


16 Jun 1886

McKinlay Thomas Full age, Bachelor Tirkevany Labourer William McKinlay Labourer Joseph McDermott Ellen Jane Townsley
  Kilgore Emma Full age, Spinster Tirkevany   Samuel Kilgore Labourer    
16 Jun 1886 McKINLAY Thomas              
  KILGORE Emma              
24 Jun 1886 McELDOWNEY Susan Full age, Spinster Tamnaclare   James McEldowney Farmer Joseph McEldowney William Hatrick
  ARBUCKLE William Full age, Widower Donemana Farmer Joseph Arbuckle Farmer    
19 May 1887 DUNN John Robert Full age, Bachelor Ballyskeagh Farmer James Dunn Farmer Jane Clarke John James Donaghy
  CLARKE Anny Mary Full age, Spinster Ballyskeagh   John Clarke Farmer    
25 Aug 1887 LOWRY Hyland Full age, Bachelor Castlemellon Farmer William Lowry Farmer John Robert Roulstone Annie Mary Roulstone
  McCLEA Bessie Full age, Spinster Ballaghalair   Samuel McClea Farmer    
29 Nov 1887 DONAGHEY Hugh              
  CRAIG Matilda              
12 Sep 1889 CLARKE Robert Alexander Full age, Bachelor Ballyskeagh Farmer John Clarke Farmer James E. Clarke Annie Mary Fulton
  GIBSON Rebecca J. Full age, Spinster Artigarvan   Robert Gibson Farmer    
24 Dec 1890 Porterfield William              
  Lyndsay Mary A.              
28 Oct 1891 YOUNG John Full age, Bachelor Ballyskeagh Labourer Saml. Young Labourer William Young Robt. Watt
(28/9/12) KILGORE Jane Full age, Spinster Ballylaw   Joseph Kilgore Labourer    
6 Aug 1892 Alford Robert              
  Edgar Mary              


7 Dec 1893

Fulton James Full age, Bachelor Windyhill Labourer James Fulton Labourer    
  McCaughery Dora Full age, Spinster Mountpleasant (Gloudstown)   James McCaughery Cartman McCaughery Dora
18 Oct 1894 DUNN Robert   Tyboe          
  BROWN Isabella   Desertone          
15 Apr 1897 WALLACE Alexander              
  NELSON Eliza Mary              
26 Oct 1897 PHILLIPS Allan              
  MITCHELL Liza              
27 Jan 1898 NICKLE John Full age, Bachelor Ballee Labourer Robert Nickle Labourer William John Galbraith Bella Nickle
  HUSTON Annie 19 yrs, Spinster Woodend   Thomas Huston Labourer    
13 Jun 1899 McCARTER William              
  POLLOCK Bella              
April 23, 1903 WATT John              
  HUNTER Fanny              
May 28, 1903 ALLEN David Full age, Bachelor Killyclooney Labourer James Allen Farmer Ferguson Bailey Kate Allen
  HUNTER Rose Jane Full age, Spinster Killyclooney   Robert Hunter Labourer    
May 19, 1904 LOVE William              
  IRWIN Martha              
September 29, 1904 McGARIGLE William              
  WATT Minnie              
September 28, 1905 LOGUE James              
  POLLOCK Jane              
November 23, 1905 McMORRIS Thomas              
  LOWRY Minnie              
May 15, 1907 QUINN William              
  LOWRY Fanny              
August 03, 1908 McCLAY Samuel              
  FULTON Alice Mary              
June 24, 1909 McCORKELL David              
  MITCHELL Margaret              
April 28, 1910 MARSHALL Thomas              
  SAYERS Catherine              
June 01, 1911 MILLER James              
  MILLER Margaret              
January 18, 1914 FULTON Edward H. Full age, Bachelor Windyhill Farmer Edward Fulton Farmer Robert J Pollock Julia A Fulton
  FORBES Sara Full age, Spinster Windyhill Farmer John Forbes Farmer    
March 07, 1916 WATT John              
  BOAK Ellen              
25 Apr 1916 SPROULE John James              
  WALLACE Mary              
April 18, 1918 FREEBURN Richard              
  NELSON Martha J.              
July 18, 1918 SMYTH Joseph              
  NELSON Rebecca E.              
July 01, 1920 McCREA Alexander              
  LOWRY Sarah E.              
21 Apr 1921 ALLEN Samuel              
  DEANS Cassie              
30 Jun 1921 SAYERS Robert              
  BAILEY Annie              
10 Aug 1921 BAXTER David              
  ALLEN Louisa Margaret              
27 Sep 1921 FORBES Robert Full age, Bachelor Donemana Postman Robert Forbes Shoeman John Forbes Ruby McMichael
  FULTON Josephine 17 years, Spinster Windyhill Home duty J J Fulton Farmer & Grocer    
3 Jan 1928 ELKIN William Henry Full age, Bachelor Aughnamoyle Farmer Francis Elkin Farmer John Forrest Bradley Annie Hamilton
  HAMILTON Elizabeth Jane Full age, Spinster Lackaugh   John Hamilton Farmer    
2 Feb 1928 AUSTIN Charles Full age, Bachelor Speenoge, Burt Book-keeper Charles Austin Land Steward Wellington Sayers Norah Kennedy
  SAYERS Elizabeth Jane 20 1/2 yrs, Spinster Drummond Clerk Samuel Sayers Farmer    
9 Feb 1928 CRAIG James Full age, Widower Rouskey Mason James Craig Mason William Jas. McCartney Mary McCartney
  PORTER Matilda Full age, Spinster Lisnarrow Home Duties David Porter Labourer    
21 Feb 1928 LECKEY John James Full age, Bachelor Moygashall Engineer John Leckey Foreman Albert Edward Leckey Gretta Henderson
  STEVENSON Annie Full age, Spinster Lisnarrow Home Duties William Stevenson Farmer    


16 May 1929

Logue David James Full age, Bachelor Ballinabuoy Labourer James Logue Labourer Annie Olphert Joseph Olphert
  Robinson Fanny Margaret Full age, Spinster Altrest Domestic Duties William Robinson Labourer