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Taughboyne Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland Index to the Hearth Money Roll c1663

Two Hearth Money Rolls survive for Taughboyne parish; 1665 and this undated version which is believed to have been compiled in 1663
Extracted from FHL Film #258502
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Townlands recorded in the Hearth Money Roll; Taughboyne parish at that time contained townlands within Allsaints and Killea parishes

Altacaskin Altaskin [Taughboyne]
Altaghaderry Altaghaderry [Allsaints]
Ardagh Ardagh [Taughboyne]
Ardy Ardee [Allsaints]
Ballybegleybeg Ballybegley Little [Allsaints]
Ballybegleymore Ballybegley [Allsaints]
Ballylennan Ballylennan [Taughboyne]
Bogay Bogay [Allsaints]
Bready Bready [Taughboyne]
Cargins Carrigans [Killea]
Carnshannagh Carnshannagh [Taughboyne]
Carshowey Garshooey [Allsaints]
Castle Castletown???
Castrwes Castruse [Allsaints]
Clashigowan Clashygowan [Taughboyne]
Concamon Corncammon [Allsaints]
Creeve Creeve [Allsaints]
Creighaduff Creaghadoos [Taughboyne]
Culdrum Kildrum [Allsaints]
Culm’Atryan ?
Drumbuy Drumboy [Allsaints]
Drumenan Drumenan [Taughboyne]
Drumlogher Drumlougher [Allsaints]
Drumore Dromore [Taughboyne]
Dunmore Dunmore [Killea]
Feriglass Feddyglass [Taughboyne
Gortree Gortree [Allsaints]
Kinnekilly Kinnacally [Taughboyne]
Letterguill Lettergull [Taughboyne]
Lettrim Leitrim [Allsaints]
Lustikeall Listicall [Taughboyne]
Magavelin Mongavlin [Taughboyne]
Maymore Maymore [Taughboyne]
Momein Momeen [Taughboyne]
Monegreggan Moneygreggan [Allsaints]
Moness Moness [Taughboyne]
Monfad Moneyfad [Allsaints]
Monglass Monglass [Allsaints]
Moyle Moyle [Allsaints]
Plaister Plaster [Allsaints]
Portlough Portlough [Allsaints]
Ratein Ratteen [Taughboyne]
Ruchan Roughan [Allsaints]
Rusky Roosky [Allsaints]
Taboine Taughboyne?
Tryentagh Treantagh [Taughboyne]
Tulliennan Tullyannan [Allsaints]
Tullirapp Tullyrap [Taughboyne]


Alexander Archibald Ballybeglymore 1
Allen James Dunmore 1
Allen James Kinnekilly 1
Allison James Drumbuy 1
Arrell John Monfad 1
Barber Robert Drumlogher 1
Baxter Donell Moness 1
Baxter John Kinnekilly 1
Beatison Alexander Taboine 1
Boggs James Monglass 1
Boyle Robert Moyle 1
Bready James Taboine 1
Bready Wm Altacaskin 1
Bryce John Lettrim 1
Buchanan John Tullirapp 1
Buchannan John Clashigowan 1
Caldwell David Lustikeall 1
Caldwell John Lustikeall 1
Campble Wm Ruchan 1
Carr William Cargins 1
Chambers George Momein 1
Cochran John Plaister 1
Cochran Wm Drumore 1
Cock John Cargins 1
Coghrane James Drumore 1
Colhoune Pattrick Bready 1
Coningham Widow Culm’Atryan 1
Coningham Allex Ballybegleybeg 1
Coningham Pattrick Altaghaderry 1
Coningham William Monfad 1
Coninghame William, esq Moyle 2
Coninghame Wm Plaister 1
Corby Pattrick Bready 1
Cowan Robert Altacaskin 1
Curry Donnell Maymore 1
Davison Wm Bogay 1
Edmiston James Altaghaderry 1
English Wm Lettrim 1
Ewing Allex Culm’Atryan 1
Ewing Humphrey Creighaduff 1
Ewing John Gortree 1
Fisher John Drumlogher 1
Fleming James Drumbuy 1
Fulton David Bogay 1
Galbraith Ninian Creighaduff 1
Gamble Pattrick Drumore 1
Glass Alexander Letterguill 1
Gray Thomas Cargins 1
Gray Thomas Cargins 1
Gullilane [Gillilan] widdow Clashigowan 1
Harriott Wm Ballybegleymore 1
Harvy Robert Carshowey 1
Harvy David Dunmore 1
Harvy James Castrwes 1
Harvy James Dunmore 1
Harvy John Altacaskin 1
Harvy John Cargins 1
Homes John Momein 1
Hood Wm Maymore 1
Howat Archibald Tullirapp 1
Hunter Robert Monfad 1
Johnston James Ardy 1
Lata John Bready 1
Lata John Tulliennan 1
Leaper John Cargins 1
Lindsay Mathew Maymore 1
Lindsay Mathew, jun. Moness 1
m’Cay [McCay] Dougall Moyle 1
m’Clean [McClean] Mathew Dunmore 1
m’Clellan [McClellan] Robert Portlough 1
m’Clintock [McClintock] Allexander Tryentagh 1
m’Clintock [McClintock] Gilbert Ratein 1
m’Connell [McConnell] James Cannshannagh 1
m’Connell [McConnell] John Ruchan 1
m’Connell McConnell] Morice Carnshannagh 1
m’Corckle [McCorkle] Andrew Ballyhasky 1
m’Ilwagg [McIlwagg] John Ardagh 1
M’Ilwham John Culm’Atryan 1
m’Kerran [McKerran] Owen Magavelin 1
m’Keun [McKeun] James Castrwes 1
m’Kim [McKim] James Altaghaderry 1
m’Kinlay [McKinlay] Finlay Letterguill 1
m’Maynes [McMaynes] John Tryentagh 1
m’Quone John Altaghaderry 1
m’Rabb [McRabb] Peter Drumenan 1
Macky James Culdrum 1
Macky John Carshowey 1
Macky John Dunmore 1
Macky Pattrick Cloughfin 1
Macky Robert Cargins 1
Maghan Claud Ardy 1
Marshall Wm Culdrum 1
Mitchell Walter Altacaskin 1
Moffett John Ratein 1
Noble Wm Castle 1
o’Hone [O’Hone] Gorry Magavelin 1
Parmiter John Clashigowan 1
Patterson Dunckan Rusky 1
Patterson James Monegreggan 1
Patterson John Monegreggan 1
Patterson Wm Rusky 1
Pedy Andrew Cloughfin 1
Porterfield Patrick Drumenan 1
Porterfield William Ballylennan 1
Potts Robert Gortree 1
Ramsey James Creeve 1
Ramsey John Portlough 1
Rankein Hugh Concamon 1
Rodger James Tullirapp 1
Rodgers Andrew Letterguill 1
Rodgers Thomas Feriglass 1
Rodgers Walter Feriglass 1
Rough [Reagh] Mathew Cloughfin 1
Scott Adam Tulliennan 1
Scott Robert Monglass 1
Smith James Ratein 1
Steevens James Drumore 1
Stevens James Drumore 1
Storret [Sterrett] Thomas Portlough 1
Thompson James Carshowey 1
Triwews Robert Carnshannagh 1
Warke Gilbert Dunmore 1
Watson Walter Ballylennan 1
Wigton Wm Monfad 1
Wilson John Taboine 1
Wilson Walter Ballylennan 1
Young Robert Cargins 1

Total 126 householders with 1 hearth each and one with 2 hearths

127 householders & 128 hearths taxed at 2s. each hearth

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