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Longfield Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Hearth Money Rolls 1666

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Bob Mitchell

Transcribed from handwritten pages with the heading - Longfield Parish, Hearth Money Rolls, 1666. Tyrone Omagh Barony 3 West (Page 251)

Believed to be from Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 - John H. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh) (1968).

Townland Name
Kirlish [Kerlees] Torlogh o’Morisan
  Ouen m’Cosker
Bomackatall [Bonytaile] Hugh o’Maghy
  Patrick o’Raverty
  Thomas Bane
Kilmore [Killmore] Torlogh m’Brian
Drumquin [Drumquine] Thomas Bersall
Drumnafirbe [Drumenyfarbir] Edmund m’Kinley
  Ouen o’Morish
  Torlogh m’Nakilly
Loghlehard Edmond o’Donally
  Patrick o’Conally
  Patrick o’Murry
  Art o’Donally
Coolavannagh [Cailevanagh] Ouen m’Illrowan
  Redmund m’Guire
  Cormick Boy
Dooish [Dowis] Shan o’Carrs
  Rory m’Quade
  Torlogh m’Brian
  William o’Morish
Legphressy [Laghfrassin] William Woods
Curraghamulkin [Coraghmulkin] Patrick o’Raverty
  Murtagh o’Haghy
Cornavarrow [Cornavary] Hugh m’Vaghy
  Tool m’Vaghy
  Patrick o’Rude
  Philip m’Nabe
  Ouen m’Vaghy
Segully [Sopgaly] Phillip m’Laughlin
  Edmund m’Laughlin
Dressoge Rory o’Molaghan
  Art o’Lunine
Coolkeeragh [Culkiragh] Henry o’Boylan
  Phelomy o’Hugh
Laght [Leaght] Rory m’Illcollum
  Donachy o’lunine
Magharenny [Maghereny] John Lucas
  John Woods
Longfield James o’Morish
  James o’Donell
  Mullmurry o’Morish
  Ouen o’Neill
  Ouen m’Sorley

44 Hearths 4 lbs 8 s