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Drumglass Parish Hearth Money Roll, Co. Tyrone c1670

Undated, but believed to be 1670
Extracted from FHL Film #1279356
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Filmed from the collection deposited in the Armagh County Museum


ASBEE James Dungannon 1
CARROLL Phillip Gortmaron [Gortmerron] 1
CATTERA John Dungannon 1
CHICHESTER Sir Arthur, Kt. Dungannon 4
CONWAY John Dungannon 2
COOLY John Dungannon 1
DOUDALL James Dungannon 1
DOUDALL John Dungannon 1
FRISSILL John Kengo [Congo] 1
GARLON Nicholas Mullaghdun [Mullaghadun] 1
GARVAN Stephen Illegible 1
GORDOWNE James Dungannon 2
HALL Thomas Dungannon 1
HAMILTON James Dungannon 1
HANA James Dungannon 1
JACKSON Francis Dungannon 1
JOHNS Hugh Gortmaron [Gortmerron] 1
JOHNSTON Adam Dungannon 1
KEENAN William Ruiskbeg [Rushbeg] 1
KIRKE William Dungannon 1
LOGGAN David Dungannon 1
M’ SHAN [McSHAN] Phelemy Tulliedoner [Tullyodonnell] 1
M’CLENAGHAN [McCLENAGHAN] Gilbert Dungannon 1
M’COILL [McCONNELL?] Patrick Cornamucklagh 1
M’CORMICK [McCORMICK] Richard Dungannon 1
M’COUILL [McCONNELL?] Alexander Dungannon 1
M’E. QUIN or N’ELVIR Patrick Tullarillin [Tullycullion] 1
M’ILMARTIN [McILMARTIN] James Duveheduan [Derraghadoan] 1
M’ILMARTIN [McILMARTIN] Willm. Crevagh 1
M’ILROY [McILROY] Shan Mullaghdun [Mullaghadun] 1
M’INARTEN [McINARTEN] [McILMARTIN?] Hugh Duveheduan [Derraghadoan] 1
M’INCHAN [McINCHAN?] Torlogh Crevagh 1
M’KENNA [McKENNA] Patrick Dungannon 1
McMURPHY Shan Ruskmore [Rushmore] 1
MILLER John Dungannon 2
MORISON John Dungannon 1
MUNROE David Drumsee [Drumcoo] 1
O‘MADDIN Tirlogh Lilemabin? 1
O’BRANEGANE Walter Tullagun [Tullygun] 1
O’COILL [O’CONNELL?] Neill Killenaule [Killyneill] 1
O’CONALLY Patrick Mullaghdun [Mullaghadun] 1
O’FICHAN Patrick Tulliedoner [Tullyodonnell] 1
O’FURFIE Patrick Cavanlelas? 1
O’HAGAN Henry Kingarve 1
O’HUGH Art Boy Killenaule [Killyneill] 1
O’HUGH Thomas Cavanlelas? 1
O’HULLEN [O’MULLEN?] Hugh ..........prow? 1
O’HULLIN [O’MULLIN?] Shan ..........prow? 1
O’KEANY Brian Dungannon 1
O’LAPAN Owen Coolchill [Coolhill] 1
PAGGAN Alexander Dungannon 2
PEASLEY Andrew Dungannon 1
ROBINSON Edward Terenstill [Torren Hill?] 1
SCOTT John Dungannon 1
SMALE Hugh Dungannon 1
TATE Mathew Dungannon 1
WALKER John Dungannon 1
WARRING John Dungannon 1
WELCH Robert Tullarillin [Tullycullion] 1
WELSE Patrick Coolchill [Coolhill] 1