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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Inch Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see


No. Townland
1 Ballynakilly
2 Baylet
3 Bohillion or Glack
4 Carnaghan
5 Carrickanee
6 Castle Quarter
7 Grange
8 Moress


Inch Island, Co. Donegal. Map: Google Maps



ANDERSON John Carnaghan
ANDERSON John Glack, or Bohullion
ANDERSON Joseph Ballynakilly
ANDERSON Joseph Carrickanee
ANDERSON Joseph Moress
ANDERSON Nathaniel Castlequarter
ANDERSON Rev. James Carrickanee
ANDERSON Thomas Carnaghan
ARMOR Elizabeth L. Carnaghan
BELL Jeremiah Carrickanee
BELL William Carrickanee
BOYLE Hugh Ballynakilly
BOYLE Hugh Grange
BOYLE Hugh Moress
BRADLEY William Baylet
BRASSY Not given Inch Level (Intake)
BRYCE James Carnaghan
BRYCE William Carnaghan
CAMPBELL Patrick Carnaghan
CAMPBELL William Carrickanee
CARSWELL Henry Glack, or Bohullion
COLHOUN Isaac Moress
CRAIG Alexander Castlequarter
CRAIG Alexander Glack, or Bohullion
CRAIG Alexander Grange
CRAIG Charles Castlequarter
CRAIG James Carnaghan
CRAIG John Ballynakilly
CRAIG John Grange
CRAIG Patrick Ballynakilly
CRAIG Patrick Grange
CRAIG Patrick, Sr. Grange
CRAIG Sarah Grange
CRESWELL Henry Baylet
CRESWELL Henry Castlequarter
CRESWELL James Castlequarter
CRESWELL Thomas Carrickanee
CRESWELL Thomas Moress
CROSSON John Glack, or Bohullion
DENNY James Ballynakilly
DENNY Letitia Grange
DERMOTT Patrick Moress
DERMOTT Thomas Carrickanee
DERMOTT Thomas Castlequarter
DOGHERTY Charles Ballynakilly
DOGHERTY George Baylet
DOGHERTY Henry Ballynakilly
DOGHERTY James Baylet
DOGHERTY James Grange
DOGHERTY Joseph Ballynakilly
DOHERTY John Ballynakilly
DONNELL Robert Carnaghan
DUFFY Edward Glack, or Bohullion
DURNING Charles Grange
DURNING Sarah Grange
EWING James Carnaghan
EWING Robert Carnaghan
FARRIS James Carrickanee
FARRY Mary Glack, or Bohullion
FLEMING Elizabeth Ballynakilly
FLEMING Fitzgerald Grange
FLEMING Fitzgerald Moress
FLEMING James Grange
FLEMING James Moress
FLEMING John Ballynakilly
FLEMING John Baylet
FLEMING John Glack, or Bohullion
FLEMING John Moress
FLEMING William Baylet
FLEMING William Castlequarter
GALLAGHER Daniel Carrickanee
GALLAGHER Edward Ballynakilly
GREENE William Ballynakilly
GREY Martha Carnaghan
GRIFFIN Patrick Grange
HAGAN Patrick Moress
HAGARTY John Ballynakilly
HAGARTY William Carnaghan
HENEGAN James Grange
HODGE Andrew Carrickanee
HODGE James Carrickanee
HODGE Mary Carrickanee
HODGE Thomas Baylet
KELLY Andrew Carrickanee
LOGHERY George Grange
McCAFFERTY James Carnaghan
McCLEAN Sarah Grange
McCOLLUM Charles Grange
McCONOMY Patrick Castlequarter
McCORMACK James Ballynakilly
McCORMACK John Glack, or Bohullion
McCORMACK William Baylet
McCORMACK William Carrickanee
McCORMACK William Inch Level (Intake)
McCULLAGH Patrick Moress
McDERMOTT John Grange
McDERMOTT Mary Grange
McDERMOTT Samuel Grange
McDEVITT William Ballynakilly
McDOWELL John Baylet
McDOWELL Thomas Carrickanee
McDOWELL William Baylet
McGAHY James Baylet
McGARVEY Charles Grange
McGARVEY John Grange
McGLASHEN Alexander Ballynakilly
McGLASHEN Eleanor Ballynakilly
McGLASHEN James Carnaghan
McGLASHEN John, Jr. Ballynakilly
McGLASHEN John, Sr. Ballynakilly
McGRORY James Glack, or Bohullion
McGRORY Michael Castlequarter
McGRORY Patrick Glack, or Bohullion
McINTYRE Hugh Grange
McINTYRE John Ballynakilly
McLOUGHLIN Catherine Carnaghan
McLOUGHLIN William Carnaghan
McMICKLE James Glack, or Bohullion
McMICKLE James Grange
McSWYNE Edward Ballynakilly
McTIER Edward Moress
MORRISSON John Ballynakilly
O'DONNELL Charles Carrickanee
PORTER Alexander Carrickanee
PORTER Elizabeth Carrickanee
RAMSAY James Carrickanee
RAMSAY Robert Carrickanee
ROBINSON Joseph Moress
SHARKEY Edward Ballynakilly
STARRATT Mary Grange
SWEENY Catherine Carnaghan
SWEENY James Ballynakilly
SWEENY John Castlequarter
SWEENY John Glack, or Bohullion
TEMPLEMORE Lord Carrickanee
TOLAND Edward Ballynakilly


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