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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Drumragh Parish (Omagh), Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The background to, and explanation of the importance of c1860 Griffiths Valuation can be found here, also images of all entries

Griffith's Valuation (

A further essential valuation for Drumragh parish is the 1830 Tithe Applotment Book

Drumragh Parish, Co. Tyrone. Courtesy of 



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghadulla Aghaleag Aghee Aghnamoyle
Backfarm Ballygowan Ballynahatty Beagh
Blacksessagh Botera Lower Botera Upper Cavanacaw
Cavanacaw Lower Cavanacaw Upper Clanabogan Lower Clanabogan Upper
Cloghog Lower Cloghog Upper Coolnagard Lower Coolnagard Upper
Corlea Cornabracken Corradinna Creevangar (Alexander)
Creevangar (White) Creevanmore (Crosby) Creevanmore (Hunter) Crucknamona
Culbuck Culmore Deer Park (Clarke) Deer Park (McCormick)
Dergmoney Lower Dergmoney Upper Doogary Drudgeon
Drum Drumconnelly Drumragh (Caldwell) Drumragh (J. McCausland)
Drumragh (P. McCausland) Drumshanly Dunwish Edergoole Lower
Edergoole Upper Fireagh(Cochrane) Fireagh (Gardiner) Fireagh (Thompson)
Freughmore Gammy Garvagh Gillygooly
Gortmore Gortrush Kilmore Kiltamnagh
Kivlin Lammy Lissan Loughmuck (Alcorn)
Loughmuck (Wallace) Meetinghouse Hill Mullagharn Mullagharn (Young)
Mullaghmenagh Lower Mullaghmenagh Upper Mullaghmore Mullanatoomog
Omagh Rakeeragh Relaghdooey Riverstown
Rylands Sedennan Stroancarbadagh Tamlaght
Tarlum Tattykeel Tattykeel (Buchannan) Tattykeel (Rogers)
Tattyreagh Glebe Tattysallagh Tullycunny  




Surname Given Name Townland
ADAMS Eliza Mullanatoomog
ADAMS Robert Dergmoney Lower
ADAMS Robert Main Street, Omagh
AIKENS Isaac Tattysallagh
ALCORN Andrew Laughmuck (Wallace)
ALCORN Andrew Loughmuck (Alcorn)
ALCORN Armer Gammy
ALCORN Armer Loughmuck (Alcorn)
ALCORN Armour Laughmuck (Wallace)
ALCORN James Coolnagard Lower
ALCORN James Culmore
ALCORN James Main Street, Omagh
ALCORN Joseph Gammy
ALCORN Joseph Laughmuck (Wallace)
ALCORN Joseph Loughmuck (Alcorn)
ALCORN Mary Main Street, Omagh
ALCORN William Ballynahatty
ALCORN William Gammy
ALEXANDER David Tamlaght
ALEXANDER James Culbuck
ALEXANDER James F. Main Street, Omagh
ALEXANDER John Cloghog Lower
ALEXANDER Patrick Tamlaght
ALEXANDER Samuel Cloghog Lower
ALEXANDER Thomas Culbuck
ALEXANDER Thomas Tarlum
ALEXANDER William Fireagh (Thompson)
ALLEN George Mullagharn
ALLEN Isabella Main Street, Omagh
ALLEN John Aghadulla
ALLEN John Tattysallagh
ALLEN Thomas Tattysallagh
ALLEN William Tattysallagh
ALOAN James Aghnamoyle
ALOAN John Dunwish
ALOAN Michael Aghnamoyle
ANDERSON Anne Tattykeel
ANDERSON John Mullaghmore
ANDERSON Robert Mullaghmore
ANDREWS John Church Street, Omagh
ANDREWS Margaret Lammy
ANDREWS Robert Lammy
ANDREWS William Tattyreagh Glebe
ANTHONY John Mullaghmenagh Upper
ARMOR John Kilmore
ARMSTRONG Andrew Loughmuck (Alcorn)
ARMSTRONG Andrew Mullaghmore
ARMSTRONG James Tamlaght
ARMSTRONG James Tattykeel
ARMSTRONG John Blacksessiagh
ARNOLD Rev. John Kivlin
ARNOLD Rev. John Lissan
ARTHUR James K. Beagh
ARTHUR James K. Edergoole Lower
ARTHUR James K. Edergoole Upper
ARTHUR James K. Kiltamnagh
ARTHUR Jas. K. Ballynahatty
ARTHUR Jas. K. Coolnagard Lower
ARTHUR Jas. K. Culmore
ARTHUR Jas. K. Drumshanly
ARTHUR Jas. K. Gammy
ARTHUR Jas. K. Gortmore
ARTHUR Jas. K. Gortrush
ARTHUR Jas. K. Loughmuck (Alcorn)
ARTHUR Jas. K. Meeting House Hill, Omagh
ARTHUR Jas. K. Mullaghmenagh Upper
ARTHUR Jas. K. Rylands
ARTHUR Jas. K. Sedennan
ASHFIELD Knox Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
ASHFIELD Knox Gortmore
ATWELL Joseph Mullaghmore
AUCHINLECK Reps. Danl. McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
BAIRD John Loughmuck (Alcorn)
BAIRD Moses Mullagharn
BALLANTINE Archibald Deerpark (Clarke)
BALLANTINE Charles Botera Lower
BALLANTINE Hamilton Botera Lower
BALLANTINE Hamilton Deerpark (Clarke)
BARBER George Drumragh (Caldwell)
BARBER John Drumragh (Caldwell)
BARNWELL Richard Relaghdooey
BARRETT Charles Aghadulla
BARRETT Denis Aghadulla
BARRETT James Aghadulla
BARRETT John, Jun. Aghadulla
BARRETT John, Sen. Aghadulla
BARRETT Patk. Aghadulla
BARRETT Patrick, Jun. Aghadulla
BARRETT Ptk. Aghadulla
BASS Rev. James Church Street, Omagh
BATES Francis Lissan
BATES Robert Rylands
BAXTER Daniel Drumragh (J. McCausland)
BAXTER George Tamlaght
BAXTER James Tamlaght
BAXTER Joseph Drumragh (J. McCausland)
BEATTIE Rev. John The Diamond, Omagh
BEATTY Alexander Ballygowan
BEATTY Eliza Gillygooly
BEATTY Irwin Doogary
BEATTY Joseph Aghnamoyle
BEATTY William Gillygooly
BELL David Cloghog Upper
BELL Dawson Dergmoney Lower
BELL John Tattyreagh Glebe
BELL Richard Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
BELL Robert New Street, Omagh
BENSON Thomas Deerpark (McCormick)
BENSTON Thomas Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
BERGIN John Main Street, Omagh
BIRNEY John Church Street, Omagh
BLACK Rev. John Aghnamoyle
BLACKBURNE Robert Tarlum
BLAIR McCrea Drybridge St., Omagh
BOND William Kilmore
BOOTH Christopher Loughmuck (Alcorn)
BOOTH George Gortmore
BOOTH George The Diamond, Omagh
BOOTHE John Blacksessiagh
BOOTHE John Maxwell Blacksessiagh
BOOTHE William Blacksessiagh
BOYCE John Mullaghmenagh Upper
BOYLE Anne Culmore
BOYLE Anne Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
BOYLE Anne New Street, Omagh
BOYLE Edward Drybridge St., Omagh
BOYLE James Dergmoney Upper
BOYLE John Omagh Main Street, Omagh
BOYLE Peter Gillygooly
BRADLEY Edward Mullaghmore
BRADLEY Hugh Relaghdooey
BRADLEY John Lane off Hospital Road, Omagh
BRADLEY Patrick Culmore
BRADLEY Peter Mullaghmore
BRADLEY Robert Dergmoney Lower
BRADLEY Robert Main Street, Omagh
BRADY Mary Cavanacaw Lower
BRANDON Thomas New Street, Omagh
BREADON Isaac Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
BREARTY Bridget Botera Lower
BREEN Henry Tattykeel
BREEN James Tattyreagh Glebe
BREEN John Creevangar (Alexander)
BREEN John Tattykeel
BREEN Robert Ballygowan
BRENNAN Thomas Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
BRERETON James Dergmoney Lower
BRERETON James Dergmoney Upper
BRICKWOOD William Dergmoney Lower
BRODERICK Bryan Stroancarbadagh
BRODERICK James Kiltamnagh
BRODERICK James Stroancarbadagh
BRODERICK Michael Kiltamnagh
BRODERICK Patrick Stroancarbadagh
BRODERICK Sarah Stroancarbadagh
BROWN Fanny Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
BROWN James Aghnamoyle
BROWN William Corlea
BROWNE Andrew Tattykeel (Rogers)
BROWNE Beaver Tattykeel (Rogers)
BROWNE Edmund New Street, Omagh
BROWNE James Pound Lane, off Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
BROWNE William Main Street, Omagh
BRUCE Henry H., Sir, Bart. Drum
BRUCE Henry H., Sir, Bart. Freughmore
BUCHANAN George Tattykeel (Buchannan)
BUCHANAN John B. Main Street, Omagh
BUCHANAN Rev. John Kiltamnagh
BUCKWOOD William Dergmoney Lower
BURKE John Bridge Street, Omagh
BURNETT George Dergmoney Lower
BURNETT John Aghee
BURNETT John Main Street, Omagh
BURNETT Robert Hill Street, Omagh
BURNETT Robt. New Street, Omagh
BURNS Andrew Fireagh (Cochrane)
BURNS James Tamlaght
BURNS John Irishtown, Omagh
BURNS Samuel Gortmore
BURNS Samuel Main Street, Omagh
BURNS Samuel Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
CALDWELL Catherine Botera Lower
CALDWELL James Tattykeel (Rogers)
CALDWELL John Cloghog Upper
CALDWELL John Corlea
CALDWELL John Drumragh (Caldwell)
CALDWELL John Lissan
CALDWELL Sarah Relaghdooey
CALDWELL Thomas Culmore
CALDWELL William Tattykeel (Rogers)
CALLAGHAN Margaret Dergmoney Upper
CAMPBELL Alexander Culmore
CAMPBELL Alexander Gortmore
CAMPBELL Alexander Gortrush
CAMPBELL Anne Loughmuck (Alcorn)
CAMPBELL Bernard Aghadulla
CAMPBELL Charles Aghadulla
CAMPBELL Edward Gortmore
CAMPBELL James Drybridge St., Omagh
CAMPBELL John Bridge Street, Omagh
CAMPBELL John Kivlin
CAMPBELL Margaret Loughmuck (Alcorn)
CAMPBELL Mary Aghadulla
CAMPBELL Michael Aghadulla
CAMPBELL Michael Drybridge St., Omagh
CAMPBELL Owen Aghadulla
CAMPBELL Patrick Tattysallagh
CAMPBELL Robert Aghadulla
CAMPBELL Robert Market Street, Omagh
CAMPBELL Robert Tattysallagh
CAMPBELL Thomas Drumragh (Caldwell)
CAMPBELL William Tattyreagh Glebe
CARGO James The Diamond, Omagh
CARLAND Hugh Bridge Street, Omagh
CARMICHAEL John Market Street, Omagh
CARNAN Patrick Ballynahatty
CARNEY Felix Clanabogan Upper
CARSON Charles Mullaghmore
CARSON John Dergmoney Lower
CARSON John Main Street, Omagh
CARSON John Mullaghmore
CARSON Nathaniel Main Street Omagh
CARSON Robert Corlea
CARSON Thomas Clanabogan Upper
CARSON William Beagh
CARSON William Corlea
CARSON William Doogary
CARSWELL Andrew Tamlaght
CARTER Richard Main Street, Omagh
CARTON Matthew Fireagh (Thompson)
CASSIDY Francis Culmore
CASSIDY Francis New Street, Omagh
CASSIDY Mary Drybridge St., Omagh
CASSIDY Michael Botera Upper
CASSIDY Neal Botera Upper
CASSIDY Owen Tattyreagh Glebe
CASSIDY Rosanna Mullaghmore
CATHER John Main Street, Omagh
CAVANAGH Felix Main Street, Omagh
CHAMBERS Samuel Freughmore
CHAPMAN Rev. John B. Tattyreagh Glebe
CHARLTON Henry Crucknamona
CHARLTON Sarah Crucknamona
CHARLTON Sarah Tullycunny
CHISHOLM Robert Ballygowan
CHITTICK George, Jun. Aghadulla
CHITTICK George, Sen. Aghadulla
CLARKE Anne McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
CLARKE William Aghnamoyle
CLEARY Mary Drumconnelly
CLEMENTS John Lissan
CLEMENTS Margaret Dergmoney Lower
CLEMENTS Margaret Main Street, Omagh
CLOPHEL [KLOPHEL] Caroline Hill Street, Omagh
COCHRAN William Mullaghmore
COLHOUN Crawford Drybridge St., Omagh
COLHOUN John The Diamond, Omagh
COLHOUN William Dergmoney Lower, Omagh
COLHOUN William Drybridge St., Omagh
COLL Michael Drumconnelly
COLL Patrick Tamlaght
COLL Thomas Main Street, Omagh
COLLINS James Mullaghmore
COLLINS Thomas Freughmore
COLLINS Thomas, Sen. Freughmore
COLLINS William Gortmore
CONNOR Hugh Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
CONNOR Patrick Church Street, Omagh
CONNORS John Tattykeel
CONROY James Mullaghmore
CONROY Mary Main Street, Omagh
CONWAY James Coolnagard Upper
CONWAY Mary Ballygowan
CONWAY Mary Lammy
CONWAY Peter Gortmore
CONWAY Rose Dergmoney Lower
CONWAY William Ballygowan
COOPER James Beagh
COPE Robert The Parade, Gortmore, Omagh
CORBETT Anthony Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
CORR John Creevangar (White)
CORR Patrick New Street, Omagh
CORR Thomas Creevangar (White)
COSTELLOE Charles McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
COSTELLOE James Fountain Lane, off Hill Street, Omagh
COULSON Robert D. Gortmore
COULSON Robert D. Gortmore Road, Omagh
COULTER Hugh Aghadulla
COULTER John Garvagh
COULTER John Lammy
COULTER Mary Aghadulla
COULTER Robert Ballygowan
COULTER Robert Cornabracken
COULTER Robert Culmore
COULTER Robert Culmore
COULTER Robert Lammy
COYLE Francis Gillygooly
COYLE James, Jun. Mullanatoomog
COYLE James, Sen. Mullanatoomog
COYLE John Mullaghmore
COYLE Robert Mullaghmore
CRAWFORD Daniel Rakeeragh
CRAWFORD Eliza New Street, Omagh
CRAWFORD Hugh Rakeeragh
CRAWFORD Hugh Tullycunny
CRAWFORD James Riverstown
CRAWFORD James Tarlum
CRAWFORD John Cavanacaw Upper
CRAWFORD John Dergmoney Lower
CRAWFORD John Freughmore
CRAWFORD John Main Street, Omagh
CRAWFORD Sarah Freughmore
CRAWFORD William Corlea
CRAWFORD William Freughmore
CRAWFORD William Main Street, Omagh
CRAWFORD William Pound Lane, off Drybridge St., Omagh
CREADY Alexander Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
CREAN William Dergmoney Lower
CROSBY Edward Creevanmore (Crosby)
CROSBY Edward Rakeeragh
CROSBY Eliza Crucknamona
CROSBY Eliza Lammy
CROSBY James Drudgeon
CROSBY John Creevanmore (Crosby)
CROSBY Robert Creevanmore (Hunter)
CROSBY Samuel Creevanmore (Hunter)
CROSBY Samuel Lammy
CULLEN Hugh Mullaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Mark Aghadulla
CUNNINGHAM Mark Clanabogan Upper
CUNNINGHAM Samuel Clanabogan Upper
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Aghadulla
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Clanabogan Lower
CURRAN John Fountain Lane, Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
CURRY Andrew Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
CUTHBERTSON Samuel Freughmore
DALY James Market Street, Omagh
DALY Patrick Bridge Street, Omagh
DALY Terence Hill Street, Omagh
DARCY Michael Mullaghmenagh Upper
DAWSON Hugh Tattyreagh Glebe
DEAZLY John Mullagharn (Young)
DELANY Catherine Freughmore
DELANY Michael Drybridge St., Omagh
DELAP James Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
DENNY Henry Dergmoney Lower
DENNY Henry New Street, Omagh
DEVANS Bernard Tattyreagh Glebe
DEVINE Cormack Coolnagard Upper
DEVINE Edward Drybridge St., Omagh
DEVINE John Market Street, Omagh
DEVLIN Mary Dergmoney Lower
DEVLIN Mary Main Street, Omagh
DEVLIN Terence Drybridge St., Omagh
DIVINE Bernard Drybridge St., Omagh
DOAK Anthony Drumragh (P. McCausland)
DOAK William Drumragh (Caldwell)
DOGHERTY Edward Tattysallagh
DOGHERTY Hugh Gortmore
DOGHERTY John Deerpark (Clarke)
DOGHERTY John Drybridge St., Omagh
DOGHERTY Rody Deerpark (McCormick)
DOHERTY Michael Edergoole Lower
DOHERTY Owen Edergoole Lower
DONAGHY Bernard Mullanatoomog
DONAGHY George Gillygooly
DONAGHY John Botera Upper
DONAGHY John Bridge Street, Omagh
DONAGHY Mary Culmore
DONAGHY Mary Hill Street, Omagh
DONAGHY Michael Mullaghmore
DONAGHY Owen Bridge Street, Omagh
DONNELLY Bernard Main Street, Omagh
DONNELLY Bryan Tattyreagh Glebe
DONNELLY Charles Mullaghmore
DONNELLY Hugh Tattyreagh Glebe
DONNELLY James Cornabracken
DONNELLY James Culmore
DONNELLY Jane Gortrush
DONNELLY John Coolnagard Upper
DONNELLY John Dergmoney Lower
DONNELLY John Dergmoney Lower
DONNELLY John Gortmore
DONNELLY John Gortmore Road, Omagh
DONNELLY John Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
DONNELLY John Mullaghmore
DONNELLY John Sedennan
DONNELLY Michael Mullaghmore
DONNELLY Patrick Dergmoney Lower
DONNELLY Patrick Mullagharn
DONNELLY Peter Deerpark (McCormick)
DOOLAN Charles Rylands
DORAN Denis Gortmore
DORCY [DARCY?] Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
DOWDALL John Drybridge St., Omagh
DOYLE Bridget Tamlaght
DOYLE Peter Fountain Lane, Omagh
DUDGEON Eliza Mullaghmore
DUFFY Francis Gortmore
DUNCAN Andrew Relaghdooey
DUNCAN Daniel Mullaghmore
DUNCAN Robert Cloghog Upper
DUNLOP Henry Gortrush
DUNNE Isaac Mullaghmenagh Upper
DUNNE Margaret McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
DURROW Robert Rakeeragh
EARLY Thomas Cavanacaw
EARLY William Mullaghmore
EDGAR Archibald Aghadulla
EDGAR John Aghadulla
EDGAR William Aghadulla
ELKIN Daniel Culbuck
ELKIN David Culbuck
ELKIN David, Jun. Tarlum
ELKIN David, Sen. Tarlum
ELKIN Francis Mullanatoomog
ELKIN Joseph Mullanatoomog
ELKIN Margaret Aghaleag
ELKIN Robert Gillygooly
ELKIN William Cloghog Upper
ELKIN William Tarlum
ELLIOTT William Dergmoney Lower
ELLIOTT William Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
ELLIOTT William Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
ELLIOTT William New Street, Omagh
ELLIS William Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
FARNAN Catherine Drumshanly
FARNAN Denis New Street, Omagh
FARNAN John Beagh
FARNAN John Drybridge St., Omagh
FARNAN Michael Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
FARNAN Patrick Beagh
FARNAN Patrick Deerpark (Clarke)
FARNAN Patrick Tamlaght
FARRELL James Mullaghmore
FAY Patrick Drumragh (Caldwell)
FERGUSON James Botera Upper
FERGUSON Jonathan Main Street, Omagh
FERGUSON Robert New Street, Omagh
FERRIS Charles Mullaghmore
FERRIS John Mullaghmenagh Upper
FINNIGAN John Gillygooly
FLANIGAN Joseph Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
FLEMING Hans Main Street, Omagh
FORBES Anne Tattysallagh
FORBES James Tattysallagh
FORBES Mary Tattysallagh
FORBES Thomas Tarlum
FORD Patrick Drum
FORSYTH Samuel Creevanmore (Hunter)
FOX Charles Culmore
FOX Charles Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
FOX Mary Main Street, Omagh
FRAINE John Kiltamnagh
FRANCY Robert Market St., Omagh
FRAVEY [FRANCY?] John Mullanatoomog
FRAZER Catherine Gammy
FRAZER Ellen Gortrush
FRAZER John Gortmore
FULLERTON Robert Dergmoney Lower
FYFFE David Dunwish
FYFFE John Dunwish
FYFFE William Kiltamnagh
FYFFE William Mullanatoomog
GAHAN Hugh McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
GALBRAITH Samuel Ballynahatty
GALBRAITH Samuel Church Street, Omagh
GALBRAITH Samuel Clanabogan Lower
GALBRAITH Samuel Clanabogan Upper
GALBRAITH Samuel Creevanmore (Hunter)
GALBRAITH Samuel Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
GALLAGHER Francis Gortmore
GALLAGHER Francis Hill St., Omagh
GALLAGHER James Freughmore
GALLAGHER Neal Botera Upper
GALLAGHER Patrick Hill St., Omagh
GALLAGHER Sarah Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
GALLAGHER William Main Street, Omagh
GARDINER James Gortmore
GARDINER Samuel Hill St., Omagh
GAY Ellen Tattysallagh
GAY William Aghadulla
GERVAN John Dergmoney Lower
GIBSON George Mullaghmenagh Lower
GIBSON George Mullaghmenagh Upper
GIBSON John Edergoole Upper
GILMORE Alexander Garvagh
GILMORE Thomas Kilmore
GLACKEN Ellen Edergoole Upper
GLASS Galbraith Gillygooly
GOOGAN John Aghadulla
GORDAN George Fireagh (Gardiner)
GORMAN Charles Drybridge St., Omagh
GORMAN Chas. Drybridge St., Omagh
GORMAN Edward Creevangar (Alexander)
GORMAN Henry Tattykeel (Rogers)
GORMAN James Tattyreagh Glebe
GORMAN Michael Tattyreagh Glebe
GORMAN Patrick Tattykeel (Rogers)
GORMAN Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
GORMAN Peter Drum
GORMLEY Catherine Aghadulla
GORMLEY James Drum
GORMLEY James Mullaghmore
GORMLEY John Doogary
GORMLEY John Freughmore
GORMLEY John Main Street, Omagh
GORMLEY Patrick Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
GORMLEY Sarah Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
GRAHAM Andrew The Diamond, Omagh
GRAHAM Anne Drudgeon
GRAHAM Benjamin Gillygooly
GRAHAM George Doogary
GRAHAM James Aghee
GRAHAM James Cavanacaw Upper
GRAHAM James Kilmore
GRAHAM John Dunwish
GRAHAM John Kilmore
GRAHAM Joseph Main Street, Omagh
GRAHAM Michael Rakeeragh
GRAHAM Neal Freughmore
GRAHAM Terence Doogary
GRAHAM Thomas Dergmoney Lower
GRAHAM William Backfarm
GRAHAM William Doogary
GRAHAM William Dunwish
GRASCIE Archibald Drybridge St., Omagh
GRAY David Main Street, Omagh
GRAY Samuel Hospital Road, Omagh
GREENE James Dergmoney Lower
GREER Elizabeth Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
GREER Elizabeth Dergmoney Lower
GREER Elizabeth Main Street, Omagh
GREER Elizabeth Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
GREER James Culmore
GREER James Gortmore
GREER James Gortrush
GREER James Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
GREER James Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
GREER James, Jun. Main Street, Omagh
GREER James, Sen. Main Street, Omagh
GREER Jas. Main Street, Omagh
GREER Jas. New Street, Omagh
GREER John Hospital Rd., Meeting-House-Hill, Omagh
GRENNAN James Tamlaght
GRENNAN John Cavanacaw Lower
GRIER James Culmore
GRIER Letitia Sedennan
GROGAN Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
GUIGGAN Patrick Drumconnelly
HACKETT Eliza McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
HACKETT Jane Drybridge St., Omagh
HALCROW Eliza Dergmoney Lower
HALCROW Elizabeth Dergmoney Lower
HALL James Dergmoney Lower
HALL Robert Dergmoney Lower
HAMILTON Andrew Gortmore
HAMILTON Elizabeth Brook Street, Omagh
HAMILTON Elizabeth Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
HAMILTON Elizabeth Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
HAMILTON John Bridge Street, Omagh
HAMILTON William Beagh
HAMILTON William Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
HARKIN Catherine Dergmoney Lower
HARKIN Catherine Dergmoney Lower, Omagh
HARKIN Catherine Main Street, Omagh
HARKIN Reps. Michael Drybridge, St., Omagh
HARKIN Thomas Main Street, Omagh
HARKINS Catherine Gortmore
HART Peter Aghaleag
HARVEY Thomas Irishtown, Omagh
HATTON Michael Main Street, Omagh
HAUGHERY John Botera Lower
HAUGHERY John Drybridge St., Omagh
HAUGHEY Felix Clanabogan Lower
HAUGHEY James Ballygowan
HEALY John Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
HEGARTY John Cloghog Lower
HENDERSON William Main Street, Omagh
HENDERSON William Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
HENDERSON Wm. Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
HENIGAN Patrick Aghadulla
HENIGAN Ptk. Aghadulla
HENIGAN William Gillygooly
HENRY Patrick Bridge Street, Omagh
HENRY Thomas Main Street, Omagh
HETHERINGTON David Drybridge St., Omagh
HIGGINS Andrew James Ballygowan
HIGGINS James Tamlaght
HIGGINS William Cornabracken
HIGGINS William Hill Street, Omagh
HILL Anne Jane Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
HILL Joseph Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
HILLY Francis Church Street, Omagh
HILLY Patrick Hill Street, Omagh
HODGET Richard McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
HOFFERY Arthur Mullaghmore
HOLMES Allen Mullagharn
HOLMES George Kilmore
HOLMES John Kilmore
HOLMES Robert Culmore
HOLMES Robert Drybridge St., Omagh
HOLMES Robert Gortmore
HOLMES Robert Gortrush
HOOD Robert Gortmore
HOOD Robert The Diamond, Omagh
HOUGHRY John Gortrush
HOUGHY James Botera Upper
HOUGHY Neal Mullagharn
HOUGHY Sarah Mullagharn
HOUSTON James Main Street, Omagh
HOUSTON John Ballynahatty
HOUSTON John Dergmoney Lower
HOUSTON John Dergmoney Upper
HOUSTON John Edergoole Upper
HOUSTON John Gortrush
HOUSTON John The Diamond, Omagh
HOUSTON John, Jun. Edergoole Upper
HOUSTON John, Sen. Edergoole Upper
HOUSTON Patrick Drumconnelly
HOUSTON William Edergoole Upper
HOWLETT Joseph Kilmore
HUGHES Jane Mullaghmore
HUNT Michael Drumragh (P. McCausland)
HUNTER Eliza Gortmore
HUNTER John Drumragh (Caldwell)
HUNTER Luke Beagh
HUNTER Martha Lammy
HUNTER Matthew Creevanmore (Hunter)
HUNTER William Ballynahatty
HURST James Bridge Street, Omagh
HYNDMAN John Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
IRONS James Tattykeel
IRWIN Charles Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
IRWIN John Blacksessiagh
IRWIN William Loughmuck (Alcorn)
JACK Andrew Edergoole Lower
JACK Grier Aghnamoyle
JACK Robert Aghnamoyle
JACKSON Joseph Mullaghmore
JAMIESON Andrew Garvagh
JOHNSON William Freughmore
JOHNSTON Andrew Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
JOHNSTON Anne Backfarm
JOHNSTON Bridget Drumragh (Caldwell)
JOHNSTON Ellen Kiltamnagh
JOHNSTON Jane Main Street, Omagh
JOHNSTON John Hill Street, Omagh
JOHNSTON Noble, Jun. Edergoole Lower
JOHNSTON Noble, Sen. Edergoole Lower
JOHNSTON Roger Drumragh (Caldwell)
JOHNSTON William Gortmore
JOHNSTON William New Street, Omagh
JONES David Lane off Hospital Road, Omagh
JONES William see TONES  
KANE James Cavanacaw Lower
KANE Jane Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
KANE John Deerpark (Clarke)
KANE Peter Aghee
KANE Rose Culmore
KANE Thomas Deerpark (Clarke)
KEARNEY Felix Tattysallagh
KEARNEY Matthew Kiltamnagh
KEARNEY Michael Tattysallagh
KEARNEY Owen Tattysallagh
KEARNEY Patrick Aghadulla
KEARNS Thomas Fireagh (Thompson)
KEENAN James Dergmoney Lower
KELLIE James & Co. Main Street, Omagh
KELLY Charles Gortmore
KELLY John Doogary
KELLY John Main Street, Omagh
KELLY Michael Blacksessiagh
KELLY Michael Mullaghmore
KELLY Patrick Dergmoney Lower
KELLY Patrick The Diamond, Omagh
KELLY Robert Aghaleag
KELLY Sarah Church Street, Omagh
KELLY William Fountain Lane, Omagh
KELLY William Freughmore
KELSO James Tattysallagh
KENNEDY Patrick Drum
KENNY William Dergmoney Lower
KERNAN Ellen Tattykeel
KERNAN John New Street, Omagh
KILPATRICK William Main Street, Omagh
KINCAID Eliza Tarlum
KINCAID John Aghaleag
KINCAID Robert Relaghdooey
KING Anne Garvagh
KING Anne Main Street, Omagh
KING John Tattysallagh
KIRK Andrew Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
KYLE John Creevangar (Alexander)
LAFFERTY James Ballygowan
LAFFERTY John Ballygowan
LAFFERTY Owen Tamlaght
LAIRD David Botera Lower
LAIRD William Tarlum
LAMBERT John Garvagh
LAPPIN Patrick Bridge Street, Omagh
LATTIMER Eliza Mullaghmore
LAW Martha Main Street, Omagh
LEMMON Hugh Mullagharn
LEVISON [LIVINGSTON] George Mullaghmore
LEYDONE Thomas Gortmore
LINDON George Gortmore
LINDSAY Andrew Dunwish
LINDSAY John Creevanmore (Hunter)
LINDSAY Mitchell Mullagharn
LINDSAY Thomas Aghnamoyle
LINDSAY Thomas Tamlaght
LINDSAY William Mullagharn
LITTLE John Mullaghmore
LOGUE Catherine Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
LOGUE John Bridge Street, Omagh
LONGDEN James Drumragh (Caldwell)
LOUGHLIN James L. Kilmore
LOUGHREY George Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
LOVE Anne Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
LOVE Benjamin Mullaghmenagh Upper
LOVE James Kilmore
LOVE Robert Cornabracken
LOVE Robert Culmore
LOVE Robert Mullaghmenagh Upper
LOVE William Aghaleag
LOVE William Edergoole Upper
LOVE William S. Church Street, Omagh
LOWRY Samuel Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
LUNDIE William The Parade, Gortmore, Omagh
LUNNY Mary Backfarm
LYNCH Charles Clanabogan Lower
LYNCH Hugh Gortmore
LYNCH James Tattyreagh Glebe
LYNCH William Bridge Street, Omagh
LYONS Henry Cavanacaw Lower
MACKAY Wm. Coolnagard Upper
MACKAY Wm. Dergmoney Lower
MACKEN James Tattyreagh Glebe
MACRORY Arthur Drumshanly
MACRORY Arthur Freughmore
MACRORY Bridget The Diamond, Omagh
MACRORY James Deerpark (Clarke)
MACRORY James Freughmore
MACRORY James Tamlaght
MACRORY John Doogary
MACRORY Patrick Drybridge St., Omagh
MACRORY Peter Backfarm
MACRORY Thomas Mullaghmore
MACRORY William Gortrush
MAGEE Charles Deerpark (McCormick)
MAGEE John Cavanacaw Lower
MAGEE Margaret Garvagh
MAGENNIS Michael Hospital Road, Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MAGINN Alice Drum
MAGINN Arthur Tattysallagh
MAGINN Bernard Drum
MAGINN Charles Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MAGINN Charles Gortmore
MAGINN Charles Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MAGINN Cornelius Gortmore
MAGINN Daniel Drum
MAGINN Edward Drum
MAGINN Edward Tattysallagh
MAGINN Francis Drum
MAGINN Henry Drum
MAGINN James Tattyreagh Glebe
MAGINN John Culmore
MAGINN John Drum
MAGINN John Relaghdooey
MAGINN John Tattyreagh Glebe
MAGINN John Tattysallagh
MAGINN Launcelot Tattysallagh
MAGINN Michael Ballygowan
MAGINN Michael Drum
MAGINN Michael Edergoole Lower
MAGINN Michael Relaghdooey
MAGINN Michael Tattysallagh
MAGINN Patrick Drum
MAGINN Patrick Drumconnelly
MAGINN Patrick Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MAGINN Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
MAGINN Patrick, Jun. Tattyreagh Glebe
MAGINN Peter Drum
MAGINN Peter Drumragh (P. McCausland)
MAGINN Rose Drum
MAGINN Sarah Tullycunny
MAGINN Stephen Drum
MAGINN William Tattyreagh Glebe
MAGINNIS Michael Dergmoney Lower
MAGUIRE Bernard Main Street, Omagh
MAGUIRE Charles Pound Lane, Gortmore, Omagh
MAGUIRE Daniel Brook Street, Omagh
MAGUIRE Daniel Pound Lane, Gortmore, Omagh
MAGUIRE Eliza Drybridge St. Gortmore, Omagh
MAGUIRE James Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MAGUIRE John Dergmoney Lower
MAGUIRE John Drybridge St, Gortmore, Omagh
MAGUIRE Michael Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MAGUIRE Patrick Mullaghmore
MAHON James Mullanatoomog
MALLON John Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MANBY John Mullaghmore
MARINER John Cavanacaw Lower
MARINER Patrick Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MARSHALL James Church St., Meeting House-Hill, Omagh
MARSHALL John Main Street, Omagh
MARSHALL Mary Tattysallagh
MARSHALL Reps. Robert Tattysallagh
MARSHALL Robert Tattykeel
MARSHALL William Garvagh
MARTIN Charles McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
MARTIN James Dergmoney Lower
MARTIN Patrick Aghadulla
MARTIN Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
MATHERS James Sedennan
MATHEWS Armour Doogary
MATTHERS Mary Jane Gortmore
MATTHEWS Jane Main Street, Omagh
MATTHEWS Samuel Aghnamoyle
MAXWELL James Dergmoney Lower
MAXWELL Joseph Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MAXWELL Joseph, M. D. Drybridge St., Omagh
MAYNE James Church Street, Omagh
MAYNE John Mullaghmore
MAYNE John, Jun. Mullaghmore
MAYNE Michael Mullaghmore
MAYNE Patrick Mullaghmore
MCADAMS John Gortmore
MCADAMS John Main Street, Omagh
MCALEER Bridget Main Street, Omagh
MCALEER Catherine New Street, Omagh
MCALEER David Tattykeel
MCALEER Edward Clanabogan Lower
MCALEER Edward Tamlaght
MCALEER Hugh Culbuck
MCALEER James Drybridge St., Omagh
MCALEER James Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCALEER John Bridge Street, Omagh
MCALEER John Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCALEER John Clanabogan Lower
MCALEER John Mullaghmore
MCALEER Martha Drybridge St., Gortmore Omagh
MCALEER Mary Riverstown
MCALEER Michael Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCALEER Michael, Jun. Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCALEER Michael, Sen. Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCALEER Owen Bridge Street, Omagh
MCALEER Owen Gortmore
MCALEER Owen Mullaghmore
MCALEER Patrick Clanabogan Lower
MCALEER Peter Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCALEER Phelimy Botera Lower
MCALEER Thomas Culmore
MCALEER Timothy Tamlaght
MCALUNNY Mary Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCALUNNY Thomas New Street, Omagh
MCANA John Edergoole Upper
MCANALLY Fanny Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCANALLY John Mullaghmore
MCANAULEY Sarah Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCANESPECK John Ballynahatty
MCANULTY Charles Ballygowan
MCANULTY Michael Drybridge St., Omagh
MCANULTY Michael Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCANULTY Neal Church Street, Omagh
MCAREE Anne Drybridge St., Omagh
MCAREE James New Street, Omagh
MCATEE Thomas Drybridge St., Omagh
MCATEE Thomas Edergoole Upper
MCAULEY Patrick Ballygowan
MCBRIDE Bernard Laughmuck (Wallace)
MCBRIDE Charles Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCBRIDE Daniel Gortmore Road, Omagh
MCBRIDE Hugh Drumragh (P. McCausland)
MCBRIDE Hugh Hospital Rd., Meetinghouse Hill, Omagh
MCBRIDE Hugh Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCBRIDE John Mullaghmore
MCBRIDE Mary Cornabracken
MCBRIDE Patrick Creevangar (Alexander)
MCBRIDE Patrick Mullaghmore
MCBRIDE Thomas McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
MCBRIDE Thomas Mullaghmore
MCBRIEN Alice Mullanatoomog
MCBRIEN Anne Tattyreagh Glebe
MCBRIEN Bridget Aghadulla
MCBRIEN Catherine Aghadulla
MCBRIEN Catherine Tattysallagh
MCBRIEN Daniel Tattysallagh
MCBRIEN Edward Mullanatoomog
MCBRIEN James Backfarm
MCBRIEN James Tattysallagh
MCBRIEN John Aghadulla
MCBRIEN John Mullanatoomog
MCBRIEN Mary Mullanatoomog
MCBRIEN Patrick Ballynahatty
MCBRIEN Patrick Tattysallagh
MCCABE Anne McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
MCCADENY Hannah Kiltamnagh
MCCAFFREY Anne New Street, Omagh
MCCAFFREY Bernard Ballygowan
MCCAFFREY Bernard Tattysallagh
MCCAFFREY Bridget Aghadulla
MCCAFFREY Charles Tattysallagh
MCCAFFREY Edward Aghadulla
MCCAFFREY Hugh Aghadulla
MCCAFFREY James Aghadulla
MCCAFFREY James Cavanacaw
MCCAFFREY Margaret Main Street, Omagh
MCCAFFREY Margaret Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCCAFFREY Michael Tattysallagh
MCCAFFREY Owen Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCCAFFREY Owen Tattysallagh
MCCAFFREY Patrick Drybridge St., Omagh
MCCAFFREY Peter Cavanacaw Upper
MCCAFFREY Thomas Botera Lower
MCCALL William Cloghog Lower
MCCALLAN James Tamlaght
MCCALLAN Peter Mullaghmore
MCCANN Bernard Edergoole Upper
MCCANN Michael Mullaghmenagh Upper
MCCANNON Hugh Drumconnelly
MCCARRON Edward Drybridge St., Omagh
MCCARRON William Drum
MCCART John Main Street, Omagh
MCCART Patrick Fountain Lane, Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCCASKER Patrick Mullaghmenagh Lower
MCCAULY John Tarlum
MCCAVILL William Cavanacaw Upper
MCCLEAN Andrew Mullanatoomog
MCCLEAN John Mullagharn
MCCLELLAND John Drumconnelly
MCCLELLAND John Market Street, Omagh
MCCLELLAND Samuel Drumconnelly
MCCLELLAND William Drumconnelly
MCCLINTOCK George P. Drumconnelly
MCCLINTOCK Joseph Lissan
MCCOGHERY Philip Bridge Street, Omagh
MCCOLGAN Edward Gortrush
MCCOLGAN Grace McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
MCCOLGAN John Aghaleag
MCCOLGAN Thomas Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCCOLGAN Thomas Main Street, Omagh
MCCOLLUM Daniel Dergmoney Lower
MCCONCHY George Rylands
MCCONCHY John Rylands
MCCONCHY Joseph Rylands
MCCONCHY Samuel Rylands
MCCONKY Robert Drumshanly
MCCONNELL Robert Gortmore
MCCONNELL Robert Pound Lane, Gortmore, Omagh
MCCORD Sarah Tattysallagh
MCCORKEL George Main Street, Omagh
MCCORMACK John Aghadulla
MCCORMACK John Fireagh (Thompson)
MCCOURT Bernard Mullaghmenagh Lower
MCCOURT Patrick Main Street, Omagh
MCCREA Charles Mullanatoomog
MCFADDEN Thomas Mullaghmore
MCFARLAND Andrew Mullaghmore
MCGARTLAND Charles Mullaghmore
MCGOVERN Bernard Mullaghmore
MCHUGHES Philip Brook Street, Omagh
MCKENNY Owen Mullaghmore
MCMULLEN James Mullaghmore
MCPHELIMY John Mullaghmore
MCCREA James Mullanatoomog
MCCREA Patrick Mullanatoomog
MCCREARY William T. The Diamond, Omagh
MCCREERY James Edergoole Upper
MCCREERY William Aghnamoyle
MCCREERY William Doogary
MCCRORY Charles Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCCRORY Daniel Fountain Lane, Omagh
MCCROSSAN John Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCCROSSAN John The Parade, Gortmore, Omagh
MCCRYSTAL Felix McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
MCCRYSTAL John Main Street, Omagh
MCCUE Francis Culmore
MCCUE Francis Meeting-House Hill
MCCULLAGH Charles Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCCULLAGH Patrick Gortrush
MCCULLAGH Peter Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCCULLAGH William Ballygowan
MCCUSKER Bridget Tattysallagh
MCCUSKER James Backfarm
MCCUSKER Jane Aghadulla
MCCUSKER John Tattyreagh Glebe
MCCUSKER Owen Freughmore
MCCUSKER Patrick Tullycunny
MCCUTCHEON George Mullagharn
MCCUTCHEON John Main Street, Omagh
MCCUTCHEON John Meeting-House Hill
MCCUTCHEON Joseph Irishtown, Omagh
MCCUTCHEON Joseph Tarlum
MCCUTCHEON Robert Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCDAID Stephen Ballygowan
MCDERMOT John Drybridge St., Omagh
MCDERMOTT Catherine Tattykeel
MCDERMOTT Charles Fountain Lane, Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCDERMOTT Hugh Backfarm
MCDERMOTT Margaret Tullycunny
MCDERMOTT Owen Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCDERMOTT Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
MCDERMOTT Thomas Drumragh (Caldwell)
MCDONAGH Owen Tattyreagh Glebe
MCDONNELL James Edergoole Lower
MCDONNELL John Gillygooly
MCDONNELL Margaret Blacksessiagh
MCDONNELL Robt. Henry Mullaghmenagh Lower
MCDOWELL Felix Clanabogan Lower
MCELDOWNY Joseph Fireagh (Cochrane)
MCELDOWNY Margaret Drumragh (Caldwell)
MCELDOWNY Mary Anne Drumragh (Caldwell)
MCELDOWNY Robert Drumragh (Caldwell)
MCELHILL Anne Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCELHILL Charles Cavanacaw Lower
MCELHILL Henry Church Street, Omagh
MCELHILL Henry Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCELHILL Michael Clanabogan Lower
MCELHILL Owen Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCELHILL Patrick Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCELHILL Peter Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCELHILL Rose Tamlaght
MCELREA James Lissan
MCELSHEE Andrew Ballygowan
MCENESPIE Patrick Cavanacaw Lower
MCENTYRE Edward Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCFADDEN James Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCGREW Margaret Pound Lane, Gortmore, Omagh
MCFADDEN Jane Market Street, Omagh
MCFARLAND Catherine Dergmoney Lower
MCFARLAND Daniel Dergmoney Lower
MCFARLAND Jane Dergmoney Lower
MCFARLAND John Deerpark (Clarke)
MCFARLAND John Dergmoney Lower
MCFARLAND John Dergmoney Lower
MCFARLAND John Gortmore
MCFARLAND John Gortmore
MCFARLAND John Main Street, Omagh
MCFARLAND Joseph Edergoole Upper
MCFARLEY William Gillygooly
MCGAGHERY Philip Dergmoney Lower
MCGAHEY Francis Gortmore
MCGAHEY John Kilmore
MCGAHY Francis Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGAHY John Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGAHY Michael Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGAHY Owen Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGAHY Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGALE Bernard Tamlaght
MCGALE Bridget Clanabogan Lower
MCGALE Bridget Corlea
MCGALE Edward Corlea
MCGALE George Corradinna
MCGALE Henry Ballygowan
MCGALE James Corlea
MCGALE John Corlea
MCGALE John Tamlaght
MCGALE Launcelot Corlea
MCGALE Mary Corlea
MCGALE Michael Corlea
MCGALE Sarah Corlea
MCGALE Thomas Corlea
MCGARR Charles Loughmuck (Alcorn)
MCGARVEY Patrick Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCGAUGHEY Francis The Diamond, Omagh
MCGAUGHY Francis Culmore
MCGAUGHY Patrick Culmore
MCGERAGHTY Michael Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGERAGHTY Patrick Gortmore
MCGINN Daniel Main Street, Omagh
MCGINN Hugh Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGINN Michael Main Street, Omagh
MCGINN Neal Main Street, Omagh
MCGINN Patrick Main Street, Omagh
MCGINNIS Michael New Street, Omagh
MCGIRR Charles Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGIRR John Drybridge St., Omagh
MCGLACKEN Hugh Ballynahatty
MCGLINCHY Anne Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCGLINCHY John Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCGLINN Patrick Main Street, Omagh
MCGLYNN Henry Cloghog Lower
MCGOLDRICK Alice Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCGOLDRICK Brian Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCGOLDRICK Edward Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCGOLDRICK James Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCGOLDRICK James Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCGOLDRICK Michael Gortmore
MCGOLDRICK Owen Botera Lower
MCGOLDRICK Peter Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MCGOLRICK Andrew Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGOLRICK Catherine Edergoole Lower
MCGOLRICK Catherine Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGOLRICK James Main Street, Omagh
MCGOLRICK John Laughmuck (Wallace)
MCGOLRICK Michael Church Street, Omagh
MCGOLRICK Patrick The Diamond, Omagh
MCGONIGLE David Mullanatoomog
MCGONIGLE John Cloghog Upper
MCGONIGLE Michael Dergmoney Lower
MCGORLICK Brian Tattykeel (Rogers)
MCGORLICK Charles Ballygowan
MCGORLICK Thomas Kiltamnagh
MCGORMAN David Mullanatoomog
MCGORMAN Joseph Mullanatoomog
MCGORMAN William Tattysallagh
MCGOVERN Bernard Bridge Street, Omagh
MCGOVERN Owen Aghadulla
MCGOWAN Edward Lissan
MCGRATH Charles Tattysallagh
MCGRATH John Tattysallagh
MCGREADE Bernard Main Street, Omagh
MCGREW James Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCGREW Margaret Pound Lane, Gortmore, Omagh
MCGREW Samuel Creevangar (Alexander)
MCGUIGGAN Eliza Dergmoney Lower
MCGUIGGAN Neal Main Street, Omagh
MCGUIRE Bridget Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCGUIRE Edward Kivlin
MCGUIRE Eliza Tamlaght
MCGUIRE Ellen Garvagh
MCGUIRE James Ballygowan
MCGUIRE James Dergmoney Upper
MCGUIRE James Gortmore
MCGUIRE John Cloghog Lower
MCGUIRE John Garvagh
MCGUIRE Mary Dergmoney Upper
MCGUIRE Philip Ballygowan
MCGUIRE Robert Rylands
MCGUIRE Rose Anne Dergmoney Upper
MCGUIRK Edward Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGURGAN Bernard Bridge Street, Omagh
MCGURGAN Margaret Bridge Street, Omagh
MCGURKE David Tattyreagh Glebe
MCGURKE John Kiltamnagh
MCHUGH Felix Mullanatoomog
MCHUGH Francis Church Street, Omagh
MCHUGH Henry Drybridge St., Omagh
MCHUGH James Mullanatoomog
MCHUGH John Backfarm
MCHUGH Philip McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
MCHUGH Rose Anne Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCINERNEY Timothy Brook Street, Omagh
MCIVOR Daniel Lissan
MCKAY Alexander Gortmore
MCKEAGE Hugh Hill Street, Omagh
MCKEARNS James Beagh
MCKEARY Samuel Aghnamoyle
MCKEE Patrick Main Street, Omagh
MCKEEVER Charles Mullaghmenagh Upper
MCKEEVER Dominick Drumconnelly
MCKEEVER Mary Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCKEEVERS Hugh Kiltamnagh
MCKEEVERS Rose Anne Gortmore
MCKELVEY Michael Main Street, Omagh
MCKELVEY William Gortmore
MCKELVEY William Gortrush
MCKENAGHAN Samuel Botera Lower
MCKENNA Alice Culmore
MCKENNA Francis Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCKENNA John Fountain Lane, Omagh
MCKENNA William Ballynahatty
MCKEON John Tattyreagh Glebe
MCKERAGHAN James Freughmore
MCKERAGHAN Thomas Dergmoney Lower
MCKERNAN Bernard Dergmoney Upper
MCKERNAN Charles Edergoole Upper
MCKERNAN James Dergmoney Lower
MCKERNAN Peter Drumshanly
MCKINLEY Alex., Jun. Botera Upper
MCKINLEY Alex., Sen. Botera Upper
MCKINLEY Eliza Rakeeragh
MCKINLEY John Drudgeon
MCKINLEY Robert Botera Upper
MCKINNEY Patrick Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCKNIGHT Joseph Main Street, Omagh
MCLOUGHLIN Ann Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCLOUGHLIN Charles Tattykeel
MCLOUGHLIN James Drybridge St., Omagh
MCLOUGHLIN James Gortrush
MCLOUGHLIN John Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCLOUGHLIN John Gortmore
MCLOUGHLIN John Market Street, Omagh
MCLOUGHLIN John Tattykeel
MCLOUGHLIN Mary Tattysallagh
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MCLOUGHLIN Philip Tattysallagh
MCLOUGHLIN Sarah Ballygowan
MCMAHON Arthur Gortmore
MCMAHON Margaret Tattyreagh Glebe
MCMALGON Peter Drumconnelly
MCMANUS Andrew Deerpark (Clarke)
MCMASTER John Coolnagard Lower
MCMASTER John Main Street, Omagh
MCMASTER Robert Gortmore
MCMASTER Robert Gortmore Rd., Omagh
MCMASTER Robert Gortrush
MCMASTER Robt. Gortmore, Omagh
MCMEARTY Patrick Deerpark (Clarke)
MCMELLON Michael Doogary
MCMULLEN Alexander Dergmoney Lower
MCMULLIN Alexander Main Street, Omagh
MCMURRAY Samuel Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCNALLY Patrick Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCNAMEE James Tamlaght
MCNAMEE John Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCNAMEE Rev. Bernard Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCNAUGHT James Gortrush
MCNESBY Dominick Aghadulla
MCNICKLE James Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCNICKLE John Main Street, Omagh
MCNULTY Cormack Culmore
MCNULTY Cormack Gortmore
MCNULTY Michael Culmore
MCNULTY Owen Culmore
MCPHELIMY James Cavanacaw Lower
MCPHELIMY James Church Street, Omagh
MCPHELIMY John Cloghog Lower
MCPHELIMY Owen Aghaleag
MCPHELIMY William Aghaleag
MCPHELIMY William Lammy
MCSORLEY James Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCSORLEY John Dergmoney Lower
MCSORLEY John Fountain Lane, Omagh
MCSORLEY Joseph Drumconnelly
MCSORLEY Mary Dunwish
MCSWEENY John The Diamond, Omagh
MCSWIGGAN Edward Tamlaght
MCSWIGGAN John Main Street, Omagh
MCTEAGUE Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
MCVEIGH Hannah Main Street, Omagh
MCVEIGH John Main Street, Omagh
MCVEY Anne Tattyreagh Glebe
MCVEY David Freughmore
MCVEY Henry Stroancarbadagh
MCVEY James Tattyreagh Glebe
MCVEY John Freughmore
MCVEY Michael Relaghdooey
MCVEY Patrick Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MCVEY Peter Tattyreagh Glebe
MCWILLIAMS James Kiltamnagh
MCWILLIAMS John Edergoole Upper
MCWILLIAMS Robert Blacksessiagh
MCWILLIAMS Thomas Deerpark (Clarke)
MCWILLIAMS William Freughmore
MEANS Robert Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MEANY Patrick Gortmore
MEARS Robert Brook Street, Omagh
MEEHAN Samuel Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MEEKE Jas. (Ulster Bank) Main Street, Omagh
MEENAN John Main Street, Omagh
MELLON George Gortmore
MELLON John Deerpark (McCormick)
MELLON Joseph Ballygowan
MELLON Paul Aghee
MELLON Roger Mullaghmenagh Upper
MEMNAGH Charles Mullanatoomog
MILLER George Blacksessiagh
MILLER James Kilmore
MILLER James Mullagharn
MILLS Margaret Mullaghmore
MINNAGH Margaret Clanabogan Lower
MITCHELL John Clanabogan Lower
MITCHELL John Clanabogan Upper
MITCHELL Margaret Clanabogan Upper
MOIN Robert Tullycunny
MOIN William Tullycunny
MOLLOY Francis Tattysallagh
MOLLOY John Aghadulla
MOLONEY George A. The Parade, Gortmore, Omagh
MOLONY George A. Gortrush
MOLONY George A. Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MONAGHAN Edward Drumragh (Caldwell)
MONAGHAN John Aghnamoyle
MONTEITH Jane Cloghog Lower
MONTEITH John Creevanmore (Hunter)
MONTGOMERY James Relaghdooey
MONTGOMERY Samuel Tattykeel
MOONEY James Brooke St., Meeting House Hill, Omagh
MOONEY James Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MOORE Andrew Rakeeragh
MOORE Isaac Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MOORE James Cloghog Upper
MOORE James Dunwish
MOORE John Mullaghmore
MOORE Joseph Drumragh (P. McCausland)
MOORE Margaret Gillygooly
MORAN Anne Main Street, Omagh
MORAN Anne Mullaghmore
MORAN John Main Street, Omagh
MORE John Aghee
MORGAN Felix Dergmoney Lower
MORGAN Felix Dergmoney Upper
MORGAN Felix Mullaghmore
MORGAN James Dergmoney Upper
MORRIS Alice Loughmuck (Alcorn)
MORRIS Henry Aghadulla
MORRIS Hugh Ballygowan
MORRIS Hugh Edergoole Upper
MORRIS Mary Edergoole Upper
MORRIS Michael Cavanacaw Lower
MORRISON James Culbuck
MORRISON James Mullaghmore
MORRISON John Coolnagard Upper
MORRISON Patrick Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MORRISON Susanna Mullaghmore
MORRISON Thomas Mullaghmore
MORRISSON William Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MOSS Hannah Gortmore
MOSS Hannah Main Street, Omagh
MOSS Patrick Freughmore
MULDOON Edward Stroancarbadagh
MULDOON John Fireagh (Gardiner)
MULDOWNY John Fireagh (Thompson)
MULLALLY John Main Street, Omagh
MULLEN Francis Mullaghmenagh Upper
MULLEN Michael Tamlaght
MULLEN Thomas Mullaghmore
MULLIN James Main Street, Omagh
MULLIN Owen Drybridge St., Gortmore Omagh
MULLIN Patrick Church St. Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MULLIN Peter Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLIN Sarah Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
MULLIN William Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MULLIN William Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MULLINS Andrew Drumshanly
MULLINS Anne Clanabogan Lower
MULLINS Catherine Garvagh
MULLINS Charles Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MULLINS Cormick Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLINS Denis Mullanatoomog
MULLINS Dominick Tattysallagh
MULLINS Edward Clanabogan Upper
MULLINS Francis Aghnamoyle
MULLINS Francis Lammy
MULLINS Francis Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLINS Francis Tullycunny
MULLINS Hugh Tattysallagh
MULLINS James Botera Upper
MULLINS James Tattysallagh
MULLINS John Clanabogan Lower
MULLINS John Kiltamnagh
MULLINS John Laughmuck (Wallace)
MULLINS John Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLINS Laurence Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLINS Michael Stroancarbadagh
MULLINS Michael Tattyreagh Glebe
MULLINS Michael Tattysallagh
MULLINS Neal Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MULLINS Owen Clanabogan Lower
MULLINS Owen Dergmoney Lower
MULLINS Owen Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLINS Patrick Clanabogan Lower
MULLINS Patrick Tattykeel (Buchannan)
MULLINS Patrick Tattykeel (Rogers)
MULLINS Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
MULLINS Patrick Tattysallagh
MULLINS Peter Cavanacaw
MULLINS Robert Dergmoney Lower
MULLINS Robert Tattysallagh
MULLINS Roger Tattyreagh Glebe
MULLINS Samuel Gortmore
MULLINS Thomas Cavanacaw Upper
MULLINS William Church Street, Omagh
MURPHY John Dergmoney Lower
MURPHY John Fireagh (Cochrane)
MURPHY John Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
MURPHY Patrick Dergmoney Lower
MURPHY Patrick Market Street, Omagh
MURPHY Robert Coolnagard Upper
MURPHY Thomas Mullaghmenagh Upper
MURRAY John Cavanacaw Lower
MURRAY John Drumconnelly
MURRAY Julia Annie The Diamond, Omagh
MURRAY Patrick Tamlaght
MURRAY William Drybridge St., Omagh
NEELY Anne Drybridge St., Omagh
NEILL Hugh Edergoole Lower
NEILL John Lammy
NEILL Michael Culmore
NELIS John Dergmoney Lower
NELIS John Dergmoney Lower
NELIS John Main Street, Omagh
NELIS Stephen Church Street, Omagh
NELSON Robert The Diamond, Omagh
NELSON William Gortmore
NEVINS John Gortrush
NEWELL Margaret Lissan
NEWTOWN Robert Ballygowan
NICHOLLS William Deerpark (Clarke)
NIXON John Ballygowan
NIXON John Coolnagard Upper
NIXON John Mullanatoomog
NIXON Mary Tattysallagh
NIXON Robert Beagh
NIXON Robert Tattykeel
NOBLE James Church Street, Omagh
NORRIS John Drum
NORRIS Joseph Drumragh (J. McCausland)
NORRIS Joseph Relaghdooey
NORRIS Thomas Tattykeel
NUGENT Charles McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
NUGENT Henry Ballygowan
NUGENT Henry Gillygooly
NUGENT Hugh Deerpark (McCormick)
NUGENT James Aghaleag
NUGENT John Cavanacaw Lower
NUGENT John Deerpark (McCormick)
NUGENT John Dergmoney Lower
NUGENT John Drumragh (Caldwell)
NUGENT John Relaghdooey
NUGENT John Tamlaght
NUGENT Mary Botera Lower
NUGENT Patrick Ballygowan
NUGENT Peter Ballygowan
NUGENT Peter Drumconnelly
NUGENT Phelimy Mullagharn (Young)
O’BRIEN Edward Cloghog Lower
O’BRIEN Margaret Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
O’DONNELL Hamilton Gortmore
O’DONNELL James Hospital Road, Omagh
O’DONNELL James Meeting House-Hill, Omagh
O’DONNELL John Deerpark (Clarke)
O’DONNELL John Fireagh (Gardiner)
O’DONNELL John McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
O’DONNELL John Rylands
O’DONNELL Patrick Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
O’KANE James Market Street, Omagh
O’KANE Rev. Manasses Drybridge St., Omagh
O’KANE Rev. Manus Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
O’KANE Susanna Cloghog Lower
O’KANE Susanna Cloghog Upper
O’KANE Susanna Culbuck
O’NEILL Bridget Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
O’NEILL Joseph Mullaghmenagh Upper
O’NEILL Mary Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
O’NEILL Patrick Drybridge St., Omagh
O’RAFFERTY James Bridge Street, Omagh
OGILBY William Corradinna
OHARA Michael Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
OHARA Robert Dergmoney Lower
OLIPHANT Catherine Hill Street, Omagh
O'NEILL Francis Mullaghmore
O'NEILL Hugh Mullaghmore
ORR Anne Main Street, Omagh
ORR Benjamin Edergoole Lower
ORR James Main Street, Omagh
ORR James Tattykeel
ORR Jane Tarlum
ORR John Gortmore
ORR John Gortrush
ORR John Main Street, Omagh
ORR John Meeting-House Hill
ORR Rebecca Church Street, Omagh
OSBORNE Joseph Main Street, Omagh
OSBORNE William Dergmoney Lower
OSBORNE William Edergoole Upper
OSBORNE William Mullaghmore
OSBORNE William Mullanatoomog
OSBOROUGH Andrew Corlea
OSBOROUGH Andrew Gillygooly
OSBOROUGH James Gillygooly
OSBOROUGH Jno. Gillygooly
OSBOROUGH John Gillygooly
OSBOROUGH John Tattykeel (Rogers)
OSBOROUGH Samuel Corlea
OSBOROUGH Thomas Gillygooly
OSBOROUGH William Mullaghmenagh Upper
PARKE James Cavanacaw Lower
PATTERSON Hugh Cornabracken
PATTERSON James Drumconnelly
PATTERSON Mary Main Street, Omagh
PATTERSON Richard Garvagh
PATTERSON Robert Culbuck
PATTERSON Samuel Gillygooly
PATTERSON William Gillygooly
PATTON Matthew Main Street, Omagh
PAUL Charles Aghadulla
PAUL John The Diamond, Omagh
PAUL Myles Drumshanly
PAUL Patrick Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
PEAK James Gortmore
PEGNAM George Tattyreagh Glebe
PERRY Alexander Drudgeon
PERRY Edward Creevangar (Alexander)
PERRY James Drudgeon
PERRY John Loughmuck (Alcorn)
PLUMMER William Drybridge St., Omagh
POLLOCK Charles Dunwish
PORTER Anne Gammy
PORTER James Market Street, Omagh
PORTER Luke Gammy
PORTER Rev. John G. Ballynahatty
PORTER Rev. John G. Rakeeragh
PORTER William Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
PRESTON Richard Tamlaght
QUINN Alexander Aghadulla
QUINN Anne Ballygowan
QUINN Charles Lammy
QUINN Edward Ballygowan
QUINN Edward Mullaghmore
QUINN Hugh McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
QUINN Hugh Mullaghmore
QUINN John Gillygooly
QUINN John Mullanatoomog
QUINN Margaret Drybridge St., Omagh
QUINN Michael Botera Upper
QUINN Michael Drumragh (P. McCausland)
QUINN Michael Tattykeel (Rogers)
QUINN Owen Tattykeel (Rogers)
QUINN Patrick Aghadulla
QUINN Patrick Clanabogan Upper
QUINN Patrick, Jun. Tattykeel (Rogers)
QUINN Patrick, Sen. Tattykeel (Rogers)
QUINN Robert Botera Upper
QUINN Thomas Dergmoney Lower
QUINN Thomas Lane off Hospital Road, Omagh
QUINN Thomas Sedennan
RAFFERTY James Dergmoney Lower
RAFFERTY James Dergmoney Lower
RAFFERTY James Dergmoney Upper
RAFFERTY Thomas Mullaghmore
RAFFERTY Thomas The Diamond, Omagh
RAMSAY John Kilmore
RAMSAY Patrick Drumshanly
RAY Robert Tattykeel (Rogers)
REID Bernard Kiltamnagh
REID James Aghee
REID John Kiltamnagh
REID Manasses Aghee
REID Patrick Aghaleag
REID Richard Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
ROBERTSON John Mullaghmore
ROBINSON James Tattykeel
ROBINSON John Bridge Street Omagh
ROBINSON John Gortmore
ROBINSON Nathaniel Tattykeel
RODGERS Andrew Aghee
RODGERS Andrew Cavanacaw Lower
RODGERS William Cavanacaw Lower
RODGERS William Cavanacaw Upper
ROGERS Andrew Cavanacaw Upper
ROGERS Andrew Tattykeel (Rogers)
ROGERS George Tullycunny
ROGERS James Drybridge St., Omagh
ROGERS John Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
ROGERS Mary Ballynahatty
ROGERS Sarah Bridge Street, Omagh
RUSH Edward Bridge Street, Omagh
RYAN John Fountain Lane, Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
SCALLAN Henry Aghadulla
SCALVEY Michael Culbuck
SCARLETT Alexander Bridge Street, Omagh
SCARLETT Anne Main Street, Omagh
SCOTT James Cloghog Lower
SCOTT James Mullaghmore
SCOTT Robert Drumconnelly
SCOTT William Deerpark (McCormick)
SCOTT William Gortmore
SCOTT William Main Street, Omagh
SCOTT William Mullaghmore
SEMPLE James Mullaghmore
SEMPLE Samuel Main Street, Omagh
SEMPLE Sarah Corlea
SHANAHAN Henry Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
SHANAHAN Henry Drybridge St., Omagh
SHANNON Felix Dergmoney Upper
SHANNON Isabella Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
SHANNON Patrick Dergmoney Lower
SHANNON Patrick Main Street, Omagh
SHANNON Patrick Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
SHEENAN Mary McCavill’s Lane, Omagh
SHEILS James Edergoole Upper
SHEILS James Kiltamnagh
SHEILS Joseph Kiltamnagh
SHEILS Sarah Kiltamnagh
SHERRY Charles The Diamond, Omagh
SHERRY Dominick Gortmore
SHIELS John Mullaghmore
SIMPSON Francis Market Street, Omagh
SIMPSON William Loughmuck (Alcorn)
SKEFFINGTON David Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
SKIFFINGTON James Main Street, Omagh
SLEVIN Charles Gortmore
SLEVIN Edward The Diamond, Omagh
SLEVIN James Tattyreagh Glebe
SMITH Anne Aghaleag
SMITH Catherine Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
SMITH Charles Dergmoney Lower
SMITH Hugh Relaghdooey
SMITH Hugh Tattyreagh Glebe
SMITH James Aghadulla
SMITH James Ballynahatty
SMITH James Culmore
SMITH James Dergmoney Lower
SMITH James The Diamond, Omagh
SMITH John Relaghdooey
SMITH Joseph Main Street, Omagh
SMITH Mary Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
SMITH Neal Culmore
SMITH Patrick Ballynahatty
SMITH Patrick Dergmoney Lower
SMITH Patrick Hill Street, Omagh
SMITH Patrick, Jun. Tattyreagh Glebe
SMITH Patrick, Sen. Tattyreagh Glebe
SMITH Peter Culmore
SMITH Peter Tattyreagh Glebe
SMITH Robert Botera Lower
SMITH Robert Gillygooly
SMITH Terence Main Street, Omagh
SMITH William, Jun. Gillygooly
SMITH William, Sen. Dunwish
SMITH William, Sen. Gillygooly
SMYTH William Main Street, Omagh
SOMERVILLE James Main Street, Omagh
SPILLAR Reps. Geo. T. Main Street, Omagh
SPILLER Reps. George T. Dergmoney Lower
SPROULE Andrew Kiltamnagh
SPROULE Andrew Stroancarbadagh
SPROULE Oliver Stroancarbadagh
SPROULE Robert Cloghog Lower
SPROULE Robert Coolnagard Upper
SPROULE Robert Dergmoney Upper
SPROULE Robert Sedennan
STACK George H. Mullaghmore
STACK Mrs. The Diamond, Omagh
STACK Reps. Charles M. Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
STACK Reps. Chas. M. Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
STACK Reps. Thos. Church Street, Omagh
STACK Rev. Thomas L. Coolnagard Upper
STACK Rev. Thomas L. Mullaghmore
STACK Richard Church Street, Omagh
STACK Richard Coolnagard Upper
STACK Richard Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
STACK Tempe Main Street, Omagh
STANFORD William Tattysallagh
STARR Arthur Gortmore
STARR Bernard Tattyreagh Glebe
STARR Edward Tattyreagh Glebe
STARR Francis Tattyreagh Glebe
STARR Henry Tattyreagh Glebe
STARR James Tattyreagh Glebe
STARR Margaret Ballygowan
STARR Patrick Tattyreagh Glebe
STARR Peter Edergoole Upper
STARRS Bernard Loughmuck (Alcorn)
STARRS Thomas Stroancarbadagh
STARRS William Mullanatoomog
STEED Charles Botera Upper
STEELE William Mullagharn
STEEN Andrew Creevangar (Alexander)
STEEN Andrew Creevangar (White)
STEPHENS Thomas Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
STEPHENSON Charles Deerpark (McCormick)
STEW Hugh Lane off Hospital Road, Omagh
STEWART Alexander Main Street, Omagh
STEWART Anne Laughmuck (Wallace)
STEWART George Mullanatoomog
STORR Mary Drumconnelly
STUART Alexander G. Creevangar (Alexander)
STUART Alexander G. Fireagh (Gardiner)
STUART Alexander G. Fireagh (Thompson)
SWEENEY Catherine Edergoole Lower
SWEENEY Denis Edergoole Lower
SWEENY Andrew Drybridge St., Omagh
SWEENY James Bridge Street, Omagh
SWEENY John Ballygowan
SWEENY William Kiltamnagh
SWIGGAN Edward Mullaghmore
TAGGART Anne Tarlum
TAGGART Margaret Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
TAGGART Michael Drybridge St., Omagh
TAGGART William Fountain Lane, Omagh
TALLON John New Street, Omagh
TAYLOR John Blacksessiagh
TAYLOR John Dergmoney Lower
TAYLOR John Drudgeon
THOMPSON John Fireagh (Thompson)
THOMPSON John Main Street, Omagh
THOMPSON Rev. Mungo N. Aghnamoyle
THOMPSON William Corlea
THOMPSON William Fireagh (Thompson)
THORPE Esther Main Street, Omagh
TIERNEY Francis Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
TIERNEY Mary Rylands
TIERNEY Owen Mullaghmore
TODD James Botera Lower
TODD James Corlea
TODD John Main Street, Omagh
TODD John Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
TODD William, Jun. Corlea
TODD William, Sen. Corlea
TOMNEY John Aghadulla
TOMNEY Patrick Aghadulla
TONER William Mullaghmore
TONES [JONES] William Mullanatoomog
TONOR Bernard Tamlaght
TONOR James Cavanacaw Upper
TONOR Robert Doogary
TRACEY Sarah Cornabracken
TRACY James Ballygowan
TRACY Michael Drumragh (P. McCausland)
TRACY Peter Mullaghmore
TRAYNOR Francis Dromore Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
TRAYNOR Francis Main Street, Omagh
TURBOTT Matthew Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
VAUGHAN James Mullaghmore
VELDON Henry Mullanatoomog
VELDON James Botera Upper
VICTORY Edward Hill Street, Omagh
WADE Wilhelmina Gortmore Road, Omagh
WALKER John Church Street, Omagh
WALKER Martha Lane off Hospital Rd., Omagh
WALLACE Robert Ballygowan
WALSH Jane Hospital Rd., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
WARD Felix Culmore
WARD Francis Dergmoney Lower
WARD Thomas Drumconnelly
WARNOCK William Drumragh (Caldwell)
WASON Andrew Cavanacaw Upper
WATSON James Doogary
WATSON James Lissan
WATSON Jane Ballygowan
WATSON Jane Gillygooly
WATSON Jane Mullaghmenagh Upper
WATSON John Botera Lower
WATSON John Cavanacaw Lower
WATSON John Drybridge St., Omagh
WATSON John Mullaghmenagh Lower
WATSON John Mullaghmenagh Upper
WATSON John Sedennan
WATSON Joseph Mullaghmenagh Lower
WATSON Joseph Mullaghmenagh Upper
WATSON Sarah Anne Mullaghmenagh Upper
WATSON William Cloghog Lower
WHITE George Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
WHITE George Fireagh (Gardiner)
WHITE George Laughmuck (Wallace)
WHITE George, Jun. Loughmuck (Alcorn)
WHITE George, Sen. Beagh
WHITE George, Sen. Loughmuck (Alcorn)
WHITE James Fireagh (Cochrane)
WHITE James Loughmuck (Alcorn)
WHITE James Rylands
WHITE John Gortrush
WHITE Joseph Stroancarbadagh
WHITE Margaret Dergmoney Lower
WHITE Margaret New Street, Omagh
WHITE Matthew Fireagh (Cochrane)
WHITE Matthew Fireagh (Gardiner)
WHITE Richard Gortmore Road, Omagh
WHITE Robert Creevangar (White)
WHITE Robert Fireagh (Gardiner)
WHITE William Fireagh (Thompson)
WHITE William Rylands
WHYTE Sidney Selina Drybridge St., Omagh
WILEY James Cloghog Lower
WILEY Robert Dunwish
WILKINS Robert Gortmore
WILKINSON Alexander Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
WILSON Alexander Cloghog Upper
WILSON Fleming Doogary
WILSON Fleming Tattykeel
WILSON James Church Street, Omagh
WILSON James Dunwish
WILSON James Garvagh
WILSON James Gortmore
WILSON James Kilmore
WILSON James Mullanatoomog
WILSON James Tattykeel
WILSON John Main Street, Omagh
WILSON John Tattykeel
WILSON Mary Tattykeel
WILSON Samuel Cavanacaw Upper
WILSON Stewart Gortmore
WILSON Stewart Gortmore Road, Omagh
WILSON Thomas Tattykeel
WILSON William Cloghog Lower
WILSON William The Diamond, Omagh
WOODS James Gillygooly
WOODS William Gortmore
WRIGHT William Brook St., Meeting-House Hill, Omagh
WYNNE Abraham Rope-Walk Lane, Omagh
YOUNG Adam Drybridge St., Gortmore, Omagh
YOUNG Edward Tattykeel
YOUNG Hugh Tattyreagh Glebe
YOUNG James Blacksessiagh
YOUNG James Tattykeel
YOUNG John Aghnamoyle
YOUNG John Edergoole Lower
YOUNG Mary Rakeeragh
YOUNG Robert Mullagharn (Young)
YOUNG Thomas Tattyreagh Glebe