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Signatories to an Illuminated Address presented to Rev. Joseph Burris Fulton of Aughentaine Presbyterian Church, Fivemiletown, Clogher Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland upon his Emigration to Sydney, Australia, October 1891

Tyrone Constitution, November 6, 1891
Illuminated Address transcribed by
Ross Fulton
Formatting and additional data contributed by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

CLOGHER PRESBYTERY (From our Correspondent)


The ordinary meeting of the Clogher Presbytery was held in the Protestant Hall, on Tuesday, 3rd inst. The Moderator (Rev. W. H. BAILEY, M.A.) presiding. The others in attendance were: - Revs. D. CLEMENTS, D.G. SMYTH, M.A., R. WARNOCK, M.A., R. J. MILLAR, B.A., J.D. BOYLE, and J. FULTON. Messrs. J. STEWART, J. BARNETT, R. J. JAMISON, and G. McALPINE, representative elders from Aughentain (sic) congregation were also present.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed after which business of importance was discussed at length.


Rev. J. FULTON, who had decided to go to New York, gave a statement as to the reasons which influenced him in making his decision. He is being sent by Mr. MORTON of London, agent of Presbyterian Church extension committee of New South Wales, his passage being paid. Mr. Fulton tendered his resignation of congregation of Aughentain and asked for his credentials from the Presbytery.


The deputies from the session and committee made a statement showing their high appreciation of Mr. Fulton’s zealous and successful labours while in Aughentain. Rev. D. CLEMENTS also bore testimony to Mr. Fulton’s earnestness in the Ministry and his readiness to engage in any duties imposed upon him, these he always discharged to the best of his ability. Mr. Clements concluded by proposing that Mr. Fulton be supplied with the usual credentials to the Church in New South Wales: the proposal was seconded by the Rev. D.G. SMYTH, who as well as nearly all the others members, spoke in respectful terms of his removal………………


This is a list (reproduced as faithfully as possible) from the original book of farewell to my Presbyterian Minister grandfather on leaving Aughentaine Presbyterian Church, Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone. He arrived in Sydney shortly before Christmas in 1891 so must have left this church very shortly after the presentation of this book.


# Name Address Notes
1 ???????? (signature illegible)   Chairman, Col. D.L., J.P.
2 John M. STEWART   Treasurer
3 John McCREA   Secretary
4 W. B. PEEBLES   A.B M.B, J.P
5 Ha? (illeg) MONTGOMERY   M.A., D.L., J.P.
6 John HUTTON Fivemiletown Elder
7 Samuel YOUNG Annagh Elder
8 Henry TRIMBLE Bigh  
9 Daniel GILLESPIE Screeby  
10 John McCRORY Donaghmoyne  
11 James BOLAND Aughentaine School Teacher
12 James N. JEMISON Shantona  
13 William PORTER Bolies  
14 George McALPINE Losset  
15 John TRIMBLE Screeby  
16 John RAMSAY Castletown  
17 Mary Jane NEWMAN Losset  
18 John SOMMERVILLE Lislain  
19 Joseph MAYNE Lungs  
20 William COWAN Moorfield  
21 Robert BLAKELY Murley  
22 David ELLISON Shantona  
23 George BEATTY Newry  
24 Thos. ANDERSON Aughendaira  
25 Thomas IRWIN Beagh  
26 Robt….. ? (illeg)   28?? Cpl???
27 L. BLAKELY Fivemiletown M.D.
28 Stewart WILSON Tulanavert  
29 John BARNETT    
30 Edward ORR Lungs  
31 John TRIMBLE Ballagh  
32 Robert BLAKELY Murley  
33 Edward ANDERSON Bigh  
34 Allen OWENS Dromore P.L.G
35 Frank MAYNE? Clogher  
36 J. M. SLOAN Belfast Pupil Teacher, Mod. School
37 John WILSON Fivemiletown Manager, Northern Banking ??
38 A. ELLIOTT Fivemiletown Merchant, Excise Officer
39 N. J. MARTIN    
40 John SMITH Murley N.S
41 David SLOAN Beigh  
42 John PORTER Bolies  
43 William MARTIN Nurchossy  
44 Thomas BARNETT Ballagh  
45 Jacob TAVENER Fivemiletown  
46 Samuel BAXTER Losset  
47 William BRYAN Lungs  
48 Francis ANDERSON Bigh  
49 John JAMIESON Grogey  
50 John JAMIESON Aughanlarke  
51 James Johnson CORRY Longford  
52 Andrew TRIMBLE Nurchossy  
53 W. McCLANE Aughentaine  
54 John REID Aughindrumman?  
55 Catherine BLAKELY Murley  
56 W. C. IRWIN    
57 Andrew TRIMBLE    


Sydney Morning Herald [New South Wales, Australia]

Saturday, 29 September, 1934

FULTON – September 28, 1934, at his residence, at Holterman-street, Crow’s Nest, Rev. JOSEPH BURRIS FULTON, in his 73rd year.