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Abercorn Estate - The Lord Lieutenant & His Counties Donegal and Tyrone Tenantry, 1868

Extracted from the Londonderry Standard, October 14 1868
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


On the 8th inst., deputations from the tenantry of the Donegal and Tyrone estates of his Excellency the Duke of Abercorn waited upon his Grace, at Baronscourt, to present addresses congratulating his Excellency on his elevation to a Dukedom, and on the merciful escape of the Duchess and other members of his Excellency’s family from the late calamitous accident at Abergele.

The deputations consisted of the following gentlemen for DONEGAL: -

Name Townland
Mr. Henry Stewart HAMILTON Trentaugh
Mr. Charles WILSON St. Johnston
Mr. James ALEXANDER Drummenin
Mr. Joseph ALEXANDER Drummenin
Mr. Alexander PORTER, Secretary Legnathraw
Mr. Joseph CHAMBERS Brockagh


And the following for TYRONE: -

Name Townland
Rev. F. J. PORTER Donagheady
Rev. John McCONAGHY Urney
Rev. William RUSSELL Strabane
Rev. Leslie A. LYLE Ardstraw
Mr. Robert ALEXANDER Gortmesson
Mr. David KILPATRICK Drumlegagh
Mr. Charles LOVE Crewe
Mr. John STEWART Liskey
Mr. Samuel DUNN Ardstraw
Mr. James ALEXANDER Sandville
Mr. Samuel DONNELL Strabane
Mr. Robert GLENN Tullyard


They were received by his Excellency in the great dining-room at half-past one o’clock. The address of the Donegal tenantry was read by Mr. A. Porter, Secretary of the committee in the absence of Mr. John McCrea, who was unable, through illness, to be present.

His Excellency was accompanied by her Grace, the Duchess of Abercorn, the Marquis of Hamilton, M.P., Lord Claud John Hamilton, M.P., the Lady Georgiana Hamilton, the Lady Maud Hamilton, Thomas Conolly, Esq., M.P., and Mrs. Conolly, William Ogilby, Esq., Altnachree Castle, and Mrs. Ogilby, Thomas Batt, Esq., Rathmullan, and Mrs. Batt, Captain Peel, Captain Barnard, H.M.S. Trafalgar; the Rev. E. Bowen, Captain Oswald, A.D.C.-in-Waiting, Major Hayes, T.W.D. Humphreys, Esq., Mrs. Humphreys, &c.

After the addresses had been presented and replies given, the deputations were entertained at a sumptuous luncheon.

The addresses, which were executed by Mr. Joseph Stafford, of this city [Londonderry], are splendid specimens of illuminated calligraphy; and the list of signatures comprised, it is stated, the name of every tenant on the estates.