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Abercorn Estate: Survey of Strabane Manor, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1756

PRONI Ref: D623/D1/11
FHL Film 1885919, Item 12 (DGS #007909388 starting image 633)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Andrew Oler


Strabane Manor comprises townlands in the parishes of Ardstraw, Camus, and Urney. The survey of Strabane Manor indicates the amount (acres) of each type of land (i.e., arable, heathy green and mishy pasture, bog, etc.) within each section with a commentary by the surveyor about usability in general. The current leaseholder (if any) and number of houses is usually indicated. Sometimes the surveyor added up the number of houses for multiple plots together rather than indicating a separate number of houses for each plot.

Townland Plot/Section Size (rounded down to nearest acre) Leaseholder Number of houses Comment
Priests Sessagh [Priestsessagh] Upper West Division 53 acres Widow 1  
Priests Sessagh [Priestsessagh] East Upper Division 173 acres John Park 3  
Priests Sessagh [Priestsessagh] Lower or South Division 69 acres ____ Scott etc. 3  
Lower Erginagh [Erganagh] Kilbrack 81 acres   5  
Middle Erginagh [Erganagh] Lower Division 37 acres   2  
Middle Erginagh [Erganagh] Upper Division 51 acres   5  
Upper Erginagh [Erganagh] Lower Division 13 acres   (in this and the following) 7  
Upper Erginagh [Erganagh] Middle Division 87 acres      
Upper Erginagh [Erganagh] Upper Division 31 acres   1  
Listimore [Listymore] East 3d 118 acres   8 [No other Listymore divisions -- possible missing page?]
Upper Crew [Crew Upper] Upper half. Upper or SW Division. 34 acres John Love 0  
Upper Crew [Crew Upper] NE Division 29 acres Widow Love 1  
Upper Crew [Crew Upper] Lower Division 18 acres Andrew Clark 0  
Upper Crew [Crew Upper] Lower Half 111 acres   7  
Upper Crew [Crew Upper] Middle Crew 68 acres   (in all) 7  
Upper Crew [Crew Upper] The Mill Tenement 3 acres      
Lower Crew [Crew Lower] Lower Division 45 acres   2  
Lower Crew [Crew Lower] Upper Division 60 acres   3  
Fayfinn [Fyfin] West Division 78 acres   (in both sides) 9  
Fayfinn [Fyfin] East Division 93 acres      
Glenglush West Half 69 acres William Love (in all) 9  
Glenglush Lower South West Division 25 acres _____ Farnan    
Glenglush Lower South East Division 19 acres Widow    
Glenglush East Half 117 acres      
Bellyfoillert [Ballyfolliard] SW or Lower Side as Divided Lower Division 34 acres Robert Love (in the 3 following) 7  
Bellyfoillert [Ballyfolliard] Middle Division 39 acres James Graham    
Bellyfoillert [Ballyfolliard] Upper Division 35 acres James Richy    
Bellyfoillert [Ballyfolliard] North East Division 130 acres   3  
Tullanadurtan [Tullydoortans] Little Division 8 acres Barton 0  
Tullanadurtan [Tullydoortans] South West Division 35 acres Thomas Patan [Paton?] 0  
Tullanadurtan [Tullydoortans] Lower Middle Division 28 acres Mathew Clark 7  
Tullanadurtan [Tullydoortans] Upper Middle Division 71 acres Robert Ector 1  
Tullanadurtan [Tullydoortans] North East Division 67 acres James Cunningham 4  
Tulliwhisker [Tullywhisker] NW Division as now Divided 47 acres   1  
Tulliwhisker [Tullywhisker] South East Division 87 acres   5  
Little Tulliwhisker or Macheryskeog [Magheragar?] West Division 28 acres      
Little Tulliwhisker or Macheryskeog [Magheragar?] East Division 63 acres      
Upper Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Lower Third as now Divided 16 acres   1  
Upper Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Middle Third 18 acres   1  
Upper Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Upper Third 24 acres   3  
Lower Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Upper Quarter 38 acres   1  
Lower Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Upper Middle Quarter 28 acres   1  
Lower Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Lower Middle Quarter 28 acres   1  
Lower Gortlocher [Gortlogher] Lower or North Quarter 33 acres   1  
Beloght [Ballought] NW or Upper Division 33 acres   2  
Beloght [Ballought] Middle Division 24 acres   0  
Beloght [Ballought] Lower Division 45 acres   4  
Beloght [Ballought] South Division 27 acres   3  
Breen West Division 32 acres   4  
Breen Middle Division 72 acres   4  
Breen East Division 51 acres   3  
Breen North Division 37 acres   5  
Breen Holm Division 11 acres Holm 2  
Cavanalee I (Mill Tenement) 16 acres   6  
Cavanalee II 26 acres Thomas Graham 4  
Cavanalee III 26 acres John Barnhill 2  
Cavanalee IV (Upper South Cavanalee now Divided into 3 parts To wit Lower Division) 21 acres   (in this and the two following) 4  
South Cavanalee [Cavanalee] V (Upper South Division) 68 acres      
South Cavanalee [Cavanalee] VI (Upper North Division) 45 acres      
Upper North Cavanalee [Cavanalee] VII (Upper North Cavanalee) 104 acres   6  
Cavanalee New Mountain Division 25 acres   1  
Cavanalee Mountain Division 269 acres [Mr. McGhee] 2 "Note that there is a large tract of Mountain exclusive of the above which is Grazed in common between this and Mr. McGhee tenants"
Eadanmore [Edymore] I 52 acres John Finlay 1  
Eadanmore [Edymore] II 15 acres Alexander Todd 2  
Eadanmore [Edymore] III 29 acres John Simison 3  
Eadanmore [Edymore] IV 23 acres Samuel Gillilan and William Lowther 2  
Eadanmore [Edymore] V 63 acres Robert Smylye 4  
Eadanmore [Edymore] VI 28 acres William Brown (in this and the next following) 6  
Eadanmore [Edymore] VII 26 acres John Rabb    
Eadanmore [Edymore] VIII 26 acres Gabriel Thompson 2  
Eadanmore [Edymore] IX (Om [One?] part) 34 acres   (in this and the next following) 4  
Eadanmore [Edymore] X 52 acres Knox    
Upper Derinaleab [?] [blank]        
Skinbuy and Elagh [Skinboy Mountain?, Elagh] Mountain Division 314 acres   3  
Elagh North West Division 106 acres   2  
Elagh South East Division 103 acres   4  
Skinbuy [Skinboy] Middle 62 acres   6  
Skinbuy [Skinboy] Lower of Mill Division 29 acres   7  
Drimnahoe [Drumnahoe] Lower 74 acres   11  
Drimnahoe [Drumnahoe] Upper Division 120 acres   8  
Ballymullarty Upper or Mountain Division 112 acres   3  
Ballymullarty Middle Division 141 acres   6  
Ballymullarty Lower Division 28 acres   2  
Shannony [Shanonny] North Division 90 acres   4  
Shannony [Shanonny] South Division 65 acres   5  
Shannony [Shanonny] West or Little Division 13 acres   1  
Bunderg Lower Quarter 27 acres   2  
Bunderg Lower Middle Quarter 27 acres   3  
Bunderg Upper Middle Division 27 acres   2  
Bunderg Upper Quarter 28 acres   1  
Teermegan [Tirmegan]   12 acres Stuart Monteeth 1  
Teermegan [Tirmegan]   11 acres George Allen 1  
Teermegan [Tirmegan]   26 acres Oliver Ross 1  
Teermegan [Tirmegan]   6 acres John Speer 1  
Teermegan [Tirmegan]   12 acres James McCay 1  
Teermegan [Tirmegan]   3 acres John Hood 1  
  The Orchard 1 acre   1  
Lisnatinny [Lisnatunny, Lisnatunny Glebe] Lower Division 137 acres   4  
Lisnatinny [Lisnatunny, Lisnatunny Glebe] Upper Division 157 acres   4  
The Hanging Brae [?] Upper Division 1 acre      
The Hanging Brae [?] Middle Division 1 acre      
The Hanging Brae [?] Lower Division 1 acre      
Bellyfollert [Ballyfolliard] NE Half as now Divided, Upper West Division 52 acres      
Bellyfollert [Ballyfolliard] Upper East Division 49 acres      
Bellyfollert [Ballyfolliard] Lower Division 28 acres     "By Samuel McCrea"