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Abercorn Estate: Cos. Tyrone & Donegal Salaries Paid to Employees & School Teachers on the Estate 1859

Extracted from LDS Film #248297
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The Estate consisted of the Manors of Dunalong, (Donagheady parish, Co. Tyrone) Cloghogal (Leckpatrick parish, Co. Tyrone), Strabane (Camus, Urney and Ardstraw parishes, Co. Tyrone), Derrywoon (Ardstraw parish, Co. Tyrone) and Magevelin & Lismochry (Taughboyne and Raymoghy parishes, Co. Donegal).

Baronscourt, the seat of the Marquess of Abercorn, Ardstraw parish, Co. Tyrone (1840)


Type Details
SALARIES James McFarlane
Joseph White, Office Clerk
James Aikin Bailiff of part of the Manor of Strabane and office porter
John Divine Bailiff for the Manor of Cloghogal (Leckpatrick)
Charles McGinley, Bailiff for the Manor of Donelong (Donagheady)
Charles Devin Bailiff for the Manor of Derrywoon and part of Strabane and Bailiff of the property bought from C. Fausett, Esq. (Ardstraw)
Matthew Harrigan Bailiff for the Donegal Estate
BOGS Robert Henderson Bog Agent
Daniel Maguire bog Bailiff of Cloghogal (Leckpatrick)
Peter McElroy bog Bailiff at Liskey & Strabane (Strabane))
Wm. Watson bog Bailiff at Listymore (Ardstraw)
Matthew Harrigan bog Bailiff Donegal Estate
Daniel McCormick bog Bailiff at Glenmornan (Leckpatrick)
Charles Devin bog Bailiff at Derrywoon
William Lowry bog Bailiff at Donelong (Donagheady)
Thomas Stewart
James Bridgeford
GAMEKEEPERS & WOOD KEEPERS Peter McElroy, senr., Keeper of Minishesk mountain (Camus)
Peter McElroy, junr., Keeper of Strabane Wood (Camus)
Edward Doherty Keeper of Castlemellan and Tullyard Woods (Donagheady)
John Loague Keeper of Cloghcor Wood (Leckpatrick)
Robert Dunn Keeper at Binion Wood (Taughboyne)
Andrew McClaran Keeper of Plantations in the Churchlands (Ardstraw)
Thos. Crow Keeper of woods and plantations in the Manor of Derrywoon (Ardstraw)
Bernard Doherty for same
Hugh McCullow Keeper of woods & plantations in the Manor of Derrywoon (Ardstraw)
Robert Johnston for same
Charles Mays for same
Jas. Rouse Keeper of the mountains of Moorlough (Leckpatrick)
John Browne Keeper of Liskey wood (discontinued) (Camus)
Patt. McAneny Keeper of Liskey wood (Camus)
SCHOOL TEACHERS William Cooper teacher of Crew School (Ardstraw)
George McDevitt teacher of Erganagh school (Ardstraw)
James Leitch teacher of Magherylough school (Ardstraw)
C. Martin teacher of Letterbin school (discontinued) (Ardstraw)
A. Touchburne teacher of Letterbin school (Ardstraw)
James Porterfield teacher of Galdonagh school (Raymoghy, Donegal)
William Robinson teacher of Castletown school (Taughboyne, Donegal)
Wm. McDowal teacher of Leckpatrick School (6 months)
John Lyon teacher of Leckpatrick school (4 months)
Robert Lindsay teacher of Ballylaw school (Leckpatrick)
Alexr Gray teacher of Ballyrennan school (Ardstraw)
Mrs Robinson teacher of Miltown female school (Ardstraw?)
Thos. T. Robinson teacher of Miltown male school (Ardstraw?)
William McNamee teacher of Earlsgift school (Donagheady)
John McClure teacher of Breen school (Ardstraw)
John Young teacher of Drimbeg male school (Taughboyne)
Anne Young teacher of Drimbeg female school (Taughboyne)
James Young superannuated teacher of Priestsessagh school (Ardstraw)
Sarah Floyd teacher of Priestsessagh school (Ardstraw)
Samuel Guthrie teacher of Sandville school (Donagheady)
Robert Canning teacher of Ardagh school (Taughboyne, Co. Donegal)
Joseph Hamilton teacher of ‘Braidy school (Donagheady)
Matthew Hamilton teacher of Castlemellan school (Donagheady)
Robert Wann teacher of Ballee school (Leckpatrick)
William Young teacher of Glenegoorland school (Donagheady)