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Abercorn Estate: Letter from Nathaniel Nisbitt to the Earl of Abercorn in 1744 - List of Twenty Ardstraw, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Tenants

PRONI Ref: D623/A/27/25
FHL Microfilm #1736518, Irish letters 1744-89 (DGS #007909356, image038)
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Andrew Oler


This letter lists 20 tenants of Ardstraw Parish in 1744. They would be living in either Strabane Manor or Derrygoon Manor. Note that most of the transcription below is also in the PRONI eCatalogue, however the names were not listed in their transcription. I’m adding them here so they’re searchable. The names are abbreviated in the letter (e.g., Jas for James); I have spelled out the full names.

Lifford October 12th, 1744

My Lord

the under named persons Tenants to your Lordship in the Parish of Ardstraw, importuned me to give your Lordship the trouble of this, concerning their Tythe, they say that they sett out their Tythe according to directions given them by your Lordship in a Printed paper which they shewed me, affirming they had precisely followed the Rules contained therein.

Now my Lord they are threaten’d to be put into the Bishop’s Court for substraction as they people are I know very unwilling to part with any money to support a suit, I am afraid they may be run into contempts and over power’d for want of money, notwithstanding the justness of their cause and what to do for them I am at a loss to know without your Lordship’s orders.

They told me if I woud not trouble your Lordship with it, they woud do it themselves.

No.  Name

1 James Love

2 Robert Love

3 Christopher Love [“Crist: Love”]

4 John Love

5 William Love

6 Alexander Clark

7 James Robison

8 John Maxwell

9 James Fyfe

10 Samuel Wilson

11 Robert Porter

12 Archibald Hamilton

13 James Park

14 James Scott

15 Andrew Smith

16 James Boggs

17 George Duncans

18 Oliver Woods

19 Thomas Walker

20 Moses Scott


I am my Lord with Humblest Duty

your Lordship’s most faithful

and Obedient Servant,

Nathaniel Nisbitt

[P.S.] My Lord the most excessive rains has fallen here within these 6 weeks that ever was known, so that a great part of our Harvest is quite ruined, and the rest in a most miserable condition.