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Erne Estate: John Crichton & His Lifford Tenantry, Clonleigh Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland September 1839

Extracted from the Londonderry Journal September, 24 1839
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




The tenantry on the Lifford estates belonging to the Crichton family, were last week enlivened by the presence of JOHN CRICHTON, Esq., Crum (sic) Castle [Co. Fermanagh], who, after going through the greater part of the estates and personally visiting a number of the tenants, on Saturday last assembled them at the Ballindreat School house, and awarded the following premiums:-

For the neatest and most comfortably kept Cottage, or Farmhouse, with suitable offices and garden upon farms not exceeding twenty acres – to Mr. JOHN McBETH, sen., of Drumbuoy – farming implements to the value of five pounds.

There were three other premiums offered in this class; but a sufficient number of qualified candidates not having appeared, they were not awarded.

For the best and neatest crop of Turnips, in drills,

1st, to Mr. ANDREW CLARKE, of Inshanagh – farming implements to the amount of £1.10.0

2. Mr. ANDREW McBETH, Millsessagh, ditto £1.5.0

3. Mr. WILLIAM BLAIR, Keelogs, ditto £1.0.0

4. Mr. JOHN MEHAFFY, sen., Dromore, ditto 0.15.0

The Rev. JAMES HOUSTON, Gortin, being disqualified for competing, on account of not living altogether by farming, was presented with a beautiful engraving of Crum Castle, on which was expressed Mr. Crichton’s entire approbation on the manner in which his turnips were cultivated. Mr. Crichton was assisted in his decision by JAMES BELL, Shannon, and J. HAMILTON, Esq., near Newtonbutler, Fermanagh.


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