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Abercorn Estate: Manor of Donelong Townlands, Donagheady Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The Abercorn Estate Manor of Donelong comprised almost all townlands in the “lower” part of Donagheady amounting to approximately one half of the parish.

Altnagallaglagh (Sandville) Donagheady
Ballybeeny Donagheady
Burndennett (Milltown) Donagheady
Carrickatain Donagheady
Castlemellan Donagheady
Castlewarren Donagheady
Cavanacreagh Donagheady
Cloghboy Donagheady
Cloghogal Donagheady
Creaghcor Donagheady
Cullin (Cullion) Donagheady
Culmachery (Coolmaghery) Donagheady
Donelong Donagheady
Drumgauty Donagheady
Edan (Eden) Donagheady
Falinasloy (Ballyheather) Donagheady
Gortivey Donagheady
Gortmellan Donagheady
Gortmesson Donagheady
Lisdivin Donagheady
Maghereagh Donagheady
Magheramesson Donagheady
Menaghill Donagheady
Mountcastle Donagheady
Tavanabraidy (Tamnabrady Donagheady
Tavanabrien (Tamnabryan) Donagheady
Tavanaclair (Tamnaclare) Donagheady
Tavanakeery (Tamnakeery) Donagheady
Tavanasollis (Sollus) Donagheady
Tullyard Donagheady