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Abercorn Estate: Survey of Derrygoon Manor, Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1756

PRONI Ref: D623/D1/12
FHL Film 1885919, Item 13 & 1885920 Item 1
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Andrew Oler

Derrygoon Manor lies within Ardstraw parish. The survey of Derrygoon Manor indicates the amount (acres) of each type of land (i.e., arable, heathy green and mishy pasture, bog, etc.) within each section with a commentary by the surveyor about usability in general. The current leaseholder (if any) and number of houses is usually indicated. Sometimes the surveyor added up the number of houses for multiple plots together rather than indicating a separate number of houses for each plot.

The survey is split into two parts: first part is on LDS Microfilm #1885919, item13 (DGS #007909388, starting image 670) and the second part is on LDS Microfilm #1885920, item1 (DGS #007909389, starting image 004).

Note that the first few pages of the survey don't indicate a townland but based on the names of tenants, they could be referring to lands in Baronscourt.

FHL Microfilm #1885919, Item 13

Loose Note: Cut off Robert Kinkead's Farm 10 acres. Remains for John Gillespie 31 acres.

Townland Plot/Section Leaseholder Size (rounded down to nearest acre) Number of houses Comment
[Not indicated]   Robert Kinkead 41 acres 1  
    Robert Kinkead 56 acres    
    Samuel Steel 38 acres    
  Castle Farm John Kinkead 46 acres 1  
    Charles Kinkead 12 acres 1  
  Mill Farm John McCreery 11 acres 1  
    Widow Murdagh 18 acres 6  
    Daniel Taylor 12 acres 1  
    Robert Thomson 33 acres 2  
    John and James Kinkead 54 acres 3  
  Little park (cut off the above farm) [not indicated} 6 acres    
    Charles Ramsay 23 acres    
    William McGorman, etc. 96 acres 5  
    John Scot 44 acres    
Largy Begg [Largybeg]   William Barton 72 acres   2 acres in dispute with Lislaferty
Largy Begg [Largybeg]   Thomas Caldwell 37 acres    
Park   Robert Kiel 4 acres   The park has taken off Robert Kiel.
Park North Letterbin   40 acres    
Park   John Gillespy 15 acres    
Park   Patrick Jack 3 acres    
Largybegg [Largybeg]   John Gillespy 60 acres    
Largybegg [Largybeg]   Patrick Jack 81 acres    
Largybegg [Largybeg]   Robert Johnston, etc. 114 acres    
Letterbin Middle James Moor, etc. 112 acres 6  
Letterbin North Joseph Patterson, etc. 231 acres 12  
Letterbin Mountain Division   74 acres 2  
Letterbin   Nicolas and Goan 16 acres 1  
Letterbin   Called the Mullans 40 acres 3  
Letterbin   Charles Stinson 67 acres    
Letterbin   Robert Kiel [Kied?] 18 acres 1 (?)  
Cashty Lower   32 acres    
Cashty Middle   139 acres    
Cashty Upper   90 acres    
Cloonty Mountain Division   96 acres    
Cloonty SW Division   35 acres    
Cloonty NE Division   105 acres    
Derrygoon Lower   204 acres 8  
Derrygoon Upper Hugh Galbraith 51 acres 4  
Derrygoon   George Chism 8 acres 1  
Derrygoon   Abrahama Bay 16 acres 3  
Derrygoon   William Forristir 25 acres 1 (?)  
Creevy East   97 acres 6  
Creevy Middle   50 acres 1  
Creevy West   92 acres 1  
Machrylough [Magheralough] Upper or Little Division David White 18 acres 2  
Machrylough [Magheralough] Lower South West Division Andrew Brown, etc. 70 acres 4  
Machrylough [Magheralough] North East Division John McNeeland and Robert Love 81 acres 3  
Rateen [Ratyn]   Samuel Caldwell 16 acres 1  
Rateen [Ratyn]   Patrick Kerr 33 acres 3  
Rateen [Ratyn]   Russel 18 acres 1  
Rateen [Ratyn]   James Kerr 40 acres 3  
Rateen [Ratyn]   Joseph Kerr 15 acres 1  
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh] SW Half Willson and Duffy 16 acres 3  
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh]   Robert Kerr 16 acres 3  
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh]   Robert Kerr 4 acres    
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh]   David Baird 14 acres 2  
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh]   Grazed in Common by the Foregoing tenants 25 acres    
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh] North East side   69 acres 5  
Cavandorragh [Cavandarragh] Mountain Division   75 acres 1  
Drimclamph [Drumclamph] Mountain Division   80 acres    
Drimclamph [Drumclamph]   Widow 36 acres    
Drimclamph [Drumclamph]   Samuel Carson 23 acres    
Drimclamph [Drumclamph]   Mr. Samuel Caldwell 43 acre 3  
Drimclamph [Drumclamph]   Walter Carson 20 acres 2  
Drimclamph [Drumclamph]   John Ewing 39 acres 2  
Drimclamph [Drumclamph] Nook Division Upper half   19 acres (In this and following) 4  
Drimclamph [Drumclamph] Lower Half of Nook Division   24 acres This and the preceding to be casted for by Nelson and Rippey  
Bellnalone [Ballynaloan] Little or Lower Division Mr. James Caldwell 19 acres 4  
Bellnalone [Ballynaloan] Middle Division Gilbert Leech 21 acres 2  
Bellnalone [Ballynaloan] Upper Division Joseph Caldwell 42 acres 2  
Great Whitehouse [Whitehouse] Lower Division Thomas Stewart 20 acres 1  
Great Whitehouse [Whitehouse] Middle Division   37 acres 3  
Great Whitehouse [Whitehouse] Upper Division   17 acres 1  
Great Whitehouse [Whitehouse] East William Galbraith 61 acres 3  
Whitehouse South John Wilson 31 acres 1  
M. Creegan [Magheracreggan] Creegan Upper Division   63 acres (In this and the following) 10  
M. Creegan [Magheracreggan] Middle South West Division   65 acres    
M. Creegan [Magheracreggan] Mill town Division   91 acres    


FHL Microfilm #1885920, Item 1

Townland Plot/Section Leaseholder Size (rounded down to nearest acre) Number of houses Comment
Tauney [Tamnagh] North East Division   62 acres    
Tauney [Tamnagh] South West Division   67 acres (in both) 8  
Buyturn [Byturn] Upper Division   72 acres 5  
Buyturn [Byturn] Middle Division   34 acres 1  
Buyturn [Byturn] Little or Lower Division   20 acres    
Invagh [Envagh] I Shane O’Cane 98 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] II Michael O’Monaghan 28 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] III John Lindsay 90 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] IV (Invagh Island) Mathew White 36 acres    
Invagh [Envagh] V Mulmuchry 51 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] VI Donaghy McCrossan 33 acres 2  
Invagh [Envagh] VII Macauhel 50 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] VIII Torlogh Mulmuchry 129 acres 9  
Invagh [Envagh] IX The Macauhels 45 acres 2  
Invagh [Envagh] X Patrick McGuire 20 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] XI John Kilpatrick 21 acres 1  
Invagh [Envagh] XII Samuel Stewart 52 acres 6  
Invagh [Envagh] XIII (Dreges) ___ Smith etc. 41 acres 3  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] I (Upper Little Division) Hugh Lindsay. 14 acres    
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] II (Middle Division) Mathew Moody 71 acres 3  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] III (West Division) Samuel Moody 66 acres 3  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] IV Crockrawer. McDermod etc. 52 acres    
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] V The Fifes 72 acres (in this and the preceding) 7  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] VI (Tauneybuy Bridge Division)   39 acres 1  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] VII (Tauneybuy) ____ Breaden 69 acres 2  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] VIII   31 acres    
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] IX   29 acres    
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] X (New Mill Division)   24 acres 4 Nos 8, 9, and 10 to be settled for.
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] XI Taunegillan 44 acres 4  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] XII Nocher White 21 acres 2  
Drimleggagh [Drumlegagh] XIII Aghasessy Tenants 29 acres 1  
Aghasessy Aghasessy West Division   88 acres 3  
Aghasessy Aghasessy East Division   110 acres 3  
Rusky [within Archill] I (East Upper Division)   43 acres    
Rusky [within Archill] II (Upper Middle Division)   47 acres    
Rusky [within Archill] III (Upper West Division) ___ Breden 27 acres    
Rusky [within Archill] IV (Lower Division)   33 acres (in the 4 preceding) 4 Nos 1, 2, and 4 to be lotted for
Rusky [within Archill] (Lower West Division) Robert Hindman 28 acres 1  
Rusky [within Archill] (East Division) Matthew White 13 acres 1  
Archell [Archill] (Lower) Samuel Fife 44 acres 3  
Archell [Archill] (Lower) John Fife 38 acres 2  
Archell [Archill]   William Gillis 76 acres 2  
Archell [Archill]   William McPhillomy etc. 124 acres 3