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Abercorn Estate: Manor of Cloghogle Townlands, Leckpatrick Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The Abercorn Estate Manor of Cloghogal comprised almost all townlands within Leckpatrick parish

Altnagerog (Altnageerog) Leckpatrick
Artigarvan Leckpatrick
Backfence Leckpatrick
Ballee Leckpatrick
Ballydonaghy Leckpatrick
Ballylaw Leckpatrick
Ballymagorry Leckpatrick
Ballyskeagh Leckpatrick
Brownhill Leckpatrick
Craignagappiel (Craignagapple) Leckpatrick
Crockanbrache (Knocknabrack) Leckpatrick
Crocknearvore (Knockinarvoer) Leckpatrick
Crocknahorna (Knocknahorna) Leckpatrick
Desart Desert Leckpatrick
Duniboe (Dunnyboe) Donagheady
Fyfinn Leckpatrick
Gorticrum Leckpatrick
Gortileck Donagheady
Greenlaw & Gribbin Leckpatrick
Killynaught Leckpatrick
Leggavidder (Lagavadder) Leckpatrick
Leggariette (Lagavittal) Leckpatrick
Legnagalloglagh Leckpatrick
Liscurry Leckpatrick
Lisduff (Lisdoo Leckpatrick
Loughnease Leckpatrick
Polateeby (Pullateebee) Leckpatrick
Roundhill Leckpatrick
Stranisky (Stranisk Leckpatrick
Tullyard Leckpatrick
Woodend Leckpatrick
Strabane Fields (Town Parks) Leckpatrick & Camus
Strabane Bog Leckpatrick
Strabane Town Parks Leckpatrick
Greenbrae Leckpatrick
MacCrackins Leckpatrick
Owenreagh Leckpatrick
Pollockstown Leckpatrick