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Caledon Estate Ploughing Match, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland February 1846

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, February 27 1846
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Curlough townland, near Caledon, Co. Tyrone (Photo: Google Maps)



The annual ploughing match of this thriving and prosperous society took place on Monday the 23rd instant, at Corlough, near Caledon, on the farm of Mr. T. Swan, sen. The fineness of the day and a desire to witness the competition induced large numbers of the gentry and farmers to attend. The competitors were in the field at 11 o’clock, and an hour after, at the sound of the bugle, thirty-seven well appointed ploughs started. At half-past twelve, the Countess of Caledon and Lady Elizabeth Alexander made their appearance on the field and were received by the active and indulgent agent, Henry L. Prentice, Esq. The prizes were well contested, and the ploughing was such as to call forth the highest praises from those well versed in the science. The following are the adjudications of the judges: -

First: John Irwin, Dromess, plough held by brother Thomas

Second: Joseph Marshall, Mullaghmore, plough held by his son

Third: H. L. Prentice, Esq., plough held by R. Mitchell

Fourth: Alex. McCoy, Anacramph, plough held by nephew A. McCoy

Fifth: Jas. Girvin, Mullinaveagh, plough held by A. Ker

Sixth: Allen Hunter, Mullaghmore, plough held by self

Seventh: Joshua Wright ditto, plough held by Pat. Kerr

Eighth Charles Wilson, Caledon, plough held by servant John Wilson (a lot not finished when judges passed in consequence of having taken in more what was allotted him, but highly recommended: premium subsequently allowed)

Judges – Mr. Francis Gallagher, Tynan; Mr. Callison, Killilea; Mr. Roberts, steward to Mr. Leslie of Glasslough.

During the time the competition was going on, Mr. James Swan very kindly entertained a number of the respectable persons present to an excellent lunch, consisting of roast beef, turkey, ham &c., with every variety of wines.

Much praise is due the efficient secretary, Mr. Galbraith, and treasurer, Mr. Charles Wilson, for the admirable manner in which everything was arranged. (Armagh Guardian)