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Aughentain Estate Ploughing Match, Fivemiletown (Clogher Parish), Co. Tyrone, February 1856

Extracted from the Tyrone Constitution, March 7 1856
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

The twelfth annual Aughentain estate ploughing match was held on Thursday last, the 28th ult., in a large field in the demesne of THOMAS R. BROWNE, Esq. Forty-three well-appointed ploughs appeared for competition in the field. The day proved remarkably fine, and each ploughman completed his task of one Irish rood within the limited time of five hours.


The judges, Messrs. JAMES SCOTT, Waringbank; THOMAS REID, Killyfaddy; PETER COWAN, Brookboro; made after great difficulty, the following awards:

1st prize: WILLIAM BARR, Prolisk

2nd prize: HENRY McGINN, Mollybeney

3rd prize: JAMES RAMSAY Donaghbuoyne

4th prize: THOMAS McDERMOTT, Shantona

5th prize: JAMES BLEAKLY, Prolisk

6th prize: JAMES TRIMBLE, Screeby

7th prize: JOHN BRYAN, Lungs

8th prize: THOMAS FOSTER, Murley


The judges and ploughmen were afterwards treated to a substantial luncheon. It is worthy of remark, that the first ploughing match held on this estate, twelve years ago, could only turn out nine ploughs, and some of them wooden. There are now seventy-six iron ploughs on the property. Which gratifying circumstances may be principally attributed to the introduction of ploughing matches.